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Sunday Funday: I Will Pay These Taxes Edition

I guess the questions are: Will Benedict Donald (Trump) be paying any taxes this year? Will we ever see any tax returns of his? How much does he stand to make in tax cuts through his policies, especially the one that cuts Medicaid that will kill the elderly and poor?

BTW that $575 for the war machine is a way low figure. Not sure where the original poster got it. More like $2500.

Were you paying attention? It was one hell of a week.

1) You cross the mob boss, you get death threats. The federal judge who blocked what has been getting death threats from 45’s supporters?

2) Iowa is facing loss of tourism revenue due to racist comments from what Iowa official?

3) The perpetrator of an attack outside of the British Parliament building Wednesday was born where?

4) The replacement for the ACA which Republicans are touting is the quite deceptively named (initials)?

5) The vote on the replacement for the ACA was originally scheduled to take place on the anniversary of what?

6) What author of “The Feminine Mystique” saw her book kick off a new wave of feminism in the latter half of the 20th century?

7) What GOP big time funders created a fund for Republican House members who voted NO of the ACA replacement?

8) What House chair of the Select Committee on Intelligence broke all sorts of rules, maybe laws, by telling the president of intelligence intercepts in which the president was involved?

9) Branstad signed yet another anti-worker bill last week when he approved a bill that would drastically reduce the ability of those affected by what substance to sue?

10) Officials in Philadelphia have cancelled what May celebration over fears of crackdown on immigrants by this administration?

11) Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said he would keep a meeting with the Russians while blowing off a meeting with what group?

12) What two entertainment figures with similar names passed during the past 8 days, one music giant and one known for quirky game shows?

13) The US dropped to 14th from 13th on the World Happiness Report. What country was cited as the world’s happiest?

14) Documents revealed this week that former Trump campaign chief Paul Manafort also had a contract for $10M with a close ally of what world leader?

15) The Muppets will add a new character in April. It will be a girl with what condition?

16) The thimble, boot and wheelbarrow will soon no longer be playing pieces in what popular board game?

17) What early female movie star also became a pioneer behind the camera when she, DW Griffith, Charlie Chaplin, and Douglas Fairbanks formed United Artists in 1919?

18) In a truly sad show of abuse of power Paul Ryan had Capitol Police clear what group of protestors from the Capitol Wednesday?

19) Responding to a question from Chuck Todd what congressman said “there is more than circumstantial evidence now” that Trump associates colluded with Russians?

20) What now suspended Fox News commentator claims the current president has told him he is “on the shortlist” for a Supreme Court vacancy?

Chuck Schumer says it would be wrong to vote on Gorsuch for SCOTUS while Trump is being investigated for possible treason. That seems a very reasonable position.


1) the Muslim travel ban

2) Steve King

3) Kent, England

4) the ACHA – see it’s so similar it’s hard to tell the difference

5) the signing of the ACA by President Obama

6) Betty Friedan

7) The Koch brothers. Looks like their threats beat Trump’s threats

8) Devin Nunes of California

9) asbestos

10) Cinco De Mayo

11) NATO

12) Chuck Barry rock and roll pioneer and Chuck Barris game show (Gong Show, Newlywed Game) entrepreneur

13) Norway

14) Vladimir Putin

15) autism. Her name will be Julia

16) Monopoly

17) Mary Pickford

18) disabled (many in wheelchairs) protesting the repeal of the ACA

19) Adam Schiff (D-Ca) ranking member on the House Special Committee on Intelligence

20) “Judge” Andrew Napolitano

Is it time for a new election yet?

Sunday Funday: Basketball Sunday Edition

A man who could pick the winners!

Please do not disturb the lump on the couch. That is me. I have not had much chance to watch my favorite sport this year{ college basketball. Today is my day. If disturbed I may react strangely. I may break down in loud sobs asking some deity “Why, Why, Why????” So please approach with caution.

It is still women’s history month and so we will work in a couple of good questions on women along with many on the continuing strange saga of the world and the US of today.

Were you paying attention?

1) “We can’t restore our civilization with somebody else’s babies.” Who made this statement in a tweet last week?

2) In response to the above tweet white supremacist leader David Duke stated “sanity reigns supreme” where?

3) Who was the female Speaker of the US House of Representatives?

4) Which of Iowa’s senators claimed “little faith” in CBO estimates for the number that would become uninsured under the Republican replacement for the ACA?

5) Approximately how many did the CBO say would lose insurance in a decade under the Republican replacement?

6) Due to the Brexit vote, what part of Great Britain is renewing calls for a referendum on independence?

7) In a much anticipated vote in the Netherlands Tuesday what favored white nationalist candidate came in a distant 2nd?

8) The administration’s proposed budget will eliminate what popular and necessary program that helps sustain seniors?

9) What major cable news program broke the big story of having received a copy of the current president’s taxes in the mail?

10) Who did they speculate may have sent them the Trump tax return?

11) A state senator from what state was caught engaging in sex with an underage boy?

12) The new Secretary of State said that it may be necessary to take “pre-emptive military action” against what other country?

13) Who was the first woman in space?

14) The Girl Guides (Girl Scouts) from what country have cancelled all trips to the US due to the fear of problems at entry and exit?

15) Two former administrators from what university pled guilty to mishandling sexual abuse reports in the Jerry Sandusky probe?

16) What oldest golf club in the world voted to admit women to avoid being dropped from the rotation for the British open?

17) “Bombogenesis” is the term used to describe the coming together of what recent storm?

18) Who was the first woman to run for vice-president on a major party ticket?

19) The administration’s proposed budget also eliminates funds to what parent entity of Big Bird’s network?

20) What woman was the first to run for president on a major party ticket?

Today’s nugget of wisdom comes from Upton Sinclair “It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends upon his not understanding it!”


1) Iowa’s own Steve King

2) In Steve King’s district!

3) Nancy Pelosi

4) Grassley

5) 24 million

6) Scotland

7) Geert Wilders

8) Meals on Wheels

9) Rachel Maddow

10) Donald Trump himself

11) Oklahoma

12) North Korea.

13) Valentina Tereshkova in 1963 – believe she just turned 80

14) Canada

15) Penn State

16) Muirfield

17) the blizzard that hit the northeast US Tuesday and Wednesday

18) Geraldine Ferraro in 1984

19) Corporation for Public Broadcasting. One way or another CPB will probably be cut

20) if you missed this hang your head – Hillary Clinton.

Time to catch some games!

Sunday Funday: Spring Forward Edition

Can’t even begin to say how much I hate daylight savings time. So here we go again with our annual sleep deprivation game. DST especially didn’t make sense when the kids were standing out in the snow in the dark waiting for school buses. In case you forgot, DST start dates were moved to accelerate sales of BBQ materials in the spring and Halloween candy in the fall. If we must have DST I wish we would move it back to the end of school/ start of school starting and ending dates.

Were you paying attention? I can’t see how anyone wouldn’t be paying attention these days.

It is women’s history month so we will include a few questions on women.

1) Rep. John Shimkuss hit a new low even for Republicans when he questioned why men should pay for what medical service through their insurance?

2) The country has been stunned by what ridiculous claims that the current president tweeted concerning the previous president last Saturday?

3)  Rep. Jason Chaffetz of Utah said on CNN this week that Americans may have to choose between paying for health insurance or buying what?

4) What female Hispanic labor organizer cofounded the United Farm Workers in 1962 with Cesar Chavez?

5) The president of what country was impeached and forced from office in response to a corruption and cronyism scandal Friday?

6) The grocery industry in Iowa seems to be the only backer of a bill that would end what 39 year old recycling program in Iowa?

7) During WWII what actress invented frequency hopping communication technology that was instrumental in the Allies winning the war?

8) Women across America are getting tattoos of what statement uttered by Mitch McConnell about Elizabeth Warren?

9) Another stunner this week was the revealing of what long promised Republican bill?

10) Bomb threats and graveyard desecrations continue across the country against what ethnic/ religious group?

11) The statue of “Fearless Girl” was erected where to commemorate International Women’s Day?

12) Our current president loves Wikileaks. What did Wikileaks leak this week that could be very detrimental to the US?

13) Poachers in Paris broke into a zoo and killed a young white rhino in order to get what?

14) What landmark limestone arch collapsed into the sea after a storm in Malta last week?

15) What woman is generally given credit for launching the environmental movement with her book “Silent Spring”?

16) The head of what federal agency said this week that he was unconvinced that carbon dioxide was the main driver for climate change?

17) Elections will be held in the Netherlands Tuesday. How will ballots be counted for this election?

18) What native American woman was instrumental in the exploration of the American west?

19) In an odd juxtaposition, in order to pay for the border wall with Mexico, the administration called for cutting finds from what agencies?

20) Former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn was outed as a paid agent of what foreign country while serving in the Trump campaign?

Great quote:
“What he represents, above all, is the triumph of an underworld of predators, hustlers, mobsters, clubhouse politicians and tabloid sleaze that festered in a corner of New York City, a vindication of his mentor, the Mafia lawyer Roy Cohn, a figure unknown to the vast majority of enthusiasts who jammed Trump’s rallies and hailed him as the authentic voice of the people.” – Sidney Blumenthal


1) pre-natal check ups. Hey Shimkuss that baby might just be a boy!

2) That Obama had ordered the current president to be wiretapped.

3) Iphones. Maybe Chaffetz could not buy enough iPhones to afford a brain.

4) Dolores Huerta

5) South Korea

6) the bottle bill

7) Hedy Lamarr – the technology was called spread spectrum

8) “nevertheless, she persisted”

9) the republican health care replacement bill.

10) Jewish

11) on Wall Street being placed on the same pad as the raging bull

12) the CIA’s hacking tools. No doubt Russia was glad to see this

13) his horn. Rhino horn is a highly prized aphrodisiac in Asia

14) the Azure Window

15) Rachel Carson

16) the head of the Environmental Protection Agency (Scott Pruitt)

17) by hand due to fear of hacking of electronics. Sounds like a great idea

18) Sacajawea of course

19) the Coast Guard and the TSA

20) Turkey.


Sunday Funday: The High Holy Days Of Basketball Approacheth

The early rites are already on display in places like St. Louis and Indianapolis for college women and in many states for high school girls. Few rites convey the true spirit of the passage from the indoors of winter to the outdoors of spring as the plethora of season ending basketball festivals held around the country this time of year.

Teams have worked hard to make it to the ultimate game. Being in the final game of any season is a high honor indeed. Trappings of glory surround competitors as they do battle in the ultimate arena. Festivities continue until the the college champions are crowned on April 2nd for the women and April 3rd for the men.

Adherents have prepared their TVs so they can join view the battles. Sacrifices of beef, ham, potato chips, taco chips, salsa  and beer are expected to be part of the ritual viewing. Many will also try to prove their god-like powers by picking who will win each game. This yearly rite is exceeded only by Christmas in participation.

Were you paying attention? Man it is busy

1) What Iowa politician became a national chuckle when his stated education was shown not to be a school but a company that owned some Sizzler steakhouse franchises?

2) Which cabinet member was exposed as having lied to the Senate committee concerning meeting with Russians during the presidential campaign?

3) Which other cabinet member was confirmed just before information came to light that he may have laundered money for a Russian oligarch and channeled it to Trump?

4) Did the bill proposed to check a university professor’s political leanings in Iowa survive the cutoff?

5) What senior White House advisor was also revealed to have met with a Russian ambassador after the election, but before the inauguration?

6) Vandalism to Jewish cemeteries was reported in what three American cities in the past two weeks?

7) March 5, 1770 British troops opened fire on a group of rowdy Americans killing 5 and injuring 6 in what became known as what?

8) The 45th president announced he would not attend what annual charity event?

9) What high US government official used his personal email for sensitive state business as a state governor and had that account hacked?

10) The wave of hate for immigrants in the US led to the shooting death and injury of workers at the Garmin company in what Kansas city?

11) Who stated this week that “Nobody knew that health care could be so complicated.”?

12) SpaceX announced that it will fly two tourists where in 2018?

13) After a major fumble, the Oscar for best film was finally given to what movie?

14) The current president knows who or what is causing all the protests. Who or what did the current president blame?

15) March 6, 1836. What fort finally fell to the Mexican forces led by General Santa Ana?

16) Which former president stood up for the press saying they were critical to hold people who abuse power accountable?

17) The Iowa legislature stopped work on the bill that would end what 40 year old law that helps keep our highways clean and puts a nickel in some kids pockets?

18) The Kansas Supreme Court found that the state has unconstitutionally way underfunded what in Brownback’s market driven utopia?

19) The Profiles in Courage Award in the centennial of JFK’s birth year (May 29, 1917) will go to whom?

20) The world’s oldest fossils – thought to be as old as 4.28 billion years old  – were found in what country?

If you have children, you may want to advise them to take Russian as a foreign language. Seems to be quite popular in upper government circles these days.


1) Mark Chelgrin of Ottumwa

2) AG Jeff Sessions

3) Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross

4) it died thus saving Iowa from many more rounds of derision

5) Trump son-in-law Jared Kurshner

6) St. Louis, Philadelphia and Rochester, NY

7) the Boston Massacre

8) the White House Correspondents dinner

9) Vice-President Mike Pence (did I hear a “lock him up”?)

10) Olathe

11) the current president.

12) around the moon. Think of the frequent flyer miles!

13) “Moonlight”

14) The previous president, Barack Obama.

15) Fort Alamo in San Antonio

16) George W. Bush. Yes, really

17) the bottle bill.

18) schools.

19) Barack Obama – if he can stop starting protests for a few minutes

20) Canada

happy tourney viewing.

Sunday Funday: “And The Oscar Goes To” Edition

The Oscars Are Tonight

As awards shows go, the Academy Awards are usually one of the more entertaining shows. We don’t go to shows as much as we used to, but we will most likely watch the Awards. In this world of everything being politicized, the Academy Awards also seem to be somewhat of a time to cheer for our side. Since we only saw one movie last year I think that is the one we will be cheering for  – “Hidden Figures.”

And now for the non-award winning Sunday Funday quiz: Were you paying attention?

1) What sign was placed at the base of the Statue of Liberty Tuesday night?

2) The prime minister of Iceland said that if he could he would ban what topping on pizza?

3) The Kansas legislature gave Governor Brownback what way to get the state out of debt, but Brownback vetoed it?

4) FEC commissioner Ellen Weintraub repeated her demand Tuesday that the Trump administration produce evidence of what?

5) The loser in the popular vote for president issued a statement on anti-Semitism after what incidents?

6) What controversial right wing extremist resigned as editor of Breitbart after video surfaced of him condoning pedophila?

7) The UN ambassador from what country died suddenly Monday which caused many suspicious eyebrows to be raised?

8) Who was the first African-American to win an Oscar?

9) Arizona Rep. Trent Franks claimed a border wall is needed because nukes could be smuggled in to the US in what?

10) Jackie Robinson was the first black major league baseball player. Who was the second? (hint: first in the American League)

11) Big news in science this week included the discovery of seven earth size planets around a dim star about how far from us?

12) After signing the bill to bust public unions in Iowa Terry Branstad posed for a photo shaking the hand of who?

13) In the 1860 census was the slave population of the US closer to 500,000 or 5,000,000?

14) Happy Birthday, Buffalo Bill Cody! What Iowa town was he born in 171 years ago?

15) In his first month as president, the popular vote loser spent over 2X more time doing what versus time in intelligence briefing?

16) New political term introduced at the CPAC conference! What is a “watermelon”?

17) Norma McCorvey died last week in Katy, Texas. She made a major mark in history under what name?

18) Playboy magazine announced it would bring back a feature that less than a year ago it dropped as being dated?

19) What largest Christian focused retailer announced Thursday it would be closing all of its stores?

20) In another old-line retailing cutback, what once giant retailer announced it would be closing 140 stores?

From the “black is white and night is day and up is down” CPAC conference comes this little gem. CPAC organizer Dan Schneider called the alt-right philosophically left wing. Must be really hard to live in a world that is so twisted that everyone in it has a clear view of their rear end from the inside.



2) pineapple

3) the overwhelmingly Republican legislature voted to raise income taxes.

4) voter fraud

5) a spate of bomb threats to Jewish organizations and vandalism at a Jewish cemetery in St. Louis

6) Milo Yiannopolous

7) Russia. Seems to be something going around in that country

8) Hattie McDaniel for supporting actress in “Gone With the Wind”

9) bales of marijuana (he really said that)

10) Larry Doby for the Cleveland Indians

11) 40 light years or ~ 240,000,000,000,000 miles

12) Drew Klein of the Koch Brothers front group Americans For Prosperity

13) closer to 5 million. Actual figure about 4 million

14) Le Claire near Davenport in Scott County

15) tweeting – got to set your priorities

16) Someone who is Green – environmentalist – on the outside and Red – Marxist communist – on the inside

17) Jane Roe as in Roe v. Wade

18) photos of nude women

19) Family Christian Books

20) JC Penney

And this one goes out to Joni Ernst. Joni, can you do your job and investigate the link between the administration and our enemies. please. Our country truly depends on it.

Another Oscar

Sunday Funday: Thank Goodness For Comedians Edition

Right now if I couldn’t laugh about so much of the strange, bizarre and scary stuff going on down the block, in Des Moines and of course in Washington right now I think the pressure would build up to the point of blowing. So Thank You so much to the nation’s comedians who help keep the rage down so we can rationally plan the resistance.

9 minutes

Once again, we will mix in some Black History Month questions.

Were you paying attention?

1) Who was Iowa’s governor when the now replaced Chapter 20 (labor relations laws) were originally passed in Iowa?

2) What entertainer dubbed “the Queen of Soul” announced she will retire this year?

3) Many businesses closed around the country Thursday when they couldn’t get enough workers because what was being observed by some?

4) The half brother of what world leader was killed after being sprayed with poison in Indonesia?

5) After being denied a concert venue at Constitutional Hall in Washington because of her race, what contralto instead had an open air concert at the Lincoln Memorial in 1939?

6) What nominee for Secretary of Labor pulled his name from consideration after several republican senators said they could not support him?

7) At a bizarre press conference Thursday, the current president seemed to accuse a reporter from jewish newspaper of accusing him (Trump) of what?

8) NSA Chief Michael Flynn either quit or was fired over calls he made to the government of what country while still a civilian?

9) Juneteenth is a holiday celebrating the end of slavery in what state several months after the Civil War ended?

10) Iowa republicans held a closed door Skype meeting with what republican governor as the debate over the union busting bill was going on?

11) Which country test fired a medium range ballistic missile last Sunday prompting a strange response from the president at Mar-a-lago?

12) Yale University announced that it would change the name of a residential hall that currently honors what long ago racist politician?

13) Watch those immigrants! Connecticut women’s basketball won its 100th consecutive victory Monday. Where was Connecticut’s coach Geno Auriemma born?

14) The first African slaves were brought to America in what year?

15) What acting Attorney General had informed the current president of Michael Flynn’s ties to Russia nearly 3 weeks ago?

16) Emoluments coincidence? Trump gets his trademark in China just after he backs what policy toward China?

17) Nominee for top science advisor to the president, William Happer, said he believes climate scientists are a what?

18) In South Korea the head of what major conglomerate has been arrested in connection with the corruption and influence peddling scandal the threatens to take down the government?

19) Who was offered the job of NSA chief and turned it down Thursday?

20) The wife of what Supreme Court judge is once again involved in a situation concerning a case that may well end up being argued before the Court?

21) I hear protestors are getting paid. How much? I think I am getting screwed.

The high holy days of basketball will be upon us soon.


1) Republican Robert Ray

2) Aretha Franklin

3) “A day without immigrants” day

4) Kim Jong Un

5) Marian Anderson

6) Andrew Puzder (btw – I no longer will eat at Hardee’s)

7) anti-semitism

8) Russia

9) Texas

10) Scott Walker of Wisconsin

11) North Korea

12) John C. Calhoun

13) Montella, Italy

14) 1619 – brought to Virginia

15) Sally Q. Yates

16) one China – see here and here
17) cult. or actually a glassy eyed cult

18) Samsung

19) Vice-Admiral Robert Harward

20) Clarence Thomas’s wife Ginny is deep in the fight to ban Muslims from entering the country.

21) I ain’t gettin’ nothin’ I tell ya, nothin’!

Sunday Funday: Who Knew? Edition

What the heck? An administration spokesperson can’t use their position to hawk goods for the bosses daughter? Who knew?

The White House’s chief strategist seems to be trying to push the Pope out of his job? That does not make the president look good? Who knew?

Not sure what a strong dollar means? You shouldn’t ask your National Security Adviser? Who Knew?

A senator can’t read a letter from a prominent American concerning the character of a cabinet nominee on the Senate floor during open debate? Who Knew?

The Secretary of Education should be smarter than a 5th grader? Who knew?

Once more this week we will include some questions on black history. Were you paying attention?

1) 45 took to Twitter to lambaste what company for not carrying his daughter’s merchandise Wednesday?

2) Which administration official then did an impromptu commercial on Fox News for Ivanka the next day?

3) The current administration claims terrorist attacks that never happened. What long ago Republican senator claimed to have a list of communists in the State department that never existed either?

4) Feb. 12, 1809. What two men were born that would have a major impact on human history?

5) What was the Great Migration?

6) How did Iowa’s senators vote on the confirmation of Betsy DeVos for Education Secretary?

7) “She was warned. Nevertheless she persisted.” Thus explained Mitch McConnell as Elizabeth Warren was banned from speaking on what subject in the senate?

8) What Bush era ‘torture-is-good’ memo writer say 45 has gone to far for even him?

9) What is the chapter of the Iowa code Republicans claim to be updating as they destroy Iowa’s public unions?

10) Attacks on the judiciary by administration officials were labeled “disheartening” by what administration nominee?

11) Fannie Lou Hamer led an integrated delegation of Democrats from what state that tried to unseat that state’s regular delegation?

12) February 12, 1999 what dramatic vote took place in the US Senate? (hint: concerned Clinton)

13) The city council of Seattle, Washington withdrew it money from Wells Fargo because of that bank’s funding of what project?

14) Thurgood Marshall was the first African-American on the Supreme Court. Who appointed Marshall to the Court?

15) The leader of which country visited the US Friday?

16) Next week Rep. Ted Lieu of California will introduce a bill to have a full time what at the White House?

17) What Indianapolis company will move operations to Mexico despite public shaming by the administration?

18) Kamala Harris of California is the second black woman in the US Senate. Who was the first?

19) Gun sales have dropped since the fear of who confiscating guns has passed?

20) Sean Spicer said he hoped that if who were still alive, she would support Jeff Sessions for Attorney General?

Tweet from Hillary Clinton Thursday after the Appeals Court handed the administration a loss on banning immigrants from certain countries: “3-0”


1) Nordstrom’s

2) KellyAnne Conway

3) Joseph McCarthy

4) Abraham Lincoln and Charles Darwin

5) the migration of southern blacks to northern cities for economic reasons from 1916 to 1970

6) of course both voted to confirm

7) Jefferson B. Sessions confirmation.

8) John Yoo

9) chapter 20

11) Mississippi

12) The senate voted not to impeach Pres. Clinton

13) DAPL

14) Lyndon Johnson

15) Japan

16) a psychiatrist

17) Rexnord Corp. Indy will lose 300 jobs.

18) Carol Mosley Braun of Illinois

19) Obama

20) Coretta Scott King. Yep her really said that.

Sunday Funday: Frederick Douglass For The Win Edition

here comes the cabinet

It was almost as if Frederick Douglass reached from beyond the grave to make a fool out of our buffoon of a president. When asked about Frederick Douglass, our buffoon of a president responded:
“Frederick Douglass is an example of somebody who’s done an amazing job and is getting recognized more and more, I notice.”

Everyone immediately caught on that the president had no idea just who Douglass was. Somehow I just have to believe that Frederick Douglass put the words in the president’s mouth. Somewhere I just have to think Frederick Douglass once more made a fool of a racist. Thank you, Frederick Douglass for one more lesson.

It is black history month (for the Trump lovers, the other 11 months, and really February also, are white history months) so we will throw in a couple of questions in that area.

Were you paying attention?

1) A Navy Seal unit in convoy near Lexington, Kentucky Sunday was spotted flying what flag from at least one of their vehicles?

2) Who remembers the Bowling Green Massacre? Apparently only what presidential spokesperson?

3) Who was the first African-American to run for president?

4) In a really odd omission, Trump failed to mention what group in his Holocaust remembrance speech?

5) In an act reminiscent of Nixon’s Saturday Night Massacre, who was fired over a stated position that would not defend a presidential policy?

6) The Dred Scott case (Dred Scott vs. Sanford). Who won?

7) On a phone call, president 45 threatened the leader of what country he might invade them?

8) On another rancorous phone call, president 45 simply hung up on what supposed ally?

9) 30 year old shoemake Homer Plessy refusal to move from a Whites only railcar led to what policy expressed by the Supreme Court?

10) What company lost over 200,000 customers when that company took advantage of a New York taxi strike over 45’s Muslim ban?

11) On a party line vote the Iowa Senate passed a bill that would defund what organization?

12) Nordstrom’s announced Thursday that it would no longer carry whose clothing line?

13) 0 sum game: 45 signed an order stating that for every new regulation an agency must eliminate how many regulations?

14) The Alan Turing law was passed in the UK. This will clear 49,000 people of crimes based on the fact that they were what?

15) Jim Crow laws were state laws that did what?

16) What other two countries also celebrate black history month?

17) What man had the most no votes ever by far for any Secretary of State confirmation?

18) SCOTUS nominee Gorsuch’s mother Anne held what cabinet post under Reagan?

19) How many black governors have there been in the US?

20) Loving vs. Virginia ended what discriminatory practice in 1967?

It has only been two weeks??? We must support each other. It will be a long and rough road.


1) a blue flag with “TRUMP” on it.

2) KellyAnne Conway. 45 probably does too

3) Shirley Chisholm (1972 I believe)

4) Jews.

5) Sally Yates, the acting Attorney General. She said her department could not defend Trump’s Muslim ban

6) Sanford. Scott was determined to be property of his owner in a 7-2 vote

7) Mexico.

8) Malcolm Turnbull, PM of Australia

9) “Separate but Equal”

10) Uber

11) Planned Parenthood

12) Ivanka Trump’s. Seems no one is buying it

13) 2 regulations. eventual we have no regulations left.

14) Gay. Laws they were convicted under no longer exist

15) enforced segregation

16) Canada (February) and the UK (October)

17) Tillerson. he had 43. Henry Clay with 14 no votes and Condi Rice with 13 are next

18) She was the head of the EPA and pretty much dismantled it

19) 2 – Doug Wilder in Virginia and Devol Patrick in Mass.

20) bans on interracial marriage

Sunday Funday: Don’t Be A Sucker Edition

First question for today:
Are there any lessons for today in the following 1947 from the US military produced post WWII? (17.5 minutes)

1) A 140,000 gallon diesel pipeline spill occurred on farm ground in what northern Iowa county?

2) “Alternate Facts” will be a phrase that will hang around forever. What administration spokesperson uttered this toxic phrase on network TV?

3) In a really unusual move, what foreign leader made an appearance in front of a Republican party gathering rather than before Congress?

4) What TV star who died last week had a series that was a major step forward in showing women could stand on their own?

5) Our enemies are now friends and our friends are now enemies. The head of what country cancelled a trip to visit the new president last week?

6) Vladimir Putin claimed last week (and our new president would no doubt concur) that Russia had the very best what?

7) What is the latest number of illegal voters that our new president claims voted in November?

8) How many instances of voter fraud have been substantiated?

9) One of the methods of paying for the Republican Wall against Mexico was a tariff of how much on goods coming from Mexico?

10) Another misguided Republican bill in the Iowa legislature would expand the religious reasons for parents to opt out of what?

11) What ballot initiative was given the go ahead to start collecting signatures to put the measure on the ballot in California?

12) For the first time in its 70 year history the Doomsday Clock has been moved how much closer to Midnight?

13) What was the reason scientists in charge of the Doomsday Clock gave for the move they made?

14) The new president ran into heavy Republican opposition as he moved to reinstitute what tactic used under W?

15) What ethics watchdog group filed a lawsuit against the new president for violating the emoluments clause of the constitution?

16) What American city did the president threaten to invade if they didn’t do more to reduce crime?

17) The governor of Minnesota collapsed Monday during his state of the state address due to what?

18) An official complaint against Trump in what foreign country was expanded Wednesday to include not having proper permits added to tax evasion?

19) Butch Trucks died last week. He was a founding member of what iconic rock band?

20) The senior staff of what cabinet level department all quit Thursday?



1) Worth

2) KellyAnne Conway

3) Theresa May PM of Great Britain

4) Mary Tyler Moore

5) Mexico. He cancelled in reaction to Trump signing an order to build The Republican Wall Against Mexico

6) prostitutes. Surely Donny agrees

7) over 5million (or that was the last I heard and every on voted for Hillary)

8) 4 – all republicans including one in Iowa

9) 20% – remember Iowans, Mexico buys a lot of our corn

10) childhood vaccinations

11) Calexit or an initiative for California to leave the US

12) 30 seconds

13) Donald Trump and heated up nuclear weapon talk and backing off on climate action

14) torture. Thune noted it was against the law

15) CREW (citizens for responsibility and ethics in Washington)

16) Chicago – he actually said he’d send in the National Guard. But if they are nit requested, I’d say it’s an invasion.

17) prostate cancer

18) Mexico – Trump signed the wall order later

19) the Allman Brothers band

20) State Department

A signature line seen on the internet:
Truth Justice and the American way -that’s all we ask. I refuse to subscribe to the culture of victimization that plagues white males in this country. The poor and the powerless are not the ones organized to screw me over.

Sunday Funday: Betsy Devos Is A Twit Edition

Normally I try to stay light for the Sunday morning quiz. After watching several tapes of Betsy De Vos avoiding Democratic questions at her confirmation hearing, I decided the lightness of her intellect would so fit in with a Sunday morning. Hard to believe that someone who spent any time in a private education system could come out so devoid of substance. What is not hard to believe is that she would be an extreme radical Republican pick to make a mockery of education in this country. Remember as she sets us back in education, the rest of the world will be plunging ahead leaving us way behind.

Were you Paying attention?

1) Among the pardons that President Obama did NOT grant was one to what former Alabama governor?

2) Walter Shaub, Jr. has what now critical government as we enter the Trump era?

3) What Trump appointee thought his department was a goodwill ambassador for the gas and oil industry?

4) As of Friday how many of the 690 jobs that Trump needed to fill had nominees?

5) Commerce Secretary nominee Wilbur Ross has off-shored how many US jobs as a vulture capitalist since 2004?

6) After tweets mentioning the small size of the crowd at Friday’s inauguration, what cabinet department had it’s twitter account closed by the new administration?

7) The big top folds. What American entertainment institution announced it would be closing down this year?

8) What Trump nominee appears to have broken the STOCK act involving the purchase of stock based on insider congressional knowledge?

9) A stunning report released on the eve of the Davos economic meeting revealed that what number of the wealthiest have the same total wealth as the poorest half of the world’s population?

10) The wife of the man who committed what largest mass murder was arrested as an accessory last week?

11) Former state senator Kent Sorenson received how much time in prison for his part in the pay-for-endorsement with the Ron Paul campaign in 2012?

12) In Connecticut, Republican politician Christopher von Keyserling was arrested for doing what act approved by Donald Trump?

13) What Connecticut University’s Women’s basketball coach saw his team notch its record breaking 91st consecutive victory?

14) Eartbquakes near what major European capital led to evacuations of subways and schools Wednesday?

15) What man wanted by the US reneged on his promise to accept extradition to the US if Chelsea Manning was pardoned?

16) Fiona Apple released what brand new song in time for the Trump festivities concerning Trump’s attitude toward women?

17) The big winners if repeal of the ACA goes through will be which group of Americans?

18) What former first couple both landed in the hospital in Houston last week?

19) A former Apprentice contestant is suing what former reality star for defamation of character after she says he lied about touching her inappropriately?

20) In Iowa, state senator Mark Chelgrin introduced a bill that would allow women to sue doctors who performed their abortions for what at any point in their lifetime?

Imagine what Keystone Kops director Mack Sennet could do with the Trump cabinet?


1) Don Siegelman who was railroaded with trumped up charges

2) heads Office of Government Ethics

3) Rick Perry – but he looks smart in his new glasses

4) 28. Trump will be taking the weekend off

5) 2700

6) Dep’t of the Interior – National Park Service employees mentioned the crowd size compared to 2009

7) Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus

8) Tom Price

9) 8 individuals

10) The mass murder at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Fl.

11) a mere 15 months

12) grabbing a woman by the genitals. She is a lawyer. He said he was just being playful.

13) Geno Auriema

14) Rome

15) Julian Assange

16) “Tiny Hands”

17) the rich will be getting big tax cuts as many lose their coverage

18) George HW and Barbara Bush

19) Donald Trump

20) emotional distress

The resistance begins. It is as close as your telephone and computer.