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Posts Tagged ‘Iowa Rep. Steve King’

Steve King: Talk Show Host, Evangelist, Or Representative?

When he’s not talking like a right-wing radio host, he’s giving the taxpayers religious lectures.  Are we paying Steve King to be an evangelist, a media pundit or a representative of the people?

Plus, while the DMReg is willing to make a big effing deal about a former internet activity by King’s Democratic opponent, we’ve not seem them cover this about King.

Dominionism is the theocratic idea that regardless of theological camp, means, or timetable, God has called conservative Christians to exercise dominion over society by taking control of political and cultural institutions. The term describes a broad tendency across a wide swath of American Christianity. People who embrace this idea are referred to as dominionists. … There are untold numbers of dominionist and dominionism-influenced politicians and public officials at all levels of government and who even after leaving office, shape our political discourse. Others at the top of recent American political life have included Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, Rick Perry, Mike Huckabee,16 and Newt Gingrich.17 Other prominent elected officials in the dominionist camp include Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick (R-TX),18 Gov. Sam Brownback (R-KS),19 Sen. James Lankford (R-OK),20 and Rep. Steve King (R-IA).”


Is The Tea Party Over For Steve King?

Kim Weaver, Democratic candidate in House district 4

The more out-there commentary Steve King provides to the media, the more Kim Weaver attracts national attention, as the country increasingly views King as a leader among the worst tea party extremists in congress.  Kim Weaver said on MSNBC that Democrats stand for “decency over division.”  She formally announced Sunday on MSNBC’s AM Joy that she is taking a second shot at defeating Steve King in 2018.  Will she have a better chance this time around? Watch the AM Joy segment below as she makes her case by the numbers. 

To support Weaver in ousting King, check out her campaign website and make a donation or volunteer. You can also follow her on Facebook and  Twitter.   Click here to see her interview with the Des Moines Register editorial board in 2016.


Dear Steve King

doubt he cares much

doubt he cares much

Read this outstanding letter to the editor of the Des Moines Register by a western Iowan. Then do something to support Kim Weaver who is doing her best to unseat Iowa’s most disgraceful “representative.”   Click here to help Kim Weaver.  Click here to watch the full video of Kim Weaver’s impressive interview with the Des Moines Register editorial board.     Kim Weaver for Congress

Dear Steve King:

When you posted a picture of yourself on Twitter last week alongside a declaration that “cultural suicide by demographic transformation must end,” it struck a particular nerve. You see, I grew up in Denison. For a long time, you were my elected representative. I went to school with kids from your hometown, Kiron. The mom of one of my best friends from high school was your campaign chairwoman.

So when you say that the changing racial demographic of our country is “cultural suicide,” I know what you mean.

You mean me. You mean my brother and sister. You mean my father, who immigrated from India in the 1970s with eight dollars in his pocket and a perfectly pressed suit that was no match for the Midwestern winter wind.

My siblings and I may not look like the racially pure version of Iowans — or Americans — you desire, but we had a fairly typical Iowa childhood. We played tennis and conducted the marching band and designed elaborate costumes for Odyssey of the Mind. We showed hogs at the county fair and spent long summer days selling lemonade during RAGBRAI. The education we got in small-town Iowa (in school systems which, as a state legislator and a U.S. representative, you’ve systematically de-funded) got us full-ride scholarships to Iowa colleges. We’re now a professor and a lawyer and an art curator. We’re doing just fine.

My hometown, however, is not doing fine. And, despite your belief in the horrors of “demographic transformation,” I’m pretty sure my siblings and I aren’t the cause of its slow decline. I’ve watched over the years as small businesses on Main Street turned into vacant storefronts. Members of my high school class (myself included) left western Iowa because the jobs we could get there just didn’t compete with the ones we ended up getting elsewhere.

In fact, your sense that allowing other races to mix into an historically white area will lead to “cultural suicide” couldn’t be more off base.

Cultural suicide occurred when the unions were broken at the packing plants in our hometowns, turning respectable $21-an-hour jobs into back-breaking $11-an-hour labor that couldn’t support a family. Cultural suicide occurs every time you vote to defund public education, stripping Iowa public school teachers of the resources they need to educate the next generation of Iowans even as you accept $10,600 in campaign contributions from the College Loan Corp. — a company that profits from increased student debt. Cultural suicide occurs when you decide to display a Confederate flag on your desk, conveniently forgetting that you represent a state that fought for the Union.

I get it. It’s easier to point fingers at the brown people who take those 3 a.m. shifts at the packing plant and are now raising their families on minimum wage than it is to accept personal responsibility for the ways that your particular brand of strip-mining the Iowan economy is devastating the lives of Iowans.

Here’s the thing: Your worn-out brand of racism isn’t new. It’s what caused you to suggest that publicly acknowledging the work Harriet Tubman did to free slaves by putting her on the $20 bill would “upset this society and this civilization.” It’s what caused the KKK to leave leaflets throughout my hometown for a nearby Klan rally. And although you may not realize it, your emphasis on cultural purity is what made a generation of German-speaking farmers in Kiron and Schleswig terrified to speak their native tongue in the 1940s.

I’m proud to be an Iowan. I’ve got a drawer full of Iowa T-shirts and a cutting response ready whenever anyone dares to call the Midwest a fly-over zone. It makes me sad beyond measure that often times the only thing people know about my home state is that its state representative once compared immigrants to stray cats that need to be neutered.

Rep. King, you speak for us at our smallest, weakest, least brave moments. And when you do so, you misrepresent Iowa.

Yes, your xenophobia speaks to some Iowans. But my hometown is also full of people who are kind and compassionate and have an uncanny knack for remembering things like that time my dog followed me straight into the produce aisle of the local grocery store. Iowans are my uncle, a farmer who reminds me every time I see him that book learning is not the only education worth having. Iowans are my grandmother, who left her job as a schoolteacher to work for the FBI in Washington, D.C., during WWII, and my father, who stops in the middle of the Omaha airport to spend 20 minutes helping a confused elderly couple find their luggage.

Iowans are my brother and my sister and every single other Indian-American and Senegalese-American and Swedish-American and Mexican-American and German-American and African-American and Ecuadorian-American kid who grows up playing soccer beside cornfields, adoring the Hawkeyes and hating the Cyclones (or vice versa), travelling hours to get to the mall on weekends, and praying for extra snow days. We already are doctors and lawyers and educators and engineers and government officials. And on our best days, we dream of being more.

Luckily for the rest of us, you and your racist fear-mongering do not represent the future of Iowa. We do.

Sangina Patnaik grew up in Denison. She is an assistant professor of English literature at Swarthmore College.



Steve King Challenger Calls King A “Fox News Celebrity”

weaver flagGotta love a girl who’s out there slamming Faux News and Steve King.  She said, “instead of a Fox News celebrity, we need a representative in Washington.”  Gee, ya think?

Watch her video, then visit her website and contribute if you can.


IA-04: The Alliance for Retired Americans Endorses Jim Mowrer

Iraq War Veteran and congressional candidate Jim Mowrer has been endorsed by the Alliance for Retired Americans, an organization with more than 30,000 members in Iowa.

In a letter of endorsement, the organization wrote that Mowrer’s positions “demonstrate a strong commitment to improve the quality of life for older Americans,” and that “[his] leadership on issues such as preserving and protecting Social Security and Medicare from privatization and benefit cuts ensures these programs will be around for current and future generations.”

Jim Mowrer: “I am humbled that the Alliance for Retired Americans believes that my election to the House of Representatives will enhance the quality of life for older Americans. While Congressman Steve King continues to vote to cut Social Security benefits and end Medicare as we know it, I’m committed to preserving and strengthening Social Security programs for years to come.”

To view a copy of the letter, click here.

Jim Mowrer grew up on a farm in Boone, Iowa. He is a life-long resident of the 4th district.

When Jim was seven, he lost his father in a farming accident. Thanks to his father’s Social Security survivor benefits, Jim’s family was able to get back on its feet. Jim worked hard and graduated from Boone High School and married his high school sweetheart, Chelsey. Today they have two boys, Carter (6) and Jack (3).

A month after the Iraq war started, Jim joined the Iowa National Guard, eventually serving in Iraq with the 1-133 Infantry Battalion.

In 2010, Jim was asked to serve as the Special Assistant to the Under Secretary of the Army. At the Pentagon, Jim helped start and oversee the Army’s Office of Business Transformation – tasked with making the Army more effective, while saving tax dollars.

Jim Mowrer’s whole life has been about service to our country and protecting what makes America and Iowa great.

Jim Mowrer Calls Out Steve King On His Obstructionist Tactics

jim mowrerExcellent interview with Jim Mowrer at   Here is an excerpt.

Could you talk a bit more about what you saw at the Pentagon? What’s an example of the kind of dysfunction you’re thinking of when you talk about your front-row seat?

The work I did at the Pentagon was to establish the Army Office of Business Transformation, and what we did there was to reform some of the Army’s business operations and make them more efficient and effective. So I had to work with Congress — the House and the Senate and the Armed Services Committee — and saw many times when we could not take action that was needed because of extreme partisan differences or parochial interests.

We had in many cases even generals saying, “We don’t need this program” or “We don’t need this machine any longer” yet Congress continued to fund those things, and we couldn’t get the job done.

Do you think your opponent, congressman King, deserves any special credit (or blame) for the level of stasis in Congress right now? Or is he just one among many, someone without any particular influence?

He is someone who pushed for the government shutdown last fall. When it ended, he said he wanted it to keep going. I think he’s someone who’s not interested in finding any kind of solutions or making Congress work. He’s much more interested in driving a partisan divide. His answer to everything is no. He does not want to get anything done. He wants to be an obstructionist. He’s said he wants to be a better obstructionist and he wishes there were more obstructionists like him in Congress; and that’s exactly what the people of Iowa don’t want right now.

I’m sure there are plenty of issues about which you and Rep. King differ, but what comes to mind when you think of areas where the difference between you two is the most pronounced?

Well, again, there is a stark contrast between us on almost every major issue and, frankly, almost every single issue.

But the biggest contrasts are probably when it comes to Social Security. When I was 7, my father was killed in a farming accident, and Social Security is the only thing that kept my family from falling so far down that we couldn’t get back up. So I believe in strengthening and protecting Social Security, while he voted to raise the retirement age to 70, and has said he wants to actually raise it to as high as 75 (because Wal-Mart will hire people until the age of 74). That’s a stark contrast.

On minimum wage, he’s said he doesn’t believe there should be a federal minimum wage, that it should drift away. I want to raise the minimum wage to $10.10, as Sen. Harkin has proposed. But I think the biggest difference between him and me is that I want this country to be successful no matter who gets the credit, no matter who the president is. I’ve served under a Republican president and I’ve served under a Democratic president; I just want this country to be successful.

When you say you want to strengthen and support Social Security, does that mean you won’t support any reform that ultimately leads to lower benefits? I ask because what we’ve often heard from activists who are worried about the federal budget is that they, too, want to protect Social Security — but their version of protection can end up meaning cuts. So, just for my clarification, you’re saying you would not support any plan that led to lower benefits?

If you’re referring to plans like chained CPI or raising the retirement age, I am dead-set against those. I would not support either under any circumstances — and that’s where the people of Iowa’s 4th Congressional District are on this.

Social Security is one of the most successful government programs that’s ever existed. It is overwhelmingly popular. It provides income security for 58 millions seniors, as well as people with disabilities and people who receive survivor benefits. Half of the seniors in this country would live in poverty without it. So we need to protect Social Security, which needs to be maintained at its current level and needs to be fully funded.

Right now we have a cap on the amount [of income that’s taxed for Social Security]. It stops at $117,000; so you have millionaires and billionaires who are not paying into Social Security beyond that cap … When I make my case to voters, a lot of people aren’t even aware that the cap exists — so [lifting the cap] is a very, very good first step.

(click here to read the entire interview at

Spotlight On Iowa’s 4th District

iowa 4thStay Connected with Iowa’s 4th District Democrats

Iowa’s 4th Congressional District includes 39 of Iowa’s 99 counties.

Audubon, Boone, Buena Vista, Butler, Calhoun, Carroll, Cerro Gordo, Cherokee, Chickasaw, Clay, Crawford, Dickinson, Emmet, Floyd, Franklin, Greene, Grundy, Hamilton, Hancock, Hardin, Harrison, Humboldt, Ida, Kossuth, Lyon, Monona, O’Brien, Osceola, Palo Alto, Plymouth, Pocahontas, Sac, Shelby, Sioux, Story, Webster, Winnebago, Woodbury, Wright

You can contact your county Dem. chair here

You can also stay connected with the Iowa Democratic Party’s 4th District online.

Facebook – IDP4th posts news, events, and reminders allowing you to share with your Facebook friends or post to the IDP4th wall.

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 NOTE:  Volunteers are available to assist County Parties wanting to create a website or build  social networks.  Email for additional information.  26 of the 39 county parties in Iowa’s 4th District have a presence on the Internet.

Steve King needs to go

Steve King has made more outrageous comments than we can count, about everything from  building electric fences on the Mexican border as his idea of immigration reform to “the unemployed are like lazy children.”   King has shown over and over that he cares more about championing right-wing causes for the Tea Party, Koch Brothers and other idiots and corporatists than he does about representing Iowans in Congress.

One issue that King is on the wrong side of that crosses party lines is that of animal cruelty.  Steve King has failed to support legislation that would prevent cruelty to animals in the form of dog fighting and has opposed the ability of whistleblowers to report inhumane conditions in factory farms.   Watch a group of local citizens holding Rep. King accountable.   Video/Paws Against King

Check out the Dogs Against Congressman Steve King Facebook page.

Steve King is vulnerable:

Public Policy Polling conducted a survey of Iowa’s 4th District in October 2013.  Respondents disapproved of Steve King’s job by a margin of 7 percentage points, 47% disapprove to -40% approve.  Significantly, the automated poll contacted more Republicans than Democrats.    28% of those polled responded that they were Democrats;  34% Republican;  38% Independent. Even more remarkable, respondents said If the election for Congress were held today (October 2013),  by a margin of 49% to 45% they would vote to elect King’s Democratic opponent.

These results indicate  a real opportunity to send a Democrat to congress from Iowa’s 4th.

Jim Mowrer, Democratic challenger for congress in District 4

Iowans in District 4 who would like to volunteer for a campaign, it appears that Jim Mowrer  has an excellent shot at putting an end to Steve King  making Iowa look like a bunch of right-wing nuts to the rest of the nation and world.  Check out Jim Mowrer’s website, sign up to volunteer or make a contribution at

Caucus to Convention 2014

The Iowa Democratic Party approved the calendar leading to the Iowa Democratic Party’s State Convention on June 21, 2014.

Precinct Caucuses – January 21
County Convention – March 8
District Convention – April 26
State Convention – June 21


Watch Christie Vilsack Expose Steve King’s Un-Iowan Right Wing Agenda

Click here to watch video of the Vilsack-King Debate In Carroll October 25.  This program will be re-broadcast Friday, October 26 at 7:30 p.m. and Sunday, October 28 at noon. The program will also be broadcast on IPTV WORLD (.3) Saturday, October 27 at 8:30 a.m.

Whether you live in IA-04 or elsewhere, this debate is worth watching. Steve King at his finest.  Christie Vilsack puts him in his place most of the time even though the moderators are asleep.

At about 17:50 you can hear King appeal to his mysoginistic base when he claimed that Iowa women are getting abortions “simply because the mother wants a boy instead of a girl.”  He says “we have evidence.”  This of course goes unchallenged by IPTV moderators who don’t think to ask the obvious follow up, “what evidence?”

Also unchallenged by the moderators is the lie that he did not say something that he said – ON THE FLOOR OF CONGRESS  – and for which there is a handy 43 second video of him saying it.  Yes, the IPTV moderators allowed him to say unchallenged that Christie Vilsack’s accurate characterization of his statement that immigrants could be treated similar to livestock was false.  But it was not false.  Here is the 43 second video of King saying,

“We could also electrify this wire with the kind of current that wouldn’t kill somebody but would simply be a discouragement for them to be fooling around with it.  We do that with livestock all the time.”

Please share it. It has only 351 views on Youtube.


Upcoming:  Braley (D) and Lange (R) Debate | Nov. 1, 2012 7 pm [1st Congressional District] – Rep. Bruce Braley (D-Waterloo) and Ben Lange (R-Independence) will participate in a live debate in Dubuque.  Livestream it here: or watch on IPTV.

If you missed some debates has archived debates of the 2012 congressional candidates.