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Democrat Kim Weaver For Congress IA-04

kim weaverKim Weaver is challenging Steve King for Congress in District 4. BFIA posted previously about her candidacy when she said, “Iowa doesn’t need a Fox News celebrity. We need a representative.”  So true.

A Bold Voice for Iowans

Kim believes that the people of Iowa’s 4th District need and deserve a voice in Congress. Issues that are important to our livelihood as well as our quality of life have been ignored and replaced with partisan grandstanding. It is time to send someone to Congress who believes it is better to get things done for the people than it is to make political statement. Kim is exactly that person.

Check out Kim Weaver’s website and contribute if you can.

Follow Kim Weaver on Facebook and Twitter

iowa congressional districts 4

What do President Obama, Howard Dean, and Bernie Sanders have in Common?

Watch and find out.  Obama to young people:   “If you participate you’ll change the country…. the system doesn’t work if people opt out. The easiest, simplest cure for getting our democracy to work is everybody voting.”


Grassley Like A Broken Clock: He Doesn’t Work

l to r: Tom Fiegen, Rob Hogg, Patty Judge, Bob Krause Iowa Democratic Senate Candidates. credit: Sioux City Journal One of these candidates will work for Iowa

l to r: Tom Fiegen, Rob Hogg, Patty Judge, Bob Krause
Iowa Democratic Senate Candidates.
credit: Sioux City Journal
One of these candidates will work for Iowa

Went to an event Thursday for one of Grassley’s opponents, Rob Hogg.

During the question and answer period one of the audience brought up that Grassley as chair of the Judiciary Committee has been sitting on a bill called the CARERs Bill. Apparently one of the provisions of the CARERs bill would move marijuana from a schedule 1 (illegal) drug to a schedule II drug. Schedule II would be drugs that could be dispensed under a doctor’s care but are highly controlled.

Something like half of the country now allows some form of medical marijuana. The only reason states are able to allow medical marijuana at this time is because the Obama Administration has publicly declared it will not enforce marijuana laws. What happens when Obama is no longer president in 8 months is open to speculation, but most likely a Donald Trump would rescind that order immediately. The CARERs Bill could make that question moot by changing marijuana from a schedule I to a schedule II.

How many Americans depend on medical marijuana to control pain or the effects of epilepsy or the many other problems that marijuana has been found to relieve. If Mr. Obstruction doesn’t do something these untold sufferers will be at the whims of the new president come next January.

I have no idea why Grassley would obstruct this, but I can and will speculate. There are three lobbying groups that are really scared that a more widely prescribed medical marijuana will greatly hurt their profits. Those are 1) big Pharma; 2) the alcohol industry and 3) the for profit prison industry. Marijuana helps fill their rooms and keeps their profits high.

The only other reason is that Grassley refuses to give Obama anything so he is obstructing on this just the way he is obstructing on federal judges at all levels to the point where he has created a judicial emergency in this country. Grassley is also refusing to move on appointments to the State Department due to a snit over something Hillary Clinton did.

So stated simply, Grassley is about as useful as a broken clock. The clock doesn’t work and neither does Grassley. We aren’t paying the clock $174,000 a year, though. Nor is the clock making life worse for anyone as Grassley’s inaction is. But they do have one similarity – we can throw both of them out because they are useless.

Sunday Funday: Graduation Time

Before they can graduate they must pass this week's quiz

Before they can graduate they must pass this week’s quiz

May is for graduations. We hope all of you graduates out there have a very successful post graduation, whether it be going on to further education or taking s crack at the working world. There is much work that needs to be done in the United States these days, the question is whether anyone is willing to pay to have it done.

Were you paying attention last week?

1) At an NRA convention in Louisville, Donald Trump declared that who would “abolish the 2nd amendment?”

2) Tourists at Yellowstone Park tried to assist a baby bison that looked to be ill. What happened to this bison?

3) Tuesday saw one more round of presidential primaries. Which Democrat won in Kentucky?

4) Eric Fanning was confirmed as Secretary of the Army by the senate Tuesday. What is significant about this appointment?

5) $57,600,000 was the price for what jewel sold at auction in Geneva, Switzerland on Wednesday?

6) Accusations flew back and forth between Clinton and Sanders camps all week concerning conventions the previous week in what state?

7) US Special Forces last week admitted they are helping what country to fight ISIS?

8) An estimated 279 pregnant women in the US may have been infected with what?

9) A young woman in Connecticut who had just donated her hair to make wigs for children with cancer was accused by another customer in a Walmart restroom of being what?

10) The man who recommended Sarah Palin to John McCain has been hired by Trump to do what?

11) An EgyptAir flight disappeared over the Mediterranean Sea Thursday on a flight from where to where?

12) Golfer Phil Mickelson, whose disdain for paying taxes is well known, was charged by the SEC with what on Thursday?

13) The gun used to kill Trayvon Martin was reportedly sold on an internet auction site for how much?

14) Last week “60 Minutes” had tribute to this long time reporter; this week the reporter died. Who was this “60 Minutes” reporter?

15) In Oklahoma, Governor Mary Fallin vetoed a bill that would have made what a felony?

16) Donald Trump met with what former very controversial Secretary of State last week?

17) Scientists unveiled evidence that what had taken place on Mars millions of years ago?

18) June 22 at 2PM what former 2nd person in succession to the presidency will report to federal prison to begin his sentence on violating banking laws?

19) Philodi, Rajasthan, India reported a high temperature of 51 Celsius Thursday. What is that in Fahrenheit?

20) Friday afternoon an armed man was shot by Secret Service near what national building?

One of the youngsters we mentored is graduating this year and has earned a ton of scholarships. Makes us feel so good to see her success.


1) Hillary Clinton – all by herself. Read that constitution, Donny – may come in handy some day

2) After his contact with humans he was rejected by other bison and ended up having to be put down.

3) Clinton

4) Fanning is openly gay

5) The “Oppenheimer Blue” diamond

6) Nevada

7) Libya

8) zika virus

9) a transgendered male in the women’s restroom

10) Vet vice presidential candidates. Does he still have the magic?

11) Paris to Cairo

12) insider trading.

13) $120,000

14) Morley Safer

15) performing an abortion.

16) Henry Kissinger

17) a tsunami

18) Dennis Hastert

19) 123.8 F – India is experiencing a severe heat wave this spring

20) The White House. The President was not home.

Something To Think About



Remember The Rain Forest.

attribute: Nicholas Johnson

attribute: Nicholas Johnson

Have to credit US Senate Candidate Bob Krause for reminding us of one of the great follies of the Chuck Grassley career. Krause mentioned the Iowa Rainforest as one of the few attempts that Grassley has made during his career.

Grassley’s career seems to be a record of some pretty major gaffes with long periods of quiet in between. Who can forget the great “Pull the plug on Grandma” speech as Iowa’s oldest senator worked like hell to keep health insurance and access to health care from his constituents?

Of course today he is in the battle of his career against the people, the constitution and the president to secure a seat on the Supreme Court for a crazy reactionary. Grassley has tried to talk his way around this, but has recently opted for the “silence is golden” school of communication in respect to questions about the Supreme Court. He’s taking one for team Republican here, folks. Certainly not for team “America.”

Now let us turn our minds back a decade or so and try to remember as Chuck Grassley tries to sell us on one of the boondoggliest of boondoggles. Who can ever forget The Iowa Rainforest? Maybe you, like I and my family, dreamed of cold winter days when we could hop in the car and head to Coralville for a lunch in the Rainforest? Especially on those days when the temperature dipped below zero and the snow was up past our butts. Rainforest here we come!

The Iowa Rainforest had all the earmarks of the kind of project that make common sense citizens point at the federal government and say “pork barrel project.” Putting an equatorial park in northern latitude Iowa seemed pretty far fetched even to the dreamers among us. Practical considerations such as how to heat such a beast in an Iowa winter made the project of skepticism from day one.

But the prospect of a spectacular project with the magic word “jobs” attached to it is hard for a politician to walk away from. So after some preliminary steps, Senator Grassley worked congress to get a major earmark for the project. Iverse has a excellent history of the project that spells out the highs and lows of the project. This project os an interesting study in how a project like this takes shape:

“By this time, Townsend had spent a reported $4 million of his own money developing the plan. But that was barely a down payment for a total cost now estimated at $280 million. Coralville agreed to kick in $25,000 per acre to buy an 85-acre site; the state legislature promised $75 million in state funds from the Vision Iowa Program; and Townsend committed $10 million. Federal grants and private donors were expected to cover the remaining, uh, nine-figure balance. Iowa Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley, who’s still in office, said he’d look for support. The initial five-year plan was for lots of fundraising, followed by 18 months of construction and a year for plants and animals to get acclimated before the park opened.


Townsend was right about eyebrows raising, but not for the reasons he hoped. Three years out from announcing the Coralville site, Grassley boasted that he’d issued an ultimatum to House members who’ve balked at spending $70 million of federal money on the project as part of a green bond project package. The rainforest is one of five projects up for the bonds — along with mixes of shopping and hotel developments in New York, Atlanta, Louisiana, and Colorado. The other four members of his committee working on the packages will back everything except the rainforest earmark, but Grassley vowed to kill all the projects if they wouldn’t back Iowa. “We take all the projects, or we dump all of them,” he announced. The project won $50 million in federal funds so long as it could match that through private donors. D.C.’sCitizens Against Government Waste labeled the rainforest a laughable example of frivolous spending, especially shameful given that Grassley sanguinely approved billions in spending for the still-young Iraq war. Townsend’s idea balloons from passion project to national punchline. An April 2004 editorial in The New York Timeswrote of it: “Some bad ideas simply refuse to die.””

Many of you remember what went on as the Rainforest then moved locations and finally met a quiet death. This does, however, give lie to Grassley’s reputation as fiscally conservative. He’s just conservative when it comes to things like healthcare and real projects that would create jobs.

Bridges In Iowa Worst In Nation

It does happen

It does happen

Iowa finally got to the top in one category of public achievement. From an email issued by Progress Iowa:

We’ve got some bad news. Iowa recently overtook Pennsylvania for the dubious honor of having more structurally deficient bridges than any other state, according to an annual report published by the American Road & Transportation Builders Association.

With a ranking like that you’d expect your state legislators to take action. Well, they did, but the wrong kind of action — gutting the Iowa Department of Transportation’s budget by $4.85 million. To cut funding when our bridges are falling apart isn’t just irresponsible, it’s ridiculous.

Join Progress Iowa in calling on state legislators to restore funding and repair Iowa’s crumbling infrastructure.

We drive our families over structurally deficient bridges every day, often without even knowing it. Without adequate funding for more inspectors and more improvements, our state’s infrastructure will fall further behind, impacting our safety and our economy.

Thanks for all you do,

Matt Sinovic
Executive Director
Progress Iowa

It is not just sad, it is scary. All of us drive over these bridges daily. We drive over one that could looks like it is literally held together with chewing gum and bailing wire.

The infrastructure in this state is getting to the stage of decrepit in some cases. When not maintained, bridges do fall down and people die when they do. Nine years ago come August 1st the I35 bridge in St. Paul collapsed killing 13 and injuring 145. When taxes are cut there are consequences. When we have a congress that couldn’t pass a Mother’s Day bill, there are consequences.

Don’t forget when you vote this fall that your votes do have consequences. Iowa was once one of the most progressive of states. Our parents and grandparents built a state grounded in common sense with an infrastructure that supported decent living. We need to remember that that infrastructure must be maintained and improved if we expect to maintain our life style and move our economy into the future.

The Republican Party is the party of tax cuts, damn the consequences.

Action Alert: DNR Factory Farm Rules Review

Factory farms poisoning IowaAction Alert from Iowa Citizens for Commuinity Improvement (CCI)

The Iowa Department of Natural Resources (DNR) reviews factory farm rules once every five years. This is our chance to strengthen the rules and hold factory farms accountable!

We need YOU at the DNR hearing in Ainsworth to stand up for a Clean Water Iowa. Our strength is in numbers—in people power.

Register to join us here! 

Here is what you need to know:

When: Tuesday, May 31 at 10 am | Please join us for a prep session at 9:30 am at the location below!

Where: Washington County Conservation Board, Education Center, Marr Park, 2943 Highway 92,  Ainsworth

We would love for you to share your story about why we have to stop factory farms.

We’re fighting for rules that include:

  • Tough regulations to protect our water, air, and communities
  • Accountability by closing corporate factory farm loopholes
  • Transparency of manure application records and from factory farm stakeholders
  • A moratorium on new and expanding factory farms!

We’re in a water crisis because of factory farm manure pollution. Voluntary compliance isn’t working. It’s time to close factory farm loopholes in order to protect People and Planet!

I hope you can join us: register here!

They DUMP it, you DRINK it, we won’t stop ’til they clean it up!

Executive Director

P.S. Can’t join us in-person? Submit your comment online demanding stronger rules to hold factory farms accountable here. We need 1,000 comments by June: help us get there!

We’re currently at 4,72 Facebook followers. Help us get to 5,000 fans!

Kaufmann To Iowa Republicans: Fall In Line And Get Used To The Donald

Republican House aids shutting down Democracy in 2000.

Republican House aids shutting down Democracy in 2000.

Unable to help themselves, the Iowa GOP doubles down on support for the Donald at an event in Hiwawatha and KCRG lends a helping hand with this report.  Video below.

Why is it whenever there is something positive about Democrats the media seems to feel obligated to counter it with some sort of GOP “response” but they don’t feel so inclined when it’s the GOP they are covering? One possibility is they don’t want Jeff Kaufmann breathing down their necks. I have been told by a newspaper opinion page editor in Iowa that they didn’t want the headache of  publishing something Jeff Kaufmann didn’t like.

Bottom line is KCRG gave the Trump campaign FREE MEDIA. If this is upsetting to you, contact them.  Ask for FREE MEDIA for Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton.  How about a nice advertisement and call for volunteers for the Hillary and Bernie campaigns?  Here is KCRG’s  toll-free number: 1-800-332-5443  and email address:

Mike Sherzan For Congress IA-03

Sherzan for Iowa  

“I was raised on the east side of Des Moines where my mother stayed at home to raise my two older brothers, sister and me while my father worked in sales for Sears Roebuck & Co. Our family had just enough to make ends meet, I remember growing up our vacations were mostly road trips we’d take in our station wagon, stopping to sleep at rest stops or in makeshift tents in parks along the way. My parents loved us kids more than anything and raised us to believe in the American Dream.”

Follow the campaign on Facebook and Twitter