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Posts Tagged ‘bain’

Republican View: Obama Didn’t Win

Nope. Looks like that win Obama claims may be up to dispute. Seems he actually came in second to last in the presidential race. Even their man, Mitt Romney, came in a close second.

For 2013: No More Romney
I hope that there is one promise I can keep. I don’t want to write the name of the lyingest bastard ever to run for president even once more.

ALEC: Let’s Put The Pressure On
ALEC just had their winter meeting in Washington. We need to put pressure on those in the Iowa legislature who show feality to ALEC and not to Iowa. I believe we can start at the top with Gov. Branstad and SoS Matt (on the job training) Schultz.

Bain Dumping Clear Channel?
One of the worst things to come out of the Clinton presidency was the Telecommunications Act of 1996. This was the final nail in the structure of that media consolidation was built on. Clear Channel was able to take on more than 1200 radio stations at the height of their consolidation. But new media and bad management caused Clear Channel to shed some of their losers a few years back. Eventually, Bain Capital (yep the Vultures) bought CC trying to work their “magic.” Friday Clear Channel/Bain went through a huge layoff. My guess is this is yet another stop gap measure on their way to bankruptcy. Keep an eye out, there may be some cheap radio properties available next year.

Limbaugh Gets Some Credit
In the demise of Clear Channel, I believe Limbaugh gets some credit. Limbaugh actually works for CC subsidiary Premiere Networks. His loss of advertising has been one of the biggest reasons that CC is in huge trouble. Limbaugh is still getting his huge salary of an estimated $38 million per year. Maybe he should do what he tells unions to do and take a pay cut.

Speaking Of Demises
Not that these companies are going out of business, but restaurant chains that publically bucked the coming of Obamacare seem to be paying a price for their obstinance. Darden Restaurants (Red Lobster, Olive Garden) has apparently lost a chunk of business. It also looks like Papa John’s Pizza took a huge hit in the reputation column, also. Gee whiz, filthy rich owners, is it that hard to treat your employees decently? It never hurts to vote with your dollars.

Speaking of Treating Employees Well
Walmart and its subsidiary Sam’s Club, is notorious for its low wages and employees being forced to use Medicaid for its health care and food stamps to afford to eat. On the other end of the employer spectrum is Costco, which pays its employees well, offers a good health care plan and retirement. These contrasting styles of management have been studied over and over. In every instance I have seen, Costco kicks Sam’s Club to the curb. I am sure this is true in nearly every instance where the focus is on employee costs. When will American employers learn?

 December 7th

As I write this it is Dec. 7. This is of course a day that has much baggage. Most important is the 71st anniversary of the Japanese attacks on Pearl Harbor. This is of course the final straw that pulled the US into World War 2. December 7th is also the launch date of Apollo 17 in 1972. This eventually became the final trip to the moon for America. Seems to me that without grand goals, America seems to have lost its way. As many others have said, we need an Apollo program type effort to restore America’s infrastructure to prepare for the future and to face the threat of climate change which will be the toughest foe man has ever faced.

Branstad Cuts Food Aid For Needy

Terry, our right wing tool of a governor, Branstad took out the old veto pen on Friday of Memorial Day  weekend to slice out a portion of the hard work that the legislature had done over an otherwise poorly productive session. Branstad sliced out a section of a bill that appropriated $500,000 to Food Banks of Iowa. I am not a fan of line item vetoes. At a public forum when Jim Leach pushed for a presidential line item veto I asked what his job would be then? He had no answer.

But even more reprehensible is Rep. Tom Sands (R – ALEC) who as chair of the House Ways and Meas committee refused to release a bill for $2 million for the Food Banks. Branstad doubles dips and Sands is a well fed banker. Maybe if they missed a few meals they would change their tune.

Bain experience didn’t help Romney in Massachusetts
Before he was elected governor of Massachusetts, Mitt Romney ran on his experience in creating jobs at Bain. But as governor his state had the worst record of any state in creating jobs. Once more, this is a warning of what a Romney presidency would be. I can’t believe any sentient human would listen to a word this man says. Look at his actions. They more than tell you all you need to know.

Single-payer state-by-state?
Rep. Jim McDermott offered an interesting plan that might make single payer very viable on a state by state basis. Essentially the plan would allow states to use Medicare and Medicaid money to fund a state wide single payer system. My guess is that with the savings that single payer systems have by virtue of being a pool of the whole and dramatically less overhead, this money could go a long way toward funding universal health care on a state by state basis.

China buying oil while we go to war.
While we have spent trillions in the Middle East to secure Iraq oil for corporations (excuse me, I mean secure freedom for Iraqis), China has been quietly securing oil contracts around the world including the Americas. Talk about irony.

The Jenny McCarthy body count
Jenny gets a special internet page because she supports those who claim vaccinations cause autism. Probably ain’t so, but lack of vaccinations cause whole lots of problems.
Romney 3rd businessman president?
Do the names Herbert Hoover and George W. Bush ring a bell? Among all the various occupations that our presidents have had, these two were primarily businessmen. Now if my memory serves me, neither were exactly successful presidents. In fact in most rankings of presidents they are usually the lowest two. My guess is that based on the Romney record and campaign, he could easily give them a run for the title of worst ever.

US has 2nd highest rate of children in poverty
I can’t make any snide comments about this. This is an utter shame in the richest nation ever. This comes less than a week after Terry Branstad saved Iowa from socialism by cutting $500,000 for a Food Bank appropriation.

And once more let’s give Tom Sands the recognition he deserves. As chair of the Iowa House Ways and Means Committee he sat on a bill from the senate that passed nearly unanimously to appropriate $2 million for the Food Bank. Tom Sands and Terry Branstad – two Iowans who make the world a much worse place to live.

Walmart quits ALEC

Walmart became the 19th corporation to leave ALEC Wednesday. This tells me that Walmart believes being associated with ALEC is toxic, even among those who shop Walmart. I believe they are right.

Remember, every Republican member of the Iowa House is a member of ALEC. And let us say that ALEC has a mighty strong influence on how they will vote. Governor Branstad was a founding member of ALEC. We need to stop their influence in Iowa. ALEC is one strong reason to vote against any of their members this fall.