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February 2017
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Day Of Action Against DAPL


Action alert from Bold Iowa –

Day of Direct Action Against DAPL — February 22, 2017

WHAT: Bold Action Teams (BATs) will mobilize for direct action across Iowa, targeting officials and businesses that have aided and abetted construction of the Dakota Access pipeline.

WHEN: Wednesday, February 22 during “business” hours. Commit for the entire day or for a minimum of 3 hours.

WHERE: In or near your community, at a government office, bank or other place that has supported construction of the pipeline. We’ll have a comprehensive list of targets available shortly before February 22.

WHY: The Dakota Access pipeline isn’t finished. Politicians, public officials and businesses who’ve supported it need to hear that the pipeline is wrong for Iowa and wrong for our planet. Because when we do nothing, when we crawl into our solitude, the forces of greed and injustice win.


* Take Wednesday, February 22 off from work (yes, I know not everyone can, but if you can, it’s important).

Sign-up for a BAT — we’ll help connect you with folks in your area.

* Meet with your BAT of 5-10 people over coffee on the 22nd to study the message, discuss the code of nonviolence and plan details for the action(s).

* Invite local press to meet your team and travel with you to the action.

* Each team will be led by an experienced leader, someone well-versed in non-violence and capable of effectively directing the action.

ACTION: BATs will occupy the targeted space and read statements, press releases, articles and other material explaining why this pipeline is wrong. One or two members of each BAT will take photos and video. BATs either stay until arrested or until security threatens to arrest them. If BATs choose not to risk arrest, they then either disperse or travel to another site for a second action.

FOLLOW-UP: We’ll have a “hotline” — a BAT-line! — for teams to send photos, video and a brief summary immediately after the action.

Let’s make this big! We need 100 BATs. Sign up here to participate, and include a message indicating your preferred role(s) (i.e., team leader, risk arrest, spokesperson, photographer, videographer, driver).

Onward, through the gauntlet and beyond! – Ed Fallon

Daily Action: The Essential Activist Tool For The #Resistance

Daily Action – My favorite activist tool

I signed up a few weeks ago to make daily phone calls to Congress (and other officials) as part of the Resistance. I am using a tool called Daily Action.

Every week day you will get a text about the daily call, with a phone number to call for talking points. You enter your zip code and will be connected to your Senator’s or Representative’s Washington office. You go through it twice to reach the other Senator, but it is still quick. If the Washington office is busy, I call the local offices (I have their phone numbers in my favorites).

The first week’s calls included:

  • calling for the resignation of Steve Bannon from the White House and National Security Council
  • calling Customs and Border Protection (I got connected to Phoenix) to see if they are complying with U.S. laws – or with Trump
  • opposing Jay Clayton as chair of the SEC
  • against defunding Planned Parenthood

The next week included calls to oppose various Trump cabinet nominees, save the EPA, and to investigate Kellyanne Conway for advertising Ivanka’s product line.

You can read more at their website. I signed up there. But you can also text the word DAILY to the number 228466 (A-C-T-I-O-N). You’ll be prompted to enter your zip code and that’s it – you’re signed up.

Now I just wish we had the same tool for Iowa state and local level actions! Can someone develop that?

Alta Price

Senators Ernst And Grassley To Hold Public Meetings In Corydon, Maquoketa, Iowa Falls, and Garner

Senator Chuck Grassley in Williamsburg, Iowa in 2010. Photo by the author.

Our Senators are planning to hold several Town Hall events over the next two weeks.  See Ernst and Grassley schedules below.

The Indivisible Field Team is working with groups and organizing across Iowa

Indivisible Iowa is also organizing into Iowa state senate and house districts throughout Iowa in closed FB groups.

Click on the link below if you want to join Indivisible Iowa on Facebook.

Senator Ernst
  • Friday 2/17 at 11:30am CST in Corydon, at Betty’s Cafe (101 South Lafayette St)
  • Tuesday 2/21 at 1:30pm CST in Maquoketa at the Maquoketa City Hall (201 East Pleasant Street)
Senator Grassley
  • Tuesday 2/21 at 7:45am CST in Iowa Falls at the Iowa Falls Fire Department (218 South River Street)
  • Tuesday 2/21 at 2:15pm CST in Garner at the Hancock County Courthouse (855 State Street)
  • Thursday 2/23 at 10am CST in Charles City at the Floyd County Courthouse (101 South Main Street)
  • Friday 2/24 at 8am in Parkersburg at the Parkersburg Civic Center (502 3rd Street)
Town Halls are a great opportunity for your group to remind your Members of Congress that they need to stand up for you — and that means standing up against the Trump agenda. Can we count on you to organize your group to show up to one of the Town Halls the week of February 20th?

If you plan to attend a Town Hall, register your Indivisible Action on our website and take the lead in getting your group to turn out for the event. Registering your action on our website will help other folks in the area connect with you and get involved — growing your voice and impact. We are stronger when we stand indivisible.

If this is your first time attending a Town Hall event, check out our Town Hall Tips for more information about how your group can best leverage the Town Hall to make your voices heard. It would also be a good idea to confirm the time and location of the Town Hall by calling your MoC’s district office.

As a volunteer with the Indivisible Team, I’m here to serve as a resource for groups like yours and I want to provide you with the tools that you need to be successful in resisting Trump’s agenda. If there is anything else I can do to support your work, please do not hesitate to ask!

Thank you!

**Important note from BFIA**

You can join Indivisible Iowa in your House and Senate District.

There is a list here:



45: The Best Recruiter His Opponents Ever Had

Listening to the radio Thursday a radio host threw out a question to a guest: How long before Jeff Sessions puts the weight of the Justice Department behind enforcing federal marijuana law? The guest mused that they had to destroy Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid first, so she thought about 6 months or so.

Some questions popped into my head immediately. Will the administration go about this in their usual ham-handed way and announce one day that they are going to enforce the laws and then start rounding up elderly and disabled medical marijuana users within the hour, dragging them into lockup.

If they do this, once more the administration will make the object of their hate look extremely sympathetic in the public square. For an administration that is supposed to be so publicity savvy, these guys have been the greatest thing that has ever happened to their perceived enemies.

All during the campaign and then right out of the box Muslims were a major target based solely on their religion. They then enforced their rule by detaining any and all Muslims entering this country at airports. This creates huge sympathy among the American public for American Muslims and others who work or live in the US with green cards or as permanent residents.

What it also does is give anti-American jihadists the best recruiting posters ever. “See” they say, “It’s just like we told you – they hate Muslims and want to kill you.” Jihadists immediately labeled the Muslim ban by the administration as the “blessed ban.” Thus they can claim that the US is showing its true colors about Muslims.

Or how about the shutting down of Elizabeth Warren as she attempted to oppose the nomination of Jeff Sessions as Attorney General. When Republicans invoked some real ancient rule to gag her and then went on the news to explain it they gave Senator Warren much, much more publicity than she ever could have garnered any other way. Then when Mitch McConnell gave his explanation for gagging Warren he summed up the Republican attitude toward women – “She was warned. She was given an explanation. Nevertheless, she persisted.” McConnell also gave Warren a much better campaign slogan than any group of advertising brains could ever concoct.

The administration has picked cabinet secretaries based on their opposition to the department they have been picked to lead. Thus naming Betsy DeVos at Education has really helped highlight the problems of public education in this country while the administration will be trying to destroy public education.

Civil Rights has had some focus as anti-civil rights crusader Jeff Sessions takes the helm at the Justice Department. He is a stark reminder of the reasons why such legislation as the Voting Rights Act was needed. Once again as the administration seeks to really roll back civil rights, the public is given a reminder course on why such laws are so necessary.

Looking ahead we all know that healthcare (the ACA, Medicaid and Medicare) will soon be targets as will Social Security. My expectations are that their attacks on those programs will be so fumbled that all these programs will enjoy renewed popularity.

So what about cracking down on marijuana? For one thing, my guess is that it will come out that such a crackdown was pushed by a couple of industries like alcohol and privatized prisons. Neither of these industries elicit much sympathy. When law enforcement starts locking up granny or the kid that gets cannabis oil for epileptic seizures any sympathy falls totally to marijuana users.

One silver lining to the cloud that is 45’s administration is that when they start banging the drums of war against Iran, most Americans including the corporate media, will be extremely wary of anything that comes from the current White House.