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Posts Tagged ‘Gingrich’

Watch That Gas Price!

If things seem to be going too good, they probably are. I am the kind of person who sees a cloud behind every silver lining. Right now  the silver lining of Republican discord couples with some good news from the Obama side.

But I can’t help but remember that the oil companies hate Obama. Thanks to Citizen’s United, they will be able to weigh in heavily against Obama this summer and fall.

But more than that, they have the ability to manipulate prices. And if one thing could cripple an economy almost overnight it would be $5 or more for a gallon of gas. Pay attention.

Walker aide singing like a canary in John Doe investigation
While officials in Wisconsin are checking the over 1 million signatures to bring Scott Walker to a recall election, the John Doe investigation into corruption during his time as county commissioner and governor continues to come closer to his desk. Thursday, a former aide worked out a plea bargain deal with investigators.  That usually means, I get a light sentence for turning in evidence on higher ups.

Can Walker govern from behind bars?

Still endorse Gingrich?
A thought crossed my mind last night while watching Gingrich continuing to send out dog whistle messages on racial politics. The question is, do those who endorsed Gingrich in Iowa still endorse this type of thinly veiled racial politics? If you see one of his Iowa team, ask them.

Drug testing for welfare recipients? How about……
I see the latest hot legislation among ALEC legislators is to have anyone who receives welfare to be drug tested at some frequency at their own expense. I guess this is yet another way to shame the very poorest into realizing that they also must get off the “government tit”  (I love these Grassey-isms).

I don’t think such a bill goes nearly far enough. Testing should include anyone who gets any type of a check from any level of government. I know this is a radical idea but I would like to know if my legislators are sober. So I would include them and extend testing not only to illegal drugs, but alcohol as well. Alcohol has been shown to be without a doubt the most destructive of all drugs.

The governor should also be included, maybe twice as often since he is also dipping out a pension. And it should include everyone in his office, all county boards, sheriffs and any and all city employees. Much like welfare recipients, they also are getting tax money. So we should have some means to make sure we are getting our money’s worth.

Something the Legislature could do.
With the LIHEAP cuts this year, I fear many Iowans will be without heat next year. Instead of chasing non-existent fraudulent voters or demonizing the poor yet again, how about putting some of that money toward keeping some of our fellow citizens from freezing, starving or dying of lack of medical care?

Vilsack closing on King in 4th

Almost forgot to include this bit of good news. Eight months out and it looks like Christie Vilsack has a real shot at Steve King. From Dailykos Wednesday, the Public Policy Polling has the race close already. Show Christie some love if you can!

Christie Vilsack (D): 43
Steve King (R-inc): 49
MoE ±3.1%


Weekly Observations – Money Matters

Keeping An Eye Out For ALEC

With the start of the legislative session here in Iowa, citizens and journalists need to keep an eye out for ALEC legislation trying to get its foot in the door. Last year Republicans offered a bill which cut commercial property taxes, but also had many a poison pill for cities and towns in Iowa. I think we can expect those kind of shenanigans again. This is why the Liz Mathis election was so important. Without a majority in the senate, Dems would be unable to stop ALEC type legislation. Thus in a short peiod of time we would be Wisconsin or Michigan.

Anybody else feel Mitt has contempt for us little people?

After seeing the confrontation with a citizen on the ropeline in South Carolina I get the impression that Romney has little but contempt for those among us who do not have a few million laying around. Guess to be a full citizen under Romney I will need to find a few more zeroes to put behind the family fortune.

Under Gingrich, will State Dinners be swingers parties?

Why can’t I get this idea out of my mind? Just imagine Mr. Openmarriage as President. He is hosting a state dinner for let us say Sarkozy. Suddenly he decides he has taken a fancy to Mrs. Sarkozy and asks the first lady (aka the third wife) and the President of France if he and the French first lady could be excused for an hour or two. Think there would be any fallout?

When was the last time you said?

“I earned just a little bit of money” about $372,000? Looks like a big bit of money to me. A really big bit of money.

Payday Lenders finally going to be controlled?

When Richard Cordray was appointed to his job as the head of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau he let it be known that Payday Lenders were in his sights. After immediately taking on the mortgage market, he has now focused on the Payday Lenders. With interest rates that can top an annual 500%, these lenders are certainly in need of some supervision. Thank you Mr. Cordray! Please read all about it here.

Are they caricatures?

I can’t help but think that if any creative person were trying to come up with a comic book character to represent on the 1%, that person would end up drawing Mitt Romney. We hear stories that he is really nice, yet the persona he shows in public is one of arrogance, disdain for the poor and middle class, who has so much money he considers a $10,000 bet a ‘friendly wager.’

Yet Gingrich and Santorum are not far behind as caricatures. Gingrich as the old southern white gentleman who treats women like objects and still echoes strains of the south’s racial past.

Santorum appears to want to be Pope of the United States. He is condescending to anyone who does not fit into his very narrow view of what humans should be.

How’s that austerity doing?

While we spend much of our time being distracted by the glittery object of the primaries and their circus like atmosphere, Europe continues to perform a great experiment in economics. Can austerity really grow an economy? Well, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and other monetary groups issued warnings that austerity may not be the way to go after all.

Europe looks to have a very slow growth if any at all in the near future. It looks as though much of the expected slow growth can be attributed to the austerity.

Almost forgot our friends in Wisconsin

Congratulations on turning in the recall petitions not only on Walker, but on Kleefisch and the senators. I am sure there will be many here who will want to help make calls or whatever is needed in your fight for good government.

Sunday Funday – Caucus And New Year’s Edition

Boy oh boy, two big events in one week. It is more than the heart can stand. Maybe 2015-6 will be the year the Iowa caucuses finally cross the boundary and take place in the year prior to the election. Christmas Eve with your colleagues, what could be better?

So let’s mix in a few caucus questions and a few questions about New Year’s in one unconnected pile. Best thing for a New Year’s hangover is confusion.

1) Two of the Republican candidates use their middle name as their main name. Which two are they?

2) Two other Republican candidates do not have the same last name as they were born with. Which two and what were their birth family names?

3) Two ordained ministers have placed first and second in Republican caucuses in different years. Can you name them?

4) Under Forest Evashevski, Iowa went to its first two bowl games. Who were the quarterbacks on those teams?

5) What year was the first BCS (bowl championship series) title game played and who played in it?

6) One of the candidates for the Republican nomination lost his senate seat in 2006. One of the reasons is that he really lived in Virginia while his children were given a very expensive cyber-education paid for by the taxpayers back home.Who is this candidate?

7) This holiday comes as close to being a global holiday as any holiday does. Which is it?

8) Which candidate has a gay half-sister who supports Barack Obama?

9) What was the name of Ron Paul’s newsletter that has sparked so much controversy in recent days?

10) In a college football bowl game, the game officially lasts 60 minutes. Why does it take 4 hours to complete?

OK – is that head feeling a little more cockeyed? Just trying to help.  I come from a time long ago when New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day were two of the coldest days of the year. What’s cold about 50 degrees?

Anyway, here are some answers to ease the brain:

1) Willard Mitt Romney and James Richard(Rick) Perry.
2) Michelle Bachmann (born Amble) and Newt Gingrich (born Newt McPherson adopted by stepfather)
3) Pat Robertson placed second in 1988 Iowa caucuses and Mike Huckabee won the 2008 caucus.
4) Kenny Ploen of Clinton in 1956 and Randy Duncan of Des Moines in 1958
5) after the 1998 season (Jan. 1999). #1 Tennessee played #2 Florida State – Tennessee won 23 – 16
6) Rick Santorum. His address in Pennsylvania was never lived in according to his neighbors. His children cost the school district some $73,000 to educate through cyber-education.
7) New Year’s day of course, since most of the world uses the Gregorian calendar
8) Newt Gingrich. Candace Gingrich-Jones is Newt’s half sister and an Obama supporter.
9) He actually had 3 – The Ron Paul Survival Report, The Ron Paul Investment Letter and the Ron Paul Political Report.
10) I was hoping maybe you knew? I mean 4 hours for 1 hour worth of game is ridiculous.

A Key To Romney’s Problems And Other Stuff

FOX News highlights Romney’s problem.

The above is an actual screen capture from Fox News last Wednesday.  My guess is that most can easily see now why Romney is losing ground among Republicans.

Who but Jon Stewart?

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart had a classic line the other night concerning the “bet” that Mitt Romney baited Rick Perry with during a debate in Des Moines last week.
“This is AWESOME : A Mormon, gambling with an evangelical over who is the bigger liar”

We believe you

Who could help but laugh when Newt Gingrich took the marriage pledge that the VaderPlaats group Iowa Family Leader foists on all Republicans? Gingrich is simply the most amoral person I have ever seen. But he can put up whatever front is called for.

Decisions, decisions

Well, looks like time to take down the Halloween decorations and put up the Christmas decorations. At least it will be warmer next Easter when I take the Christmas decorations down.

The truth may kill us

Here is some scary news right before Christmas. Slowly, slowly thanks to Bernie Sanders push to open the books at the Fed if only for a brief moment, we are learning that the total bailout is much, much bigger than we were told. Bloomberg reported a couple of weeks ago that the real bailout was in the $7.7 trillion range. However more research indicates it was nearly $30 trillion or more than twice our annual total GDP.

A primary for three

Many folks have observed that the current Republican primary is much more about getting the nod from FOX News than it is about getting votes from Republican voters. The nod of Fox is really all that is needed to gain the Republican nomination since Fox will tell their viewers how to think. This explains to me why so many of the candidates contort themselves on issues. They are not playing to voters desires but those of Rupert Murdoch and Roger Ailes plus to a lesser degree Rush Limbaugh. These folks in turn represent the .1% of the rich that are the real powers in the Republican Party.


Note to Democrats:  If you are talking of anything to weaken Social Security or Medicare forget my vote. So if any of you want to sidle up to Paul Ryan like Ron Wyden of Oregon has done, please remember you are stepping in dangerous territory.


Dave Loebsack is once again ahead of his time with his early sponsorship of the STOCK (Stop Trading on Congressional Knowledge) bill. Dave has been a model of the integrity we desire of all our politicians and should be so noted in the press. Thank you, Dave.

Well past time to act

It is well past time for American voters to remove politicians who refuse to face up to the wreckage caused by the financial meltdown. We must remove those who live in the fantasy land of Fox News lies. The meltdown must be thoroughly investigated and actions taken that remove the threat of gambling banks that literally lost the house. Every candidate must be asked if they are willing to stand up to the rich and powerful. By its nature, the government must be more powerful than financial concerns.

On a personal note

I must brag here a bit. Like most people, I do not like to talk about myself much but I do have something to share that was a long time in the making and took a lot of effort to achieve. I have been giving blood since I was 18 and was asked to help a hemophiliac friend replace the blood that he would use to be kept alive. Well, they got their proverbial needle in me and have yet to pull it out. Last month at the annual DeGowin Blood Center thank you event I was given a certificate for donating 25 gallons of blood.

This amount is from when they started tracking it, which I understand was about 20 years after I started giving. So we figure the total is probably around 40 gallons. In recent years I have been giving platelets monthly with an occasional white cell donation when needed.

But they are always in need of donors, especially around the holidays. So if you would like to do something that is a great way to give. give them a call at 319-356-2058 and set up an appointment.

“Open For Business” Wisconsin losing jobs

At a time when a good Scott Walker would like to point to his policies bringing businesses and jobs to Wisconsin to stave off the recall effort, all Scott Walker can point to is an exodus of jobs. Guess what Mr. Walker, economies that grow need to have demand from people who make enough money to survive. The Koch brothers will not be able to create enough demand by themselves.