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Sunday Funday: You Can Vote Now! Edition

Youngster addresses Charlotte city council (2 minutes)

I saw that video online and was overwhelmed by it. The only thing it has to do with voting is to remind you of some of the unspoken issues in every district in the country. Equality for all despite race, gender or creed. You may have noticed that one side is decidedly short in this area this year.

Here is a take on last weeks debate from Andy Borowitz that seems to be right on the money:

HEMPSTEAD, N.Y. (The Borowitz Report)—Plunging the future of the 2016 Presidential debates into doubt, Donald J. Trump said on Tuesday morning that he would not participate in the remaining two debates if Hillary Clinton is there.

Trump blasted the format of Monday night’s debate by claiming that the presence of Clinton was “specifically designed” to distract him from delivering his message to the American people.

“Every time I said something, she would say something back,” he said. “It was rigged.”

He also lambasted the “underhanded tactics” his opponent used during the debate. “She kept on bringing up things I said or did,” he added. “She is a very nasty person.”

Were you paying attention?

1) Tweet storm! Donald Trump spent the early morning hours of Friday (3AM) tweeting nasty about who?

2) Last week Kentucky became the 6th state to report what usually lovable characters lurking in dark places to scare people at night?

3) 108 years ago yesterday, what major leap in technology went on sale? This item would dramatically alter America’s landscape and air quality.

4) Seattle Mariners suspended Steve Clevenger for the remainder of the season for doing what?

5) Donald Trump declared himself “smart” for not doing what in Monday’s debate?

6) “Arnie’s Army” lost its leader last week. Who was that?

7) Social media giant Twitter is rumored to be for sale. What media giant is said to be very interested in acquiring Twitter?

8) Once again testimony in the New Jersey Bridgegate scandal claimed that what major politician knew of the closures when it happened and did nothing?

9) When is a charity not a charity? When it hasn’t received proper what from the state?

10) We learned Monday that what 10 year old loves to cyber?

11) After telling probate court justices in Alabama to defy federal gay marriage rules, what Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice has been suspended for the rest of the term?

12) Polk County became the 4th county in Iowa to raise what?

13) Making an appearance on Hardball with Chris Matthews what Libertarian presidential candidate had another “Aleppo” moment?

14) The Americas were declared to be the first global region free of what endemic disease?

15) What cartoon character has been designated a hate symbol by the Anti-Defamation League alongside the Nazi swastika and the Confederate flag?

16) Revelations by news week’s Kurt Eichenwald show that candidate Donald Trump illegally did business with what country?

17) Fifty-nine years ago next Tuesday Americans were jolted by the news that the USSR had done what while they slept?

18) Congress adjourned for the elections after a budget extension that included money for repairing the water system in what beleaguered city?

19) CEO John Stumpf of what “too big to fail” bank has been forced to forgo stock options and bonuses worth $41 million due to claw back provisions imposed by his board of directors?

20) After overriding the President’s veto on the 9/11 Saudi Arabian lawsuit bill, Republican leaders had second thoughts and claimed the President had “not done enough” to do what?

Tuesday Trump claimed he was declared winner of a post debate poll by CBS. No such poll was ever conducted


1) Former Miss Universe Alicia Machado. Among other things, Trump claimed she made porn videos she never made.

2) clowns

3) Ford’s Model T

4) racist tweets

5) paying taxes.

6) Golfer Arnold Palmer

7) Disney

8) Chris Christie

9) Certification. Specifically the Trump Foundation was never certified to receive contributions. Very illegal (David Farenthold of the Washington Post reporting)

10) Baron Trump

11) Roy Moore

12) minimum wage

13) Gary Johnson

14) measles

15) Pepe the frog

16) Cuba

17) launched the Sputnik satellite

18) Flint

19) Wells Fargo – a big thanks to Elizabeth Warren for that BTW.

20) stop them from overriding their veto. After the override Republicans are having second thoughts about the consequences.

In case you missed this. Hillary Clinton “Between Two Ferns” (6 minutes)

Sunday Funday: The Day Before The Debate Edition

Love Olbermann’s comments. This one is about 6 minutes

Are you watching? Are you not watching? Will you be blogging it? Or will you hide out on Netflix?

The day is here tomorrow – 2016 presidential Debate #1. While the debate itself is extremely important, what is maybe just as important is the post debate spin. Republicans will be putting a lot of effort into making sure that on corporate run network after corporate run network their boy Donald will be declared winner of the debate despite his ties to Russia, his illegal use of his charity’s money and his fraudulent university. The corporate run networks will tell us that America wants a tough talker even when he has no idea what he is saying.

They will also point out that Donald is the only man in the race, in case you missed that.

I can only hope Lester Holt refrains from asking Trump for his autograph.

Were you paying attention?

1) Going into the post season fans of what long suffering baseball team are hopeful of their first championship in over 100 years?

2) A Canadian man was accused Tuesday of smuggling C$180,000 out of the Royal National Mint where he worked by doing what?

3) A second bomb in New York last Saturday night was accidentally defused when what happened?

4) In Minnesota, a man dressed in a mall security outfit attacked mall shoppers with a what?

5) The NYC bomber was captured when a New Jersey bar owner found him doing what?

6) Republican VP candidate Mike Pence said his role model as vice president is who?

7) An Iowa graduate student was shot by her brother as she was driving and her brother was doing what?

8) Gas prices are rising quickly in the southeastern US following what?

9) Almost totally unreported by the corporate press, what group of Americans have been staging off again, on again strikes for the past couple of weeks?

10) Standing Rock Sioux Chairman Dave Archambault appealed to what organization to help in stopping construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline?

11) Twenty one states including Iowa sued the Obama Administration Tuesday to stop the implementation of what on Dec. 1st?

12) At the trial concerning the bridge lane closures in New Jersey in Sept. of 2013 what high level unindicted official was claimed by defendants to have known of the closures as they happened?

13) What elder of the Republican Party created headlines when he said he will be voting for Hillary Clinton?

14) What celebrity couple announced their split?

15) Mahoning County, Ohio campaign chair Kathy Miller resigned after she was recorded claiming (among other things) that racism began with what prominent American?

16) Black men died from police bullets in controversial shootings in what two major American cities last week?

17) What formerly major tech player announced its data had been breached several months ago affecting hundreds of millions of users?

18) Despite having been declared unconstitutional, Trump called for the reinstitution and nationalization of what police policy?

19) Two Ron Paul campaign aides were sentenced for their part in the bribery scheme in the 2012 presidential campaign. What former Iowa state senator has not as yet been sentenced for receiving those bribes?

20) Donald Trump was outed for illegal self-dealing. This means that he used money from where to pay his own bills?

I am a late September baby. I know what my parents were doing over the holidays the year before I was born.


1) The Chicago Cubs. Now owned by the very Republican Ricketts family

2) carrying pucks (unstamped gold) out of the mint in his ass

3) Two thieves removed the pressure cooker inside so they could steal the luggage it was in.

4) knife

5) sleeping in the doorway of the bar

6) Dick Cheney

7) cleaning his supposedly unloaded gun in the moving car

8) a gas pipeline rupture in Alabama

9) prisoners

10) UN Human Rights Council in Geneva

11) the new overtime rules for management personnel (will be paid overtime if pay is below ~ $48,000)

12) Governor Chris Christie

13) former President George H. W. Bush

14) Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

15) Barack Obama. Before that she said, everything was fine

16) Tulsa, Oklahoma and Charlotte, NC

17) Yahoo. This may well squelch their sale to Verizon.

18) Stop and Frisk.

19) Kent Sorenson

20) his charity – the Trump Foundation. He paid a couple of fines and bought himself a couple of nice gifts

“Elect the First, Not the Worst” That is: Elect the first woman ever, not the worst man ever.

Sunday Funday: The Birther Question Is Back Edition?

Just can't admit Obama was born in the US

Just can’t admit Obama was born in the US

Glad to see that someone asked Don the Con about his final analysis of whether or not President Obama was born in the US. Trump needs to be held accountable for his wild statements and lies. Let us hope this is finally the beginning.

While contemplating this it occurred to me that if there was a group that was planning some 50+ years ago to take a child born in a foreign country, raised and groomed to take over the US and destroy it from within, that they would have been foolish to put all their effort into only one child – that being Barack Obama. No, this effort would require multiple efforts to get the very one that could attain the presidency. Let’s face it, getting elected president isn’t something that just anyone can do. If Obama had failed, their brilliant plan would have been smashed.

Therefore there must be many more children like Obama, chosen and groomed to take over the US like Obama was. Hundreds? Thousands? Mr. Trump, I hope you had your investigators dig into this. We may have swarms of Obama like citizens in this country right now. Intelligent, level headed, charming, even-tempered. They should stick out like sore thumbs in America today.

And look at what Obama has done to this country – jobs, health care, trending to peace. He has ruined it for people of your persuasion, Mr. Trump. Hope you can ferret out those behind this horror and stop them from doing it again. (I hope you know this is satire, folks)

Were you paying attention?

1) “And now pinch hitting for Hillary Clinton…” Who stood in for Clinton to make a speech in Philadelphia last week?

2) The Trump camp rolled out a child care policy. Their version of maternity time off would be paid for by cuts in what other program?

3) Greta Friedman died last week. Few knew her name, but most every American knew her from what picture taken on August 14, 1945?

4) In California, Gov. Brown signed historic legislation extending overtime pay to what group of workers?

5) At the U of Oregon officials renamed a dormitory because the professor it was named for was also a leader of what hate group in his off hours?

6) After allowing the Brexit vote in the UK, what politician ended his political career by resigning his seat in Parliament last week?

7) Donald Trump, jr. had a bad week last week. Sunday he tweeted a picture of his Dad and other Republicans with what white nationalist symbol among them?

8) Trump, jr. also invoked memories of Nazi Germany when he attacked the media claiming if Republicans did what Democrats did the press would be doing what?

9) What popular liberal commentator has come back to do a series of twice-weekly commentaries for GQ magazine?

10) A new probe by the Attorney General in New York is targeting what Trump entity for improprieties?

11) In Iowa, Branstad says everything is working well, whereas hospitals and providers are having huge problems with what new program?

12) What additional Iowa county voted to raise the minimum wage in their county last week?

13) What starts at 00:37 next Friday?

14) September 24, 1957. Troops were sent by President Eisenhower to enforce school integration in what city?

15) Congress overwhelmingly passed a bill allowing families of victims of 9/11 to sue what country?

16) Mike Pence said what man was bad but not “deplorable”?

17) Due to the anti-gay HB2 law in North Carolina, what organization announced it would move several major events out of that state?

18) At the Values Voter Summit, Kentucky Governor Matt Begins called for what if Hillary Clinton is elected?

19) In New Hampshire, the Manchester Union Leader newspaper broke a century long streak of endorsing Republicans when they endorsed who?

20) Once more getting free TV during the campaign Donald Trump was a guest of what TV doctor?

Hillary Clinton may have had walking pneumonia but she did not have the boogie woogie blues!

1) President Obama – not a bad choice off the bench

2) reducing unemployment insurance programs

3) it was dubbed “the Kiss” where a sailor grabbed Ms. Friedman in Times Square to celebrate the announcement of Japan’s defeat.

4) Farm workers

5) the KKK – although probably not deplorable according to Trump

6) David Cameron – he had resign as PM earlier, now he is out of Parliament.

7) Pepe the Frog

8) “warming up the gas chamber” – a really deplorable reference

9) Keith Olbermann

10) The Trump Foundation

11) corporate managed medicaid put in place by Branstad only

12) Wapello County (Ottumwa)

13) Autumn

14) Little Rock

15) Saudi Arabia

16) David Duke

17) NCAA moved many tournament events from North Carolina

18) a bloody rebellion

19) Gary Johnson, Libertarian

20) Doctor Oz

See you next week!

Sunday Funday: Clinton Doesn’t Look Like A President Edition

Whoopsie, Donald Trump let the cat out of the bag the other day and let us know what the real underlying issue is in the campaign – Hillary Clinton doesn’t look like a president. By golly why couldn’t all the media and all the citizens discern that? Steven Colbert explains Hillary’s big problem in this 8 minute video ( Colbert’s diagnosis starts @ 5 minutes in):

May I offer some suggestions to Hillary? 150 years ago another presidential candidate got some great advice on shoring up his looks when a young admirer suggested to Abe Lincoln that he grow a beard. Worked for Abe, could it work for Hillary? If not a full beard maybe a goatee to give her an intellectual air? Or perhaps just a mustache to give her a more mature look?

Besides not having a penis, another item Colbert forgot was that her breasts are far larger than previous candidates maybe with the exception of William Howard Taft.

Not sure if these suggestions will help, but I offer them in hopes of helping. But there were other candidates who did win who did not have the full presidential look. I offer the aforementioned Abe Lincoln as one example and the rather diminutive James Madison as another. Perhaps Clinton will do just fine with her natural looks. At least her hair doesn’t look nearly as fake as Trummp’s.

Were you paying attention?

1) The big campaign event last week was NBC’s presidential forum. Even NBC News executives agreed that the big loser that night was what moderator?

2) Mexican senator, Armando Piter, proposed a law that would do what if Donald Trump is elected president?

3) 50 years ago last Thursday (Sept. 8th) what TV show premiered that despite low ratings has had a long lasting effect in the US?

4) A few days later (Sept. 11, 1966) another TV show premiered that followed the antics of members of what soon to be major rock band?

5) Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson made a critical area when he responded to a question by asking “What is “ what city?

6) As the press and Republicans fail to pin a scandal on Clinton, it looks like Republicans will have to contend with a bribery scandal involving what 2 Republicans?

7) During the presidential forum Wednesday, Trump expressed admiration for what foreign leader?

8) Republicans in the senate once again tied emergency funding to combat the outbreak of what disease to other poison pill legislation, thus assuring its defeat?

9) The city of Atlantic, Iowa has been receiving complaints about a presidential campaign sign with an offensive message that says what?

10) Tomorrow (by my count) marks how many days of obstruction by Chuck Grassley on the Garland nomination?

11) A decision by Britain’s National Health Service to deny non-life threatening surgery to what two groups of people has been put on hold as discriminatory?

12) “I don’t bother talking about it” Trump told Bill O’Reilly. What doesn’t Trump talk about any more?

13) President Obama cancelled a meeting with Philippine President Duterte after Duterte called Obama a what?

14) What long time Fox host announced she would be leaving Fox when her contract was up?Then on Tuesday she was out the door immediately.

15) Congress is back for a short session and Republicans are talking about impeaching who?

16) Republicans in the House have also threatened to punish what group of fellow legislators?

17) What NFL player’s jersey is now the best seller?

18) Outrage to come! President Obama nominated a person of what religion as a federal judge?

19) What banking giant was caught by federal regulators with having employees open secret bank accounts and apply for credit cards without customer knowledge?

20) Democrats in what state have sued to have Donald Trump removed from the ballot since his campaign has failed to follow laws to get on the ballot?

From what I hear the book “The Making of Donald Trump” by David Cay Johnston really reveals the real (and very much a narcissist) Trump. I will be picking one up this week. Read about it here


1) Matt Lauer

2) cancel the treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo of 1848. This ceded areas that are now California, Texas plus parts of nearly every other western state except the very northern tier.

3) Star Trek

4) The Monkees

5) Aleppo

6) Donald Trump and Florida AG Pam Bondi

7) Vladimir Putin. Putin used to be an enemy

8) the zika virus

9) “Trump That Bitch”

10) 180 days or 6 months. That’s our Chuck – he’s a record breaker!

11) ‘fat’ people (BMI over 30) and smokers

12) his birther claims about Obama. Remember when he claimed his investigators had uncovered the truth in Hawaii?

13) son of a bitch or son of a whore. Apparently this is standard for Duterte

14) Greta Van Sustern – that was quick

15) the head of the IRS. Apparently there are no problems to deal with

16) Those who participated in the gun law sit-in last June (Dave Loebsack, stand up proudly!)

17) Colin Kaepernick – here we see a fine demonstration of how to burn a Kaepernick jersey: (2.5 minutes)

18) Muslim really!

19) Wells Fargo. As of now only low level employees have been cited as being violators

20) Minnesota

Sunday Funday: Labor Day Edition

labor movement

Labor day is the traditional kickoff for the campaign season since the official election day is now about 9 weeks out. However with early voting in many states that window has shrunk to 4 weeks or so. So the candidates will be on high energy from here on out, as if they have not been already.

Which brings us to the goofiest event of last week. As usual it involves Trump and another assault on the American people. I only bring it up because there has never been a more appropriate place for Molly Ivins most famous line. At the time she said it she was talking about a Pat Buchanan speech. However I think had she seen the Trump display Tuesday she no doubt would have reiterated her comment that “it probably sounded better in the original German.”

August is supposed to be a quiet month. Wha’ happen? Were you paying attention?

1) What message did Mexican President Nieto deliver to Trump concerning Trump’s wall?

2) U of Iowa grad Gene Wilder died last week. What other comedian did he team with in a series of very funny films?

3) What Western state Republican senator is warning his fellow western state senators to distance themselves from Donald Trump?

4) What New England governor responded to a series of really bad stories about him and his race relations by saying he would no longer speak to the press?

5) Voting in Iowa starts later this month. What date does voting begin in Iowa this year?

6) Democrats in Iowa gathered in Des Moines last Sunday in a new annual event hosted by Progress Iowa called the what?

7) Tomorrow is Labor Day. Most other countries celebrate a day for their workers on a different day than us. What other country celebrates labor Day on the first Monday of September?

8) What other day celebrates workers elsewhere in the world?

9) “Maybe he should find a country that works better for him.” This was Donald Trump’s reaction to a protest being staged by what athlete?

10) Sept. 2, 1962 Russia agrees to send arms to Cuba. The US discovers these shipments leading to what nail biting international showdown?

11) Labor Day began as a protest / campaign with what goal for workers?

12) The actual first Labor Day was celebrated Sept. 5, 1882 in what major US city?

13) What company was handed a $13B tax bill by the EU last week?

14) Jet Blue airlines flew someplace that no American airline has flown for over 50 years last week. Where did Jet Blue fly to?

15) U Wisconsin-Madison was named by the Princeton Review as the nation’s #1 party school yet again. What school came in last for the 19th consecutive year?

16) What state was the first to adopt Labor Day as a state holiday?

17) Dilma Rousseff was impeached and removed as president of what country?

18) Before Donald Trump’s visit to a black church in Detroit yesterday, it was revealed that the questions and answers for his interview were entirely what?

19) Iowa state senate Democrats held a listening post on Medicaid last Monday. While they did that the Branstad Administration released a report that stated the error rate was close to what under the new system?

20) Today is a big day in the Catholic Church as who is declared as a saint today?

Xtra credit) The Trump campaign just hired David Bossy. Bossy has spent most of his life doing what?

The greatest thing about college football is cool weather is just around the corner.

1) Mexico will NOT pay for it. period

2) Richard Pryor

3) Jeff Flake of Arizona

4) Paul LePage of Maine

5) September 29th

6) Corn Feed. food and politics – a great combination.

7) Canada

8) May 1 – international workers day

9) Colin Kaepernick. hey Trump – ever heard of free speech?

10) the Cuban Missile Crisis

11) the 8 hour working day

12) New York City

13) Apple

14) Cuba

15) Brigham Young

16) Oregon

17) Brazil

18) scripted. This was reported by the NY Times

19) zero. Based on the listening post, it is once more very hard to believe Branstad

20) Mother Theresa

Xtra credit) chasing the Clintons and making up false stories about them. Very Preidential, Donnie

Have a safe holiday. We need each of your votes this year.

Sunday Funday: What A Week In Science Edition


If finding out that we may have another earth like planet to escape to after we destroy this one wasn’t enough there was also exciting news in the health and another astronomical mind boggler.

In the other story concerning space, astronomers seem to have discovered a galaxy made up mostly of dark matter. This, to our minds, strange galaxy seems to be about the same size as our galaxy but made almost entirely of dark matter. Something truly tangible for astronomers to study. So when you look into the night sky the darkness may not be just empty space. Keep watching this one for future discoveries concerning dark matter.

Here on earth, a major discovery has been made in how cancer spreads throughout the body. This is a major step in figuring out how to stop cancer from spreading. As noted in the article

“Catching these secondary growths is incredibly important, because most cancer deaths are caused not by the original tumour, but by the cancer spreading.” If that spread can be stopped, many lives may be saved.

Such exciting news. It is too bad that Republicans don’t believe in science, because discoveries like this could really add hope to their lives.

BTW – that trip to the new earth is only about 25,000,000,000 miles. Pack accordingly

Were you paying attention?

1) In a speech in Reno, Nv. Hillary Clinton tied Donald Trump to what new group on the right?

2) In Atlanta, GA., Martin Blackwell was sentenced to 40 years in prison for pouring boiling water on a couple because they were what?

3) In France, officials banned beach wear often worn by Muslim women known as what?

4) Iowa 4th district congressional candidate Kim Weaver called for legalizing what as a soil and water conservation measure in Iowa?

5) Which candidate dispelled rumors of health problems by appearing on Jimmy Kimmel’s show and opening a jar of pickles?

6) This date in 1963 the march on Washington took place. Who was the originator and main organizer of this march?

7) What Louisiana KKK leader celebrated Trump’s hiring of Steven Banon by stating with a guest on his radio show stating “We have taken over the Republican Party”?

8) Donald Trump appealed to what group for their votes by proclaiming “What the hell do you have to lose”?

9) The Clinton Foundation has come under attack recently by Republicans. How many people worldwide has this Foundation been estimated to have helped?

10) After doing some of that illegal over the TV diagnosis on Hillary Clinton, what doctor has had his TV show canceled?

11) A man in Manchester, England died in 2014 from a lung disease. In a paper published this week it was revealed that the man died from mold growing in his what? (hint: musical instrument)

12) August 31st, 1786 what rebellion began in Massachusetts that would in some degree lead to a constitutional convention to strengthen the central federal government?

13) The epipen made news this week with a 400% rise in price. The CEO of the company that is the only manufacturer of the epipen has what tie to congress?

14) What Iowa congressman called for Republicans to unite behind Donald Trump, despite Trump’s moves to the extreme right?

15) The Iowa Utilities Board in an emergency meeting voted 3-0 to deny a request from which group in the Dakota Pipeline eminent domain dispute?

16) September 2, 1945 President Truman officially declared what?

17) Yet another sexual harassment lawsuit has been filed against Fox News by what former Fox News host?

18) Speaking to Der Spiegel in Germany, what former Bush administration “architect of the Iraq War” said he will probably vote for Hillary Clinton?

19) Iowa’s own anti-immigrant stalwart Steve King said he is “uneasy” with the softening by who on immigration?

20) Well known British racist leader Nigel Farage joined what candidate for a rally in Jackson, Mississippi last week?

Is it already time for college football again? By golly it is! Go Hawks!


1) the alt-right. Trump’s new campaign manager is one of the leaders of the movement.

2) gay.

3) burkinis

4) industrial hemp – smart idea

5) Hillary Clinton

6) A. Phillip Randolph

7) David Duke

8) blacks

9) 400 million including some 11 million who get AIDS medication

10) Dr. Drew – on CNN

11) bagpipe which he played daily

12) Shays Rebellion

13) She is the daughter of West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin

14) Rod Blum – grab that anvil while you sink Rod

15) landowners whose land the pipeline will cross

16) Victory over Japan day!

17) Andrea Tantaros

18) Paul Wolfowitz.

19) Donald Trump

20) Donald Trump

Sunday Funday: Is Anyone Covering Hillary Edition?

Still running, just can't be seen for the train wreck on the other side.

Still running, just can’t be seen for the train wreck on the other side.

Watching what little media we do along with what little radio we consume – mostly NPR – there seems to be a decided lack of coverage of the Democratic side of presidential contest. The old axiom in the news business is that if it bleeds it leads. There is certainly no denying where the bleeding is happening right now.

The bleeding is being caused by the train wreck of a campaign on the Republican side. It is actually not just a train wreck, it is more like the movie “Groundhog” was about a train wreck and this guy keeps waking up and it is train wreck day again. And it happens over and over and over and over, just like in “Groundhog.” Only this is a presidential campaign and it is time to focus on serious issues rather than just covering the endless train wreck.

I do have a feeling that this Republican campaign will be immortalized in book and film, mostly comedies. too bad the title “Trainwreck” has already been used.

Were you paying attention? Pretty busy for a quiet August.

1) Wow! Feet of rain fell particularly in what state last week?

2) Ivanka Trump was seen hanging out in Croatia last weekend with the girlfriend of what international leader?

3) Conservative website Breitbart conducted a poll to show that other polls were wrong. How much did they show Trump leading by?

4) In a huge story last Sunday, the New York Times uncovered payments made by a pro-Russian Ukranian political party to what major republican campaign operative?

5) Iowa got a visit from what major Democratic politician Wednesday?

6) Despite his well known obstruction what Iowa politician ironically touted his bipartisanship in a weekly Republican radio address last weekend?

7) Fifty-seven years ago today we sewed that 50th star on the flag for what state?

8) Two House Republicans, Jason Chaffetz and Bob Goodlatte, announced yet another investigation of who?

9) “The Nightly Show” was cancelled by Comedy Central last week. Who was the host of “The Nightly Show”?

10) It appears that Donald Trump may participate in the presidential debates. He hired who as a debate coach last week?

11) The Obama Administration set new standards for fuel efficiency for what class of vehicles last week?

12) What long standing political show host passed away last week at the age of 89?

13) What old disease once thought well under control seems poised for a comeback as stockpiles of vaccines dwindle in Central Africa?

14) What major Trump supporter claimed last week that “there were no terrorist attacks in the US until Obama became President”?

15) Which presidential candidate received their first security briefing last week?

16) Secretary Clinton stopped to visit what pop idol of her youth as both happened to be in Cleveland at the same time?

17) Russia launched air strikes into Syria from what unexpected location last week?

18) Aetna’s withdrawal from much of the ACA seems to have been triggered by the Dep’t of Justice’s attempt to stop their merger with what other insurance company?

19) The Drug Enforcement Agency refused to reschedule what drug, thus delaying research for possible medicinal applications?

20) To show her support of the nation’s police, Hillary Clinton met with what group Thursday?

Tweet from Keith Olbermann: But Conway and Bannon, @RealDonaldTrump? Because George Zimmerman and David Duke weren’t available?


1) Louisiana

2) Vladimir Putin. His current squeeze is former Rupert Murdoch wife Wendy Deng

3) 0, more specifically they had him trailing by only 5 points.

4) Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort

5) Democratic VP candidate Tim Kaine

6) Chuck Grassley

7) Hawaii. After that Obama was born there – really.

8) Hillary Clinton.

9) Larry Wilmore

10) Roger Ailes, formerly of Fox News

11) trucks, buses and vans

12) John McLaughlin

13) yellow fever

14) Rudy Guilliani – seems he forgot what happened in his own city while he was mayor

15) Trump

16) Paul McCartney the former Beatle

17) Iran

18) Humana

19) marijuana

20) the nation’s top law enforcement officials

School is back in session next week, just in case you notice the kids are gone.

Sunday Funday: Steve King Border Wall Designer Edition

Berlin Wall configuration thanks to

Berlin Wall configuration
thanks to

Funny thing last Thursday. Steve King grabbed that Des Moines Register soapbox at the Iowa State Fair to spread a little bit of his unvarnished hate for people not white. King made this statement Thursday:

“On the immigration issue, I don’t have any qualms with Donald Trump’s position on immigration,” King told the crowd of about 80 people. “The most effective way we can do that is to build a wall on the southern border. I’d add to that: first build a fence near the border, then go up about 100 feet, build a wall, then go another 100 feet, build another fence. Then you have two no-man lands there that you can enforce easily within and patrol and put the sensors on there.”

If I recall that is the basic configuration that the Soviets eventually ended up with for the Berlin Wall, one of the great symbols of hate and fear ever foisted on Mankind. Good job, Congressman, learn from the best. And as a bonus, the Soviets were very white. Oh and by the way, Steve, how about arresting those employers who enticed folks to come to the US with jobs meant to bust unions and lower wages?

Can we keep Trump out of the quiz this week?

1) Thursday the Dow Jones Industrial, Nasdaq and S&P 500 all did what on the same day?

2) Evan McMullin had 15 minutes of fame last Monday. Do you know why?

3) Due to protests and lack of sales Monsanto will tear down a huge GMO seed corn plant in what South American country?

4) A small controversy erupted as the Iowa state fair opened concerning the ability to carry what into the fairgrounds?

5) 71 years ago today, Americans celebrated into the night as what was announced?

6) 81 years ago today, older Americans got some great news as President Roosevelt signed what into law?

7) Hillary Clinton once again reiterated her opposition to what trade pact in a speech in Detroit?

8) 50 Republican security officials signed a letter warning that who would put the country “at risk”?

9) Which highly regarded Republican senator joined the growing list of Republicans who have publicly stated they would not vote for Trump?

10) Salaries and bonuses for what board that controls Iowa’s institutions of higher learning came into question last week because they were so high?

11) What major airline experienced computer problems that resulted in thousands being stranded at airports last week?

12) After cutting state money for mosquito control, what governor is pleading with the federal government for money for mosquito control as the zika virus invades his state?

13) Tim Tebow bombed out in football, but is trying to bring his famous te-bow to what other major league sport?

14) The “scary” statue of what late comedian was replaced with a more normal statue in her hometown of Celoron, NY?

15) August 19 is 70th birthday for what left-handed, former democratic president?

16) What phrase used by Republicans did Trump employ to make a veiled threat on Hillary Clinton Monday?

17) In winning his 13th gold medal Michael Phelps broke the record for the most individual Olympic gold held by what ancient?

18) The DEA refused to reclassify what substance, thus ruling out its use as medicine or allowing its study as a medicine?

19) A 23rd lien has been filed against what Trump golf resort in Florida for non-payment for work done?

20) Who founded ISIS with an assist from who according to Donald Trump?

The Perseid meteor shower continues this week at a slower pace. Best time to catch it is very early morning.


1) closed with record highs. Thanks, Obama!

2) he has been picked to be the establishment Republicans alternative to Donald Trump

3) Argentina

4) guns

5) Victory over Japan (VJ day)

6) the Social Security act

7) the Trans Pacific Partnership

8) Donald Trump

9) Susan Collins of Maine

10) the Iowa Board of Regents

11) Delta

12) Governor Rick Scott of Florida

13) baseball – I can hardly wait to see the te-bow again

14) Lucille Ball

15) Bill Clinton. How many hints do you need?

16) “second amendment solutions”

17) Leonidas of Rhodes who won his last medal in 152 BCE

18) marijuana

19) Doral National Golf Course. Remember the PGA will no longer schedule events there either due to remarks Trump has made

20) Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton assisting. Amazing for a guy who is always on vacation

Back to school draws near, children!

Sunday Funday: Belated Happy Birthday, Mr. President

I love to relax with the Sunday Funday quiz!

I love to relax with the Sunday Funday quiz!

Fifty-five years ago last Thursday a baby boy was born in Kenya with plans to take over the most powerful country in the world within a scant 47 years. A birth notice was put in the Honolulu, Hawaii newspaper and a birth certificate created to give the future ruler citizenship in America. The planners of this incredible plot had even made sure that Hawaii would be a state before the child was born. Few details were left to chance.

Even though the child was black and at that time many of his race were not allowed to even vote in that country – the United States of America, the plan went forward. As the child grew and gained knowledge and grace and some basketball skills, those in charge of the nefarious plot made inroads into breaking down racial barriers. Into the 1980s the now young man was educated in some of the country’s best schools to establish credentials as he made his planned ascent into the highest office in the country.

In 2008, right on schedule the now adult Barack Obama won election as president as the country suffered through a major depression brought on by the manipulation of world economies by those plotting for Obama’s ascent. Obama has been in power for 7.5 years and appears ready to hand the reins of power over to a new president in January. But many know this is merely a ruse as his cabal plots the takeover of the US. We only need the reports from the agents that Donald Trump sent to Hawaii a couple of years ago to see how this plot will finally unfold. We expect that report soon. Reporters should be asking how soon we will see it.

Things I have learned on the inter-tubes. Happy belated birthday, Mr. President

Once again, what a week. I am so curious how the Onion stays in business when reality is so much stranger than much of what they write. Can we keep Trump’s name out this week?

1) “I’ve seen it raining fire in the sky” goes the John Denver song. What astronomical delight takes place this week? (it has already started BTW)

2) Once again Donald Trump sees things no one else does. What did he claim to have seen last week that he could not have possibly seen.

3) Donald Trump and Mike Pence split on endorsing what Republican candidate for reelection?

4) August 6th, 1945 Hiroshima became the first victim of an atomic bomb. Approximately how many were estimated to have died immediately or later from that bomb?

5) What billionaire offered to release his tax returns if Donald Trump would?

6) The mosquitoes that carry the zika virus have been identified in the US in what state?

7) The mother with a son in the Air Force was booed at a rally for whom last week?

8) August 10th, 1874 what future president who would preside over a world wide depression was born?

9) Roger Stone, advisor to Donald Trump predicts what will happen if the election is “stolen” from Trump?

10) The small Iowa town of Arcadia garnered national attention with a parade float that featured who in jail?

11) Rep. Richard Hanna of NY got his name in the news when he became the first Republican in congress to do what?

12) Scientists found a potential antibiotic to act on the superbug MRSA where?

13) August 8 & 9, 1974. The US seemed to almost stop as what ongoing national drama came to a decisive end?

14) What former CEO of Hewlitt-Packard and California gubernatorial candidate said she would support Hillary Clinton this fall?

15) Amid political strife and many questions concerning health and safety of participants, what major international event kicked off Friday night?

16) As the Republicans claim the economy is in the toilet how many jobs were created in July?

17) Donald Trump held a rally in Green Bay, Wisc. Friday. What 3 Wisconsonites were too busy to attend?

18) Republican Party officials are scrambling to figure out what to do in case of what unprecedented action by their presidential nominee?

19) George Zimmerman was in the news last week as what happened when he was bragging about killing Trayvon Martin in a Florida restaurant?

20) Apparently Trump doesn’t have a binder of women like Mitt did. Who did Trump float as a potential female member of his cabinet?

State Fair Time!!! Starts next Thursday. Will be held in the usual place!


1) the annual Perseid meteor shower which will peak Thursday and Friday.

2) The US handing $400 million in cash to Iran

3) Paul Ryan (the freaking Speaker of the House!)

4) ~205,000

5) Warren Buffet

6) Florida

7) Mike Pence

8) Iowa’s own Herbert Hoover

9) “a bloodbath” looks like we’d better let Trump win, folks

10) Hillary Clinton. Children were encouraged to throw water balloons at Clinton

11) endorse Hillary Clinton

12) in the human nose

13) Watergate. President Nixon announced his resignation on August 8th in a nationally televised address and he resigned at noon on the 9th.

14) Meg Whitman

15) The Rio Olympics

16) 250,000

17) Gov. Scott Walker, Rep. Paul Ryan, Sen. Ron Johnson

18) what to do if he quits before the election

19) someone came over and punched him in the mouth

20) his daughter Ivanka

Now it appears that presidential debates may be in jeopardy as the Trump camp quibbles with the schedule.

float in Arcadia Iowa parade. (credit to the Carroll Times Herald)

float in Arcadia Iowa parade. (credit to the Carroll Times Herald)

Sunday Funday: Treasonous Trump Edition

My teeth damn near fell out watching the strange press conference called by Donald Trump Wednesday. When he called for Russia to hack Hillary Clinton’s email account, like so many, I was stunned. Did he just call on an enemy nation to hack into the email accounts (invade as it were) of our government officials for his political gain?

At least when Nixon and Reagan consorted with the enemy they had enough brains not to announce it in a press conference.

If Trump is elected you won’t have to worry about the NSA spying on our calls and emails. Nope, like most of his work, that will be offshored to whatever the KGB is called today.

Were you paying attention?

1) Stephen Colbert stated that he liked Michelle Obama’s speech so much he could hardly wait to hear it again when who gives it?

2) Right wing heads exploded when Michelle Obama stated that what had been built with slaves?

3) In that strange news conference, Trump also stated that Tim Kaine had been a lousy governor of what state?

4) August 1, 1944 the last entry to this future best selling book was penned by what author before she and her family were arrested in Amsterdam?

5) Tim Kaine’s father-in-law, Linwood Holton, is the former Republican governor of what state?

6) At an appearance in Iowa, Donald Trump reiterated his support for the use of what in interrogations?

7) Marni Nixon died last week at age 86. She was a movie star in the 50s and 60s but was seldom seen. Why?

8) The Solar Impulse completed its mission last week, becoming the first what?

9) Tim LaHaye died at age 90. He couldn’t wait to be raptured. LaHaye sold millions of books as the author of what series?

10) New Zealand has declared war on weasels, rats and feral cats in an effort to save what?

11) What comic during a presentation at the DNC told the Bernie or Busters “You’re being ridiculous!”?

12) Once valued at over $100 billion, what company was bought by Verizon for $4.8 billion last week?

13) Who was released from a government psychiatric hospital this week to live with his mother because “he was no longer a threat?”

14) In Davenport, Donald Trump stated he wanted to do what to some of the speakers at the DNC?

15) During the roll call of states in the vote for president, Iowa’s delegation highlighted its history as being a state of many firsts for what group?

16) Last year’s “ice bucket challenge” money funded research that led to a major breakthrough in the fight against what disease?

17) Yet another mass shooting took place early Monday morning in what city? (2 dead 17 injured)

18) One of the longest ovations was for what former congress person and survivor of an assassin’s bullet?

19) Trump has advisors and his campaign chair seriously confused when he came out for and against what issue last week?

20) As a gift in honor of Finland’s 100th anniversary of its independence, neighboring Norway is considering offering them what?

Wasn’t that convention just plain fantastic. Let’s bring it home now.


1) Melania Trump

2) the White House. Bill O’Reilly tried to soften the effect by saying the slaves were “well fed.”

3) New Jersey. Which is true, since Kaine was governor of Virginia

4) Anne Frank

5) Virginia

6) water boarding and worse

7) She was the singing voice behind stars like Deborah Kerr in “The King and I,” Natalie Wood in “West Side Story” and Audrey Hepburn in “My Fair Lady,” among many others.

8) solar powered airplane to circumnavigate the world

9) the “Left Behind” series

10) their unique wild bird populations

11) Sara Silverman

12) Yahoo!

13) John Hinckley, Jr. who attempted to kill Reagan

14) hit them so hard their heads would spin. Give him the nuclear football and he can really hit them.

15) Women

16) ALS

17) Fort Meyers, Florida

18) Gabby Giffords

19) minimum wage. He has so far come out with 5 or 6 different positions

20) a mountain. They are considering an offer to move the boundaries to give Finland a mountain that would be its highest peak.

Let’s go get some votes.