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Sunday Funday: Graduation Time

Before they can graduate they must pass this week's quiz

Before they can graduate they must pass this week’s quiz

May is for graduations. We hope all of you graduates out there have a very successful post graduation, whether it be going on to further education or taking s crack at the working world. There is much work that needs to be done in the United States these days, the question is whether anyone is willing to pay to have it done.

Were you paying attention last week?

1) At an NRA convention in Louisville, Donald Trump declared that who would “abolish the 2nd amendment?”

2) Tourists at Yellowstone Park tried to assist a baby bison that looked to be ill. What happened to this bison?

3) Tuesday saw one more round of presidential primaries. Which Democrat won in Kentucky?

4) Eric Fanning was confirmed as Secretary of the Army by the senate Tuesday. What is significant about this appointment?

5) $57,600,000 was the price for what jewel sold at auction in Geneva, Switzerland on Wednesday?

6) Accusations flew back and forth between Clinton and Sanders camps all week concerning conventions the previous week in what state?

7) US Special Forces last week admitted they are helping what country to fight ISIS?

8) An estimated 279 pregnant women in the US may have been infected with what?

9) A young woman in Connecticut who had just donated her hair to make wigs for children with cancer was accused by another customer in a Walmart restroom of being what?

10) The man who recommended Sarah Palin to John McCain has been hired by Trump to do what?

11) An EgyptAir flight disappeared over the Mediterranean Sea Thursday on a flight from where to where?

12) Golfer Phil Mickelson, whose disdain for paying taxes is well known, was charged by the SEC with what on Thursday?

13) The gun used to kill Trayvon Martin was reportedly sold on an internet auction site for how much?

14) Last week “60 Minutes” had tribute to this long time reporter; this week the reporter died. Who was this “60 Minutes” reporter?

15) In Oklahoma, Governor Mary Fallin vetoed a bill that would have made what a felony?

16) Donald Trump met with what former very controversial Secretary of State last week?

17) Scientists unveiled evidence that what had taken place on Mars millions of years ago?

18) June 22 at 2PM what former 2nd person in succession to the presidency will report to federal prison to begin his sentence on violating banking laws?

19) Philodi, Rajasthan, India reported a high temperature of 51 Celsius Thursday. What is that in Fahrenheit?

20) Friday afternoon an armed man was shot by Secret Service near what national building?

One of the youngsters we mentored is graduating this year and has earned a ton of scholarships. Makes us feel so good to see her success.


1) Hillary Clinton – all by herself. Read that constitution, Donny – may come in handy some day

2) After his contact with humans he was rejected by other bison and ended up having to be put down.

3) Clinton

4) Fanning is openly gay

5) The “Oppenheimer Blue” diamond

6) Nevada

7) Libya

8) zika virus

9) a transgendered male in the women’s restroom

10) Vet vice presidential candidates. Does he still have the magic?

11) Paris to Cairo

12) insider trading.

13) $120,000

14) Morley Safer

15) performing an abortion.

16) Henry Kissinger

17) a tsunami

18) Dennis Hastert

19) 123.8 F – India is experiencing a severe heat wave this spring

20) The White House. The President was not home.

Sunday Funday: Tomato Planting Time

tomato plant

My dad loved tomatoes. We had a couple plants every year. Like many, as the weather got warmer, he grew antsy to get his planted and get them growing. Even as antsy as he got, he always heeded the warning not to plant until the “ice days of May” had passed. The ice days of May end today. Maybe you noticed last night was damned cold for this time of year. That should be the end of the threat of getting your tomatoes froze off. Iowans, Plant You Tomatoes!

Were you paying attention?

1) One of a Midwesterners worst nightmares, a Nebraska man rode out a tornado by doing what?

2) 44 years ago today what man was shot while running for president? A strange outcome of this incident was to eventually totally change his views on race.

3) Reviews of what Iowa political practice that has national implications began last weekend in Des Moines?

4) Once more going where no President has gone before, the Obama Administration announced the President will visit what historic site at the end of May?

5) The disappearance of five Pacific islands was confirmed last week signaling reality of what climate change phenomena?

6) This summer, the name “Budweiser” will be replaced with what word on all packages in a patriotic marketing move?

7) May 17, 1792. Meeting under a buttonwood tree on Wall Street in New York City, two dozen merchants establish what?

8) Iowa Republicans are promoting who for Donald Trump’s VP?

9) The national mammal of the US has been named. What animal made it back from near extinction to be so named?

10) A passenger was removed before a flight took off when another passenger saw the man scribbling in a foreign language. What was the foreign language?

11) A city councilor is reconsidering his vote in Mason City concerning what hog slaughtering operation?

12) The lawsuits against Trump University had their day in court delayed until when?

13) A summit meeting of Republican leaders had what two people meeting Thursday?

14) With nothing else to do, the US Senate voted over and over on an amendment offered by Tom Cotton that would hinder what major peace effort?

15) President Dilma Rousseff was suspended as President of Brazil pending impeachment trial. How long has she been in office?

16) Ahead of the presidential campaign, candidate Donald Trump has refused to release what?

17) What long standing member of the “60 Minutes” member retired this week?

18) A woman in India became a first time mother at what age thanks to an IVF procedure?

19) In what has to be the ultimate in chutzpah, who is selling the weapon he murdered Trayvon Martin with in an online auction?

20) Who is John Miller?

Have you gotten an insult name from Trump yet? You’re not one of the cool kids until you do!


1) hanging on to a tree.

2) Alabama Governor George Wallace. He later recanted his racial views, due to some of the people that had cared for him after his injury.

3) the Iowa caucuses

4) Hiroshima

5) rising oceans

6) America

7) New York Stock Exchange

8) Joni Ernst

9) the bison

10) mathematics – apparently foreign to many Americans

11) Prestage

12) Nov. 28, 3 weeks after the election

13) Trump and Ryan

14) the Iran treaty

15) since Jan. 1, 2011. Started 2nd term in 2015

16) his tax returns

17) Morley Safer – been there since 1970

18) 72 – yes that is 72

19) George Zimmerman

20) Miller is a person Donald Trump created and played pretending to be a publicist for Trump in the 1970s to the 1990s

Sunday Funday: Some Possible Grassley Campaign Ideas

Sure, I can pass the quiz!

Sure, I can pass the quiz!

Always happy to help out. So today I will suggest some themes that Chuck Grassley can use in his campaign.

“Never Too Old To Be In The Senate!”

“Helping President Trump Put Judge Judy on the Supreme Court”

“Don’t Be My Death Panel, Iowa”

“I’ve Never Had Another Job, So Don’t Fire Me”

“Just Following Orders”

“Party Then Country”

“I Really Hate Cutting My Grass”

Were you paying attention?

1) The Mason City city council tied on a final vote, thus denying what type of company to build a plant in Mason City?

2) And the clown bus empties out. What two of the three remaining candidates dropped out of the Republican presidential race?

3) 101 years ago yesterday (May 7, 1915) what British passenger liner was torpedoed by a German submarine which helped draw the US into WWI?

4) What noted Jesuit priest and peace activist from the Vietnam War era died last Saturday at age 94?

5) Ringling Brothers announced early retirement starting last Sunday for what group of circus performers?

6) Who set a record last week for the shortest Vice-presidential campaign last week?

7) “Welcome to negro night at Washington ….” began what host for the White House Correspondents Dinner?

8) President Obama visited what city under stress Wednesday?

9) A jury found staffers for what former presidential candidate guilt of bribing a former state senator for his endorsement?

10) Speculation on republican vice-presidential candidates includes what Iowa senator?

11) Australian Craig Wright exposed himself as the creator of what computer based exchange medium?

12) On the eve of the Indiana primary Monday, Donald Trump accused Ted Cruz’ father of being involved in what historic crime?

13) What major tech player announced it will work on a new subscription streaming TV package due next year?

14) “America Needs You, __________ ____________” Chicago sang decades ago. What former president’s birthday is today?

15) Researchers at Johns Hopkins University listed what as the 3rd leading cause of death in the US?

16) Wildfires in what Canadian province has forced the total evacuation of a city of 80,000?

17) Friday Londoners elected the first what to be mayor of their city?

18) The Wrestling Hall of Fame rescinded all awards given to what recently disgraced former major politician?

19) The endorsements are not exactly rolling in for Donald Trump. What major Republican leader stated “I’m just not ready to do that (support Trump) at this point”?

20) They may not be tobacco, but the FDA announced Thursday that they would treat what just like other tobacco products?

Answers, answers, answers:

1) Hog slaughter operation

2) John Kasich and Ted Cruz

3) the Lusitania

4) Daniel Berrigan

5) circus elephants YAY!

6) Carly Fiorina

7) Larry Wilmore

8) Flint, Michigan

9) Ron Paul

10) Joni Ernst (really!)

11) bitcoin

12) the assassination of President Kennedy

13) Google (through youtube)

14) Harry Truman

15) medical errors, behind heart disease and cancer.

16) Alberta. The city of Fort MacMurray has been evacuated.

17) Muslim. Sadiq Khan beat Zac Goldsmith in a racially charged campaign

18) Dennis Hastert

19) Speaker of the House Paul Ryan

20) E-cigarettes or vaping

We should have a contest to give our old friend Chuck a hand.

Sunday Funday: May Day! May Day! Edition

May 1 is also an international day in honor of workers

May 1 is also an international day in honor of workers

May Day! Republicans obstruct at state level!
May Day! Koch money will be big in state races!
May Day! Voting rights in danger across the country!
May Day! Money corrupts politics to the core!
May Day! Climate warming rapidly with no stopping in sight!
May Day! Gun Violence in America out of control!
May Day! Labor unions decline hurting all Americans!
May Day! Income inequality worst since 1929!

May Day used to be an international day to honor workers. Well, as Warren Buffet once said, there has been a class warfare and my class won.

Were you paying attention?

1) Stop Trump! What two campaigns aligned to do just that last week?

2) Which US retailer said their transgendered customers could use the bathroom of their choice, prompting immediate protests?

3) Former Pennsylvania senator Harris Wofford stunned many when he announced that he would be getting married (yesterday) to whom?

4) Prince’s death stunned the world last week. Unknown to most, Prince was a devout practitioner of what Christian sect?

5) What national restaurant chain announced it would close 27 restaurants and layoff 1100 workers?

6) What car maker joined Volkswagen in admitting it falsified test results, in this case on fuel consumption, for 25 years?

7) In the Republican party primary in the 4th congressional district, what major Iowa politician refuses to endorse incumbent Steve King?

8) What legendary Indiana athletic figure said he will campaign for Donald Trump prior to Tuesday’s primary?

9) What legendary labor leader was born on May 1st, 1830 in Cork Ireland? A national muckraking magazine in the US is named in this leader’s honor.

10) Republicans in the Iowa House chose to address the water crisis in Des Moines by doing what?
11) John Boehner insulted Lucifer by comparing what presidential candidate to him?

12) The city of Cleveland settled with the family of Tamir Rice for how much in Rice’s death?

13) Former Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert was sentenced to how long in prison in his banking laws case?

14) A fraud case against what presidential candidate was allowed to proceed to trial Tuesday in New York? The case involved a fake “university.”

15) President Obama will be visiting what crisis stricken US city this Wednesday?

16) Prince’s studio in suburban Minneapolis is know as what?

17) Ted Cruz pulled out the woman card and named who as his running mate?

18) Five years ago tomorrow, President Obama came on TV in the evening to announce the death of what man?

19) Tennessee’s governor signed a bill into law that allows counselors to deny service based on what?

20) May 5th, 55 years ago – America stops and watches the launch and 15 minute flight of what man’s suborbital flight?

21) A report Friday highlighted a little known effect of climate change, the deoxygenation of what area of the earth?

22) Looks like a bill to legalize what July 4th favorite will not pass the Iowa legislature this year?

23) Marco Rubio finally dropped his 10 month hold on the nominee for ambassador to what country?

24) In Kenya Friday, officials burned what poached material to send a message that they will not tolerate poaching?

25) The Large Hadron Collider in Bern Switzerland was shut down overnight Thursday due to what?

Enough with the questions! We need answers!

1) Kasich and Cruz. Little late fellows.

2) Target

3) a man, Matthew Charlton, 50 years his junior. Wofford was previously married to a woman.

4) Jehovah’s Witnesses

5) Bob Evans

6) Mitsubishi

7) Gov. Branstad

8) Bobby Knight. Look for a ceremonial chair toss at their joint appearances

9) Mary Harris (Mother) Jones

10) reorganize the Des Moines Water Works Board to cut the urban influence on the board.

11) Ted Cruz

12) $6,000,000

13) 15 months

14) Donald Trump for his Trump University

15) Flint, Michigan

16) Paisley Park

17) Carly Fiorina

18) Osama Bin Laden

19) religious grounds

20) Alan Shepard

21) the oceans

22) fireworks

23) Mexico. Yep, another aspect of Republican obstruction.

24) ivory – some 100 tons (200,000 pounds)

25) a small animal (possibly a weasel) chewed through a power cable.

Cooked weasel for supper again?

Sorry, No Quiz Today

republicans refuse to work

The old quizmaster has some family issues to deal with. He will be back on the job next week with a few extra questions to make up for his absence.

“Til we meet again!

Sunday Funday: Is Spring Really Here?


Let’s see, cats laying on the porch instead of my chair? Check
Buzzy little motors all over the neighborhood? Check
Saturday night races ruining the quietness as we open the windows for the first time in months? Check
Yep, must be spring!

Were you paying attention?

1) Wow. Just 10 days ago, SpaceX landed a missile on on a barge at sea. Truly incredible. What famous entrepreneur is the head of SpaceX?

2) Bernie Sanders asked the GAO what percentage of corporations did not pay federal income taxes last year. The GAO responded with what percent?

3) In Peru the daughter of former Prime Minister Alberto Fujimori led after the first round of voting. Where is Alberto Fujimori at the present time?

4) Former Senator Bob Graham of Florida went on 60 Minutes last weekend to call for the release of what document(s)?

5) April 15th, 1912. What boat sunk after hitting an iceberg?

6) Who did Chuck Grassley have breakfast with Tuesday?

7) In New Jersey, the state School Board has posted its list of religious holidays for which students may be excused. About how many religious holidays are listed? (note: this includes all faiths)

8) What former Beatle said “no, no, no” to a North Carolina appearance?

9) Goldman Sachs agreed to pay more than how much to settle for their conduct related to Mortgage backed securities?

10) “Listen my children and you shall hear, Of the midnight ride of” who? “ ‘Twas the 18th of April in ’75.”

11) What happened on the 19th of April, 1775?

12) What former Iowa congressional candidate was rejected by the Iowa senate for a post on Iowa’s HAWK-I medical program for kids?

13) The Panama Papers take down another world politician as the PM of what former eastern bloc country resigned?

14) Monday, which presidential candidate declared “The system is rigged, it’s crooked”?

15) If approved by parliament, Czechia will be the new name for what country?

16) April 20th, 1889. What infamous world leader is born Braunau am Inn, Austria?

17) What little competition there is in US corporate news got even less last week as what cable news service signed off for the last time Tuesday?

18) Officially, the Center for Disease Control has linked what virus to microcephaly?

19) “I believe you should only turn to a person who has participated in the primary” said what politician as he once again spurned talk of a presidential draft?

20) What team no longer holds the NBA record for wins in a season, as of Wednesday?


1) Elon Musk. He’s also selling a lot of Tesla’s right now

2) 20%

3) He’s in jail in Peru for crimes committed while PM

4) The 28 pages redacted from the 9/11 commission report

5) the Titanic

6) Merrick Garland.

7) 100 (muslim, hindu, christian, bahai, wiccan etc.)

8) Ringo!

9) more than $5 billion

10) Paul Revere

11) the battle of Lexington and Concord and the start of the American Revolution

12) Marrionette Miller-Meeks

13) Ukraine

14) Donald Trump. He was talking about the Republican delegate system

15) The Czech Republic. That won’t be confusing.

16) Adolf Hitler

17) Al Jazeera

18) the zika virus

19) Paul Ryan

20) the Chicago Bulls. The Golden state Warriors won #73 on the last day of the season to pass them.

Sunday Funday: Everyone’s Packing Edition

WWJS - who would Jesus shoot?

WWJS – who would Jesus shoot?

Iowa like so much of the country seems to be headed down the path to the good old days of the wild west. But in a less noisy way. They didn’t have silencers back in the day when the gun ruled the west. With silencers, a mass murderer can kill people in the darkened theater without disturbing other patrons. The silencer also will also help the mass murderer maintain good hearing into his or her old age. See? Isn’t that much better both for customers and patrons?

But if you like noise, now you can blow off your fingers and toes with Iowa bought fireworks this year. Scare the living crap out of livestock, cats, dogs and veterans. Hours of fun for everyone from your friendly Iowa legislature!

To be honest, I am not sure these bills have passed, I am amazed they are even being considered. Our predecessors did have some good ideas.

Were you paying attention last week? Hardly anything happened.

1) Remember the song “A Big Panama with a Purple Hat Band”? After last week “A Big Panama” might refer to what?

2) How many days has it now been since Antonin Scalia died and Charles Grassley has refused to have hearings for a replacement?

3) After a loss of well over 500,000, what bloody American war ended 151 years ago yesterday?

4) How many Tesla Model S cars have been ordered for its late 2017 delivery?

5) Candidate Donald Trump proposed paying off the national debt by doing what?

6) The first casualty of the Panama Papers revelations was the leader of what country?

7) Monday higher minimum wage laws were signed in what two states?

8) Another “religious liberty” bill that allows discrimination based on individual religious beliefs was signed into law in what southern state last week?

9) In one of the most exciting championship games ever, what school won the men’s NCAA basketball championship on a buzzer beater?

10) Connecticut won the women’s NCAA basketball title making it how many straight championships?

11) April 12th, 13th and 14th are significant in the history of American presidents. Which president died on April 12th, which was born on April 13th and which was shot on April 14th?

12) The attorney for what former Speaker of the House is seeking probation for his client claiming he had been “punished by public shaming”?

13) The coloring book for grownups craze has led to a shortage of what?

14) Two men died and 31 were injured when an Amtrak train hit what that was sitting across tracks near Philadelphia?

15) Governor Branstad said everything went well, but Democrats in the legislature heard quite a different story as what was privatized on April 1st?

16) Who got 12 days in prison for each of the 29 men who died in a mine explosion for which this man was found guilty?

17) Pfizer’s attempt to takeover Allergan was scuttled by new rules on what tax avoiding practice by the Obama administration?

18) Connecticut women’s basketball coach, Geno Auriemma, passed what legend for most NCAA championships?

19) After Donald Trump stated he would pay for the Mexican wall by taking money from money orders from the US to Mexico, Steve King stated that such money is usual what?

20) A leak in the Trans-Canada pipeline in South Dakota first estimated at a few gallons was now estimated to be nearly how many gallons?


1) a big tax avoiding account offshore

2) 57

3) the Civil War

4) 325,000

5) sell off government owned assets

6) Iceland

7) New York and California

8) Mississippi

9) Villanova

10) 4

11) FDR, Thomas Jefferson and Lincoln in that order

12) Dennis Hastert. This guy was 3rd in line for the presidency for a decade?

13) colored pencils. don’t throw a tantrum

14) a track maintenance vehicle

15) Medicaid

16) Don Blankenship owner of Massey Coal

17) inversion

18) John Wooden. Auriemma won his 11th championship

19) laundered drug money. Is King racist or is he racist?

20) 16,500 so far, so between 10,000 – 20,000

Sunday Funday: Cruelest Month Edition

hat tip to the Ames Historical Society

hat tip to the Ames Historical Society

No idea why TS Eliot called April the cruelest month and not too interested in learning why. For those of us in the North who are emerging from our winter seclusions we want warmth and sunshine, April often greets us with cold wind and cold rains. If my memory doesn’t fail me, Iowa’s biggest snowstorm occurred somewhere around April 9th or 10th in ’73.

Pretty much every year farmers and gardeners try to rush the season by planting during some of those warm early April days, only to have their tiny crop nipped in the bud by a hard frost in April. This year, though, we can get much warmer air over Iowa as candidates fly over on their way to make speeches for primaries around the country.

Were you paying attention?

1) She played identical cousins, Helen Keller and many other challenging roles all while suffering from bipolar disease. Who was this giant of Hollywood who died last week?

2) Which car company sold 100,000 vehicles in advance of its expected late 2017 rollout?

3) Sadly, this family hosted its last Easter Egg roll Monday. What is this family’s name?

4) At least 20 killed and scores more injured as what crashed down on a crowded neighborhood in Kolkata, India?

5) A suicide bomber killed 72 in an attack in what Pakistan city?

6) The male to female wage gap is one of the major issues in a wage discrimination complaint filed by members of what US sports group?

7) California and Oregon both have democratic governors named Brown. Within a month of each other they will have signed historic legislation relating to what kitchen table issue?

8) April 4th, 1968. What civil rights leader is assassinated in Memphis, Tn. touching off rioting throughout the country?

9) What former MSNBC commentator let it be known that he is accepting offers to get back on the air?

10) Mother Mary Angelica died last week at age 92. She was most well known for founding what cable TV Catholic station?

11) The law school at George Mason University will be named after Antonin Scalia. What somewhat fitting acronym will the law school have?

12) Due to fracking and drilling, Oklahoma rose to the top of the list for most likely to have what kind of disaster?

13) The campaign manager for what presidential candidate was charged with battery last week in an incident with a female reporter from

14) A Washington DC madame is threatening to release a client list that he says will include who?

15) So-called ‘religious liberty’ bills were passed in 3 southern states last week. Which state’s governor signed the bill causing immediate backlash from corporations?

16) A deadlocked Supreme Court last week caused what union fee to remain in effect?

17) An aide to Alabama Governor Robert Bentley resigned in the face of what kind of scandal in his administration?

18) Following the primary debacle in Arizona, voters in other states are checking and finding that their what has been changed?

19) Ohio Governor Kasich blamed what group for his state’s high infant mortality rate?

20) The FBI ended their standoff with Apple over the unlocking of the iPhone of the terrorist bomber by doing what?

Sports fans change balls this weekend. time to replace the basketballs with baseballs.


1) (Anna) Patty Duke

2) the much anticipated Tesla model 3

3) Obama

4) An overpass

5) Lahore. He blew himself up next to a playground, killing mostly women and children

6) the women’s US soccer ieam

7) minimum wage. Gov. Kate Brown of Oregon signed legislation last month, Jerry Brown of California expected to sign bill Monday.

8) Martin Luther King

9) Keith Olbermann

10) EWTN – eternal word television network

11) Antonin Scalia School of Law or ASSOL

12) earthquake

13) Trump’s manager Corey Lewandowski

14) a major presidential candidate still in the race.

15) North Carolina. Governors in Georgia and Virginia vetoed such bills.

16) fair share or agency fees that non-union members pay for representation by the union.

17) a sex scandal. The aide is said to be involved sexually with the governor and being paid by the state. (Rebekah Mason Caldwell)

18) party affiliation on their voting registration.

19) the black community

20) having a 3rd party hacker crack the code.

See you next week.

Sunday Funday: Smoking Of The Green Edition

this picture has nothing to do with today's puzzle. But Easter is next week

this picture has nothing to do with today’s puzzle. But Easter is next week

Another great quote from John Fugelsang this one concerning St. Patrick’s Day festivities:
“Alcohol: 75,000 US deaths per year. Cannabis: Zero. Maybe next St. Patrick’s Day more people need to go green.”

And there is green in that there green: Oregon generated $3.48 million in taxes in their first month of legalized sales. Iowa can’t even let sick people who desperately need medical marijuana have a sniff.

Were you paying attention?

1) Despite repeated warnings from Republicans that they would stomp their feet and refuse to play, Pres. Obama named who as his SCOTUS nominee?

2) Sad incident on the Iditarod trail in Alaska when at least one dog was killed by a what?

3) Five Sheriff’s deputies in Cumberland County (Fayetteville) N.C. were demoted and lost pay due to their conduct at what presidential campaign rally?

4) Chuck Grassley relented a bit and said he will meet with the SCOTUS nominee for what purpose?

5) Big primaries last Tuesday. Who put a small roadblock in the way of Donald Trump’s path to the Republican nomination Tuesday?

6) The man who shot people in Kalamazoo Michigan claimed his mind had been taken over by what?

7) On the Democratic side in Tuesday’s primaries, despite some very close races who ran the table Tuesday?

8) In a major reversal of a previously announced policy, the Obama Administration said that it will no longer allow oil drilling where?

9) March 25th, 1911 fire raged through a garment factory in NYC, killing 123 young women and 23 men. This incident is infamously known as what?

10) A three member panel from the Legislative Services Agency labeled Iowa’s economy as what last week?

11) An NFL official last week admitted there was a link between football and what?

12) An internet video went viral last week that showed a man at a Kellogg factory doing what?

13) Monday who announced a withdrawal of troops from Syria, surprising the world?

14) How many states did Marco Rubio win before dropping out of the presidential race Tuesday?

15) Once again Donald Trump said what may take place at the convention if the power brokers deny him the nomination?

16) Despite what happened in Indiana and Arkansas when those states passed a bill allowing discrimination by religious followers, what state passed another such bill last week?

17) What two former Iowa Lt. Governors led a group calling for Senator Grassley to hold hearings for President Obama’s SCOTUS nominee?

18) Having made the ethanol industry mad, what Republican congressman now faces a primary challenge in June?

19) Appearing before the House Oversight Committee Michigan Governor Rick Snyder said blame for the Flint water crisis belongs to who?

20) The Economist listed the election of what presidential candidate as a threat to the world economy equal to jihadi terrorism?

The High Holy Days of Basketball reach a crescendo this week with the start of the NCAA tournament. Enjoy


1) Merrick Garland

2) a drunken snowmobile driver

3) a Trump rally

4) to tell Garland that he (Grassley) will refuse to hold a hearing on his nomination

5) John Kasich won Ohio. Trump took the rest

6) the Uber app

7) Hillary Clinton

8) the Atlantic Ocean

9) the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire.

10) “lackluster”

11) brain damage (CET specifically)

12) peeing on products made at a Kellogg production plant in Memphis, Tn.

13) Putin

14) one – Minnesota

15) riots

16) Georgia

17) Joy Corning (R) and Sally Pederson (D) with the group “Justice, Not Politics”

18) Steve King will be challenged by State Senator Rick Bertrand

19) not him of course – the EPA.

20) Trump.

Sunday Funday: St. Paddy’s Day Edition

st. patrick drives the snakes

As one who claims Irish heritage and was prone to a swallow of green beer on March 17th this time of year comes with many somewhat blithered memories. All that mixed in with Irish lore – St. Paddy chasing the snakes from Ireland, leprechauns, the great potato famine, all those Irish politicians and of course the blarney. As the old Irish wish goes, May you be in heaven half an hour before the devil knows your dead.

Were you paying attention?

1) It was a little less formal when what neighbor came calling at the White House last week?

2) Did you set your clock ahead this morning?

3) The primary season supplied its first major upset when what candidate squeaked out a narrow victory in Michigan?

4) What two favorite son candidates will try to stop the Trump victory march in what two states Tuesday?

5) Who dropped out of the presidential race he was never really in last Monday?

6) The SCOTUS unanimously reversed a ruling from what state that prohibited lesbians from adopting?

7) Last Friday was the 5th anniversary of what major world disaster?

8) Sen. John Cornyn of Texas said any Obama nominee to the Supreme Court would be treated like a what by Republican senators?

9) Iowa’s state senate voted to extend hate crime laws to cover what group?

10) Who was famously murdered on the Ides (15th) of March?

11) The richest female athlete in the world admitted to taking a banned substance last week. Who is the female athlete?

12) What man who was instrumental in the background as producer and arranger for the Beatles died at age 90 last week?

13) In West Virginia lawmakers made what substance legal then got sick when they sampled some?

14) Republicans in the Iowa House jumped on the stupid train last week when they voted to ban researched using what?

15) A female reporter from what right wing website was beaten by Trump’s campaign manager at a Trump rally but the story was covered up by the website?

16) The US claimed that it killed 150 terrorists with an air strike in what country?

17) In a scandal in the newspaper industry, the editor of what section of USA Today has been accused of stealing some of his material from the New York Times?

18) Big endorsement for the Trump campaign. What former foe turned friend with his endorsement Friday?

19) Right wing media slammed President Obama for not going to whose funeral?

20) Which Republican candidate declared Friday that after Thursday’s debate he is “done debating”?

And the High Holy Days of basketball approacheth quickly. The high school portion has ended. Services may be viewed most any time of day next week as the season comes to a climax.

1) Canadian PM Justin Trudeau.

2) if you did you got it right this time!

3) Bernie Sanders

4) Kasich in Ohio and Rubio in Florida

5) Michael Bloomberg

6) Alabama

7) Fukishima

8) a piñata

9) transgendered people

10) Julius Caesar

11) Maria Sharapova pro tennis player

12) George Martin

13) unpastuerized milk

14) fetal tissue from abortions

15) Breitbart news

16) Somolia

17) crossword puzzle

18) Ben Carson. He had to soften his previous description of Trump as “pathological”

19) Nancy Reagan

20) Donald Trump of course.

Enjoy your Sunday!