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Sunday Funday: Who Cares About The Super Bowl

chili bowl never lets you down

chili bowl never lets you down

The Super Bowl is much like Donald Trump. Since you hear about it in nearly every other sentence at some point you become curious about what it looks like. But I have fallen for that trick before. Yet again this year I will try not to watch any of it. Pro football to me is quite boring. Fifteen minutes of “action” fit into sixty minutes of game clock crammed into 200+ minutes of TV time. By my counting that is 200 minutes – 15minutes of “action” = 185 minutes of what? Mostly commercials.

I hate commercials with a passion. I especially hate commercials after being subjected to 6 months of the most intense lying in the guise of Republican commercials I have ever seen. “But what about those new commercials for the Super Bowl?” you ask. Chances are if I turn on TV sometime in my future life I will run into one of those commercials. If not and I really want to see it, youtube will have it I am sure.

Were you paying attention?

1) In one of the saddest moments of the campaign, what Republican presidential candidate had to ask his audience to “please clap” following one of his statements?

2) Ted Cruz’s campaign tweeted that what competitor had dropped out just before the Iowa caucuses?

3) The State Department’s Inspector General revealed Thursday that what former female Secretary of State used private email for classified information?

4) Who won the Iowa Democratic Party caucuses Monday?

5) Ted Cruz won the Republican caucuses. Who accused Cruz of cheating to do so?

6) The threat of what forecast for Monday night fortunately held off until the caucuses were over?

7) The nation’s right wing went crazy after the president visited what Wednesday?

8) Can you name the three Republicans who dropped out after the Iowa caucuses?

9) It is Black History Month. What is Brown’s full name from the famous Brown v. Board school anti-segragation case?

10) In the above case what Board was the defendant in the case?

11) Once the darling of the early tech companies this former giant announced they would lay off 1700 workers this week?

12) (black history) Claudette Colvin did it first but was hardly noticed. A year later what civil rights icon sat down on a bus and launched the Montgomery bus boycott?

13) She’s baaack! What daughter of a former vice-president announced she would run for the House seat from Wyoming?

14) Apple stock has struggled and Alphabet is now the most valuable public company. What does Alphabet do?

15) (black history) 1967 in the case of Loving v. Virginia, SCOTUS overturned what that was previously banned especially in southern states?

16) What documentary film maker and famous former Flint resident found himself in the hospital with pneumonia as his latest film opened in the US?

17) What former head of the NAACP endorsed Bernie Sanders late last week?

18) What Iowa politician had previously asked Republicans to vote against Ted Cruz at the caucuses?

19) What Republican came in third and acted as if he had won the Iowa caucuses?

20) Mitt Romney promised unemployment under 6% by 2020 if he was elected president in 2012. What was unemployment officially as of Friday?

Got to admit, the caucuses really took it out of me. The good news is that the next caucuses will be much easier as we meet to re-elect the Democrat that wins in November.


1) Jeb! Bush

2) Ben Carson – Carson went home to Florida to change clothes. The Cruz capping claimed Carson dropped out

3) Condoleezza Rice

4) Officially so far Hillary Clinton

5) Donald Trump ( Terry Branstad did so also)

6) blizzard or a major snowstorm

7) a mosque

8) Rand Paul, Rick Santorum and Mike Huckabee

9) Linda Brown

10) Board of Education of Topeka, Kansas

11) Yahoo!

12) Rosa Parks

13) Liz Cheney

14) it is the parent company of Google

15) inter-racial marriage

16) Michael Moore

17) Ben Jealous

18) Terry Branstad

19) Marco Rubio

20) 4.9%

Shoot I don’t even know when kickoff is……..

Sunday Funday: Happy Caucus Eve

Who will emerge tomorrow night?

Who will emerge tomorrow night?

Well I guess this is Iowa’s version of the Super Bowl. The eyes of the nation, and some around the world will be watching to see what the farmers, factory workers, clerks, small business owners, students and professionals that call Iowa home will do as they gather in community centers across the state tomorrow. Then at 9PM as if ordered by some supreme master people and equipment will be leaving Iowa en masse to swarm on the next step in the process.

While Tuesday morning may feel like the day after Christmas to many here in Iowa – you know the “is the magic really over?” feeling – Mother Nature has already chosen an activity for us. Snow removal. One of Iowa’s favorite wintertime activities will be there waiting for us the next morning. Isn’t Mother Nature wonderful?

Were you paying attention?

1) When the clown bus unloaded in Des Moines Thursday night and attendance was taken before the Republican debate one was missing. Which one?

2) Friday (Jan. 29) was the seventh anniversary of the Fair Pay Act being signed into law. This law is better known by what person’s name?

3) Iowa’s caucus system was forced to move to much earlier in the process following new rules for selecting Democratic delegates following what tumultuous convention?

4) As the biggest newspaper in the first state test of presidential politics, the Des Moines Register endorsed what two candidates last week?

5) Super Bowl next week. Who’s playing?

6) In Des Moines what Republican presidential candidate hijacked a pre-school field trip to the botanical gardens to use the kids as props for an anti-abortion rally?

7) The owner of what major league baseball team is running ads against Bernie Sanders in Iowa prior to the caucuses?

8) Last Sunday in Muscatine Donald Trump added what religious group to the long list of groups he hates?

9) Feb. 1, 1960 in Greensboro, NC, 4 black students were refused service at a Woolworth lunch counter but stayed at the counter starting what form of protest?

10) Texas tried to prosecute Planned Parenthood, but last week the prosecution had some surprise results when the grand jury instead indicted who?

11) When federal officials arrested protesters near Burns, Oregon one protester was shot and killed. This man was best known for pictures of him covered by what?

12) Canada announced they will screen travelers to Central and South America from blood donations in an attempt to slow the spread of what virus?

13) President Obama banned what for juveniles in federal prisons Monday?

14) Prior to the Republican debates in Iowa Thursday fast food workers picketed the venue with what demand?

15) A $25 repair fee seemed to be the cause of a gunfight between the owner of what kind of store, his son and two customers in Mississippi last week?

16) Iowa’s caucuses got big media attention when what democratic candidate was propelled to an eventual gig in the White House with a good showing in Iowa?

17) Now here’s endorsements that might mean something. Donald Trump was endorsed by what two U of Iowa groups at a rally at the U of Iowa Fieldhouse Tuesday?

18) What evangelical ran second to Bob Dole in Iowa’s Republican caucus in 1988?

19) McDonald’s latest offering, mozzarella sticks, is facing a hard introduction due to what problem?

20) In 2008, Hillary Clinton finished in what position in the Iowa caucuses?

Now don’t forget we are all democrats, so play well together.


1) Donald Trump. They lost the Donald

2) Lilly Ledbetter

3) Chicago 1968

4) Hillary Clinton (dem) and Marco Rubio (rep)

5) Denver and Carolina. The game will be played in San Francisco a city that now seems to located in Santa Clara

6) Carly Fiorina

7) Chicago Cubs

8) Sikhs – Trump had a Sikh man removed who was silently holding a sign that said “Stop Hate”

9) sit-ins

10) the pair that filmed the bogus”documentary” that led to the investigation for falsifying records.

11) a blue tarp

12) The zika virus that may be the cause of microcephalic babies

13) solitary confinement

14) $15/hr. minimum wage

15) a gun store. The shop owner and his son were killed and the cutovers, also father and son, were gravely injured. Not sure who the good guy with the gun was here.

16) Jimmy Carter

17) members of the U of Iowa football and wrestling teams

18) Pat Robertson. Just imagine him as president

19) the mozzarella cheese is often missing from the sticks

20) 3rd behind Obama and Edwards

Sunday Funday: Sara’s Back Edition

Comedians of America breath a sigh of relief as Sara Palin gives them material to cover another several weeks of jokes. Stephen Colbert is on it early.

Stop laughing, it’s time for the quiz.

1) What city in Iowa was lucky enough to host these two incomparable people last week for this endorsement?

2) Another member of rock and roll royalty died early this week. What founding member of the Eagles passed on last Sunday?

3) What soft-core porn magazine became a victim of easily accessed online porn and announced it will cease publication in the future?

4) Hoping to avoid a disaster like last year in Iowa, officials believe a strain of what was contained in Indiana?

5) In the gambling world, one of Iowa’s chief concerns this year will be what, like many other states?

6) Forty-three years ago last Friday the SCOTUS announced its decision in what controversial case?

7) Calls have been issued for a boycott of the Oscars over what issue?

8) In what may be a sad note on the humor front, satirical magazine The Onion was reportedly bought by what corporation?

9) Cases of what mosquito borne disease that appears to be a cause of babies born with microcephaly (small head syndrome) have been reported in the US?

10) Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad sent shock waves throughout the Republican Party when he called for the defeat of what presidential candidate?

11) Oxfam released a new study that said that half of the world’s population has as much total wealth as the richest how many?

12) Looks like Pluto has a big brother. A new planet may have been discovered way beyond Pluto. It appears to be comparable to what other planet in size?

13) In a first, Taiwan elected a what as their new president?

14) Iranian prisoners held in the US chose to do what following their release in the prisoner exchange with Iran last week?

15) A film released this week purports to be a documentary on what recent incident?

16) The British parliament held a three hour discussion on banning what or who from entering Britain?

17) Track Palin was arrested and charged with domestic battery in Alaska last week. Who did his mother, Sara Palin, blame for there incident?

18) A feature of government in Michigan allows the governor to usurp locally elected officials with a what?

19) Conservative magazine National Review devoted its latest issue to taking down which Republican presidential candidate?

20) The NLRB ruled that what company retaliated unlawfully against strikers in 2013 and must reinstate the 16 workers it dismissed?

How many climate deniers have gone on Fox this weekend and made a snowball to show climate change doesn’t work?

1) Ames

2) Glenn Frey

3) Penthouse

4) avian flu ( let’s hope they are right.)

5) fantasy sports betting

6) Rowe v. Wade (abortion)

7) lack of diversity among the nominations

8) Univision

9) zika virus. It started showing up in Brazil last year. Hawaii had a case last month. Two pregnant US women were infected after travel to Central America.

10) Ted Cruz

11) 62.

12) Neptune

13) woman

14) stay in the US

15) Benghazi. “13 Hours” is a right wing hit job on Clinton and Obama. But a huge bomb at the box office.

16) Donald Trump

17) President Obama

18) an emergency manager or an emergency financial manager

19) Donald Trump

20) Walmart

See you next week!

Sunday Funday: Debate Day Edition

but can they pass the quiz?

but can they pass the quiz?

There will be a real debate among candidates who truly want to lead this country and are prepared through their experience and temperament to do so. Therefore, it will be in contrast to the junior high lunch room food fights over who can hate the most people and groups. Real issues will be discussed and real world solutions will be offered. Hopefully,  Americans will be able to deal with this type of format. Hopefully, most Americans will be informed enough to understand real issues.

Also, unlike the recent Republican debate, this debate will be shown on network television – NBC – at 8PM central time. And one more major difference will be that the moderator will be an actual journalist, Lester Holt, rather than a handpicked cheerleader. So watch for the intellectual stimulation and self-edification.

Were you paying attention last week? It was surely a busy week!

1) Which Republican presidential candidate refused to participate in his party’s debate because he was demoted to the undercard debate?

2) One of the major issues at the Republican debate was Ted Cruz’s birthplace. Where was Ted Cruz born?

3) Marco Rubio may also have a birth issue. Do you know what it is?

4) In the State of the State speech, Governor Branstad pushed to get money for water quality from a tax currently going to what?

5) Today is birthday #74 for The Greatest. Who is The Greatest?

6) Many folks last week spent time dreaming about how they would spend their lottery winnings. What was the final jackpot worth?

7) Just prior to the State of the Union address a US Navy boat was picked up by what country?

8) David Bowie died of cancer last Sunday. Bowie was not his real last name, but he needed to change his real name because there was already a rock and roll star that shared what name that was Bowie’s real name?

9) Bowie’s last recording was released when?

10) Darn it! Iowa didn’t win the collegiate football championship last week. Who did?

11) Oscar nominations were announced Thursday. Which nominated picture told the story of uncovering the priest sex scandal in the Boston Archdiocese?

12) SCOTUS struck down Florida’s death penalty because it is imposed by who or what?

13) Texas Gov. Greg Abbot and presidential contender Marco Rubio renewed calls for a special convention to do what?

14) The Sanctuary Occupiers in Oregon sent out a call for help to get needed supplies for their occupation. Instead of supplies they have gotten boxes of what?

15) Oil prices slipped under what threshold Friday dragging the stock market down with it?

16) Donald Trump stopped for a hamburger at a New Hampshire diner. Another patron called Trump what as she exited the diner?

17) What just beyond fledgling cable news channel announced it would cease operations before April 30th?

18) What GOP governor and VP possibility told an interviewer that “we’ve never in the history of this country passed any laws or done anything based on race or religion. Let’s not start that now.”?

19) For $217 million each, the US Navy bought 10 ships that can’t withstand what?

20) A dangerous strain of flu is spreading big concerns across the US in what domestic species?

It will be very cold tonight so a fire and popcorn will be good additions to watching tonight’s debate.


1) Rand Paul

2) Calgary, Alberta Canada

3) he was born in Miami, but neither parent was a citizen. Some are questioning his eligibility.

4) school infrastructure

5) Muhammed Ali

6) $1.6 billion as an annuity

7) Iran. the boat had strayed in the Persian Gulf

8) David Jones (Davy Jones of the Monkees)

9) On his 69th birthday two days before he died

10) Alabama again

11) Spotlight

12) the death penally was imposed by a judge only, no jury

13) amend the constitution. Abbot has 9 big changes he thinks the country needs

14) dildos

15) $30 a barrel.

16) a racist. “enjoy your burger, racist.” she shouted at Trump as she left

17) Al Jazeera US

18) Gov. Nikki Haley of South Carolina

19) high seas. Not good for a navy ship

20) dogs

Oh and a Happy Birthday goes out to a Michelle Obama of Washington, DC from the folks here at blogforiowa.

Sunday Funday: Damn Gummint Edition

new face of protest in America

new face of protest in America

We are three weeks from the caucuses and my TV is crawling with these strange people calling each other names and making fun of each other. My wife informs those are Republicans and that is who they run for public office: by acting like 6th grade boys. Friday I heard John Fugelsang note that nobody hates Republicans in office like Republican voters, thus explaining the popularity of Trump, Carson and Fiorina.

Good thing nothing happened while I was off. Would have hated to miss it.

Were you paying attention?

1) They did it! They finally did it!. What bill did Republicans pass for the 62nd time in the House last week?

2) Duty calls! The co-chair of “Veterans For Trump” in New Hampshire left the campaign to do what?

3) What major Iowa city swore in its first black mayor last week?

4) The financial year got off to a rocky start as stock trading in what country was stopped twice to stop the downward spiral?

5) Governor Branstad proposed taking money from what source to address water quality problems?

6) Pres. Obama announced an executive order to better enforce gun laws. What Senator said his committee will look into whether such an order is legal?

7) Some of Rome’s busiest streets were closed last week so workers could wash what off the street?

8) January 10th, 1776 one of the most influential pamphlets of the revolution – “Common Sense” – was published. Who was the author?

9) North Korea claimed to have successfully tested a hydrogen bomb Wednesday. What countries have successfully tested hydrogen bombs?

10) Ben Carson must have thought he was back in middle school when he asked a group of 5th graders to point out what?

11) Many activists were calling for the arrest of Michigan’s governor for allowing lead to infiltrate what city’s water system?

12) December employment was up by 290,000 jobs. What is usually considered the break even point?

13) The teen in Texas who got off on an “affluenza” plea was arrested where after he broke probation and fled Texas?

14) What major annual exposition is in progress in Las Vegas this weekend?

15) Our ally in the Middle East, Saudi Arabia, acted much like our enemies do when they did what to 47 people?

16) “Yeehadists” and “yallquieda” are among the many mocking names hung on what group by social media?

17) In Chemistry news, the 7th period of the periodic table was completed when the discovery of what was announced last week?

18) New USDA dietary guidelines targeted what two substances that they said Americans should drastically reduce in their diets?

19) Over 20 earthquakes have taken place in Oklahoma since Wednesday. These earthquakes have been directly attributed to what?

20) Roy Moore, Chief Justice in Alabama, reissued an order stopping probate judges from issuing what in contradiction to a SCOTUS ruling?

Time to start taste testing those cookies you will be taking to the caucuses.


1) a bill defunding Obamacare. Their idea of progress

2) join the anti government protest in Oregon

3) Waterloo

4) China

5) a sales tax dedicated to schools

6) Grassley, Mr. Obstruction himself

7) bird droppings. Migrating birds eat ripening olives and leave tons of very slippery droppings.

8) Thomas Paine

9) The US, Great Britain, France, Russia (old Soviet Union) and China. Pakistan and India claims were never confirmed.

10) the worst student in their class. Many fingers pointed at one poor kid.

11) Flint, Michigan

12) adding 150,000 jobs per month

13) in Puerta Vallarta, Mexico

14) Consumer Electronics Show (CES) where all the new toys are on display

15) beheaded them, including one very important Iranian cleric

16) the anti-government armed protestors that took over a bird sanctuary in Burns, Oregon.

17) 4 new elements, numbers 113, 115, 117 and 118

18) sugar and saturated fat

19) injection of waste water from fracking wells.

20) marriage licenses for same sex couples.

From John Fugelsang: “People who say President Obama fake cried are essentially accusing him of being as indifferent to mass killings as they are.”

Obama, Seinfeld Getting Coffee

seen on "Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee"

seen on “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee”

Just posted on the internet Thursday, here is an episode of “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.” Unable to post it here so you will have to click on the link and allow yourself about 20 minutes to enjoy this New Year’s treat.

Sunday Funday: Debates Are Over For The Year

2016 repug pres candidates

LAS VEGAS (The Borowitz Report)—Authorities were urging people to remain calm on Tuesday night after the broadcast of a chilling video that terrified millions.

The video, which was broadcast nationally on CNN, appeared to show nine extremists glaring into the camera and making a series of escalating threats.

The radicals’ increasingly violent rhetoric and palpable hatred rattled viewers across the nation, sources said.

Experts who viewed the video acknowledged that the words and images contained in it were alarming, but advised the public to remain calm until the extremists’ threats could be authenticated.

From Andy Borowitz on the Republican Debate last Tuesday

Oh – and we are in the midst of the holiday season. Take care that the pets don’t pack up and leave.

With the holidays in mind we will have questions on holiday trivia and current affairs.

1) Karma, that is what I call it! What pharma CEO was arrested by the Feds in Friday for fraud concerning stock transactions?

2) Documents were released this week that showed that what former Iowa GOP leader got a series of no-bid contracts from the U of Iowa?

3) It was revealed this week that the mysterious buyer of the Las Vegas Review-Journal was what billionaire Republican?

4) What Christmas movie did this line come from? “It’s a one year membership to the Jelly of the Month Club.”

5) Classes were cancelled at a school in what state after a lesson in a geography class on Arabic calligraphy using an Islamic religion phrase prompted voluminous calls and emails?

6) Tomorrow is the first day of what in Melbourne, Australia?

7) Complete the line from the carol “ O come, o come Emanuel. And ransom captive __________”?

8) The best defense is a good offense division. What celebrity filed suit against those who accused him of rape for defamation?

9) The CEO of Sam’s Club, Rosalind Brewer, was accused of discriminating against what group after discussing company diversity in an interview with CNN?

10) Finish this line from the secular Christmas song “Hear the snow crunch, See the kids bunch. This is _________ big scene”?

11) The Supreme Court in Japan ruled that it was not unconstitutional to require married couples to share what?

12) What percent of adults smoke in Iowa?

13) What first iteration of a basic component of the computer was created in Bell Labs on december 23, 1947?

14) U of Iowa president J. Bruce Herrald drew headlines when he stated that unready teachers should be what?

15) A cute song from the early 50s personifies winter precipitation in “Here Comes …. “ who?

16) Senator Marco Rubio condemned the budget bill passed this week, but failed to stop it because of what?

17) The federal CMS delayed the Branstad administration’s implementation of privatization of what because it would cause severe disruptions for tens of thousands of Iowans?

18) The DNC suspended access to their data for which candidate pending investigation of some shenanigans of the campaign’s staff?

19) In negotiations on the budget bill, republicans once more refused to end the ban on what research?

20) “Twas The Night Before Christmas” was written by whom?

Have a good holiday!

Simon and Garfunkel “Silent Night / 7 O’clock News


1) Martin Shkrelli

2) Matt Strawn

3) Sheldon Adelson

4) “Christmas Vacation”

5) Virginia

6) Summer

7) Israel

8) Bill Cosby

9) White men

10) Santa’s

11) their last name

12) 18.5%

13) the transistor

14) shot. A bit insensitive in these gun violence times

15) Suzy Snowflake

16) his absence. He has stated he doesn’t like the senate so he fails to go there much.

17) Medicaid administration

18) the Bernie Sanders campaign

19) gun violence

20) Clement Clarke Moore

Sunday Funday: Radicalized Edition

I don't have time for games right now!

I don’t have time for games right now!

For the last three days on multiple platforms I have heard or read of how investigators are looking in to how the couple in the San Bernardino shootings were radicalized. Not once in the decades that Christian right wing terrorists have been shooting women reproductive doctors or members of other religions or colors have I heard of one investigator looking in to what radicalized a one of those folks. So how about taking all terrorism seriously. The folks at Planned Parenthood would appreciate it. They are terrorized daily as they simply go to work by “Christians.”

My bet is that any investigation will lead right to groups like Fox news, right wing radio, fake religious organizations like Family Leader and good old standards like the KKK and Storm Front. Hey, congress, let’s put some money out there to investigate those right wing terrorists.

Were you paying attention?

1) RW news advanced a theory that PP shooter Robert Dear may have been trying to rob a bank. That was proven false when it was reported that Dear did what just before the shooting?

2) Recent GOP polls in Iowa have what candidate in the lead?

3) A possible mega merger between what two very old chemical companies was announced last week?

4) Bernie Sanders scolded the media when a reporter tried to shift the conversation to ISIS from what other subject?

5) Hard to believe that the Donald wasn’t named Time’s Person of the Year. Who was?

6) Quick – where are the Hawkeyes playing their bowl game this year and who are they playing?

7) 300 hardy folks jumped into what Iowa lake for the 18th annual Polar Bear Plunge to raise money for charity last Sunday?

8) December 15th is a big day in American history. On that date in 1791, Virginia ratified what thus making it part of the Constitution?

9) Iowa congress person Steve King appearing on the Chris Hayes show questioned the loyalty to the US of what other congress person?

10) In Philadelphia what was thrown at the front door of a mosque during morning prayers Monday?

11) A bombshell from Exxon was revealed last week when they admitted they knew of the effects of what early on?

12) Beijing residents were told to stay indoors as what overtook their city?

13) During oral arguments in an affirmative action case, Justice Scalia stated that black students would be better off where?

14) The Iowa Chamber of Commerce legislative wish list this year includes offering businesses what along with tax incentives?

15) The British Parliament will consider a petition to keep who or what out of the UK?

16) The drug pembrolizumab (sold as Keytruda) was used to cure the cancer of what noted individual?

17) The New York Times ran a front page editorial for the first time in a century on what subject?

18) In a suburb of NYC, a grocery store owner was beaten by a man because he is what?

19) Stormfront, a white supremacist group, has had to upgrade its servers thanks in large part to what presidential candidate?

20) As Christmas approaches, what former major retailer is on the verge of going out of existence?

To lighten the mood, a little Steven Wright:
“Everywhere is within walking distance if you have the time.”


1) asked for directions to Planned parenthood

2) Ted Cruz.

3) Dow and DuPont

4) the economy and poverty. Sanders was touring inner city Baltimore

5) Angela Merkl. Woman #4 in their long history

6) The Rose Bowl against Stanford

7) Clear Lake

8) the Bill of Rights

9) Keith Ellison. King claimed Ellison was loyal to Sharia law. See the video here

10) the severed head of a pig. Extremely insulting as Muslims view pork as unclean

11) CO2 emissions on climate change

12) a killing smog for at least 3 days. Beijing is the most polluted city in the world

13) attending “slower-track” schools

14) cash. Yep – pay a business for coming in. Does that offend you as much as it does me?

15) Donald Trump for his hate speech

16) Jimmy Carter

17) gun violence epidemic in America

18) Muslim. His attacker kept saying “I kill Muslims”

19) Donald Trump

20) Sears. The Ayn Rand acolyte of a CEO did what competition couldn’t do.

Public Service Announcement: Christmas is only a few days out. Men, it is nearly time to start shopping.

Sunday Funday: The Holidays Begin Edition

Time to go to work again?

Time to go to work again?

Ho Ho Ho and an LOL – today is the first day of the December – January holidays. Can’t remember what today’s holiday is? Who cares? Celebrate anyway!

Oh, today is Saint Nicholas Day! December 6th is celebrated in some parts of Europe as ‘little Christmas.’ Let the good times roll!

Let’s hope that Americans can put away their guns for a few weeks and let us enjoy the holidays.

Were you paying attention?

1) Every one should know that worldwide climate talks got underway in what European city last week?

2) The only major player in the world to deny that the climate is changing is what American political party?

3) As we near the end of 2015, on average America has experienced one mass shooting for every what time period?

4) The attack and mass shooting in San Bernardino took place at what kind of facility?

5) To Iowa’s shame, Terry Branstad becomes the country’s longest serving governor ever on what date next week?

6) Dec. 1, 1955 Rosa Parks is arrested for refusing to give up her bus seat to a white man in what American city?

7) The world changed dramatically on Dec. 2, 1942 when Enrico Fermi carried out what procedure at the U of Chicago?

8) Last Monday this currency joined the Euro, the Pound, the Dollar and the Yen as the fifth official world currency?

9) In Huron, Cal. last week a burglar died when the homeowner did what?

10) It took 13 months but the Chicago police department is undergoing a major shakeup and possible investigation in the death and coverup of what individual?

11) Less than a week after a terrorist attack on one of its facilities, what service organization was voted to be defunded by the US Senate?

12) What young billionaire and his wife pledged $45 billion to charity, but will do it as an LLC rather than a normal charity?

13) In Missouri a state legislator introduced a bill that would make the process for purchasing a firearm comparable to the process for obtaining what medical procedure?

14) Don Blankenship was convicted of conspiracy to willfully violate mine safety from what incident?

15) Iowa farmers and congress critters were disappointed as the EPA released its rule on what for 2015 and 2016 for what commodity?

16) Dec. 5th, 1791 what man died a pauper at age 35 despite leaving the world a priceless trove musical compositions?

17) What Republican congressional candidate raised controversy last week when he declared that immigrant felons who tried to reenter the US should be executed?

18) The same day as the mass killing in San Bernardino there was a mass shooting earlier in the day in what American city?

19) Wednesday morning a group of physicians presented a petition to Congress to lift the ban on the study of what major health threat?

20) Whistleblower police in Dothan, Alabama charged that police did what to black men they arrested over a 20 year period?

Can we hope for peace within this country for the holiday season? It would be a start.


1) Paris, France

2) the Republican party

3) on average, every day

4) a center for people with developmental disabilities

5) Dec. 14th

6) Montgomery, Alabama

7) the first successful nuclear chain reaction

8) China’s yuan (aka the renminbi)

9) Lit a fire in his fireplace. The burglar tried to come into the house through the chimney and got stuck

10) Laquan McDonald

11) Planned Parenthood

12) Mark Zuckerberg

13) obtaining an abortion – the process would involve driving hundreds of miles, days of wait and hours of watching videos on the effects of gun violence.

14) the mine explosion at the Upper Big Branch Mine where 29 miners were killed.

15) renewable fuels standards, specifically corn ethanol.

16) Amadeus Mozart

17) Mark Chelgrin

18) Savannah, Georgia

19) Gun violence. This was just a few hours before the shootings in San Bernardino

20) planted drugs and weapons on the black men

Sunday Morning Pictures

Some graphic thoughts on a holiday weekend:

tired of paying salaries

fugelsang republicans love government

good guy with a rock

Goring on controlling the people

broken media

Sanders we must make this stop