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Sunday Funday – Work In The Yard Edition

Republican candidates for president

Republican candidates for president

This is that small window in Iowa when it is not snowing nor is it 90+ degrees. The humidity hasn’t quite reached steam room level yet and the bugs haven’t yet reached their adulthood appetite for fresh blood. In short that space of time when you can mow, preen, prune, dig, plant and remove a winter’s worth of crap without being bundled to the hilt or eaten alive. Enjoy this brief period. It shall not last. There won’t be another such period until raking time in the fall.

The news just keeps coming fast ’n’ furious.

1) “Sure I would have invaded Iraq” (paraphrased) said what candidate for president when asked “If you knew then what you know now..?”

2) Aftershocks, some as high as 7.3, continue to rock what earthquake ravaged nation?

3) Seems like Pope Francis makes someone mad every week. Whose wrath did he incur this week when he announced a treaty with “the state of Palestine?”

4) Which country was declared Ebola free last week after 42 days without a new case of ebola?

5) Meanwhile the Pope seems to have picked up what famous fan who said he may return to Catholicism after meeting the Pope?

6) May 17, 1792 is a significant day in financial news. That day, merchants and brokers meeting on Wall Street established what?

7) May 17, 1954, the SCOTUS hands down a unanimous decision in Brown v. Board declaring ‘separate but equal’ unconstitutional. Who argued the case for the winning side?

8) What small town in Iowa was hit by a tornado last Sunday?

9) In a surprising survey on religious affiliation in America released by the Pew Research Center, Christianity lost nearly 8% while what group gained nearly 7%?

10) Long a target of GOP cuts, what transportation sector did House Republicans vote to cut just days after a fatal accident?

11) In a surprise to almost everyone, the Obama Administration gave consent to allow what company to begin exploratory oil drilling in the Arctic?

12) Memorial Day weekend will see the grand opening of a museum that will honor what late movie star from Winterset, Iowa?

13) Which Republican presidential candidate ruffled some Iowa political feathers when he announced he would skip what event this summer?

14) North Korea’s defense minister was executed by firing squad last week. What was his fatal offense?

15) The group looking to replace Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill with a woman has chosen the proposed replacement. Who is she?

16) Justice, finally. A work of art by what master, looted from a Jewish owner by the Nazis,was returned to the family of the original owner Friday?

17) Many progressives in Wisconsin welcomed the news that what former senator would run once more for his former seat?

18) The Pentagon (your tax dollars) paid teams from what sport up to $5.4 million for pre-game salutes to ‘local heroes’?

19) What notorious ambassador said Friday he would not seek the Republican nomination for President?

20) Which Republican presidential candidate called for ending the ACA and replacing it with care managed by an Apple watch app?

Some folks see shade trees. I see leaves to rake in the fall.


1) Jeb Bush. Remember last week he said he’d seek out W for advice on the Middle East

2) Nepal

3) Israel

4) Liberia

5) Raul Castro, president of Cuba

6) The New York Stock Exchange

7) future SC Justice Thurgood Marsall

8) Lake City

9) the unaffiliated

10) Amtrak

11) Shell

12) John Wayne (born in Winterset as Marion Morrison)

13) Jeb Bush

14) dozing off during meetings. A sure cure for sleep apnea

15) Harriet Tubman

16) Matisse

17) Russ Feingold

18) NFL football

19) John Bolton

20) Jeb Bush – Jeb should be looking for an advisor after this week.

Sunday Funday – Mother’s Day Edition

Mother Jones one of America's great mothers

Mother Jones one of America’s great mothers

What can be said about mothers that hasn’t been said before? Pretty much each and every one of us has or had one. If your mother is still alive, treasure her. If she has passed on, here’s hoping you have fond memories. If you never knew your real mother, we hope there was someone who fulfilled that role and deserves your love.

Lots of news again this week! Here we go:

1) Once again there were presidential candidate announcements. What 3 people announced their candidacy during the week?

2) 70 years ago last Friday the world celebrated the end to what?

3) Somebody had a baby! At least someone so famous that it was world wide news. So who had the baby?

4) In Nebraska, a woman filed a lawsuit in federal district court against what group of people?

5) After getting a super sweetheart deal from Iowa, fertilizer manufacturer Orascom caused major concern when it laid off Iowa workers and tried to replace them with workers from where?

6) The first permanent English settlement was established in North America on May 14,1607. Do you remember the name of the settlement?

7) Energy companies in Alberta province in Canada (home of the Athabasca oil fields) braced for major changes after what liberal party swept elections Tuesday?

8) Which presidential candidate called for “nothing less than a full and equal path to citizenship” for Latinos at a campaign stop in Nevada?

9) Which presidential candidate submitted a bill to break up the “too big to fail” banks?

10) Jade Helm 15, ostensibly a military war exercise, is believed by some Texans to be an excuse to do what to Texas?

11) What part does Walmart play in the Jade Helm 15 conspiracy stories?

12) From late April, but recently reported. A man in Jacksonville, Florida was surprised and a bit put out when the local Bank of America refused to cash his check for how much money?

13) A bill greatly tightening what power of government to take land passed the Iowa senate this week?

14) Senate democrats and House Republicans in Iowa said they may have a compromise worked out for what major budget sticking point?

15) A Florida man and woman have been convicted of having public sex on a beach may be sentenced for up to how long in prison?

16) This man did deflate his balls claims the NFL. Who?

17) Despite poll predictions of a deadlocked electorate, voters in Britain gave a clear majority to what party?

18) Pres. Obama gave a major speech pushing the Trans Pacific Partnership at what company Friday?

19) One sidelight of the British election: Which party won all but a couple of seats from Scotland?

20) At a small fundraiser this week Jeb Bush surprised many by saying that on the Middle East “If you want to know who I listen to for advice, it’s him.” Who was he speaking of?

BTW it is Mother’s Day and therefore time for our annual Mother’s Day tornado outbreak. Stay safe, all.


1) Ben Carson, Mike Huckabee and Carly Fiorina

2) Victory over Europe in WWII

3) Prince William and Kate

4) homosexuals. She wants a judge to decide if homosexuality is a sin

5) Texas

6) Jamestown, Va.

7) the NDP ( New Democratic Party)

8) Hillary Clinton

9) Bernie Sanders

10) put Texas under martial law by the Obama administration.

11) Empty Walmarts would be used as prisons

12) $368 billion.

13) eminent domain

14) school funding. Pink slips went out to nearly 1,000 Iowa teachers last week

15) 15 years

16) Tom Brady

17) Conservatives

18) Nike

19) The Scottish Nationalist Party

20) His brother George W. – yep, that George W.

22? Is it a Football Team? No, It’s GOP Candidates

Mike Luckovich, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Mike Luckovich, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Listening to the Stephanie Miller show Wednesday I heard that that there may be as many as 22 Tea Party candidates. “What are they,” said I to me, “a football team or presidential candidates?” I decided they are a football team and will take on their hated opponents in a fall showdown schedule. I have inside information that they are all going to huddle up on a stage 14 times this fall and take on the competition. So it will be their version of a fall football schedule. There has even been a schedule posted – to insiders of course. You have to pay big time to see it.

Game times are Saturdays at 4PM Central Time. This will allow the team members a couple hours in the evening to phone their respective billionaire owners to get a critique and a freshly minted donation. This also allows for some praying time to act contrite before their God for the lies told during the competition. Were those lies not cleansed before walking into a church on Sunday morning – and you know that is mandatory – the church might be engulfed in flames.

Sept. 5th – Labor – This is expected to be an easy win for our heroes. Sadly Labor has been its own worst enemy since Reagan was President, often voting for candidates who do them harm. Expect an easy victory, even this close to Labor Day.

Sept.12 – Election laws – Once again this is expected to be an easy victory. With an election commission split 3-3 party line by law, this group may not even be able to find the field. Even if they do, the judges are all aligned to favor the Tea Party Clowns.

Sept. 19 – Science – here we get into some more meaty opponents. Remember that the goal is not to prove the opponent wrong, but to convince voters they are wrong. With an offense built around confusing phrasing and inaccuracies and their standard yet hardy defense of “God did it!” the Clowns should be able to eke out a victory. But it will be close. Science will be using evidence and will be tough.

Sept. 26 – Students and Education – With debts higher than they can ever pay and an education that has taught them to take tests but little else, this Student team will be hungry and mean. This could be the first dent in the Clowns record as “we didn’t know” is a very poor defense. Look for a Clowns loss here.

Oct. 3 – SNAP and Welfare recipients – This one looks to be another trouncing. After decades of public denouncement on the main stream media (MSM), SNAP and Welfare recipients have had any fight literally beaten out of them. Look for the Clowns to use this occasion to trot out some ugly new plays such as any welfare recipient should lose their kids. Note: This does not include the group that gets the largest share of welfare from the government – that is the wealthy and corporations. While their welfare in the forms of tax cuts, tax abatements and questionable tax write-offs dramatically dwarfs those who get help directly from the government, the Clowns will be lining up to give them even more and more.

Oct. 10 – The Poor – While on paper this looks like a real battle simply because of the numbers, most of the opponents will not be able to even play since they will be working at one of their 3 minimum wage jobs just to afford food and rent. The Clowns will feature an offense that creates laws that make it simply illegal to be poor and subject to incarceration for any number of offenses that are normal living when a family is poor.

Oct.17 – “Obamacare” or the ACA – While claiming they have the fans behind them on this one, when they look around, no one is following. When they call for a big cheer, they find many of their followers are busy since they are finally able to access health care system. The Clowns will once again claim victory while losing badly as they have some 50+ times against this opponent.

Oct. 24 – Environment – Using their standard offense of “jobs will go away” and their standard defense of bottling up any and all legislation it looks like the environment will be beaten to a pulp again.

Oct. 31 – this will be an open date. Clowns will either be hiding in dark corners to avoid the devil or be making sacrifices to the devil. No one really knows.

Nov. 7 – Non-Christian Religions – With the playing field titled at an almost 75 degree angle in their favor (75% + of Americans identify as Christian) this looks like an easy win. The Clowns will alternately focus on one aspect at a time or take the whole bunch at once, either way they will be able to paint their opponent as the scariest enemy of America ever.

Nov. 14 – Non-Whites – Perhaps their longest standing opponent, this is one they have a long winning streak against. It hasn’t been much of a contest since the days of Nixon. Dog whistle phrases will once more be the Clowns attacking offense while things like stop & frisk and drug laws will provide the bulwark of the defense. If your skin is not white, you are the opponent.

Nov. 21 – Women – The Clowns will use a stiff defensive stance of anti-reproductive health laws, forced child birth, low pay and “traditional” roles to counter an increasingly powerful opponent. The Clowns will use Carly Fiorina as their main offense, dangling her in a display that says ‘you are one of us.’

Nov. 28 – Climate Change – This looks like a loss for the Clowns. While they use such brilliant plays as letting everybody know it is November and it is cold, many people will remember the water in their houses last summer or the early 2 feet of snow that never happened before. Hard to push a weak offense when your exposed by the weather all around you. The Clowns will also be pretty full of themselves after celebrating Thanksgiving praising themselves.

Dec. 5 – Immigrants – Starting off with hoots of “speak English” and “cantaloupe calves” the Clowns will take it hard to the immigrants. This will be a pummeling this year, but may be closer than expected. However, the Immigrants are building for the future. You can expect the Immigrants to close the gap soon, leading to victories in the future. Let’s face it, in this case the Immigrants = Latino immigrants.

Dec. 12 – SS and Medicare Recipients – Final game and a sure loss for the Clowns. The Clowns have been trying to get their hands on Social Security and Medicare money for decades, but their opponents are generally smarter and more tenacious than the Clowns. The major turning point ion the pResidency of George W. Bush was a skirmish with these folks. Big loss for the Clowns with many injuries.

The Tea Party Clowns are a wholly owned subsidiary of Koch Industries. Charles and David Koch take great pride in defining the rules not only for their team, but for the whole country. All billionaires are invited to invest. Money is what makes this team strong.

The Tea Party Clowns have a variety of coaches. However, all coaches were schooled at the Karl Rove Institute and the Lee Atwater School of Communication. The major problem facing the Clowns this year is that most players want to be the quarterback. There are a couple (Ted Cruz and Mike Huckabee) that want to be Pope. None want to play in the line.

Sunday Funday – Six Years Of Gay Marriage In Iowa

Tough one today

Tough one today

Hard to believe that April slipped by with hardly a mention of the anniversary of the UNANIMOUS decision in Varnum v. Brien that made Iowa the 3rd (after Massachusetts and no one ever remembers who was 2nd) to allow same sex couples to be legally married. It almost stopped in Iowa. Only 32 more states have joined the band wagon since. I was reminded of this as the oral arguments were made before the SCOTUS Tuesday in the case that may make (or break) gay marriage in this country.

Perhaps my biggest disappointment since the Iowa decision is the lack of divorces that the right wing promised would happen in the wake of the decision. I would certainly have expected at the very least that those preaching the imminent death of marriage in this state would have been among the first to line up at a lawyer’s office to file for divorce because of the gay.  So i call on Bob Vander Plaats and Chuck Hurley and all the other loud and proud gay haters to show you believe in what you say and file for divorce before your next public humiliation of Republican candidates in July in Ames.

Lots happened last week.

1) In a SCOTUS case with a decision that seemed to counter Citizens United, the SCOTUS decided unlimited money in judicial elections was not a good idea. Who wrote the majority (5-4) decision?

2) In China, the government is cracking down on the custom of using strippers at the end of what events?

3) The Pope shocked many by calling what a major scandal?

4) Nepal was hit hard by an earthquake measuring what on the Richter scale?

5) 200 girls and 93 women were rescued from where Tuesday after over a year of captivity?

6) The US celebrates Labor Day in September, but the rest of the world celebrates what similar holiday on May 1?

7) What ally of Chris Christie and appointee to the Port Authority agreed to plead guilty to charges concerning the closure of the George Washington Bridge Thursday?

8) The fastest two minutes in sports took place yesterday. What are the fastest two minutes in sports?

9) Who is the Attorney General of Maryland that brought charges against six policemen in the death of Freddy Gray?

10) Since no education funding has passed the Iowa legislature, how many fewer educators can we expect in Iowa classrooms next fall?

11) Rep. Bill Flores has insights others don’t. To what does Mr. Flores attribute the protests in Baltimore this week?

12) 45 years ago tomorrow, the country was shocked when it heard that what had happened at Kent State University?

13) May 4, 1886. Police attack labor activists in Chicago in what has come to be called what?

14) Iowa Governor Terry Branstad has declared a state of emergency in Iowa. Why?

15) The presidential field gets more crowded. What senator announced his candidacy Thursday?

16) Regents president Bruce Rastetter is pushing hard for a university funding plan that would give the state schools money based on what?

17) An anti-gay Republican legislator in North Dakota was outed sending explicit pictures to a gay dating website. What is his very apropos name?

18) Workers’ Memorial Day was celebrated around the nation on April 28th. Why was this date chosen?

19) Police in Iowa City were called to a residence where they found what dangerous souvenir had been uncovered in a storage area?

20) So ugly it could stop a watch! What ancient body adornment was revealed this week to have the power to stop the new high tech Apple watches?

Police were called to a Seattle playground to help extract a man who was stuck in a basketball hoop. I wonder just how big the guy was who stuffed him in there.


1) CJ John Roberts

2) funerals. The strippers are used to draw large crowds for the deceased.

3) unequal pay for women

4) 7.8

5) boko haram camps in Nigeria

6) International workers’ day or Labor day

7) David Wildstein – he is expected to give evidence that Christie was in on the bridge closure

8) The Kentucky Derby

9) Marilyn Mosby

10) up to 1,150

11) gay marriage. Make up you own connection.

12) 4 students were shot dead by National Guard troops during an anti-Vietnam war protest

13) the Haymarket Riot

14) The spreading bird flu in northwest Iowa

15) Bernie Sanders

16) number of Iowa kids enrolled at the school.

17) Randy Boehning (pronounce it as you wish)

18) on April 28th, 1971 the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) went into effect

19) a live World War I grenade

20) a tattoo that comes in contact with the watch – e.g. a tattoo on the wrist

See you next week for Mother’s Day

Sunday Funday: Bump And Grind For Donations Edition

Mike Luckovich, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Mike Luckovich, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Saw this Mike Lukovich cartoon and just had to share it. Being in Iowa we will be viewed as the epicenter of politics until sometime in January. Yet in the Republican Party the epicenter is actually a much smaller group. You may have heard that the Koch brothers, Charles and David, will be involved in picking the next Republican candidate in this election round. They were a bit put out that the party chose such a stinker last time around. Even though he was wealthy, Mitt Romney just didn’t meet their criteria.

Charles and David will be holding a beauty contest among 5 candidates – their own Scott Walker, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Marco Rubio and another damned Bush. Winner gets as much from them as they will from the Republican party itself. Perhaps as much as a billion dollars. Those two are their own third American Political Party.

1) Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) introduced legislation to extend what just in case Republicans get the win they want in King v. Burwell?

2) After all the bluster against Loretta Lynch, who was the only senator to not vote on the confirmation of Lynch for Attorney General?

3) Freddie Gray died while in police custody last Sunday. What major US city did this happen in?

4) How did Iowa’s senators vote on the confirmation of Loretta Lynch as US Attorney General?

5) The FBI stunned the jurisprudence world this week when it admitted that it faked what type of forensic investigation?

6) Loretta Lynch’s confirmation vote was held up until a vote could be taken on what issue?

7) The former president of what country was sentenced to 20 years in prison?

8) The World Meteorological Association has removed what name for hurricanes starting in 2016?

9) The Prime Minister of New Zealand had to issue an apology for continually doing what to a waitress?

10) President Obama issued an apology when it was revealed that an American and an Italian citizen were killed by what in January?

11) What brand of ice cream has made a major recall due to a listeria problem?

12) Chicken and turkey farmers in northwest Iowa have been hit with a major outbreak of what disease?

13) An anti-bullying bill pushed by Gov. Branstad and passed overwhelmingly by the Iowa senate is being stalled by who?

14) A century ago (boy April seems like a violent month) last Friday was the anniversary of beginning of the genocide of what people?

15) Twenty-nine years ago today, the world is stunned by the meltdown of a nuclear power plant at what city in Russia?

16) A speed record for trains was achieved in Japan when one recorded going 590kph. What kind of train made this record?

17) A blogger who pushed a vegan diet claiming it cured her cancer was revealed to never had to have had what?

18) The son of what presidential candidate was cited (not arrested) for DUI after running into a parked car?

19) Pumps at what nuclear plant that suffered a meltdown stopped last week causing radioactive water to leak into the ocean?

20) Despite giving away state secrets what man got a suspended sentence and (for him) a small fine?

Ray-ban has asked Rand Paul to please remove their sunglasses from his online store. No doubt bad publicity for them.


1) subsidies to those who now get subsidies through the ACA. These subsidies would last through 2016 (to avoid Repubs being blamed for the loss of subsidies)

2) Ted Cruz

3) Baltimore

4) Both voted no.

5) Hair analysis – great story here

6) Human trafficking

7) Egypt

8) Isis

9) pulling her pony tail

10) a drone attack

11) Blue Bell

12) bird flu

13) House speaker Kraig Paulson

14) Armenian

15) Chernobyl

16) a bullet mag-lev (magnetic levitation) train

17) the cancer she claimed she had

18) Rand Paul

19) Fukishima

20) David Petraeus. 2 years probation and a fine equal to about half of one speaking fee.

Sunday Funday – It Is Cut Your Grass Week

earth day coming soon

I have been cutting grass since I was 8 years old. I hate it – just hate it with a passion. It seems like so much make work to me. Grass’s main function is as a ground cover and an allergen. As a ground cover mine doesn’t do it’s job. As an allergen it is doing a wonderful job.

Despite how much I hate cutting grass, I am driven to do it because my father drilled it into me so well. Not sure if anything else he taught me took, but cutting the grass sure did. If it starts looking shaggy at all, I start to get nervous until I can get out and cut it. OY VEY, I am a basket case.

Were you paying attention last week?

1) What two people announced that they would be running for president last week?

2) Hugh Rodham’s grave stone was toppled in Scranton, Pa. last Monday. Why?

3) 20 years ago one of the worst terrorist attacks to take place on American soil happened. Where did this attack take place?

4) Do you remember the name of the perpetrators of the above mentioned attack?

5) Take me out to the ball game, but don’t forget to take me home! Which 2 teams played a 19 inning, 7 hour marathon last week?

6) April 20th, 1914 is the day of the massacre at the Ludlow, Colorado mine where strikers and women and children were shot. Who owned this mine?

7) Bad news for Iowa’a turkey industry last week. What was found in Buena Vista county last week?

8) The bible was nearly named the official state book in what state?

9) April 20th, 1999. The nation is shocked at what event in Colorado?

10) What 2 Republican presidential candidates came out for raising the age to get Social Security?

11) According to George W. Bush his brother will have one major problem getting elected. What is it?

12) Jack and Peter Decoster were sentenced to how much time in prison for selling tainted eggs that made over 2,000 people sick?

13) A coffee shop in Le Claire, Iowa was the site of what event this week that got national attention?

14) The Pope had a little set-to with what country when he marked the 100th anniversary of the genocide of what people?

15) A deputy in Tulsa has been charged with what in the death of an unarmed black man he shot during an arrest?

16) April 15th saw a major action by workers in fast food and other industries in at least how many US cities?

17) The CEO of a Seattle based credit card processing firm made headlines when he announced what that he will do to employees salary?

18) Singer Percy Sledge died this week. What was his most famous song?

19) A postal worker landed on the lawn of the Capitol this week in what kind of a vehicle?

20) Tomorrow is the Boston Marathon. This will be the what running of this event? (number of this marathon)

Be sure to acknowledge Earth Day Wednesday. It is the only planet we got and neither God or anyone else can change that. Let’s take care of our home.


1) Hillary Clinton and Marco Rubio

2) It was the day after his daughter announced she would run for president

3) Oklahoma City – The Murrah building was bombed

4) Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols

5) Red Sox and Yankees – do you care who won?

6) John D. Rockefeller

7) A turkey farm that had bird flu

8) Tennessee – the AG warned such an action would be declared unconstitutional

9) the shootings at Littleton high school

10) Chris Christie and Jeb Bush. Christie favors moving it to 69.

11) having George W. Bush as a brother.

12) 3 months

13) Hillary Clinton’s first campaign stop in Iowa

14) Turkey

15) manslaughter

16) 230

17) raise all employees to at least $70,000/ year

18) “When A Man Loves A Woman”

19) a gyrocopter

20) 119th

remember Earth Day!

Sunday Funday – Blowing Into Spring

dress for sale - cheep!

dress for sale – cheep!

The winds of change blew last week and they blew very hard. Seems a little early here in Iowa to be getting such strong storms, but Mother Nature doesn’t do things by the calendar. If it wasn’t tied down, it may no longer be around. So be careful when you put the dog or the kitty out and make sure they have tags or a microchip for later identification.

Were you paying attention last week?

1) Hey Mon! Obama went to Jamaica last week. What museum was one of his first stops?

2) Cyclone nation’s got your back! What Cyclone coach will be undergoing a second heart procedure Friday?

3) Call the Republicans! We got another case of voter fraud! What presidential candidate lied on his voter registration form by listing himself as “Hispanic?”

4) A young man walking to work caught quite an event on his cell phone camera in South Carolina Monday. What was it?

5) In Altoona, Pa. a parishioner disrupted Easter Sunday mass by doing what?

6) Rarified air. What college basketball coach joined John Wooden as the only 2 to win 10 NCAA titles last week?

7) Touchy, touchy. What presidential candidate lost his temper with interviewers 3 times last week when he didn’t like the way a question was asked?

8) Truly a poorly held secret. What presidential candidate is expected to announce today?

9) Christians were pretty bent out of shape when a representative of what religion gave the opening prayer at the Iowa legislature Thursday?

10) To no ones surprise, who was convicted in the Boston Marathon massacre last week?

11) There are rules. Whose presidential announcement was taken down by youtube due to copyright violation?

12) What metropolitan area that includes an Iowa segment is slowly approaching 1 million residents?

13) Tuesday is the 150th anniversary of what tragic event?

14) The Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee touched off a bit of a storm by recommending what kind of diet?

15) At a meeting next week a federal advisory group is expected to recommend the shutting down the harvest of what on the West Coast?

16) April 12, 1961 – who is the first human to be launched into space?

17) It is up and running again with twice the power. Coming off a two year shutdown following the discovery of the Higgs bosun what major scientific tool is ready to go again?

18) “The 18th of April of ’75. Hardly a man is still alive who can remember that famous day and year of” what?

19) A yacht race has been proposed for the summer of 2017 at what once impenetrable place?

20) The pizzeria in Walkerton, Indiana proved it – hate pays. How much was raised from an online site to support their stand?

In case you missed it, the Chicago Cubs opened yet another season with a loss. Wait til next century!


1) The Bob Marley museum

2) Fred Hoiberg. He will have an operation at the Mayo Clinic Friday.

3) Jeb Bush

4) The murder of an unarmed black man by a police officer

5) Accidentally shooting a gun he had in his pocket

6) Geno Auriema, coach of the Connecticut women’s team.

7) Rand Paul

8) Hillary Clinton

9) wiccan or pagan

10) Djokhar Tsarnaev

11) Rand Paul’s

12) Omaha-Council Bluffs (or is it Council Bluffs-Omaha?)

13) the assassination of Abraham Lincoln

14) vegan – both for health and environmental reasons

15) sardines – overfished and none left for the sea lions to eat

16) Yuri Gagarin

17) The Large Hadron Collider

18) the midnight ride of Paul Revere

19) The Arctic Ocean. Some expect it to be free enough of ice by then to stage such an event

20) $842,000.

Sunday Funday: The High Holy Days

Ready for the Easter Parade

Ready for the Easter Parade

The high holy days of basketball come to an end this week with college champions being crowned for the men on Monday and for the women on Tuesday. I think there are some other religious holidays this week also.

Lots happened last week. Were you paying attention?

1) Most parties to the Iranian framework agreement were excited. What potential player(s) seemed intent on scuttling any agreement?

2) Nothing like name recognition when you’re in politics. What governor and potential presidential candidate’s name was repeated over and over in conjunction with a RFRA bill he signed?

3) After being maligned throughout the season, which men’s college basketball conference put 2 teams in the final four?

4) Michigan’s football team seems to have picked up a transfer in what former Iowa quarterback?

5) When is Passover this year?

6) The Fair can go on! What date did the Iowa legislature agree to for the earliest beginning date for schools in Iowa?

7) Next Thursday, April 9th, will be the 150th anniversary of what?

8) Arkansas governor Asa Hutchinson was already to sign a RFRA bill similar to Indiana’s until what 800 pound corporate gorilla in Arkansas suggested that he not do so?

9) The American Pharmacists Association recommended that its members no longer supply what to states?

10) The Iowa senate continues to struggle with the gun bill. However, shootings should be quieter as most agree that the sales of what should no longer be banned?

11) March goes down as one of the driest months in Iowa’s history. Thus, what became a serious threat throughout the state this week as winds whipped across the state?

12) George Pataki says bet that he will run for president in 2016. What is George Pataki’s claim to fame?

13) He is not going to visit his birthplace, but President Obama will visit Kenya this summer. Why?

14) One of my favorite named politicians, Goodluck Jonathan, lost in his bid for re-election as president of what country?

15) Pediatricians recommended using what to help avoid overdoses of prescribed drugs by children?

16) The world’s formerly oldest living person died in Osaka, Japan this week. How old was she when she died?

17) Next Thursday, April 9th, the opening prayer in the Iowa House will be offered by what unusual clergy person?

18) Out of sight, out of mind rather quickly. What two food processing giants announced a merger about 10 days ago?

19) Comedy Central announced what relatively unknown comedian as its replacement for Jon Stewart on The Daily Show?

20) Militant group Al-Shabab killed 147 non-Muslims in an attack at a university in what African country?

BONUS) What native Iowan, known mostly for TV evangelical work and the “Crystal Cathedral” died in Los Angeles this week?

McDonald’s got tons of free and mostly favorable publicity this week for announcing a $1/hour pay raise for it’s employees. But the whole story is that this applies only to company owned stores and will have no effect on most of the employees who wear the “McDonald’s” apparel when working. Most employees work for franchises and thus will get no raise. Misdirection by the news media?


1) the Republican Party

2) Mike Pence of Indiana

3) the Big Ten(14) with Wisconsin and Michigan State

4) Jake Ruddock seems to be moving to Ann Arbor and will be eligible to play immediately

5) Right now!. Started at sundown last Friday and ends next Saturday

6) August 23rd (that is a Sunday and the last fair date in 2015)

7) Lee’s surrender to Grant at Appomatox Courthouse to end our civil war

8) Walmart

9) drugs for state executions

10) silencers

11) grass fires

12) former three term governor of New York

13) He will attend a conference on economic development in Africa

14) Nigeria

15) the metric system – seems parents often confuse teaspoons and tablespoons etc.

16) 117

17) a Wiccan priestess

18) Kraft and Heinz

19) Trevor Noah

20) Kenya

BONUS) Robert Schuller

Happy Easter all

jesus explains his philosophy

Sunday Funday: Is School More Important Than The Fair Edition

looks like a guy who could ace the quiz!

looks like a guy who could ace the quiz!

Back in the day there was a young man who wrote for the Des Moines Register by the name of Donald Kaul under the banner Over The Coffee. One of Kaul’s great delights or perhaps painful duties was to inform Iowans how the legislature annually made a mockery of what most Iowans considered common sense by hashing over seemingly ridiculous folderol. Once more the legislature is giving wits much fodder with their debate over when schools should start. Seems that the major economic driver in Iowa is the State Fair, no doubt the greatest of all State Fairs ever. Reading and Cyphering learning must be compliant to the whims of the awesomest of State Fairs!

Well, Sunday Funday is here with a solution for the legislature wanting to feed the fair and the schools wanting to – uh you know – educate. There are other breaks in the schools year that could easily be eliminated so the State Fair can be attended to. Start with Christmas and Easter breaks. It is usually cold in Iowa at those times, so let’s take time for the State Fair from the winter and spring breaks and move it to summer.

Were you paying attention?

1) Many folks called Ted do not really have Ted as their given name. What is the given name of ‘Ted’ Cruz?

2) With friends like this who needs enemies? What country was accused by the Wall Street Journal of spying on talks between Iran and the US?

3) Ted Cruz claimed a strange conversion occurred in him on 9/11 that caused him to turn away from what in favor of what else?

4) Appearing in Iowa last weekend, what potential presidential candidate said it is time to “crack down on Wall Street recklessness.”?

5) What Iowa legislator was photographed reading a book titled “Sex After Sixty” instead of paying attention to floor debate?

6) It appears one man in Iowa has decided that current Medicaid needs dismantling and that may be enough to make it happen. Who is this man?

7) He got away with murder, now he blames Obama for his image problems. What former darling of the right claimed Obama ruined his image?

8) Lieutenant Rags, move your troops! The National Park Service is considering using dogs at the Lincoln Memorial to stop what from happening?

9) Utah takes a few steps back as they once more opt for what method of executing prisoners?

10) Two US senators announced they would not run in 2016. Can you name them and their states?

11) As of last week, Starbuck baristas will no longer write what phrase on customer’s coffee cups?

12) After demonizing Obamacare, what Tea Party presidential candidate was discovered to be planning to sign up for Obamacare, claiming Obama was making him do so?

13) Indiana governor Mike Pence signed a Religious Restoration Act last week. One of the major consequences will be that, based on religious reasons, businesses can do what?

14) The SCOTUS is taking a case from Texas concerning free speech and the placing of what on Texas state license plates?

15) A combination Russian and US crew took off for a mission on the ISS. How long is this mission expected to last?

16) Jumping on the bandwagon, Willie Nelson is expected to launch a brand of what that will bear his name?

17) Bowe Bergdahl was charged with what this week?

18) In another major scoop for Wikileaks, what closely guarded document did the group release this week?

19) A state Senate Committee voted to make what medicinal crop available to possess Thursday after they made using it legal last year?

20) A sure sign of spring! What states got hit with tornados Wednesday?

Ok here is a new sport. It is up to you to figure out what it is:


1) Raphael

2) Israel

3) turned away from rock and roll music and picked up country music

4) Martin O’Malley

5) Ross Paustian of Walcott

6) Governor Branstad

7) George Zimmerman

8) geese pooping around the National Mall

9) firing squad

10) Dan Coates of Indiana and Harry Reid of Nevada

11) “race together”

12) Ted Cruz!

13) discriminate based on their religious feelings

14) the confederate flag

15) a year – the longest for a US astronaut

16) marijuana

17) desertion

18) the TPP trade agreement

19) medical marijuana

20) Oklahoma and Arkansas

Sunday Funday: The High Holy Days Of Basketball Edition

These guys now have time to take the quiz

These guys now have time to take the quiz

It only comes but once a year, so let’s all try to wring every ounce of joy out of this holiday season. May the gods and goddesses of the scoring table smile kindly on your team.

Were you paying attention last week or were you in front of the TV?

1) Senate Leader Mitch McConnell is using a vote on Human Trafficking to delay a vote for what Obama nominee?

2) Twenty years ago on March 20th, Tokyo subways were attacked by terrorists who used what for their attack?

3) Netanyahu was re-elected as Prime Minister of Israel. He needs a coalition of a majority of the Knessit. How many seats are there in the Knessit?

4) Tom Cotton, junior senator from Arkansas, has picked up quite a nickname due to his authorship of the letter to Iran. What is that nickname?

5) One of the most powerful cyclones ever, Pam, devastated what tiny island nation?

6) What state has implemented some extraordinary measures in response to water shortages?

7) In the Muncie, Indiana Walmart restroom, a local man was running what business?

8) The Secret Service has asked congress for $8 million in order to build an exact replica of what building?

9) The state of Iowa placed how many teams in the NCAA tournaments?

10) Mortal sin, Iowa style. What candidate’s campaign advisor tweeted offensive things about the Iowa caucuses?

11) A letter sent to the White House was laced with what substance?

12) There was a resignation from the US House last week. Who resigned and why?

13) John Rowland, former governor of what state, was sentenced to 30 months in prison for violating clean election laws?

14) What former presidential candidate and former heavyweight boxing champion have arranged to have a charity boxing event?

15) Democrats and Republicans in the Iowa senate agree, doing what while driving is not a good idea?

What happened to ISU? I had them going all the way!

1) Loretta Lynch

2) Sarin gas

3) 120. Netanyahu needs to control 61

4) Tehran Tom

5) Vanuatu

6) California

7) a meth lab

8) the White House

9) 5 – 3 in the men’s tournament and 2 in the women’s.

10) Scott Walker

11) cyanide

12) Aaron Shock of Peoria. He resigned due to investigations of his spending.

13) Connecticut

14) Mitt Romney and Evander Holyfield

15) texting