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Sunday Funday – Who Turned Up The Heat? Edition

Tough one today

Tough one today

I have a foolproof snow removal system. I call it the middle of March. Been pretty reliable the past few years. Requires a lot of patience and the ability to ignore lawsuit threats. Looks like it will be working once more this year.

Here is something to do as you ignore those threats. Were you paying attention?

1) Republicans claim Obama is a communist fascist and anti-capitalist. How many jobs were reported as added Friday?

2) What long serving female senator announced her impending retirement early in the week?

3) A NASA probe entered orbit around what dwarf planet Friday morning?

4) Two months ago, Hillary Clinton handed over 55,000 what to the State Department?

5) 1995, 1995, 1996, 2002, 2009, 2012 and again last week, what international leader claimed there was an imminent nuclear threat from Iran?

6) King v. Burwell was argued before the SCOTUS last week. What major issue is at stake in this case?

7) Who denied any connection to the murder of political rival Boris Nemtsov?

8) There are fewer women running companies than men named what?

9) A non-profit has begun a campaign to replace what person with a woman on American currency by 2020?

10) Holy port-a-potty, Batman! What once extremely remote place now accumulates as much 26,000 pounds of human feces a year?

11) According to Treasury Secretary Jack Lew, the US will once more hit what limit on March 16th?

12) Inventor John Sylvan admits he won’t use his own invention because they are expensive and bad for the environment. What did he invent?

13) Jim Clark became a household name 50 years ago yesterday. What was his job back then?

14) Talk about the parade becoming a stampede. As more US states approve marriage equality, so are European countries. What country became the 11th European country with marriage equality Tuesday?

15) Budget woes in what deep red state with a tea bag governor is forcing the state to look to at expanding Medicaid?

16) The Justice Department released a scathing report concerning the police department in what US city?

17) A bill allowing children under the age of 14 to posses what survived ‘funnel’ week in the Iowa legislature?

18) A second hospital in Los Angeles, Cedar-Sanai, Tuesday reported that a patient had been stricken with what dangerous infection agent?

19) A train carrying what hazardous material derailed near Galena, Illinois Thursday?

20) Did you forget to do something this morning?

First answers then basketball!

1) 295,000.

2) Barbara Mikulski of Maryland

3) Ceres – in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter

4) pages of emails

5) Bibi Netanyahu

6) Whether the ACA would continue in its present form

7) Russian Premier Vladimir Putin

8) John – according to the New York Times

9) Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill

10) Mt. Everest

11) the debt ceiling

12) k-cups

13) Sheriff of Selma, Alabama

14) Slovenia

15) Kansas

16) Ferguson, Mo.

17) a pistol or revolver

18) the super bug, aka CRE, which is resistant to antibiotics

19) oil from the Bakken oil fields

20) set your clock ahead, maybe?

Sunday Funday: Time For A Change Edition

I just want to go to the bar after I do the puzzle

I just want to go to the bar after I do the puzzle

Enough winter, bring on some spring. I hate to see what is under the white, but I will have to face it someday.

Oh – and don’t forget to change your clocks next week.

Were you paying attention?

1) Blue and black or white and gold? What the heck am I talking about?

2) One was black and one was white and their romp captured the attention of the nation Thursday. Who were they?

3) He wasn’t here, he wasn’t there. Apparently he wasn’t anywhere he said he was. What national news figure is taking a lot of heat for embellishing his cred by claiming to be on the scene of many important events?

4) Wisconsin faces a vote in their legislature that will make them yet another right to work state. What high profile labor union came out against the right to work vote in Wisconsin?

5) A guy named Chuy pulled a real upset Tuesday when he forced what politician into a runoff election for the Chicago mayor’s office?

6) The nets are free at least for now. What was the vote for making the internet a common carrier Thursday?

7) March 1, 1961 new president John Kennedy established what organization that sent young Americans volunteers abroad to help developing countries?

8) What went into effect today in Iowa, thanks to quick passage by both houses of Iowa’s legislature and the governor’s signature?

9) Sen. James Inhofe of Oklahoma proved once and for all this week that climate change was bunk by doing what?

10) A bill in the Iowa House will ban the sale of palcohol in Iowa. What is palcohol?

11) What target in the United States was specifically mentioned in a message from Al-Shabob?

12) Who is scheduled to address a joint session of Congress Tuesday?

13) In Idaho a Republican legislator asked a doctor testifying before his committee if a doctor could conduct what kind of exam remotely by having the woman swallow a camera?

14) Iowa’s largest utility companies reported last week that they have approximately how much in past due bills?

15) Manufacturers of what ubiquitous grocery and department store item delayed a ban on their product when they gathered signatures to put the ban on the ballot in 2016?

16) What Republican presidential wannabe is leading in Iowa in a very early Quinnipiac poll?

17) Earl Lloyd died at age 86 this week. He was noted because he was the first what?

18) 70 years after the death of its author and 90 years after it was first published what book will once more be published in Germany in 2015?

19) Boris Nemtsov was shot to death Friday evening in Moscow. He was the leader of what in Russia?

20) Congress averted a shutdown of Homeland Security Friday night for how long?

Special mention to Leonard Nimoy whose portrayal of Dr. Spock on Star Trek helped inspire many future scientists.


1) a dress that sparked a fierce internet debate over its real colors. Some saw it as blue and black, some as gold and white.

2) Two llamas that cavorted around the Phoenix area Thursday

3) Billo O’Reilly

4) the NFL Players association

5) Rahm Emmanuel

6) 3 – 2 on basically a party line vote

7) the Peace Corps

8) 10 cent a gallon tax to pay for road repairs

9) taking a snowball onto the Senate floor and noting it was cold outside

10) powdered alcohol

11) the Mall of America in the Twin Cities

12) Benjamin Netanyahu

13) a gynecological exam. Really he did.

14) $39 million

15) the plastic bag.

16) Scott Walker

17) black basketball player in the NBA

18) “Mein Kampf” by Adolph Hitler

19) Opposition to Vladimir Putin

20) a week. Yep next week will be a repeat of this week.

Sunday Funday – Only A Week Left In February

feed the cat first then do the puzzle

feed the cat first then do the puzzle

I can almost hear the happy dancing starting. March is but a week away. March is associated with Spring and warm weather. February is associated with all the bad things we associate with winter. What a difference a day can make in our outlook.

Were you paying attention?

1) What former Republican leader claimed that president Obama “did not love his country?”

2) Since that remark, which current Republican presidential candidates have condemned that comment?

3) Millions of citizens may be forced to flee Sao Paulo, Brazil because of what crisis?

4) “What Pet Should I Get” is a newly discovered manuscript from what extremely popular writer?

5) Think hard folks. Today is what great American’s birthday?

6) A major vote on a proposed rule is scheduled for Thursday. What federal agency is holding the vote and what is the subject of the vote?

7) A bill was submitted in the Iowa senate Monday to allow for possession of what substance?

8) Walmart astounded nearly everyone Wednesday when they announced what?

9) What company had a major failure in London with its promotion KKK Wednesdays?

10) 11.4 million. That’s how many people signed up for what?

11) Judge Andrew S. Hanen ruled in favor of 26 states that challenged what administration policy, thus putting its implementation on hold?

12) In Ankeny, a kindergarten teacher was arrested for what odd behavior in a classroom?

13) John Boehner admitted on Fox News last week that he bypassed the White House on inviting Netanyahu to address. Why did he do so?

14) “You Don’t Own Me” a very early feminist type song, was originally recorded by what 60s singer who died last week?

15) Supporters of marriage equality were disappointed last week when a federal judge delayed ruling on a marriage equality suit in what state?

16) A wave shuddered through the auto industry when it was learned that what company was exploring entering the automobile field?

17) Elon Musk, the chair of what major tech company, announced that his company was close to a battery that could hold a charge for several days and even power a house?

18) A 69 year old Viet Nam war vet froze to death in Michigan after what happened?

19) Authorities in Michigan announced Wednesday that a woman who died of a gunshot wound on New Year’s Day killed herself when the gun accidentally discharged while she was doing what?

20) A meeting between what two women in December was revealed Tuesday sparking much speculation?

Why hasn’t some restaurant come up with an ice cream dish called the “polar vortex?”


1) Rudy Giuliani

2) so far, just Marco Rubio. Guess it is OK with the others?

3) drought causing lack of drinking water

4) Dr. Suess – I didn’t say ‘living’ did I?

5) George Washington

6) The FCC is voting on net neutrality

7) medical cannabidiol oil. Folks can be prescribed it legally, but can’t obtain or possess it legally

8) A major raise in their minimum pay for their employees

9) Krispy Kreme donuts (Krispy Kreme Klub)

10) the ACA this year (so far)

11) the new immigration policy

12) she was arrested for public into when she was discovered with two empty beer cans and four full ones

13) because he didn’t want Obama to interfere with his interference of foreign policy

14) Leslie Gore

15) Nebraska

16) Apple

17) Tesla

18) his gas was shut off in the middle of January

19) adjusting her bra holster. She shot herself in the eye.

20) Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Hillary Clinton.

Anyone feel like some cherry pie?

Finding A New World? Harder Than Some Think!

treating your home like we treat the earth
Tip of the hat to www.dailykos/comics

As some of you may have read here Thursday Iowa is in the process of “studying” allowing the Bakken Oil to build a pipeline across Iowa. Minnesota is also looking at a pipeline from North Dakota crossing their land.

Rivers in West Virginia have had all sorts of chemicals and sludge dumped into them as though they were corporate toilets. Yet even with all that the West Virginia legislature is discussing rolling back environmental provisions even further.

Republicans have been targeting the Environmental Protection Agency from the day it was conceived by, oddly enough, Richard Nixon’s Administration. While crying about environmental laws in this country, corporations take their processes to countries with few laws so they can pollute freely over there.

One of the world’s largest cities is running out of water due to climate change, a condition many on the right refuse to acknowledge.

Oklahoma now has daily tremors, a condition that did not exist before fracking. Across the country we see many youtube videos of folks lighting their tap water on fire thanks to fracking.

In Iowa the water works in Des Moines is resorting to the courts to try to force the sate or county governments to enforce some standards on nitrates.

After many years companies are finally slowly taking micro beads out of cleansing products after these products had done much damage to fish and other aquatic wildlife.

And of course we are approaching the 5 year anniversary of the huge oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico (here is a story on the anniversary last year). Over the years the effects of the spill have slowly faded from the collective memory. The perpetrators have slowly been released from paying for the damages they caused. And projects with huge potential damage are in the works or being planned with little thought toward recovery in the case of problems. Call me old and cranky, but like many I don’t think that a company or a person should leave an area in worse shape than it was before they came. At the very least it should look like no one was there.

The earth is closing in on some tipping points. We may already be too late to reverse climate change with all the feared effects of wild weather and drought. Overpopulation has put a huge stress on earth’s resources. But some of the greatest stresses that the earth must endure are those put on it by industrial polluters. Using the skies, the rivers and the oceans as their toilets they have endangered much of the life on earth and their own species.

It is like they believe there is some kind of an escape hatch, some type of a new America that they can run from the mess they have made. News flash folks: they can’t and neither can we. The earth is full. There are no undiscovered lands on the earth. There are no “nearby” planets that can sustain life. There are no remote and undiscovered planets that could sustain our type of life. Even if there were planets we knew of, how would we get there?

Some subscribe to a theory that a supreme being will swoop down and make it all good. Aside from some mythological books written in the iron age there is no proof nor any real expectation that such will happen.

What we are left with then is humanity’s collective desire to survive on the one world we have and the only world we will have into the foreseeable future. Few want to see their children or grandchildren suffer. People will sacrifice today for their posterity. Our forefathers and mothers did so. Before we have pipelines we need real plans for clean up and restoration. Resources (money) for such restoration must come from those who stand to gain from such projects and not from the taxes of the citizens.

But our political systems worldwide are geared to serve those who have money and power. This has always been true to some degree, but the Supreme Court took the lid off a few years back wight the Citizens United v. FEC decision. Now we find power pretty much fully controlled by those with money.

One thing for sure. No one dies from a spill of sunlight.

Sunday Funday – Presidenting Is Hard Edition

I love to relax with the Sunday Funday quiz!

I love to relax with the Sunday Funday quiz!

Black History Month and President’s Day reminds me of the short article in The Onion after Barack Obama’s first election:

Black Man Given Nation’s Worst Job

WASHINGTON—African-American man Barack Obama, 47, was given the least-desirable job in the entire country Tuesday when he was elected president of the United States of America. In his new high-stress, low-reward position, Obama will be charged with such tasks as completely overhauling the nation’s broken-down economy, repairing the crumbling infrastructure, and generally having to please more than 300 million Americans and cater to their every whim on a daily basis. As part of his duties, the black man will have to spend four to eight years cleaning up the messes other people left behind. The job comes with such intense scrutiny and so certain a guarantee of failure that only one other person even bothered applying for it. Said scholar and activist Mark L. Denton, “It just goes to show you that, in this country, a black man still can’t catch a break.”

Were you paying attention?
1) Today is the last day to do what regarding health care?

2) The number of states with marriage equality now stands at 37 when the SCOTUS rejected a stay from what state Monday?

3) The dissenting opinion in the previously mentioned case got much publicity. Which Justice wrote the dissenting opinion?

4) A small eruption of a backlash occurred after a huge Powerball jackpot was split between 3 people in Texas, North Carolina and where else?

5) For us baby boomers, Feb. 22, 1962 was a memorable day. What astronaut completed the US’s first orbital flight around the world?

6) Two men associated with television news reporting were announced to be leaving their respective jobs. Which one is leaving voluntarily?

7) New Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner wasted little time in going after what supposed state nemesis?

8) An autographed picture of what early 20th century baseball player is expected to bring more than $100,000 at auction?

9) The US government’s top nutrition panel has decided to drop its decades old warning against what substance?

10) Hundreds of Social Security numbers along with names and addresses were inadvertently released when what presidential candidate released personal data last week?

11) Charles Manson called off his engagement. He found out his fiancé was only marrying him so she could do what?

12) Making an appearance at Drake University, what high ranking government official deflected questions about running for president in 2016?

13) Many people were surprised by a report that their what is quite vulnerable to hacker attack?

14) Two legendary college basketball coaches died last week. Can you name one?

15) As Boston was getting pummeled by snow on the east coast, what major west coast city was getting pummeled by huge rain events?

16) What presidential candidate had to fire his newly hired Chief Technology officer after the CTO was found to have posted many anti-woman messages?

17) Democrats will be convening in what historical city in 2016?

18) Not measles this time. What childhood disease is breaking out in Idaho and eastern Washington?

19) Three men in Mississippi were sentenced Tuesday for their part in the murder of a man in 2011 they had killed because he was what?

20) Launching an attack on net neutrality, Republican FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai claims who will most benefit from the proposed new rules?

Hope you had a good Valentine’s Day with your sweetie. Back to normal today!

1) sign up on for the ACA

2) Alabama. Roy Moore is fighting it with all he’s got.

3) Clarence Thomas

4) Puerto Rico. Seems there is a contingent of Americans who don’t know PR is part of the US

5) John Glenn

6) Jon Stewart is leaving the Daily Show. Brian Williams was suspended by NBC

7) Public employees unions – he is trying to stop fair pay deductions.

8) Shoeless Joe Jackson who was supposedly illiterate

9) Cholesterol. Apparently dietary cholesterol may not really add to cholesterol problems.

10) Jeb Bush

11) charge people to view Manson’s dead body?

12) VP Joe Biden

13) Car that has wireless capabilities

14) Dean Smith of North Carolina and Jerry Tarkanian most known from UNLV

15) San Francisco

16) Jeb Bush (he’s on a roll)

17) Philadelphia, Pa.

18) Mumps. Started at the U of Idaho in Boise

19) Black

20) enemies of America such as North Korea and Iran

BTW here is the short appeal from the President asking folks to sign up for the ACA. It has one really hilarious line:

Thanks, Obama!

Sunday Funday: Bridge To The Future Edition

Cheaper to fix while they are still up

Cheaper to fix while they are still up

Since the legislature is in session we have heard almost daily about raising the gas tax to fix Iowa’s roads and bridges. At that same time we have heard the fear mongering engineers and realists try to scare us with stories of bridges that might fall in. “Iowa has the 3rd worst bridges in the country” they say. “Call me when we are #1” I say! The legislature after cutting taxes all over the place for the rich cries poverty and claims we have no money and folks won’t pay another dime in taxes. Branstad says he wants new ideas. This is where Sunday Funday shines!

I propose the state sell life insurance policies at every bridge in the state at say $2 a pop for a million bucks insurance for your trip over the bridge. It is a win/win. If the bridge doesn’t cave in and you don’t die you continue your journey to a successful conclusion. If the bridge falls, your family is well taken care of. Sort of like this life insurance policies they used to (maybe still do) sell at airports.

Glad to help. Were you paying attention?

1) Four presidents were born in February. Washington, Lincoln and Reagan most know. This last one was barely a blip on the radar. Who is the fourth February birthday president?

2) A bill in the Iowa senate would ban the sale in Iowa of what supposed anti-bacterial agent that has been linked liver damage?

3) Once the cutting edge technology chain, what retailer is in negotiations to sell some stores to Sprint and close all the others in a bankruptcy deal?

4) What two giant office supply chains are looking for approval to merge?

5) A measles outbreak was reported at a day care center in a suburb of what major US city?

6) Break out the violins. What major oil concern reported a loss of $4.4 billion in the 4th quarter of 2014?

7) Once considered the “World’s Greatest Athlete” what celebrity announced he/she would transition to being female?

8) Once thought to be a symbol of truth and courage what once world renowned athlete admitted that he had his girlfriend claim she was driving after he hit 2 parked cars?

9) After a short layoff of 55 years what reclusive author will have a second book published this summer?

10) Which unlikely industry is looking at drones to do a variety of jobs?

11) Born on the very same day as Abraham Lincoln, what naturalist had a great impact on the world with his Theory of Natural Selection?

12) Ranking at 113th in the world, the United States is behind even Zimbabwe in vaccination for what disease?

13) Sun Prairie Jimmy apparently had had enough and so did what?

14) For the first time in a thousand years what religious structure is being built in Iceland?

15) Ronald Reagan and John Wayne believed they fought in WWII. Which network anchor recanted a story of being in a helicopter hit by an RPG in Iraq he told for 12 years?

16) What online tax service was hit by a major hack attack announced this week?

17) Also hit with a hack attack this week was what major health insurance company?

18) Good news for wage earners this week as wages rose and the economy added how many new jobs in January?

19) Maybe he is coming to do the daily invocation? What religious leader has booked an appearance before a joint session of congress for Sept. 24, 2015?

20) What midwest governor who is trying to prove right wing economics really works announced he would cut another $45 million from an already starved public education system?

Why doesn’t Iowa just buy the Brooklyn Bridge? Some guy too;d me it was for sale. About as sensible as some of their other policies.


1) William Henry Harrison

2) triclosan

3) Radio Shack

4) Staples and Office Depot (does Bain Capital still own Staples?)

5) Chicago. Pallatine is the suburb. Most children too young to have been immunized.

6) BP (and they still haven’t cleaned up the Gulf)

7) Bruce Jenner – 1976 Olympic Decathlon champ

8) Lance Armstrong

9) Harper Lee

10) agriculture

11) Charles Darwin. Happy 206th Chuck and Abe

12) measles

13) Bit the ear of the mayor of Sun Prairie, Wisc. Jimmy is the weather forecasting groundhog of Sun Prairie.

14) a Norse temple. Seems paganism is gaining adherents very fast there.

15) Brian Williams – he and Armstrong should do a radio show.

16) Turbo tax

17) Anthem Blue Cross in California

18) 257,000. The Republicans are sure having a hard time selling their “stagnant economy” story.

19) Pope Francis

20) Sam Brownback of Kansas. Many school districts in Kansas are already suing the state for lack of funds. This won’t help.

February Birthday boy:

He'd be drummed out of the Republicans today

He’d be drummed out of the Republicans today

Sunday Funday: Forever February

don't ask me, I've been sleeping

don’t ask me, I’ve been sleeping

February – what can I say that hasn’t been said? To paraphrase Lewis Black February has the fewest days but is still by far the longest month. The Super Bowl pre game started last Monday and post Super Bowl analysis will continue to just prior to March Madness. While our attention is averted with shiny, dangly sports objects, reality will still throw us a share of odds and ends. Were you able to catch some of them last week?

1) No head or face covering in an Arab country. Who is this woman who so insulted her hosts that American media had to pound the story to death?

2) 55 years ago today four young men sat at a Woolworth’s lunch counter in Greensboro, NC and ordered coffee, but were refused service. Why?

3) Twelve years ago a fireball streaked across Texas during late morning. Do you remember what this fireball was?

4) He flips, he flops and then flips again. Who shocked everyone Friday when he announced his decision to not run for president in 2016?

5) Senator Grassley is the new head of the Senate Judiciary Committee. As such, he is heading the hearings on what Obama cabinet nominee?

6) A leftist coalition won an election in what country causing shock waves throughout the Eurozone?

7) Researchers in Australia announced a breakthrough that could treat what condition that affects some children?

8) Citibank lowered what country’s bond rating to junk status?

9) Rev. Libby Lane became the first what in the Anglican Church?

10)Last Friday was the anniversary of the birth of what leader who lead us out of the Republican Depression of 1929?

11) What Republican governor announced on Thursday that his administration was starting a state run, taxpayer funded news service?

12) The CBO said Monday that the cost of what will be at least 20% less than originally forecast over a decade?

13) Health officials in what state declared e-cigarettes a health hazard?

14) It appears that a there is strong consensus on raising gas tax by how much in Iowa?

15) Canadian researchers announced Wednesday that what may be a definitive marker for clinical depression?

16) Bryan Fischer was fired by what right wing evangelical group Wednesday?

17) The Koch brothers plan to spend how much on the next election, putting them on a par with the two major political parties?

18) Tuesday the Obama Administration announced Tuesday that it would not end what popular college savings program?

19) John McCain called protestors of what former Secretary of State “low life scum” Wednesday?

20) Did wages and benefits for workers (in general) go up or down in 2014?


1) Michelle Obama. When this was done by previous First Ladies no one said a thing.

2) They were black. This was the beginning of sit-in protests.

3) the breakup of the space shuttle Columbia on re-entry to the atmosphere.

4) Mitt Romney. But he may yet flop again and change his mind.

5) Attorney General nominee Loretta Lynch

6) Greece

7) peanut allergy

8) Russia

9) female bishop

10) FDR

11) Mike Pence in Indiana

12) the ACA – or Obamacare if you insist

13) California

14) 10 cents per gallon

15) brain inflammation

16) American Family Association (named a hate group by the SPLC)

17) $889 million

18) 529 savings program

19) Henry Kissinger

20) up by 2.2% the fastest since 2008 and faster than inflation.

Now sit back and enjoy the snow and the game.

Sunday Funday – Deflated Balls Edition

Ernst loaf-ers

Ernst loaf-ers

I can’t believe the fuss the networks are making over the Patriots supposedly letting the air out of footballs.Top story on a couple newscasts I saw during the week. What it says to me is that networks will go to extraordinary lengths to avoid real news. Got to be a sense of pride around the network news rooms that they can fritter away extremely valuable network air time on less than trivia and get highly paid for it. Maybe they could replace the network news with another edition of Jeopardy. At least we might learn something.

Speaking of trivia, were you paying attention last week?

1) So the first question just has to be – what is the proscribed inflation for NFL game balls?

2) By how much was New England accused of under-inflating game balls?

3) Wednesday the US Senate voted on whether human activity caused climate change. “YES” won by a vote of 50 – 49. How did Iowa’s senators vote?

4) According to the United Nations the US, Oman and Papua New Guinea are the only 3 nations in the world that do not offer what?

5) Speaker of the House Boehner committed a major diplomatic blunder (some say treason) when he invited what Head of State to speak before congress without informing the White House?

6) In Cincinnati, one worker was killed and a semi driver injured when what happened?

7) Up in Montana, Gov. Steve Bullock declared a state of emergency when what happened to the Yellowstone River?

8) Doing the math on her age, Joni Ernst was probably using bread bags for shoes during what presidential and Iowa gubernatorial administrations?

9) Disneyland was the epicenter of an outbreak of what childhood disease?

10) Controversy is already swirling in the Iowa legislature concerning schools on at least two issues. Can you give us one of them?

11) In her response to the State of the Union address, Iowa’s Joni Ernst erroneously portrayed the Keystone Pipeline project as what?

12) After Mike Huckabee criticized Pres. Obama for allowing his children to listen to Beyonce, Daily Show star Jon Stewart asked Huckabee how he (Huckabee) could justify playing with what sexually oriented rocker?

13) Republican senators voted down an amendment to the Keystone Pipeline that would have required materials for the pipeline be made where?

14) Good old Steve King just had to show what an embarrassment he can be to Iowa right before the SOTU, when he called a guest of the First Lady a what?

15) The mayor of Paris, France announced her intention to sue what “news” organization after they continued to broadcast false reports that Paris had “neighborhoods that were off limits to non-Muslims”?

One thing about Ernst’s bread bag story. Most every kid I knew used the bread bag trick in the winter, rich or poor. Unlike the kids she apparently knew, we wore ours over our shoes but under the overshoes. Overshoes (or buckle boots) were leaky. So the bread bags served to keep feet dry while also acting as a lubricant to get the shoes and feet into the boot. If you wore the bags on the outside, your would either slip on your butt in the snow or wear the bag out if the sidewalks were clear. Wearing bags the right way you couldn’t see who was wearing bags and who wasn’t.


1) 12.5 to 13.5 PSI (pounds/square inch)

2) 2 PSI 0r 15%

3) Grassley NO and Ernst NO – climate change is not caused by human activity

4) paid maternity leave

5) Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu

6) an overpass on I75 that was being demolished collapsed on the road below

7) oil from a pipeline leaked into the river.

8) Reagan and Branstad. Seems like many folks go through tough times with Republican administrations

9) Measles – Blame for the outbreak was pointed at the anti-vaxers.

10) 1) Branstad called for a very low increase in spending for education and 2) Schools will be expected to start after Sept. 1 next year.

11) a jobs bill

12) Ted Nugent

13) in America – whoops – there goes a bunch of jobs.

14) “a deportable” The First Lady had a Dreamer as her guest.

15) Fox News

Keep your bread bags dry and warm all!

Sunday Funday – January Thaw Edition

I need a Koch!

I need a Koch!

Seems like just last week we were freezing our tookusses off. Hold it – last week we were freezing our tookusses off. But thanks to a blast of hot air from statehouses around the country we get our annual January thaw. For those of you who say state legislators are good for nothing, you most certainly have forgotten the unproven link between the convening of legislatures and the January thaw. It’s enough to wake up a groundhog.

Were you paying attention?

1) Governor Branstad claimed his administration has created 168,000 jobs. In reality, how many jobs has Iowa gained in the past 4 years?

2) Two black men prominent in the civil rights movement of the ‘60s have birthday anniversaries this week in January. Martin Luther King’s birthday is January 15th. Whose 73rd birthday was January 17th?

3) Pope Francis said last Sunday that caring for the poor is part of the gospel and not what?

4) After a bumpy ride, Terri Wahlert suddenly resigned Sunday as Iowa’s Director of what agency?

5) President announced a new initiative that would offer 2 years of what free to Americans?

6) Here’s one to test your memory. What former Republican governor of New York is considering a run for president?

7) Where did 2014 rank among recorded years for temperature globally?

8) According to data from the CDC, what will soon overtake car accidents as the leading cause of death for 15 to 24 year olds?

9) Rand Paul told a reporter last week that what was the definition of insanity?

10) Kamala Harris announced her intentions to run for the California senate seat after what long term senator announced her retirement?

11) President Obama made a case for wider broadband access in what Iowa city last week?

12) One of the Iowa Regent Universities will have a retirement in August. Who is retiring as Iowa’s president August 1st?

13) Bobbity, bobbity, bobbity. Feng Lung was arrested in China for doing what to her husband, not once but twice?

14) And the beat goes on. House Republicans tacked an amendment defunding what Obama executive action on to a funding bill for the DHS?

15) According to the Southern Education Foundation the majority of public school students share what economic condition in the United States?

No doubt the campaigning for president will bring even more hot air into Iowa soon.

1) @ 82,000

2) Muhammed Ali

3) Communism. Always nice to see the right trot out the communism bogey.

4) Workforce Development

5) Community College

6) George Pataki. Anyone remember Pataki? Seats in the clown car going fast!

7) the hottest ever

8) guns – trend is car deaths going down and gun deaths going up. Sad

9) Mitt Romney running for president again. Scary, I agree with Rand Paul on something.

10) Barbara Boxer

11) Cedar Falls

12) Sally Mason

13) Cutting off his penis. Once at home and once more after it was reattached in the hospital.

14) Obama’s executive order on immigration.

15) Poverty. 51% + of US public school students now come from homes in poverty. Why do we fund charter schools?

Sunday Funday: Here Comes The Legislature Edition

legislators will gather to puzzle over today's quiz

legislators will gather to puzzle over today’s quiz

Like many Iowans, I grew up reading the great Donald Kaul. Some of his funniest columns focused on the seeming full speed backward legislature that gathers in Des Moines to kill time between harvest and planting seasons.

Well it is that time again. Looks like we will have another iteration of Republicans trying to pass ALEC legislation and Democrats trying to work on solutions to actual problems. All I can hope is that they provide me with some material for a few questions and a couple of snarky comments. I am sure they will, at least the Republicans. Who can forget Matt Windschitl’s brilliant bill to allow silencers on guns? It would keep mass murderers from disturbing people’s sleep or interfering with people being able to hear the movie before they get shot.

At least Iowa will be led into the ‘20s by Branstad. But I am not sure the 1920s is where we want to be.

Were you paying attention?

1) Gentlemen ( and women) start your engines. What former Republican presidential candidate left his Fox News(?) show leading to speculation he will run once again?

2) Just like Mitch McConnell promised, what was the first bill introduced into the new Republican majority led senate?

3) In a study released by Johns Hopkins, much of the risk of getting cancer is due to what?

4) Two weeks from yesterday, a “Freedom Summit” will be held in Des Moines to showcase Republican presidential candidates. Who is heading up this showcase of America’s top talent?

5) Harper Collins quit publishing an atlas specifically for the Middle East because it had what major glaring error that had been made on purpose?

6) Ohio State and Oregon play Monday to complete the first real tournament to crown the major college football champion. Who is Oregon’s famous mascot?

7) Researchers unveiled a new molecule called teixobactin. Teixobactin is the first new what in over 30 years?

8) Des Moines is considering suing the state of Iowa over what?

9) Webster City 7th grade girls basketball player Taylor McKinney got national attention when she did what last week?

10) Get those taste buds ready for a new treat. Trios and Toffee Tastic are new Girl Scout cookies that feature what newly desirable trait?

11) Can’t ignore the doings in France. One of the gunman during a previous trial had said he was politicized by images of what?

12) What Republican presidential hopeful let it be known he will pay for his own tickets and transportation as he goes to watch his favorite team in the playoffs this weekend?

13) Very light perp walk. What former GOP governor and VP hopeful got off with only 2 years in the slammer for corruption?

14) A bill to gut what Wall Street watchdog law fell short of a needed 2/3rds majority in the House despite support from 35 defectors from the Democratic caucus?

15) What potential GOP presidential hopeful has taken a first step toward a run by praying to God?

Blood supplies in the Iowa systems are quite low due to the weather and the flu. If you have ever thought about becoming a donor, this would be a really good time to take that step. Call your local hospital and I am sure if they don’t take donations they will know someone close by who does. And you can add lifesaver to your list of accomplishments.


1) Mike Huckabee

2) Keystone pipeline

3) with the exception of lung cancer, it is just bad luck

4) Steve King (“top talent” – I kill myself)

5) the maps left Israel off

6) Donald Duck

7) antibiotic. Teixobactin and the method used to discover it hold great potential. It may well stop antibiotic resistance.

8) nitrate levels in the rivers that the state has refused to deal with is causing DM to fail water quality levels.

9) made a buzzer beating half court shot that brought her team from behind to win

10) they are gluten free

11) pictures of Abu Ghraib prisoners

12) Chris Christie. He and Cowboys owner Jerry Jones became friends just when Jones needed some help winning a Port Authority contract

13) Bob McDonnell from Virginia

14) Dodd Franks

15) Scott Walker