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Sunday Funday: Betsy Devos Is A Twit Edition

Normally I try to stay light for the Sunday morning quiz. After watching several tapes of Betsy De Vos avoiding Democratic questions at her confirmation hearing, I decided the lightness of her intellect would so fit in with a Sunday morning. Hard to believe that someone who spent any time in a private education system could come out so devoid of substance. What is not hard to believe is that she would be an extreme radical Republican pick to make a mockery of education in this country. Remember as she sets us back in education, the rest of the world will be plunging ahead leaving us way behind.

Were you Paying attention?

1) Among the pardons that President Obama did NOT grant was one to what former Alabama governor?

2) Walter Shaub, Jr. has what now critical government as we enter the Trump era?

3) What Trump appointee thought his department was a goodwill ambassador for the gas and oil industry?

4) As of Friday how many of the 690 jobs that Trump needed to fill had nominees?

5) Commerce Secretary nominee Wilbur Ross has off-shored how many US jobs as a vulture capitalist since 2004?

6) After tweets mentioning the small size of the crowd at Friday’s inauguration, what cabinet department had it’s twitter account closed by the new administration?

7) The big top folds. What American entertainment institution announced it would be closing down this year?

8) What Trump nominee appears to have broken the STOCK act involving the purchase of stock based on insider congressional knowledge?

9) A stunning report released on the eve of the Davos economic meeting revealed that what number of the wealthiest have the same total wealth as the poorest half of the world’s population?

10) The wife of the man who committed what largest mass murder was arrested as an accessory last week?

11) Former state senator Kent Sorenson received how much time in prison for his part in the pay-for-endorsement with the Ron Paul campaign in 2012?

12) In Connecticut, Republican politician Christopher von Keyserling was arrested for doing what act approved by Donald Trump?

13) What Connecticut University’s Women’s basketball coach saw his team notch its record breaking 91st consecutive victory?

14) Eartbquakes near what major European capital led to evacuations of subways and schools Wednesday?

15) What man wanted by the US reneged on his promise to accept extradition to the US if Chelsea Manning was pardoned?

16) Fiona Apple released what brand new song in time for the Trump festivities concerning Trump’s attitude toward women?

17) The big winners if repeal of the ACA goes through will be which group of Americans?

18) What former first couple both landed in the hospital in Houston last week?

19) A former Apprentice contestant is suing what former reality star for defamation of character after she says he lied about touching her inappropriately?

20) In Iowa, state senator Mark Chelgrin introduced a bill that would allow women to sue doctors who performed their abortions for what at any point in their lifetime?

Imagine what Keystone Kops director Mack Sennet could do with the Trump cabinet?


1) Don Siegelman who was railroaded with trumped up charges

2) heads Office of Government Ethics

3) Rick Perry – but he looks smart in his new glasses

4) 28. Trump will be taking the weekend off

5) 2700

6) Dep’t of the Interior – National Park Service employees mentioned the crowd size compared to 2009

7) Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus

8) Tom Price

9) 8 individuals

10) The mass murder at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Fl.

11) a mere 15 months

12) grabbing a woman by the genitals. She is a lawyer. He said he was just being playful.

13) Geno Auriema

14) Rome

15) Julian Assange

16) “Tiny Hands”

17) the rich will be getting big tax cuts as many lose their coverage

18) George HW and Barbara Bush

19) Donald Trump

20) emotional distress

The resistance begins. It is as close as your telephone and computer.

Sunday Funday: Ironically Ironic Edition

unfortunately I lost the attribution of the poster of this cartoon on twitter

For those of us who have endured many trips around the sun, we find an interesting ironic situation that the party that built itself as the party that would stand up to the Russians now is the party whose leader is more than happy to crawl in bed with Russia. There is that old saying ‘whatever goes around, comes around.’ I have never really understood what that meant, but I think it describes this situation.

What is really odd is that had Bernie Sanders been the Democratic nominee the main thrust of the Republican attack machine would have been his socialism (it’s like communism they would say) and he visited Russia once!

BTW – I don’t find it strange that a filthy rich man who likes to surround himself with gold wouldn’t like a golden shower every now and then. Maybe I am missing something?

Were you paying attention?

1) The new president once more seems to be flaunting nepotism laws by naming who as a senior advisor?

2) Which extreme right wing fake news darling was caught trying to pay liberals to disrupt the inauguration so the left could be blamed for the disruption?

3) What actress used her acceptance speech time at the Golden Globes to denounce Trump’s mockery of a disabled man?

4) Trump appointee Monica Crowley has had her book “What The Bleep Just Happened” pulled by the publisher for what reason?

5) Trump cabinet nominees haves begun their Senate consent hearings. What nominee stated that water boarding is “absolutely” prohibited by law?

6) In a really strange move, the incoming administration dismissed the two people in charge of what strategic and sensitive stockpile without replacements as of noon Jan. 20?

7) What US auto company refuted claims by Donald Trump that he was instrumental in billion dollar expansion?

8) President Obama surprised what honoree with the Presidential Medal of Freedom Thursday?

9) Scientists at MIT revealed a 3D structural material that is 10X stronger than steel with 5% of the density. What is the major component of this structural material?

10) The Netherlands announce Monday that all of their trains were now being powered by what renewable energy?

11) The division I college championship game was played Monday night. Who won?

12) President Obama delivered his farewell speech to a crowd of 18,000 at what Chicago venue?

13) The last rejection of a cabinet nominee was John Tower as Secretary of Defense for what president?

14) In a bizarre news conference Donald Trump refused to take a question from a reporter from what company?

15) The midwest is expecting what major weather event today?

16) What cabinet nominee received a waiver so he could be confirmed for his cabinet post?

17) In a first, what sitting senator gave testimony in a cabinet confirmation hearing against another sitting senator?

18) What is the top priority of Republicans in the Iowa legislature this session?

19) What cable public affairs station had its feed taken over by Russian TV Thursday?

20) In another incident, legislators in what state were greeted with a screen in Russian when they attempted to change their passwords?

Repeat after me: Russia can not hack our elections!


1) son-in-law Jared Kirschner who may have severe ethics problems of his own.

2) James O’Keefe

3) Meryl Streep

4) over 50 incidents of plagiarism in the book. Considering Melania’s convention speech, Crowley should fit right in.

5) Jefferson Beauregard Sessions for AG

6) the nuclear arsenal – this is scary, folks

7) Fiat Chrysler

8) VP Joe Biden

9) Graphene

10) wind generated electricity. Must be nice

11) Clemson

12) McCormick Place

13) George HW Bush in 1989

14) CNN claiming CNN was fake news

15) an ice storm!

16) Mad Dog Mattis for Defense. He has not legally been out of the military long enough

17) Corey Booker of New Jersey testified against Sen. Sessions of Alabama for AG

18) cutting taxes of course – they want us to be like Kansas


20) Arizona

Repeat after me: Russia can not hack our elections

Sunday Funday: Fox News Virus Spreads Edition

looks like a guy who could ace the quiz!

Speaking of fake news, that is the brand that Fox News has been practicing for 20 years or so, isn’t it? Not sure why people are so surprised by the spread of fake news during a campaign. This has been standard operating procedure for Republicans as long as I can remember. Back in the 1950s Adlai Stevenson once said “If the Republicans will stop telling lies about the Democrats, we will stop telling the truth about them.” –

As long as we have had NEWS we have had those who take great liberty with it. I think the real issue now has more to do with just how successful fake news is. From the days of yellow journalism through Father Coughlin and Walter Winchell it has always paid to be alert when someone tells you what is going on.

What is concerning though is that there are so few major purveyors of the news (NPR, Fox, CBS, NBC/Comcast, ABC/Disney, CNN/Time-Warner) and they all seem to toe the same line in reporting following Fox’s lead. Now we see former and current Fox talking heads showing up at rival networks as news commentators. Even NPR has Tucker Carlson as a commentator.

Were you paying attention?

1) When the jobs report came out Friday, it marked how many consecutive months of job growth for the Obama administration?

2) During that period, how many jobs were added to the economy?

3) In addition to trying to end Obamacare, Republicans will also try to strip any federal payments to what organization?

4) The president-select lumped all who didn’t vote for him in what group in a New Year’s tweet?

5) January 6th 1941, FDR gave his State of the Union address which became known as what due to the theme that FDR used? (hint: four _______)

6) Backfire! House Republicans tried to gut what committee late on a holiday night only to wake up to outrage from the public on Tuesday?

7) Once again, contractor’s were stiffed for millions by what hotel mogul for work on a Washington, DC project?

8) Build the wall! Build the wall! But now it comes out who will be paying for it?

9) The editor of what major US newspaper went on record refusing to call anything the next president would say a what?

10) Is this Iowa’s future? In Kansas, Gov. Brownback has suggested using money from what to cover budget shortfalls caused by disastrous financial policies?

11) The band from what historically black college made news last week when they agreed to do what?

12) 23% of Americans say they have ‘no religion’. How many members of congress claim ‘no religion’?

13) With the death of Sister Frances Carr Monday there are only 2 living members of what religious society left?

14) What cabinet nominee is facing an investigation for using his congressional office to affect the price of stocks he owns?

15) What world wide fast food restaurant opened a store near the Vatican in a move that has Cardinals upset by their presence?

16) What chain department store announced multiple closings and loss of jobs that may be related to tweets sent by Trump just after the election?

17) What Trump supporting newspaper reported that Trump may owe as much as $1 billion to over 150 financial companies?

18) Good news from Massachusetts. Who announced another run for senate Friday?

19) Started in 1886, what mail order company that grew into one of America’s retail giants sold off a major brand and announced the closing of another 150 stores?

20) What king was born on January 8, 1935 in Tupelo, Miss.?

only 12 days left

1) 75 longest streak ever

2) very close to 15 million

3) Planned Parenthood

4) enemies

5) The Four Freedoms

6) the Office of Congressional Ethics created after the Abramoff scandal

7) Donald Trump

8) the US taxpayers – Surprise!

9) lie

10) the state’s long term investments

11) Talladega (Alabama) College

12) one – Kirsten Sinema of Arizona

13) Shakers

14) Tom Price – accused of pushing bills that would enrich companies he had stock in

15) McDonald’s

16) Macy’s – Trump sent a series of tweets on Nov. 12 to boycott Macy’s

17) Wall Street Journal

18) Elizabeth Warren!

19) Sears – very near death it looks like

20) Elvis Presley

call, call, call your congress critters and let them know.

Sunday Funday: Tearing Down Government Edition

Play well and we will see you next year!

Happy New Year! Or maybe not. For many of us, we are now facing directly down the barrel of a long standing promise from the Republican Party to end Medicare, Medicaid and the ACA (aka Obamacare). As far as they are concerned all those who have these plans can just get private insurance. If they don’t then let them die. If you can’t pay, then suffer the consequences! That will teach us a lesson! Sick, Sick, Sick!

Now that Republicans control congress and the presidency for the first time since 1929 they intend to strip any progress made in the past century. Get ready, this will be a bumpy ride . Unless you want to lose everything, you better be ready to fight.

Were you paying attention the last 2 weeks?

1) Just prior to Christmas what two people close to Donald Trump were accused of selling influence through a scheme called “Opening Day”?

2) Reimbursement to what medical provider has been cut off by the state of Texas?

3) Despite huge fanfare, North Carolina Republicans failed to repeal what controversial legislation that cost them hugely in the election?

4) Many celebrity deaths over the holidays. The most noted was what mother-daughter pair who died within a day of each other after Christmas?

5) In response to Russian hacking during our election, President Obama had how many Russian operatives removed from the US?

6) The crash of an Apache helicopter resulted in the death of 2 soldiers near what major American city Thursday?

7) Official vote counts showed Hillary Clinton winning the popular vote by close to how many votes?

8) Friday a member of what group scheduled to entertain at the inauguration publicly withdrew because she “couldn’t endorse tyranny and fascism”?

9) The A&E network pulled a much ballyhooed documentary on what group?

10) In Dallas County on I80 the Iowa Highway Patrol recorded a driver at what speed Thursday night?

11) Wreaths were laid at Pearl Harbor by what two world leaders Wednesday?

12) Smoking in Iowa: According to the Iowa Tobacco Prevention Alliance how many Iowans died from smoking related diseases this year?

13) Following a vote on settlements in Israel, what politician claimed the UN had become “just a club for people to get together, talk and have a good time. So sad!”?

14) Once again Trump takes credit for jobs he had nothing to do with. This time he took credit for jobs announced long ago by what two tech companies?

15) Beginning today in Iowa lifetime handicapped parking placards will last not a lifetime, but how long?

16) Not a celebrity, but Vera Rubin, who died on Christmas at 88, was an astrophysicist whose work confirmed the existence of what little understood building block of the universe?

17) Iowa turned how old last Wednesday?

18) What other government medical system has the Trump administration expressed interest in making more privatized?

19) Through referenda, indexing or other methods, workers in 19 states will see raises in what today?

20) Who will be writing the inaugural address?

Today is the single most celebrated holiday in the world.


1) His sons Eric and Donnie junior

2) Planned Parenthood.

3) the infamous bathroom bill

4) Carrie Fisher followed the next day by her mother Debbie Reynolds

5) 35 along with other sanctions

6) Houston

7) 3 million

8) the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. The person said she couldn’t “throw roses to Hitler”

9) KKK

10) 112 MPH

11) President Obama and Japanese PM Abe

12) 5100 or one in every 6 deaths in Iowa. 421,000 iowans smoke

13) Trump

14) Sprint and OneWeb

15) 5 years and then they must be renewed

16) dark matter

17) 170. Branstad has been governor for less than half of that.

18) The VA system

19) minimum wages

20) Trump says he will. It will be short he says. Many say about 144 characters.

Well, get ready for the tsunami. Be ready to fight.

Sunday Funday Quiz: Christmas Edition

For one day we shall kick back and test your knowledge of things relating to Christmas, the solstice, Saturnalia or other festivities that happen this time of year.

Here are today’s guest hosts:

And Happy Holidays To All

Ready? Here we go!

1) What actor from Iowa starred in “It’s A Wonderful Life?”

2) In 1947 Valentine Davies wrote what story about a disillusioned woman, her skeptical daughter and a mysterious man who believes he is the real Santa Claus that became what Christmas movie favorite?

3) One of the most famous versions of “Little Drummer Boy” has Bing Crosby singing the song and what recently deceased rocker singing a counterpoint named “Peace On Earth”?

4) “The Good King Wenceslas” was based on what real life person?

5) What old time political cartoonist in the US (hint Civil War era) may be most responsible for our image of Santa Claus?

6) Many Christmas traditions go back to the pagan festival of the winter solstice in Northern Europe known as what?

7) “What Child Is This” is sung to the tune of what English folk tune?

8) In “It’s A Wonderful Life” what is the name of the angel sent to help George Bailey?

9) A series of unplanned, unofficial ceasefires known as “the Christmas Truce” occurred during what major conflict?

10) The good old days! As the name ‘Gilbert’s U238 Atomic Energy Kit’ implied, kids in the 1950s got a chemistry set that included what?

11) I woke up early on Black Friday in 1998 to drive to a store to get a limited item present. When I got there five people were fighting over what toy of the year? Hint – it looked like a cuddly animal.

12) The Christmas staple, Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol” was published just before Christmas of what year?

13) Much of the legend of Santa Claus today seems to be based on what Norse god?

14) Clark Griswold is the main character. What is the Christmas related movie?

15) You’re in Canada and you are surprised to find out that the day after Christmas is a huge holiday. What is the name for that day?

16) What president reportedly tried to ban Christmas trees from the White House due to environmental concerns (deforestation)?

17) December 25th and the longest day of the year has just past and it is very warm. What kind of mammal might you see go hopping by?

18) A time for feasting, goodwill, generosity to the poor, the exchange of gifts and the decoration of trees. This describes what festival that was celebrated around the winter solstice in Roman times?

19) In Dickens’ “Christmas Carol” the Ghost of Christmas Present opens his robe to reveal a ravished looking boy and girl. The ghost introduces them to Scrooge with what names?

20) The deliverer of presents in many Germanic areas of Europe is a sprite like child known as what?

That’s enough! time for pie! —I mean Answers:

1) Donna Reed from Dension, Iowa

2) Miracle On 34th Street

3) David Bowie

4) Vaclav the good aka Wenceslas Duke of Bohemia 907 – 935AD

5) Thomas Nast

6) Yule (or Jul)

7) “Greensleeves”

8) Clarence Oddbody

9) World War I

10) a little bit of uranium

11) Furby

12) 1843

13) Odin

14) Christmas Vacation

15) Boxing day – it is celebrated throughout the British Empire

16) Teddy Roosevelt

17) You are in the southern hemisphere, possibly Australia. So a kangaroo just hopped by

18) Saturnalia

19) This boy is Ignorance. This girl is Want

20) Christkindl (christ child)

Sunday Funday: FDR Warned Us Edition

We really miss THIS GUY now!

From FDR’s second inaugural address:

We had to struggle with the old enemies of peace – business and financial monopoly, speculation, reckless banking, class antagonism, sectionalism, war profiteering.

They had begun to consider the Government of the United States as a mere appendage to their own affairs. We know now that Government by organized money is just as dangerous as Government by organized mob.

Never before in all our history have these forces been so united against one candidate as they stand today. They are unanimous in their hate for me – and I welcome their hatred.

Well they were just as organized against Hillary Clinton. Now we have Government by both organized money and organized mob at one and the same time. Buckle up.

Were you paying attention?

1) He couldn’t remember its name during a debate and now he will be secretary of it. What department has Rick Perry been nominated to lead?

2) What guy is so smart that he doesn’t need daily intelligence briefings?

3) What group called a halt to Michigan’s recount?

4) Dylan Roof was quickly found guilty by a jury for what crime he committed in June, 2015?

5) Which social media giant announced a new plan to crack down on fake news?

6) There’s going to be a YUGE March on Washington on January 21st. What group will be marching?

7) According to new senate majority leader Bill Dix, Iowans will need what to vote next year?

8) The Supreme Court rejected an appeal to turn back a Colorado law to collect what on internet sales?

9) FCC Chair Tom Wheeler announced he will resign on January 20, 2017. How will this leave the party split on the FCC?

10) What once major internet company disclosed yet another huge hack Wednesday?

11) Steve King said that the new administration is still going to build what?

12) Donald Trump stated that in order to catch computer hackers, they must be caught how?

13) John Kasich, the so-called ‘sane’ Republican presidential candidate signed what piece of legislation aimed at women this week?

14) Astronaut and pilot John Glenn died last week. As a fighter pilot in WWII and the Korean War, Glenn often had what baseball star as his co-pilot?

15) High level constitutional drama on Dec. 19,1998 as the House of Representatives did what to Pres. Clinton?

16) Actor Alan Thicke died last week of a heart attack. What was he doing when the fatal heart attack happened?

17) Donald Trump has been told by the Government Services Administration that he must totally divest himself of a hotel in what city?

18) Air pollution is so high in what international city that the city has issued its first ever Red Alert?

19) December 20, 1956 marked the end of a year long bus boycott in what southern city?

20) Breaking News! Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Arizona claims he has indisputable evidence that what is a forgery?

Remember the reason for the season. The sun stops disappearing and slowly days increase in length starting Wednesday.


1) Energy. Bet Perry has no idea what the Energy Dept. is supposed to do.

2) Donald Trump. We had a guy just like him in 2001

3) The overwhelmingly Republican Michigan Supreme Court

4) Murdering 9 parishioners at the Emmanuel AME in Charleston, SC

5) Facebook

6) Women

7) an ID

8) sales tax

9) 2-1 majority for the Republicans.

10) Yahoo

11) A wall along the Mexican border

12) in the act!

13) the heartbeat anti-abortion bill

14) Ted Williams

15) impeached him; the senate did not convict

16) playing hockey with his son.

17) Washington DC – the building is owned by the government and no elected official can be part of the leasing groups

18) Beijing

19) Montgomery, Alabama

20) Barack Obama’s birth certificate. (uh, Joe, that boat sailed long ago)

Happy Holidays!

Sunday Funday: Holidays Sad This Year Edition


For many, the selection of the most unfit person ever to be president is casting a pall on what should be the happiest time of the year. The fact (and it is a fact) that that this selection will be done despite his huge loss in the popular vote is especially galling. But someday it may make a great trivia question, eh?

Were you paying attention?

1) With Terry Branstad taking the Chinese ambassadorship, who will be Iowa’s governor?

2) Friday, President Obama ordered a review of what that may have greatly affected this year’s presidential campaign?

3) The coming administration broke decades of diplomatic precedent by calling what country last week?

4) The coming head of HUD believes the pyramids in Egypt were built for what purpose?

5) Dec. 8, 1980 what major world figure was murdered outside his apartment in NewYork City?

6) Tuesday Dec. 13 is Santa Lucia Day. This corresponds to what in our solar year?

7) What country, where the TPP had rough sledding, ratified the TPP Friday, despite the US’s threat to pull out of the deal?

8) A Denver doctor resigned from her hospital position after a racist remark on Facebook about what public figure?

9) In North Carolina, which candidate finally conceded in the closely contested governor’s race?

10) Dec. 10th, 1830 what poetess was born in Amherst, Massachusetts? After leading a reclusive life her poetry came to light after her death.

11) Which cabinet member will have stayed in office throughout the whole Obama administration when it concludes in January?

12) A frightening super germ that is resistant to the strongest known antibiotics was found in what food source last week?

13) A man shot up a pizza place in Washington DC because of fake news that claimed the business was a front for what?

14) The fake news in the previous question was spread by the son of what high level appointee in the coming administration?

15) A major women’s march on Washington DC is being planned for what date in January?

16) Experimental pilot, astronaut, senator, presidential candidate and finally astronaut later in life once more. What American hero died Thursday?

17) What world leader was impeached over an influence peddling scandal Friday?

18) What world religious figure likened the promotion of fake news to coprophilia (an abnormal interest in excrement)?

19) He can’t get no satisfaction. Rock legend Mick Jagger became a father again. How many children has he fathered?

20) This week’s weather is likely to feature what frigid weather phenomena?

Satirist Andy Borowitz suggested that Trump will name Pablo Escobar (aka El Chappo) as the new drug czar. It is hard to tell satire from reality anymore.


1) Kim Reynolds

2) cyber attacks

3) Taiwan

4) built by Joseph to store grain

5) John Lennon. His widow noted that 1,200,000 Americans have been killed by guns since Lennon’s death.

6) sunsets getting later in the northern hemisphere. Lucia is a form of the latin word for light.

7) Japan

8) the doctor called Michelle Obama “monkey faced”

9) Governor McCrory

10) Emily Dickinson

11) Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack

12) it was found in an unnamed pig farm

13) a child prostitution ring run by Hillary Clinton

14) Gen. Michael Flynn the future NSA advisor. Gen. Flynn is quite a conspiracy theorist

15) January 21, 2017 or the day after the inauguration

16) John Glenn

17) South Korea’s Park Geun-hye

18) Pope Francis

19) eight that he claims

20) a polar vortex – freaking cold!

Sunday Funday: Post-Truth Edition


Looks like the words of the year from the big dictionary companies (Oxford English, Merriam-Webster and will be post-truth for the OED, fascism for Merriam-Webster and xenophobia for Not sure about you, but I see a trend here based on a certain event of the past year. Fascism, a bad idea with easy answers is back! Fascism will be helped in its course by post-truth, xenophobia and old favorites racism, misogyny, and good old fashioned lies and propaganda. Look for it at a White House near you!

A small observation I think will sadly be true soon: Barack Obama will be hailed as a great or near-great president sandwiched between the two worst presidents ever.

Were you paying attention? It is hard to right now.

1) Monday morning the first scheduled flight between what two countries in a half a century took place?

2) The Reason Foundation dropped Iowa’s highway system ranking from 18th last year to what lowly position this year?

3) In Pella, Iowa 3 people were killed when what what happened at the Pella Walmart?

4) An elector from Texas resigned rather than voting for what presidential candidate?

5) A man who was recorded delivering a rant against Clinton voters was banned from future flights by what airline?

6) Irony – what state represented in congress by climate deniers is suffering through huge fires aided by extreme drought?

7) Jim Delligatti died last week. His claim to fame was the creation of what fast food staple sandwich in the late 1960s?

8) Once again gun violence raised its ugly head at a college campus last week. Which one this time?

9) Breitbart called for a boycott of what company after the company pulled all advertising from the website?

10) In San Diego an extremely close House race was called Monday for whom?

11) Nancy Pelosi won the minority leadership position in the House again. Who did she defeat?

12) Despite claims from the next administration, what company still moved over a thousand jobs to Mexico?

13) The Southern Poverty Law Center has recorded nearly how many bias related hate crimes in less than a month since the election?

14) OPEC made an announcement last week concerning what?

15) Among Secretary of State candidates, which one would have to get permission from his probation officer to travel to the office?

16) The neighbors in Mike Pence’s temporary housing area are doing what to make the new Veep feel welcome?

17) Talk about a traveler! What American hero was med-evacced from the South Pole last week because of illness?

18) Drunken drivers in Kensington, PEI, Canada will have to listen to recordings of what band on their way to the hoosegow?

19) Elaine Chou is in the cabinet once more. She is married to what prominent republican politician?

20) The House voted along party lines to double the budget of the special committee investigating what health care provider?

Christmas will be tough this year as we look for what is coming.


1) Cuba – republicans may change that quickly

2) 40th

3) a pickup truck drove through the door

4) Trump of course

5) Delta

6) Tennessee

7) the big mac – go ahead sing the jingle

8) Ohio State

9) Kellogg’s

10) Darrel Issa

11) Tim Ryan of Ohio

12) Carrier

13) 900 and climbing

14) they will be cutting production in January

15) David Petraeus. Remember he gave state secrets to his mistress but was only tried as a misdemeanor.

16) Flying the rainbow flags of the LGBT community

17) Astronaut Buzz Aldrin, America’s second man on the moon.

18) Nickelback, eh?

19) Mitch McConnell

20) Planned Parenthood. Maybe if PP would give out free Viagra, congress would leave them alone.

The sun now is setting at the earliest time of day for ten days. We are nearing the solstice.

Sunday Funday: Prez Elect Writes A Speech Edition

Van Jones speaks at a broadcasters meeting Tuesday in Canada. He lays out what happened in our election and warns it cold happen in Canada:

We hear that the guy who came in second in the vote for president is working on some killer lines for his (of course it is a he) inauguration:

“Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what your country and you can do for me.”

“When the president does it, it is not illegal.”

“My friends on Wall Street will watch your money closely.”

“We hold few truths to be self evident. Especially when they stand in the way of huge corporate profits.”

May need some fine tuning on those, Bub

Were you paying attention?

1) Secretary of Education nominee Betsy DeVos’ family made their billions in what business?

2) Stocks continue in record territory as the Dow Industrials topped what milestone last week?

3) The Catholic Church apologized for its role in the genocide and massacres in what African country Sunday?

4) In Iowa, AFSCME unions have been offered new contracts with what percent pay increases?

5) Nicaragua endured what two major natural disasters last week?

6) Investigations indicate that social media during the election in the US were overwhelmed with trolls from what country?

7) In France polling indications show what extreme right wing candidate to be the leader for next April’s election?

8) A school bus accident Tuesday resulted in the death of six children in what city?

9) What was the age of the bus driver in the aforementioned accident?

10) Baseball fans learned of the death of Ralph Branca last week. Branca earned lifetime notoriety for what that became one of baseball’s biggest legends?

11) What once retired balloon made a reappearance in Thursday’s Macy’s Parade?

12) Nov. 27, 1701 what man whose name is closely associated with temperatures was born in Sweden?

13) Interior Secretary Sally Jewell prohibited mining just outside of what National Park last week while a long term ban is considered?

14) Which major country announced it would end using coal for electric generation by 2030 last week?

15) A federal judge blocked implementation of President Obama’s overtime wage implementation Dec. 1. This affects about how many workers?

16) What state’s governor has filed for a recount after losing his chair in this year’s elections?

17) Speaking of recounts, what presidential candidate is raising money to file for recounts (and possibly audits) in MI, WI and PA?

18) A 7.2 earthquake spawning a tsunami was reported Tuesday near the site of what previous earthquake and tsunami disasters?

19) Jurgen Klinsman lost his job as coach of what US national team after a humiliating 4-0 loss to Costa Rica?

20) Protestors of the Dakota Access Pipeline had what happen to them in freezing weather Monday night?

For some strange reason 70 years after WWII, fascism is enjoying a real big rise in popularity. How quickly humans forget. And they vote for it. So strange.


1) Amway

2) 19,000

3) Rwanda. Priests and nuns participated in the genocide

4) 0

5) a 7.0 earthquake and Hurricane Otto

7) Marine Le Pen

8) Chattanooga, Tennessee

9) 24. He was speeding and not driving his designated route when the accident happened.

10) He threw the pitch that Bobby Thompson hit for the “shot heard round the world” allowing the Giants to defat the Dodgers in the 1951 pennant playoff game.

11) Felix the Cat. His was the first ever ballon in the parade and returned for the 90th annual parade

12) Anders Celsius

13) America’s first national Park, Yellowstone.

14) Canada

15) 4.2 million

16) North Carolina’s Pat McCrory

17) The Green Party’s Jill Stein

18) Fukishima

19) National soccer team

20) police doused them with water from a water cannon in 25 degree weather

Go Jill Stein!

Sunday Funday: Depressing Thanksgiving Edition

happy thanksgiving

The Republican Party has already thrown a scare into most Americans with its new leadership. With Muslims facing registration, college kids facing a lifetime of debt for getting an education, women facing greater restrictions on medical care, the elderly facing major changes in Medicare and Social Security, a leader who has no concept of diplomacy and a hair trigger temper and finally the prospect of an continually warming climate while the new administration does all it can to make it worse.

If you have to face right wing family this holiday you have our sympathy. It is bad enough to worry about you future without having some schmuck cheering what is bound to be the most corrupt administration ever.

Were you paying attention? It is hard these days:

1) It looks as if what surprise winner will not be traveling to Stockholm to pick up his Nobel Prize in literature?

2) The Democrats in the senate selected who as minority leader?

3) The new Democratic team in the senate included what two major progressive leaders?

4) What precedent did the coming administration cite in discussing possible registration of Muslims?

5) Attorney General appointee Jeff Sessions was denied a federal judgeship because of what?

6) What Iowa state representative has gained national notoriety for his “buttercup” bill?

7) What former presidential candidate has bowed out of the race to head the DNC?

8) What billionaire environmentalist has pledged to fight the new administration on environmental issues?

9) An official in West Virginia lost her job after making a racist comment on Facebook concerning what national figure?

10) Severe drought is now plaguing what section of the US?

11) November 19th, 1863. President Lincoln gives a short but memorable speech at what ceremony?

12) Gwen Ifill died last week. She was a noted journalist for what tv network?

13) 2016 is on track to be the hottest year on record. How far above the reference period (1961-1990) is it now? (celsius or Farenheit)

14) Sources say that negations are underway for a settlement in what fraud case?

15) People magazine named who as the sexiest man alive last week?

16) Air maintenance workers for what delivery company are threatening a strike over health care coverage?

17) 30,000 chickens were destroyed in what country due to bird flu?

18) Rep. Tom Price told reporters republicans plan on “overhauling” what health care system in 2017?

19) In Minnesota, the police officer who shot Philando Castile last summer was charged with what?

20) Although unknown for sure the term “Black Friday” seems to stem from the huge influx of people into what major city’s downtown in the 1950s?

Tuesday will be the anniversary of the assassination of President Kennedy in Dallas. It seems especially poignant this year as the very antithesis of President Kennedy prepares to take office.


1) Bob Dylan

2) Chuck Schumer

3) Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren

4) the internment of Japanese during WWII

5) his racist views. He was denied by a Republican led subcommittee

6) Buttercup Bobby Kaufmann

7) Martin O’Malley

8) Tom Steyer

9) FLOTUS Michelle Obama

10) the southeast, especially Alabama

11) The dedication of the Gettysburg Battlefield as a National Cemetery

12) PBS

13) .88 C or 1.58 degrees F

14) Trump University. Rumors say the settlement will include a finding of no fault

15) Dwayne Johnson

16) UPS – whether it happens at Christmas time is up to speculation

17) Germany

18) Medicare – good luck elderly

19) manslaughter

20) Philadelphia – shoppers + fans for the Army – Navy game created a mass invasion of inner city Philly

Happy Holiday all!