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ALEC Holds Meeting In Chicago

just curious

just curious

I believe ALEC should be the single biggest issue in the next election at the state level. ALEC has made the Republican legislators their lackeys at the state level. Republican legislators have pretty much surrendered their capabilities to act as a bloc for ALEC. What ALEC has brought to the states is not good. They have written bills that their Republican lackeys bring to the states that are only set up to serve corporations.

Some of these bills include the “Stand Your Ground” laws. But those are only a small part of their agenda to wreck the states. Other bills move public school money to privatized corporate schools, cut cities and counties ability to tax (this will lead to Detroit type situations at all levels) and privatized prisons. ALEC is also notorious for union busting, and cut backs on safety nets at the state level.

Wednesday to Friday, ALEC will be meeting behind closed doors in Chicago. This is their 40th anniversary. The fact that few people have heard of ALEC over 40 years is incredible. If you are like me and believe that all of government should be in the open, I call on you to contact your local legislator and ask them to drop from ALEC if they are a member. Also, I ask that you write letters to the editor to let others know of how insidious ALEC is.

Cumulus Drops Hannity and Limbaugh
It appears that Cumulus radio can no longer afford to carry the hate radio. Cumulus is losing money at the rate of $2.4 million a quarter. Can’t stay in business long at that pace. Do you suppose they might get a spark of an idea that perhaps a left wing show could be a good replacement? No, I doubt it either. I am sure they can find more right wing hate talkers to take their place.

Fast Food Workers On Strike.
Much like the Walmart workers I wrote about last week, once more we have workers in low level jobs with low pay and little future willing to put what little they have on the line for better pay and working conditions. These folks have my admiration and support. All workers in America deserve to be paid a living wage for work. This is a tenet of most major religions and systems of ethics. If you can support these folks by shopping and eating at businesses that pay their employees living wages.

Moral Mondays Spreading?
I read some rumor yesterday that there may be an attempt to expand the Moral Monday movement across the country. Sounds like a good idea to me. Keep your ears open.

Braley in Wapello.
We got an invitation to visit with (I hope) future Senator Bruce Braley over lunch in Wapello Tuesday. There was no earth shaking news. I doubt I have to tell you folks that Mr. Braley is a solid progressive with great credentials. This time next year some republican we have never heard of and backed by money from who knows where will be throwing a year’s worth of New York garbage at Braley. Truth will be the biggest loser in this campaign. Iowa desperately needs Braley. We also deserve a clean and honest campaign. Those of us who want a clean campaign will need to help the Republicans understand what the truth is, as they seem to have very short memories in that area.

Sweden has done what environmentalists in other countries only dream of: they have run out of garbage. As a matter of fact, since their recycling program is so efficient, they are now importing garbage from other countries to burn in their electricity generating plants. Nearly unbelievable.

On A Similar Note:
The Netherlands is running out of prisoners. Therefore they are closing 8 prisons.
“The Criminal Justice Alliance (CJA), which represents more than 60 organisations, called for the government to urgently limit “the unnecessary use of prison, ensuring it is reserved for serious, persistent and violent offenders for whom no alternative sanction is appropriate.”

And in America, thanks to ALEC, prisons are privatized and the prison populations are rising at alarming rates.

Right Wing Blogger, No Insurance, Faces Life Threatening Disease
Right wing blogger Caleb Howe faces life threatening liver failure with no insurance and a family. Howe has spent much of his time railing on the horrors of Obamacare for Draw your own conclusions.


Republican View: Obama Didn’t Win

Nope. Looks like that win Obama claims may be up to dispute. Seems he actually came in second to last in the presidential race. Even their man, Mitt Romney, came in a close second.

For 2013: No More Romney
I hope that there is one promise I can keep. I don’t want to write the name of the lyingest bastard ever to run for president even once more.

ALEC: Let’s Put The Pressure On
ALEC just had their winter meeting in Washington. We need to put pressure on those in the Iowa legislature who show feality to ALEC and not to Iowa. I believe we can start at the top with Gov. Branstad and SoS Matt (on the job training) Schultz.

Bain Dumping Clear Channel?
One of the worst things to come out of the Clinton presidency was the Telecommunications Act of 1996. This was the final nail in the structure of that media consolidation was built on. Clear Channel was able to take on more than 1200 radio stations at the height of their consolidation. But new media and bad management caused Clear Channel to shed some of their losers a few years back. Eventually, Bain Capital (yep the Vultures) bought CC trying to work their “magic.” Friday Clear Channel/Bain went through a huge layoff. My guess is this is yet another stop gap measure on their way to bankruptcy. Keep an eye out, there may be some cheap radio properties available next year.

Limbaugh Gets Some Credit
In the demise of Clear Channel, I believe Limbaugh gets some credit. Limbaugh actually works for CC subsidiary Premiere Networks. His loss of advertising has been one of the biggest reasons that CC is in huge trouble. Limbaugh is still getting his huge salary of an estimated $38 million per year. Maybe he should do what he tells unions to do and take a pay cut.

Speaking Of Demises
Not that these companies are going out of business, but restaurant chains that publically bucked the coming of Obamacare seem to be paying a price for their obstinance. Darden Restaurants (Red Lobster, Olive Garden) has apparently lost a chunk of business. It also looks like Papa John’s Pizza took a huge hit in the reputation column, also. Gee whiz, filthy rich owners, is it that hard to treat your employees decently? It never hurts to vote with your dollars.

Speaking of Treating Employees Well
Walmart and its subsidiary Sam’s Club, is notorious for its low wages and employees being forced to use Medicaid for its health care and food stamps to afford to eat. On the other end of the employer spectrum is Costco, which pays its employees well, offers a good health care plan and retirement. These contrasting styles of management have been studied over and over. In every instance I have seen, Costco kicks Sam’s Club to the curb. I am sure this is true in nearly every instance where the focus is on employee costs. When will American employers learn?

 December 7th

As I write this it is Dec. 7. This is of course a day that has much baggage. Most important is the 71st anniversary of the Japanese attacks on Pearl Harbor. This is of course the final straw that pulled the US into World War 2. December 7th is also the launch date of Apollo 17 in 1972. This eventually became the final trip to the moon for America. Seems to me that without grand goals, America seems to have lost its way. As many others have said, we need an Apollo program type effort to restore America’s infrastructure to prepare for the future and to face the threat of climate change which will be the toughest foe man has ever faced.

Weekly Observations – Not For The Weak Edition

Oceans Acidifying at an incredible Rate

“The Earth’s oceans may be acidifying faster than at any point during the last 300 million years due to industrial emissions, endangering marine life from oysters and reefs to sea-going salmon, researchers said.

The scientists found surging levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere forced down the pH of the ocean by 0.1 unit in the last century, 10 times faster than the closest historical comparison from 56 million years ago, New York’s Columbia University, which led the research, said yesterday in a statement. The seas absorb CO2 from the atmosphere, forming carbonic acid. The lower the pH level in the seas, the more acidic they are.

Past instances of ocean acidification have been linked with mass extinctions of marine creatures so the current one could also threaten important species, according to Baerbel Hoenisch, the paleoceanographer at Columbia who was lead author of the paper that appeared in the journal Science.”  Read more

Kasich to refuse Federal help for storm victims

Unbelievable, but true
What could be more of a kick in the face than to have the top elected official in your state come in after the storm has wiped you out to tell you that he will turn down offers of help for you? What a great time to pull out the ideological anti-federal crap. Of course, the storm did not touch Kasich personally, so what does he care?
Neighboring governors in Indiana (R – Daniels) and Kentucky (D – Beshear) immediately asked for the aid.

Linked here is a great read I found on Dailykos concerning ALEC and the Republican Party’s push to end Medicare. This is quite serious stuff. Republicans have a real war plan to end any type of social programs, attacking on the state level, at the national level and through their ownership of newspapers, radio and TV. Take a few minutes to read about it here

Odd encounter at Muscatine legislative forum.
In response to a question from the leader the CLAM (Clean Air Muscatine) group, Muscatine representative Mark Lofgren told the lady to “keep her Iowa City politics in Iowa City.” I am not sure that is an exact quote as, like most I was only semi paying attention. But he said it in an almost angry manner which got every one’s attention. That remark was in no way pertinent to the question. And the lady in question actually lives in Muscatine.

When asked about his remark by a later questioner, Lofgren stated (somewhat defensively, I thought) he was born and raised in Muscatine. Most of us filled in the next sentence, although he did not state such.

We live midway between Iowa City and Muscatine. When we shop out of town we like to go where our business is appreciated. We have noticed a real change in attitude in the Muscatine business community in the past few years. They don’t seem to want our business. Beieve me, I won’t go where I am not wanted. Iowa City businesses are more than happy to have our money. Thanks to Mark Lofgren for saying out loud what we have been feeling for quite a while.

Republicans Kow-towing to Limbaugh.
Still waiting for one Republican office holder or candidate to come out and condemn what Rush Limbaugh said. But I won’t hold my breath. For some reason Limbaugh and Grover Norquist hold more power in the Republican Party than any elected official or candidate. Remember that next fall: the true power in the Republican Party are a couple of non-elected people who can tell elected officials when to jump and how high.

Eugene Robinson on Limbaugh:
“How’s this for political cowardice? Right-wing bloviator Rush Limbaugh launches a vile attack, full of sexual insults and smarmy innuendo, against a young woman whose only offense was to speak her mind. Asked to comment, the leading Republican presidential candidates — who bray constantly about “courage” and “leadership” — run from the bully and hide.

“I’ll just say this, which is, it’s not the language I would have used,” said Mitt Romney. I wonder what language Romney thinks Limbaugh should have used to call Georgetown University law student Sandra Fluke a “slut” and a “prostitute.”
“He’s being absurd, but that’s, you know, an entertainer can be absurd,” said Rick Santorum. I doubt seriously that Fluke found it entertaining, in an absurdist kind of way, when Limbaugh creepily suggested she and other women post sex videos on the Internet. I hope and trust that Santorum wasn’t entertained, either.”

Rushpublicans And The War On Women

For the life of me, I cannot understand why the Republican Party (my name, Rushpublicans) has decided to let their leader, Rush Limbaugh into a battle of hate for women. seems to me to be quite short sighted at best and at worst such a strategy could have huge long range disastrous consequences.

One would almost think what they believed was yet another in the pantheon of enemies that Rushpublicans have been creating, demonizing and then doing battle with over the past decade or two. They have redrawn Muslims into caricature enemies as they have also done with immigrants, people of color, the poor, and basically anyone who does not talk like them, look like them or have their portfolio.

But picking a fight with women is indeed taking on a group that if it united and flexed its muscle could drastically change how this country is run. Maybe this will be the wake up call for women to finally pay attention to some of the neanderthals that are making laws. It is long past time that women should have at least half the lawmaking seats in the country and this seems like a good time to start achieving that. If nothing else, the vast majority should now begin to understand which party and which legislators are on their side. Let me give a hint by saying this party gave America its first female speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi.

Besides going to battle with half the population, the Rushpublicans have also enraged a huge number of men in this country who respect women. These men have had women close to them in their life who have shown them that women are more than just another group to be denigrated. Women who have been the mothers, the sisters, the daughters, the wives, the teachers or possibly the boss or co-worker. Most American men have good relationships with the women in their lives and as such are just as insulted by Limbaugh’s remarks.

What is almost as amazing as Limbaugh picking this fight with women is that none of the so-called leaders of the Rushpublican Party has enough guts to stand up to Limbaugh and say he was wrong. Mitt Romney only said “those are not the words I would have used.” Thus he endorsed Limbaugh’s sentiment, just not his language. Even a woman Rushpublican, Sarah Palin, defended him. Sarah, would you have defended him were that your daughter he was speaking of? In general he was, Sarah. Still OK with that?

But not only at the national level have the Rushpublicans failed to condemn Limbaugh. Gov. Branstad? Senator Grassley? Rep. King? This is the man that speaks for your party these days. How about Bob Vander Plaats? The silence is deafening.

Makes me almost wish that one of my all time heroes, Billie Jean King would come back for one last battle. She could challenge him to a duel of brain power at 50 paces. And once more, Billie Jean would vanquish an arrogant man. Because in such a battle, Limbaugh would come in unarmed.

The Republican War on Women, Workers, Unions, On and On

Seems like the airwaves were dominated by the Republican assault on American women’s right to control their own body. The week ended with the spiritual leader and still direction setter for the party declaring that if a woman uses birth control pills she is a “slut.” With that one statement Rush Limbaugh managed to insult most every woman in America.

The Republican party has revealed itself as the party that is only for the top 1% of Americans, and at that only the men in that group. As they slowly reveal, every other group must be divided off and controlled. It is hard for me to understand why members of any group that Republicans have publicly decried would ever vote for them – and let’s just list a few – gays, non-management workers, post office, teachers, anyone associated with a union, women, anyone on Social Security or Medicare, disabled, most non-whites (show your papers laws not aimed at whites), the unemployed, scientists, those who work with science, professors, non-Christians and a special hate atheists.

My question to anyone in any of those groups is this: Why would you ever vote for a Republican? If you can’t bring yourself to vote for a Democrat, at least be true to yourself then and don’t vote.

While watching one of the cable news programs
this week a thought crossed my mind – the primary season has shown that thanks to the Citizen’s United v. FEC, the election so far is less about ideas and mostly about which billionaire can spend the most money on his horse. Each of the remaining Republican candidates has a sugar daddy. In the case of Romney there are about 14. But it is obvious at this point that the election of the president may be more about which billionaire is willing to spend the largest amount of money to buy the office.

At the state level we have a similar situation where even a state representative run costs a hundred thousand or more. Thus elections are pretty much out of the reach of all but the rich.  It is as if what the revolution was fought for – overthrowing a hereditary ruling class – has been overturned by the Supreme Court.

One of the best understatements I ever heard – “Republicans being against sex is not good,” the G.O.P. strategist Alex Castellanos told me (Maureen Dowd) mournfully. “Sex is popular.”

Wyoming prepares for Doomsday….
At the end of last week a bill advanced in the Wyoming legislature to prepare the state for doomsday. Preparation includes creating their own money and building a navy. Why isn’t our legislature on top of things like this?

When you buy online……
Some of the hardest, most dehumanizing and lowest paying jobs in the US are in the warehouses for online merchants. The jobs are also often filled by “temps” which relieves the employer of things like medical benefits and dealing with unions. Third World conditions right here in the USA. Read the sad story of a fast growing segment of American industry here and consider where this country is headed.

“‘Oh, I’m not eating dinner because it’s my brother’s turn tonight. Tomorrow is my night.’”
Even sadder in America’s slide downward into third-world status for some of its citizens is this story of how deep cuts in the so-called safety net are affecting the poor.  Better start building more prisons.

Why Santorum hates public schools.
I guess he figures that if they can turn out a screwed up human being like Rick Santorum, they can’t be trusted.

As ye sow, so shall ye reap.

Republicans criticize Limbaugh?
Don’t hold your breath. Dare they speak out against Limbaugh all he needs to do is tell his ditto-heads to make life miserable for whoever steps out of line and they will do so at the drop of a hat. Can you say “cowards?”