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Republicans Have A Great Week

(6 minutes)

The Country Reels

They Have Been Dreaming About This One For Nearly A Century.

One can only guess what kind of wet dreams Republicans are having after this week.

At a national level they proved that qualifications mean nothing. All of the levers of government will now be controlled not by men and women of knowledge and experience but by those who have something much more important – the right ideology. The only logic I can get out of this is that they believe that there is something divine that will keep the US from erring, as long as they run the government with the right ideology.

At both the state and national level schools and teachers felt a real kick in the crotch and boot in the face as republicans started lining up the strategy to demolish the public education system.

Installing Betsy DeVos as education secretary was a double finger and a moon to Americans. This is Republican’s way of letting us know that our kids only have value to them as a commodity to fill their for profit schools.

In Iowa the ongoing starvation of education took a huge step forward as Republicans piggybacked on a shortfall in revenue to take the knife to education. Once upon a time in Iowa – in an Iowa that actually valued education – such a situation would be met with a temporary tax or at least a bi-partisan study to save the best education system in the land. Times like that seem like a dream.

Now on both the state and the national level, the push is to make public education looks so bad that parents will be begging for private for profit education systems to save their kids from the horrible public schools.

You may think this is an outrage and you would be very correct. So what are you going to do? Vote the scoundrels out? Sorry but they are a step ahead of the masses. While Democrats were tweaking existing voting systems to represent everyone, Republicans were busy destroying both the system and the confidence in it. Along with destroying our public education system Republicans already have several steps into making our voting system heavily in their favor.

With 32 states having the toxic combination of control of both houses of the state legislature and the governor’s chair, expect an onslaught of new voter restriction laws. Expect Iowa and many others to adopt the interstate voter cross-check strategy that threw millions of voters off the the rolls last election.

Expect the national congress to adopt some form of interstate cross check to national elections. What, you think somebody should stop that? Like who? The only agency in the federal government that had only a smidgen of power to stop such shenanigans is being destroyed by republicans in congress.

In the meantime, while The Netherlands announces that, due to hacking fears, they will do away with computer tabulation machines in favor of hand-marked, hand-counted paper ballots (“Democracy’s Gold Standard”) for their upcoming election, Republicans in the U.S. House moved to abolish the U.S. Election Assistance Commission (EAC), the only federal agency tasked with setting standards for our nation’s oft-failed, easily-hacked electronic voting and tabulation systems.

See how Republicans are setting things up so that solutions such as privatized for profit schools are the only answer? Think they can’t do that to Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security? Think you can vote them out of office next election.

Now that the country has jumped in bed with the extremist Republicans ideologues it will not be easy to crawl out of that bed. Do you think Republicans are just going to let America walk away when they have a grip on its neck? Of course not. That is why they are restricting the vote. They will also ramp up the propaganda to an incredible level. Plus the lies will be coming fast and furious at a speed that will almost be impossible to keep up with.

Will we be able to stop this onslaught through public protests and court actions? One need only look at the lesson of Wisconsin to see that once the extremist Republicans gain power they don’t give it up easily. Immediately following Scott Walker’s assumption of the governorship in Wisconsin with a majority in both houses of the legislature.

Walker immediately went after unions and schools. None of his proposals were even mentioned during the campaign. More than 100,000 showed up to protest in the cold of Wisconsin in 2011. The protests lasted for months, but Walker and the Republicans waited them out. By summer the unions had been busted, the schools had been starved and the protestors had other stuff to attend to.

An attempt to recall Walker in 2012 was unsuccessful as huge amounts of money came pouring in to the Walker campaign thanks to the SCOTUS decision in the Citizens United case.

See how it all fit together for Walker? It is even much worse now. Republicans have literally worked for this moment for decades. You certainly do not expect them to see the errors of their way and walk away from the electoral and ruling frameworks they have set up do you? Their dreams of dismantling the New Deal, rolling back civil rights and privatizing everything is within their grasp. Their dream of a ruling elite is already here. The dream of corporations unfettered by laws is within grasp.

They believe and have said out loud that fatigue will set in on our side as it did in Wisconsin. They also believe with the apparatus they have set up for elections that it will be nearly impossible for us to ever gain an overwhelming majority. They already have mechanisms set up to stop legislation in most states and in Congress in the off chance that Democrats ever do gain power. Witness the incredible obstruction of the Obama years.

Their war against America is not just starting, but in full swing. Can we stop it? It will take a huge and sustained effort.

We need a fifty state strategy with a long range plan. At the same time we need an incredible effort to win in 2018.

And I didn’t even mention the media control which will soon be strengthened by ending of internet neutrality.

Taking Back The Airwaves From The Right Wing

Where do people get those crazy ideas?  In Wisconsin, this group gives direct credit to right-wing radio – not Fox News –  for the advancement of Scott Walker.  Now they are organizing and fighting to take back the airwaves in their state.  Iowa has a similar problem. We need to get organized too.


“So That A Positive Conservative Message”

Positive conservative? Oxymoron?

Positive conservative? Oxymoron?

“can rise to the top of the field.”

This is a line that Scott Walker used in his speech retiring his presidential bid for this round. BTW, look out Wisconsin – Walker will be wanting to burnish his right wing bona fides for 2020 and beyond. Wisconsin and its citizens will pay the price.

Let’s look at just how positive the conservative message is this time around:

First Positive Message:
We will continue to do everything we can to push the 17 + million Americans who now have health coverage through the PPACA back into the tyranny of coverage at the whim of insurance companies. This will include allowing insurance companies to drop coverage anytime they feel like it. All PPACA reforms will be rescinded so we can return to the normal state of insurance companies making your health decisions.

Second Positive Message:
We will do all we can to send a huge amount of people to countries they are no longer members of and cause a humanitarian crisis of unheard of proportions. We will do this to to satisfy the most racist in our party. This will not create or open new jobs in our country, because we will continue to “offshore” jobs. Besides the demand that those we deport will cause demand for many products to fall off markedly. Once more, a very positive message.

Third Positive Message:
We will cut off any government aid for the poor, the disabled and all others. If you are poor or disabled, then you must suffer and not take money from those who have more through the government.

Fourth Positive Message:
We will do all we can to cut women’s health services, especially the concept of choice. We will also do all we can to stop any forms of contraception thus nearly ensuring a massive amount of unwanted pregnancies and births. Women who have sex outside of marriage deserve the shame and burden of children they can’t care for.

Fifth Positive Message:
Guns will be allowed all places in this society and can be owned by all persons no matter what their fitness mentally. While this may create terror among the populace it is acceptable because a portion of a clause in the constitution has been interpreted to allow unfettered access to guns of any type.

Sixth Positive Message:
America must be ready to go to war at the drop of a hat over perceived grievances great and small. We will sacrifice your children and the public treasury in this cause. War is good business.

Seventh Positive Message:
Anything can be a source for profit for private business. This includes prisons, public water supplies, libraries, fire departments and any other enterprise that is currently in the public sector

Eighth Positive Message:
There is a lot of money to be made from privatizing education from pre-kindergarten to advanced degrees. We must end public supported education. That is socialism.

Ninth Positive Message:
The health of the planet must take second billing to businesses ability to make money and also not be charged with cleaning the effects of their enterprises.

Tenth Positive Message:
We continue to be amazed how well tax cuts have worked for certain sectors of American society. We will continue those tax cuts.

Eleventh Positive Message:
Corporations have gotten very healthy through hands-off governmental policy. This will continue. Among those will be no attempt to force corporations to share their profits through programs like minimum wage.

Twelfth Positive Message:
No Net Neutrality. Corporations will manage your access and monitor your activity with fees determined by a market controlled by only a few players.

Thirteenth Positive Message:
Climate Change has negative implications. We will do away with those by challenging the science and use of positive descriptors for change deniers such as calling them “skeptics.”

Fourteenth Positive Message:
We are busting workers’ right to organize into unions. This will allow more capital to flow to the corporation and give them better control of their assets, both human and monetary.

Fifteenth Positive Message:
We will redirect Social Security funds and Medicare funds to private companies. While the effect on these programs may be lethal to the programs, at least they will go out under the banner of free enterprise instead of socialism.

See? Nothing but positive coming from the right! The Democrats have nothing like this. I am sure of that.

Gov. Walker’s Economic Development Agency Under the Microscope

Walker 2016

April 24, 2015 CONTACT: Mike Browne
CELL: (608) 444-3483

‘Record Shows He’s Enriched His Cronies While Failing to Deliver for the Rest of Us’

MADISON, Wis. and DES MOINES — Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker has come under scrutiny by media nationally and in Iowa recently for a $62 million-plus award of state funds to the retail outlet Kohl’s doled out under his watch as chair of the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC). One Wisconsin Now Executive Director Scot Ross noted that more transactions by Walker’s WEDC deserve scrutiny, including over $86 million in state economic assistance to businesses that outsourced jobs to foreign countries.

As Walker treks to Iowa again this weekend as he auditions for the 2016 Republican Presidential nomination, Progress Iowa Executive Director Matt Sinovic commented, “It’s the time of year where a lot of politicians are coming to Iowa trying to win our support. But we need to take a good hard look at what they’ve done too.”

According to a One Wisconsin Now analysis of WEDC grant awards and federal Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) filings, since 2011 the quasi-private state economic development agency, whose board is chaired by Gov. Walker and whose key staff are hired by him, has approved over $86 million in state tax credits, grants and other aid to businesses that have outsourced jobs to foreign countries.

Ross noted there’s a vast disconnect between Walker’s actions as governor, overseeing millions in state aid going to outsourcers of American jobs, while on the campaign trail for president alleging his most recent immigration flip flop is being made out of concern for “American jobs and American wages.”

Progress Iowa’s Sinovic commented, “When Scott Walker was in Iowa in March he tried to tell us that he’s on our side on the critical economic issue of renewable fuel, despite a long history of doing and saying the exact opposite. Now he’s saying he cares about American jobs and American wages but we find out in Wisconsin he doled out millions to companies that were shipping jobs to foreign countries.”

Independent audits of Gov. Walker’s WEDC found an agency plagued with incompetence and questionable practices. The agency lost track of millions of dollars in state loans to businesses, failed to confirm aid recipients were fulfilling the terms of their agreements, failed to follow basic accounting practices and even used taxpayer funds to purchase liquor, football tickets and iTunes gift cards.

A report released by One Wisconsin Now, W is for WEDC, found that, in addition to providing aid to job outsourcers, a majority of aid went to businesses whose owners and employees contributed to help Gov. Walker’s campaigns, funds failed to produce promised job creation and recipients included companies engaged in health and safety violations, mass layoffs and conflicts of interest.

Ross concluded, “The cronyism, corruption and incompetence of Gov. Walker’s WEDC is a big reason Wisconsin’s economy is such a mess — last in the Midwest on jobs, lagging wages and a middle class that’s shrinking faster than any other state in the nation. With Scott Walker you know he’ll say anything to win an election, so you have to also pay attention to what he’s done. On jobs and the economy, the record shows he’s enriched his cronies while failing to deliver for the rest of us.”

# # #

One Wisconsin Now is a statewide communications network specializing in effective earned media and online organizing to advance progressive leadership and values.

Iowa Republicans Versus Iowa Teachers

Monday morning I was half listening to Iowa Public Radio’s Morning Edition when I heard Iowa news reporter Joyce Russell tell a short story on the annual standoff on public school funding in Iowa. The story was an interview with Iowa House speaker Kraig Paulsen. It was a short story, but it had one line in there that reached out and just slapped me:

“Republican House Speaker Kraig Paulsen says the raises that teachers bargain for are costing too much money.”

Now that may be true. I for one do not believe so. But in the context of yet another national Republican attack on teachers led by presidential wannabe Scott Walker of Wisconsin, Paulsen’s comment came across to me not as just another statement on school funding but as an opening shot across the bow on teacher’s unions.

Rather than mentioning the legislature for very short sighted tax cuts, especially for the rich and corporations in Iowa, or many of a myriad of other reasons, Paulsen honed in on teachers and contract bargaining. Over the years Terry Branstad has made no secret of his disdain for unions. Unless you are under a rock it is hard not to notice the full out assault on unions across the country by Republicans, most recently in Illinois by newly elected Bruce Rauner and in Wisconsin by the aforementioned Scott Walker. Paulsen seems to be taking a tepid step into being one of the union busting Republicans. No doubt this will help burnish his tea party creeds as we head into the tea party caucus craziness.

In case you hadn’t heard, a week and a half ago Scott Walker slyly compared facing up to protestors, a good portion of which are made up of unions and especially teachers, in Wisconsin to potentially facing ISIS as president.

“We need have someone who leads and ultimately will send a message that not only will we protect American soil, but…freedom-loving people anywhere else in the world. We need that confidence,” he said. “If I can take on a hundred thousand protesters, I can do the same across the world.”

Even though Iowa seems to be their schools in the manner that they should, Republicans seem to think that another great idea is to take some of that small pie and give it to pay for vouchers for private schools. This is a move that will benefit mostly schools affiliated with religious institutions. Seems to me that the first amendment to the constitution addressed this long ago.

No matter how you read it, the government is not allowed to take public monies to support religious projects, whether it be schools or fake “Creation Museums.” If religious education costs are too high and legislatures, even the Iowa legislature, thinks people should have a choice to send their children to such institutions, may we recommend they work to raise wages in this state for workers. Helping unions grow would be a good way to do this. Maybe this would be an incentive for Walmart, McDonald’s, Burger King and all the other low wage, or temp agencies to raise their wages. I suggest Republicans work on that instead.

Republicans Fake Concern About Income Inequality

branstad jobs numbers

The Iowa senate passed a raise in minimum wage Monday on pretty much of a party line vote. One Republican joined twenty six Democrats to pass the bill. This would be good news if Democrats controlled the other legislative House and we still had a Democrat as governor. However with Republicans controlling both of those branches there is a good chance that this bill will never see the light of day again. As a friend told me you can probably plan on Tom Sands to let it die in the House Ways and Means Committee, never to see any more action. No mess, no fuss and no raises for Iowa’s poor.

No doubt any stories of a minimum wage will disappear from the pages of Iowa’s newspapers and the screens of Iowa’s TV stations. Maybe an occasional mention in blogs like this, but for the most part out of sight, out of mind.

But the real irony in this story is that at the national level the Republican Party is planning on making a campaign out of the inequitable income distribution in this country. Quit laughing, I am serious. Jeb (I am the third) Bush has already been pushing the issue, as have such union busters as Scott Walker and Chris Christie. Even the religious crazy wing of Huckabee and Santorum have suddenly discovered that some Americans are starving. All of course blame President Obama who, in their altered minds, has created the problems by causing Republican obstruction for six years an many jobs bills, spending programs and tax adjustments to pay for them. Makes sense to them.

What do you suppose their answer is? Why give more money to the wealthy of course! Continue that awesome trickle down economy that has brought so many benefits to – well their donors, the .1%. Don’t expect to hear that spoken out loud. Don’t expect to hear any solution spoken out loud. The strategy today is for Republicans to criticize only but answer no questions. Won’t work you say? Ask Sen. Ernst about that.

But there has been some truly grudging movement among the wealthy to finally take a trickle on their employees. Walmart created major headlines last week when it announced it would trickle on its employees a little bit this year, a little bit more next year. Walmart is owned by half a dozen of the wealthiest people in the world. These are people who fought tooth and nail so that no stinking employee would get a nickel of their hundreds of billions of dollars. Now they are suddenly seemingly showering their employees with trickle down. Did they finally get to the point that they realized that they had so much money it was time to trickle?

That would be a laugh. Much speculation has been put forth on the cause, but I think many folks looked way too deep for motives. Walmart was getting hit in the pocket book. Sales are decreasing because one of their major constituents can no longer afford to shop at Walmart. Even though Walmart advertises that they are the low price store they are not. The very poor are now going to dollar stores with the little money they have. The Republican wet dream of cutting food stamps has been partially realized and those who have lost government aid must make what little they have stretch further. Thus Walmart is too costly. With a significant portion of their low level employees getting government aid in the form of food stamps, Walmart’s employees are going elsewhere.

Add to the mix that Walmart employees are in near rebellion over wages and ridiculous expectations of availability to work anytime they are called and you can guess that Walmart had created a monster for themselves. Internal high level memos were leaked to the press that discussed such problems. Sales were sluggish and suddenly board members started to care. See, they got hit in the pocketbook so now they care. One of the memos discussed lack of product on shelves along with expired products on shelves. Since I do have to shop at Walmart about once a month for a couple of products I can get no where else – remember they ran much of their competition out of business – I can attest to those problems. Lots of empty shelves, lots of product out of place, expired or near expired product on the shelves and no one, literally no one working on it.

So Walmart’s raise in wages was not due to their generosity, but to self-preservation. That is a real trickle on by the Walton heirs.

Liberals have long pushed for wages beyond the minimum to what is known as a living wage. A living wage varies from place to place due to cost of living differences. Right now about $15/hour is a generally accepted minimum living wage. There are a couple of small pockets where a living wage is in effect such as Seatac, Washington which voted it in a year and a half ago. It is hard to isolate what effect such laws have had on local economies since those earning a living wage is narrowly defined and do not necessarily live in that community.

But there is one state that has raised wages considerably, taxed the rich a bit more and has done it for a long enough period that the effects can be evaluated. Many may have heard this week of the success stories coming out of Minnesota. Iowa and Minnesota elected new governors in 2010 both changing parties from their previous governors. In Minnesota, Democrat Mark Dayton faced a huge leftover deficit, and the specter go the I-35 bridge collapse under his predecessor, Tim Pawlenty. Branstad came back into power in Iowa to a budget that was actually in pretty decent shape, and an economy that weathered the Republican recession of 2008 fairly well. Branstad came in with promises of 200,000 jobs and higher wages.

The two governors took entirely different approaches. Branstad took the usual Republican approach of tax cuts for the rich and state cut backs in spending. In Minnesota minimum wages were raised and the highest earners were taxed at a slightly higher rate.

Iowa’s economy has plodded along as the national economy has gained steam. Jobs in Iowa have increased but at a pace far below that promised by Branstad. Meanwhile in Minnesota the economy has prospered. Jobs are up nearly 200,000 under Dayton, governmental finances are in tip-top shape and roads are being repaired. Iowa’s roads and especially its bridges are among the very worst in the country.

Once more tried and true liberal answers to economic problems are proven to work while Republican approaches prove not to work. While the contrast between Iowa an Minnesota are stark, the contrasts between Wisconsin and Minnesota are even more stark. Given that Wisconsin and Minnesota are remarkably similar in many respects, the contrast in approaches and results between now presidential wannabe Scott Walker and Mark Dayton are much more easily discerned.

Republican economic ideas are written by the rich for the rich. Democratic economic ideas are based on scientific research and experience. Once again, the Democratic model proves the best and most reliable model.

Just as this is posted, a new Elizabeth Warren video is making the rounds. Warren says in about 6 minutes what I was trying to say. Since I can’t put the video here you will have to go here to watch it.

O.T. Is Back! And In Rare Form

donald kaulGiuliani Nutball or Sleazeball?

The former New York City mayor may be full of it, but that won’t stop him from weighing in.

By Donald Kaul

I’m trying to make up my mind about Rudy Giuliani: I can’t decide whether he’s a nutball or a sleazeball. For now I’m going with a sleazy nutball, but I’m open to suggestions.

In a series of hysterical attacks on Barack Obama in recent weeks, Giuliani has all but called the president un-American. He’s lashed out at the man he says doesn’t love his country, is soft on terrorism, and plays too much golf.

“I don’t hear from him what I heard from Harry Truman, what I heard from Bill Clinton, what I heard from Jimmy Carter,” Giuliani griped on Fox News, “which is these wonderful words about what a great country we are, what an exceptional country we are.”

He’s full of it, of course.

A quick check by The New York Times revealed multiple examples of Obama declaring his ardor for his country. The most telling was his speech at the Democratic National Convention in 2004, where Obama reflected that “in no other country on earth is my story even possible.”

Not that it will make any difference, of course.

Rudy said it so it must be true. So think the denizens of the Republican Cloud Cuckoo Land presided over by the likes of Rush Limbaugh, who has reported that he’s getting texts “praising Rudy to the rooftops.”

This wouldn’t ordinarily be of any great importance. Presidents have often had to deal with partisan loudmouths hurling insults at them. Franklin Roosevelt had Father Charles Coughlin, a Catholic priest at a posh parish just north of Detroit.

Coughlin, who had a nationwide radio show, was a virulent anti-Semite. He would weekly tear into FDR for his supposedly pro-Jewish leanings, among other things.

I think the Vatican finally ordered him to shut up. In any case, he went away. Those guys usually do.

Giuliani is a somewhat more dangerous case, because the Republican Party finds itself in rather odd position these days. It’s held hostage by its least educated, most intolerant, and most rabidly partisan cohort.

Thus any Republican vying for the presidency must constantly look over his or her shoulder to make sure they’re not making enemies of supporters who foam at the mouth at the suggestion of compromise.

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, the leader of this year’s presidential weathervane caucus, is a case in point. Giuliani showed up uninvited to a fat-cat fundraiser for the governor a few days ago and, again uninvited, grabbed the mic to deliver one of his Obama rants, making himself rather than Walker the center of attention.

Asked afterwards what he thought of the remarks, Walker refused to weigh in, demurring that he didn’t know whether Obama loved America.

Walker is also on record refusing to comment on evolution, and his opposition to abortion has become more strident since he started looking at the presidency.

If you’re trying to disguise yourself as a moderate, the last thing you want is a clown like Giuliani stirring up the animals.

The one thing Republican candidates agree on is that the country must be saved from the specter of universal health insurance. Month after month, year after year, Republicans have harped on the disaster of “Obamacare.”

Except that it’s not really a disaster. The Affordable Care Act is working reasonably well despite the Republicans’ best efforts to sabotage it. Allowed to stand and be improved, this landmark health care reform will go down as one of the Obama administration’s great achievements.

So it’s no wonder that Republicans can’t stomach it. Their friends on the Supreme Court are teed up to deliver it a blow that may prove fatal later this year.

Which is really a much bigger worry than the intemperate remarks of a nutty sleazeball like Rudy Giuliani.

OtherWords columnist Donald Kaul lives in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

What’s The Matter With Wisconsin?


An armed militia group in Wisconsin plans to confront people who signed the petition to recall Gov. Scott Walker (R) at the polls on Nov. 4.

The “Wisconsin Poll Watcher Militia” will check the names of those on the petition and will then seek out the Democrats on that list, according to Facebook exchanges viewed by Politicus USA.

The Facebook page for the militia has since been scrubbed.

The group plans to follow people from polling locations to their homes, according to a Facebook post viewed by The Capital Times.

“Please private message us names of people you know are active voters and wanted on warrants. We can get our agents to watch their polling location, identify the individual, and then follow them to their residence. A call the police and they will be picked up for processing,” the Facebook message read.

The group is using the website Put Wisconsin First to identify petition signers who have outstanding arrest warrants and those with tax defaults.

According to Politicus USA, the Facebook page for the group featured pictures of African-Americans, but the group denied that they are targeting blacks.

“We can assure you that we will be targeting all democrats, not just black ones,” a Facebook message read, according to the Capital Times. “If you think we meant blacks only it is because you are a racist who thinks the only people with warrants are black. We know better because we have a nice list of people who are wanted democrat activist types. Most are actually white. We will target everyone.”

Branstad To Create A New Job

According to the Terry Branstad method of accounting for jobs he will be happy to know that when he loses his next year it will not count against him. Plus when the Democrat takes his place, that will count as another job created by Branstad!

Gay Marriage In Illinois?
They’re everywhere, they’re everywhere! What’s that? Oh, there really are gays everywhere. I’ll be darned. They are getting married and raising kids and your marriage has not been ruined. Somebody been lying to us!


bill maher on low wages

Scott Walker is starting to make noises like a presidential candidate. Sorry, Mr. Walker but many of us will ever see you as anything more than a Koch sucker.

Did You Ever Hear?
Have you heard someone say “I don’t have kids in school, why should I pay taxes for schools?” Well look at this chart and see if there aren’t a few things YOU would like to cut out.

mad at the right people

Note To Ken Cuccinelli
Couldn’t have happened to a better person, Cooch. The loss, I mean. Maybe TMAC will really turn Virginia into a place for lovers – of all stripe. On your way out the door, take one more read of this.


Hi To All The New Worlds Out There
The Keppler telescope has allowed scientists to estimate that there are possibly some 20 billion planets in “Goldolocks” zones just in our galaxy, with potentially billions more throughout the universe. I can hardly wait until we make contact and can start fighting a war over whose God is the one and true God.

from Mark Twain:

“Man is a Religious Animal. He is the only Religious Animal. He is the only animal that has the True Religion–several of them. He is the only animal that loves his neighbor as himself and cuts his throat if his theology isn’t straight.”
See you soon?   Alien

Branstad’s Hero Scott Walker Coming To Town

scott walker truth

THURSDAY: Progress Iowa and One Wisconsin Now to Hold “Scott Walker Truth Squad” Before Appearance at Polk County GOP Dinner in West Des Moines

DES MOINES — Progress Iowa and One Wisconsin Now will hold a “Scott Walker Truth Squad” in advance of Wisconsin Governor Walker’s appearance with Iowa Governor Terry Branstad at a Polk County GOP fundraiser on Thursday, May 23rd in West Des Moines. The event on Thursday will pre-empt their propaganda and give Iowans the truth about their failed attempts to create jobs and their policies that put working and middle class families at risk.

“When Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker joins Governor Branstad in Iowa on Thursday to promote his dangerous anti-middle class agenda, we’ll be there to fight back with the truth,” said Matt Sinovic, executive director of Progress Iowa. “Governor Branstad has said he’s ‘inspired’ by Walker, which must be why he has wasted our tax dollars on giveaways to foreign corporations and puts the needs of working Iowans dead last. We want Governor Branstad and every Iowan to know the truth about Scott Walker’s policies and the disastrous impact they have on working families.”

One Wisconsin Now Executive Director Scot Ross commented, “As he pursues his ambition for higher office Gov. Walker is spinning yarns of his Wisconsin ‘success’. But Scott Walker has one the worst job creation records in the nation and Wisconsin is rated dead last in short term job creation prospects, he enacted the biggest cuts to public education in state history and is now pushing a health care scheme that costs more to cover fewer people. The numbers don’t lie, the real Walker resume is a record of failure.”

WHAT: Scott Walker Truth Squad

WHO: Progress Iowa & One Wisconsin Now

WHEN: Thursday, May 23rd, 5:00 PM

WHERE: Sheraton Hotel, Chambers Room; 1800 50th St, West Des Moines, IA, 50266


Progress Iowa is a statewide, multi-issue advocacy organization focused on research, education, and promoting progressive values for a better Iowa. For more information visit

Invitation to Polk County GOP event featuring Governors Walker and Branstad

Branstad inspired to follow Wisconsin’s lead