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Sunday Funday: Summer’s Over

could these guys pass the quiz today?

could these guys pass the quiz today?

In case you were sleeping in the warmth of the summer sun, summer ended abruptly last week. Kids went back to school, it got cooler and the corn is turning into that golden autumn color. September must be right around the corner. As always at this time of year, a man’s thoughts turn to college football. After perusing this year’s predictions for Iowa and Iowa State it looks like it may be a good year for Iowa’s football fans to turn their eyes toward Cedar Falls. But optimism burns brightly in the hearts of Iowa’s football fans so bring on those Buckeyes and let us at them!

Were you paying attention?

1) Some folks may have started the week out by jumping out their first story window after the Dow slid over how many points Monday morning?

2) Ten years ago yesterday what major hurricane hit New Orleans?

3) Scott Walker, Republican Presidential candidate, called on Pres. Obama to cancel a meeting with who over the stock market fall?

4) Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush sent out a mailer in which his picture had what odd feature?

5) Secretary of Agriculture and former Iowa governor, Tom Vilsack, endorsed what Democratic presidential candidate?

6) Megyn Kelly returned from vacation and was immediately met with a twitter barrage from what current notable?

7) Tragedy in Virginia where a reporter and cameraman were murdered live on TV by a what?

8) Room for one more? What prominent person keeps inching toward a possible presidential run?

9) Candidate Donald Trump’s threat to deport children of foreigners born on US soil could affect how many children?

10) A municipal judge in what city has ordered that all arrest warrants issued before 2015 be withdrawn?

11) Maybe it was all the presidential candidates that came through? What event announced a new record attendance this year?

12) September 1, 1939 what began?

13) MSNBC took another step back from its liberalism as it announced the end of whose show next week?

14) At an event in Las Vegas last week, President Obama announce that he was ready to “take on” who?

15) What former GOP presidential candidate and televangelist claimed the stock market downturn was due to divine retribution on what organization?

16) “ Get out of my country!” A fan of Donald Trump was videoed saying that to what journalist from Univision after the journalist had an incident with Trump in Dubuque?

17) What baseball analyst has been suspended by ESPN after a series of anti-Muslim tweets?

18) On August 24th, the family of what teenager murdered in Money, Miss. for allegedly whistling at a white woman in 1955 held events on the 60th anniversary of his death?

19) Republicans squealed loudly when Hillary Clinton compared them to what on women’s issues?

20) Defying a court order a county clerk in Kentucky continues to refuse to issue what from her office?

It’s hard to do a post based around politics these days without invoking the name of a certain current Republican candidate. I failed also.


1) 1,000

2) Katrina. If you missed this wake up!

3) the president of China claiming he was the reason for the stock slide

4) his left hand was that of a black man (see below)

5) Hillary Clinton

6) Trump

7) a former colleague and disgruntled employee of the station

8) VP Joe Biden

9) 4.5 million children

10) Ferguson, Mo.

11) The Iowa State Fair. Maybe keeping kids out of school helped also?

12) World War II with the invasion of Poland by Germany

13) Al Sharpton’s

14) the crazies

15) Pat Robertson. Yes, he really ran for president and had a big following

16) Jorge Ramos of Univision

17) Curt Schilling. Schilling’s political leanings have long been known

18) Emmett Till

19) terrorists

20) marriage licenses to gay people

jeb's black hand

Sunday Funday – House On Fire Edition

hey, kids - almost time for those delicious school lunches again

hey, kids – almost time for those delicious school lunches again

{name of month}, 2015 was the hottest {name of month} on record. This is a headline we have seen seven times so far this year. Pretty sure we can expect to see it five more times this year. The west is on fire like never before and land is sinking in California as aquifers are drained.

But the climate deniers, or better stated the oil company puppets, seem to be concentrated in the Republican Party at the highest echelons of government and continually block any action to halt this trend. They also block anything that will help mitigate it like moving to solar and wind power.

I always wonder if Venus was like the earth before Republicans were put in charge?

Were you paying attention?

1) The bulls are in the game at Pamplona this year. How many kills have they scored on the humans so far?

2) With school starting at the state’s universities tomorrow, what contagious childhood disease is having a small outbreak at the U of Iowa?

3) Which venue at the Iowa State fair has been lousy with politicians and reporters all week?

4) US Troops are being deployed and Canada is loaning us personnel to fight what?

5) Former Subway spokesperson Jared Fogle was back on TV this week. Why?

6) The NLRB said what group at a university had no right to join a union?

7) Mitch McConnell conceded that he did not have the votes to stop what?

8) The generic name is filbanserin. The brand name name is Addyi. The FDA approved this medication this week and most people call it “female “ what?

9) Kristen Freist and Shaye Haver this week became the first two women to do what?

10) Republican presidential candidate John Kasich recommended that what be removed from school buildings?

11) The Dow Jones average had a major drop last week. Wall Streeters labelled this a what?

12) August 28, 1963. Hot and miserable but that didn’t stop people from assembling in what city to march for civil rights for all?

13) OK – why are the gas prices going up according to the industry?

14) What Iowa city had one employer announce a 400 person cut in employees while another employer announced they would be adding 500 new employees?

15) Not just a football factory anymore. Scientists at Ohio State U. grew what nearly complete human organ in a lab setting?

16) Jimmy Carter at a press conference to announce his cancer status, said “I would like to see the last ____________ die before I do.” What does Carter want to see exterminated?

17) What scion of a well known Christian family was back in the news when it was revealed he had an Ashley Madison account?

18) Missouri has a problem with male legislators sexually harassing female interns. What did the legislators propose to fix this problem?

19) The price of a barrel of crude oil dipped below what barrier for the first time in 6.5 years Friday?

20) In a hearing on company policies on employees and dodging taxes, the Brazilian senate grilled officials from what company?

When will some five star reporter ask Hillary Clinton about Bernie Sanders hair? Why is it always the other way around?


1) 10 last count I saw.

2) mumps

3) the Des Moines register’s soap box

4) western wild fires

5) He was arrested on child porn charges

6) football players – they are not university employees the NLRB said.

7) The Iran deal

8) viagra

9) pass the Army Rangers school

10) teachers’ lounges. He said that is where teachers’ share job complaints and join unions.

11) a correction

12) Washington DC – they heard the “I Have A Dream” speech

13) equipment malfunctions at a refinery near Chicago caused tight supplies

14) Denison

15) a brain

16) guinea worm. Read about it here

17) Josh Duggar

18) a dress code for the interns. Yep you read that right. It is the interns fault

19) $40/ barrel

20) McDonald’s – witnesses have been brought in from around the world

Teachers, please stay out of the Teachers’ Lounge. Thank you

Sunday Funday: Chuck Those Cares, Go To The Fair!


This is year 1 of “You Can’t Start School Until The Fair Is Over.” This is one of Iowa’s ways to keep kids and teachers’ unions from getting a big head thinking that education is really a priority in Iowa.

As reinforcement to that idea, education governor Terry Branstad cut a massive amount from the education budget this summer when he thought no one was looking. If they wanted to push academics down yet one more notch in Iowa they could force the high school kids to listen to the soap box speeches made at the fair by the Republican presidential candidates.

As for us let’s see if our brains were engaged last week:

1) BOOM!!!! A massive explosion so big they were recorded by seismographs, at a “dangerous goods” warehouse rocked what Chinese city Wednesday?

2) Which Republican presidential candidate who has decried use of fetal tissue for research has been found to have done research on fetal tissue in the past?

3) Sorry, kid, you want to see it, you got to pay. The debuts of what kids’ educational series will now take place on HBO?

4) Did someone throw a giant sparkler into the sky last week? No, it was what annual phenomena that just ended its run til next year?

5) Order early. This coming December will see the publishing of a biography as what Iowan sets a record for longevity?

6) Happy Birthday to you dear – what major Democratic social program turned 80 last Friday?

7) Which Republican candidate blasted the media for its obsession with Donald Trump in Waterloo last week?

8) VJ Day was 70 years ago Friday. How long before the last Japanese soldier surrendered?

9) In Paraguay, an 11 year old girl gave birth after being denied an abortion. Who is the father of the baby?

10) A militia group named what was seen carrying assault rifles on the streets of Ferguson, Missouri during commemorations of Michael Brown’s death?

11) He may look smarter with the glasses, but what Republican candidate appears to be broke already?

12) Many people remember her from “Little House On The Prairie.” Now what child star wants to move up to the US House from Michigan?

13) Here’s a name from the past. What mail-order music company from the 60s on filed for bankruptcy last week?

14) A county clerk in Kentucky is still in the news because she still refuses to do what?

15) Be careful what you ask for. Looks like California may get drenched this winter by a super strong what?

16) Forty-six years ago yesterday the kids gathered at Yasgur’s farm for what celebration of music?

17) The Davenport school district may dip into its reserve account to do what?

18) Mike Huckabee kicked off a long line of presidential hopefuls that will be speaking from what Iowa State Fair institution?

19) The EPA accidentally caused a breach at an abandoned gold mine allowing what to be spilled into the Animas River?

20) This week’s Darwin nominee is a man who jumped the fence of a roller coaster to retrieve what at Ohio’s Cedar Point amusement park?

Have a great time at the fair if you go. Try the fried beer on a stick – kidding.


1) Tianin

2) Ben Carson

3) Sesame Street

4) Perseid Meteor Shower

5) Branstad becomes America’s longest serving governor in December (not on my wish list)

6) Social Security. This is a landmark year for many Democratic programs

7) can’t remember his name – oh yeah- Jindal.

8) in 1974 some 29 years later.

9) The girl’s stepfather who raped her. Draw your own lessons for the US. Religious groups praised her not being allowed an abortion.

10) Oath Keepers.

11) Rick Perry. Stopped paying his staff

12) Melissa Gilbert

13) Columbia House

14) issue marriage licenses to same sex couples

15) El Nino – already being called a “Godzilla El Nino.”

16) Woodstock

17) equalize their per pupil spending with other districts

18) the Des Moines Register’s soapbox.

19) heavy metals especially lead, arsenic, cadmium, beryllium and mercury

20) his cell phone. Got hit by the roller coaster

Just read these inspirational word from Sen. Cory Booker:



Sunday Funday – Charlie Three Mowers

Could he do this in Washington also?

Could he do this in Washington also?

Chuck Grassley has used his chairmanship of the Senate Judiciary Committee to stop any work on confirming judges to federal benches. Now he is blocking appointments to the State Department. We hired this guy to do some small amount of work that would keep the government working. He refuses to do it. Back in my working days such a refusal would get one an escort to the front door never to be let back in.

So if Charlie refuses to do his work, what can we do to get the $175,000 value for what we pay him? May I suggest we assign him and his world famous mower system to the mowing detail around the capitol. If he refuses to do the work assigned, then we need find him work he will do. He can’t be fired for about 15 months.

A big thank you to Mookie for taking over last week. He is one smart kitty.

Were you paying attention?

1) Former President Jimmy Carter had a medical procedure last week to remove a mass from what part of his body?

2) Chris Christie appeared at a New Jersey racetrack to present a trophy to the owners of American Pharaoh. How did the crowd greet him?

3) Greece’s potential bankruptcy has garnered international news while what US commonwealth slipped into bankruptcy with little notice Monday?

4) The U of Iowa has been knocked from the spot as the country’s top party school by what real den of iniquity as rated by the Princeton Review?

5) Nagasaki was the second victim of the atomic bomb in 1945. What was the date that Nagasaki was hit?

6) Nagasaki was actually the secondary target, but got hit due to bad weather at what primary target?

7) Happy Birthday, Mr. President! Tomorrow is the birth anniversary of Iowa’s only native president. What was unique about Hoover’s VP?

8) Would you like some meth with that? What chain restaurant in Cedar Rapids had the makings of a meth lab discovered on their premises?

9) Iowa Gov. Branstad is being pressured by what religious based group to defund Planned Parenthood in Iowa?

10) Like a noxious weed what popped up overnight on August 13, 1961 and stayed until it was torn down by mobs in 1990?

11) The so-called “top cop” in Texas, Atty. Gen. Ken Paxton was arrested last week in regard to what?

12) Over in France refugees have been discovered camping near what landmark trying to hitch a ride to Britain?

13) Which Republican governor/ presidential hopeful cut state aid to Planned Parenthood to curry favor with far right evangelicals?

14) Netflix announced a major perk for its employees this week. There would no longer be a limit to what?

15) The Olympics took a step toward adding what sport to their lineup soon? This news should make college kids happy.

16) Sadly the world was informed that what whimsical character had its hitch hiking odyssey brought to an end in Philadelphia?

17) Democratic Party leader Debbie Wasserman-Schultz announced this week that there would be how many debates for Democratic presidential candidates?

18) “They are the single most destructive force in public education in America.” Who was Republican candidate Chris Christie talking about?

19) The SEC this week approved a rule that would make companies disclose the pay ratio of what two groups of employees?

20) A group of Republican senators has threatened to do what in an effort to defund Planned Parenthood?

Most of the major world airlines have stopped the practice of shipping big game trophies, such as lion’s heads or elephant tusks. Good


1) his liver Get well soon, Mr. President

2) long and sustained boos.

3) Puerto Rico

4) The U of Illinois

5) 70 years ago today

6) Kokura

7) Charles Curtis of Kansas was 3/8ths Native American (American Indian)

8) Taco Bell (note they knew nothing of it)

9) the family leader and Bob Vander Plaats

10) The Berlin Wall

11) fraud in the sale of stocks before he became AG.

12) the Channel Tunnel

13) Bobby Jindal

14) parental leave

15) ultimate frisbee

16) the hitchbot – found dismembered in an alley

17) 6 beginning in October

18) teacher’s unions

19) CEO and the median wage of company employees

20) shut down the government once more.

Fair starts Thursday. Enjoy

Sunday Funday – Caturday Edition


Mrowww [cough. cough} – er – I mean HI! My name is Mookie. The guy I share the house with had something else to do this week. So he asked me to do the quiz for him.

I don’t know much about your politics. I do read over his shoulder and listen to the radio with him every day. But I do nap some times. And some times I chase things like that pestery girl cat that lives here. Anybody want her?

I do know that thing on Trump’s head is distantly related to me. I think it is a 35th cousin.

I’ll ask you some questions after a short nap – got to be fresh.

Ok – let’s go!

1) Who said the Iran deal was like marching Jews to the doors of the oven?

2) You Humans do some really bad things. Hiroshima happened 70 years ago Thursday. How many died immediately from the bomb.

3) My distant relative named Cecil was killed in Africa. How much did the guy who killed him pay to the guides who helped him?

4) August 1, 1944 what young diarist made her last entry into her diary? She died about 7 months later.

5) Can’t believe they are still doing this. The senate failed to vote for repeal of what last Sunday?

6) This is kind of funny. A republican candidate disagrees with his daddy. Daddy is a former presidential candidate and thinks the Iran deal is a good deal. Who are these two?

Time for a short nap……………………

Up again ……….. Got to get all the hair back in place …….. ok back at it

7) What famous movie star rabbit celebrated his 75th year in showbiz last week?

8) There were 35 women seated in chairs on the cover of New York magazine last week. What do they have in common?

9) What group said they will now allow leaders to be gay?

10) What Iowa county is shaking things up by exploring raising the minimum wage in that county?

oops… need a snack. OK , back at it

11) Really? Bill Gates gave something away last week? What was it?

12) On this date in 1776 members of the Continental Congress met in Philadelphia to sign a document. What document?

13) Holy cow, which Republican presidential candidate is too dumb to know how to order a Philly cheese steak in Philly?

Could use a belly rub about now – or a scritch behind the ears. Oh, well……

14) The Oklahoma Supreme Court said once again that the government must take down what from the state capitol?

15) Now here was a smart human. Nice hair too. Albert Einstein wrote a letter to FDR on this date in 1939 to warn about what?

16) This guy will 54 on Tuesday. Looks like he could live with cats, but instead he got a couple of dogs, Bo and Sunny, for his girls. Who is this guy?

17) What big city mayor said he wouldn’t mortgage that city’s future to get the Olympic games?

Something flying .. must investigate .. may not be back

Back again. Got to preen …. OK, ready to go.

18) Sad to see this. This guy in Decorah died Monday. He put up a camera online to watch what kind of birds?

19) The Arizona Cardinals football team hired someone really unusual Monday. What is so unusual about this hire?

20) Chris Christie told people to do what because when he president he’s going to stop it?

I have more questions, but I don’t have a thumb and it is hard to type. Makes me tired. Maybe a little nap will help……………….

I am back. Already preened – looking good! Here’s the answers:

1) Mike Huckabee – he’s goofy

2) approximately 105,000. Another 100,000 died from radiation later.

3) $55,000

4) Anne Frank

5) Obamacare

6) Rand and Ron Paul. Get along humans!

7) Bugs Bunny

8) They were sexually assaulted by Bill Cosby

9) the Boy Scouts

10) Johnson County – maybe some folks could afford a cat?

11) an online upgrade to Windows 10

12) the Declaration of Independence

13) Scott Walker

14) a monument of the ten commandments

15) that an atomic bomb could be developed

16) Barack Obama

17) Marty Walsh of Boston

18) Eagles. I watched those birds all the time.

19) the hire is a woman – the first in the NFL

20) smoke pot. Yep, Christie’s going to stop America smoking pot.

Boy I am tired! I need a nap. Shut the lights off please.

Sunday Funday – Sober Thought Edition

Mike Luckovich, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Mike Luckovich, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Just as I went to write this I had a very sobering thought. Following Citizens United, billionaires shopped around looking for a puppet to install in the White House to do their bidding. After trying out a Newt Gingrich and a Rick Santorum, they seemed to settle on someone who was much like them in Mitt Romney.

This year they are shopping again with bushel baskets of money at the ready. But they are not finding quite the quality they had in 2012 (quit snickering I am trying to make a point here). Certain of the .0001% have just realized if they want someone like themselves, then why not themselves? It is sort of the ultimate outcome of Citizens United. Ladies and gentlemen, Donald Trump!

Next cycle keep an eye out for someone named Walton looking to open a store in the DC area. You heard it here first!

Were you paying attention?

1) Thursday night a gunman in Lafayette, Louisiana murdered 3 and nearly murdered 9 more during what movie?

2) One of the longest running mysteries in America began on July 30th, 1975 when who was last seen outside a restaurant in Detroit, Michigan?

3) The last bike riders should have dipped their tires in the Mississippi. What general direction does RAGBRAI always take across Iowa?

4) As the bike riders swarm Davenport that city is also celebrating native musician Bix Beiderbecke. What instrument is Beiderbecke most associated with?

5) Physicist Stephen Hawking this week announced a $100 million effort to find what?

6) Another week, another Republican runs for president. Who was it this week?

7) Whose cell phone number did Donald Trump announce on national TV?

8) The world temperatures for June are in. How does the first six months of 2015 stack up as far as heat goes?

9) Engineers have been warning about infrastructure problems in this country for decades. A bridge on I10 between what two major cities collapsed in the rain last week?

10) The Annie E. Casey Foundation said that what percentage of American children currently live in poverty?

11) A remote hack on what brand of automobiles was demonstrated last week when hackers took over control of what from 10 miles away?

12) Hackers threatened to expose customers of what web site that arranges “discreet encounters for married men?”

13) In one of the oddest stories of the week, the winner of the French Scrabble world championship was unique in that he what?

14) In Colorado an ABC television almost broadcast the first US commercial for what product until the parent company stepped in to stop it?

15) A new embassy opened for what country in Washington, DC last week?

16) And so the media flexes its muscle. Rupert Murdoch has reportedly told his Fox News executives to back off covering what politician?

17) And in California, protestors did what to try to stop the removal of trees in the Claremont Canyon in Oakland and the U of Cal campus?

18) It was a wild ride up for the stock of what online retailer Friday?

19) In a shake up at MSNBC what voice of the working man was shown the door Thursday?

20) Reaching waaaay back for a comparison, Arkansas’ goofy senator Tom Cotton compared SoS John Kerry to what biblical character?

Whoa, dude, next Saturday is August 1st. Only 6 months to the caucus. Have you chosen your candidate yet?


1) Amy Schumer’s “Trainwreck”

2) Jimmy Hoffa

3) west to east ending with the traditional tire dip in the Mississippi

4) cornet, but piano is also acceptable

5) intelligent life in our galaxy

6) John Kasich of Ohio

7) Lyndsey Graham’s

8) the hottest first half of a year ever

9) Los Angeles and Phoenix

10) 22% including 39% of AA, 37% of Native Americans and 33% of Hispanic

11) Chrysler. The hack was on one of their Jeep Cherokees

12) Ashley Madison

13) he can’t speak French

14) marijuana

15) Cuba

16) Donald Trump

17) stripped naked and hugged the trees – you don’t want to see the pictures

18) Amazon which ended up nearly $50 after being up nearly $90/share

19) Ed Schultz – he’s there for a while but the show was cancelled

20) Pontius Pilate – not sure what the similarity is

See you next week!

Sunday Funday: Disease Infects Clown Bus

May have to be quarantined

May have to be quarantined

The clown bus traveling to and from Ames had to stop several times to be disinfected. It seems a very virulent virus has infected the bus that is being used for a comedy act known as “The Republican Presidential Candidates Over-The-Top Clown Tour.” The virus is known simply as the Donald. The Donald has in recent weeks really bit the clown known as JEB! in the butt several times wreaking havoc on JEB!’s ability to think and speak. The Donald bug has also bitten clowns Marco and Randy. It has also caused havoc with the drivers and organizers of the tour to the point that about all anyone can talk about is the Donald.

artist's rendering of virus (photo from

artist’s rendering of virus
(photo from

There is concern that if the Donald is allowed to live until August 6th, it may get out of its container and infect the general public.

Please exercise caution if you see this virus.

Hey time to see if you were paying attention

1) The New Horizon probe flew by Pluto this week giving earthlings a sense of pride. When was New Horizon launched?

2) What Iowa congressman is pushing a House resolution that states may “refuse to recognize or license same sex marriages?”

3) July 19th & 20th, 1848 a very important meeting was held at Seneca Falls, NY to discuss what issue?

4) In a speech Monday candidate Hillary Clinton said she would work to change the tax code to encourage what method of rewarding employees easier?

5) Former Rep. Michael Griffin (R-NY) was sentenced Friday to 8 months in prison for what offense?

6) For the first time, coal was not the major source of electricity in the US. What replaced coal as the major source of electricity?

7) Three officials of what association were removed for their part in helping with interrogations using torture?

8) Well, Republicans sort of got their wish. Where was President Obama Thursday?

9) Huffington Post decided that whose presidential campaign fit better in their entertainment section instead of their political section?

10) AFSCME and 20 legislators filed suit against Gov. Branstad over what issue?

11) RAGBRAI kicked off in Sioux City this morning. Can you remember the two DM Register columnists that started this annual event as a kind of challenge between themselves?

12) After being called a dwarf, did this put on a little girth. What is 50 miles larger than previously believed?

13) NOAA reported last week that a what is expected to continue throughout next winter and early sprain in North America?

14) The Iran deal was announced late last week. Up to now which Republicans have endorsed it?

15) What family is out of work after cable channel TLC cancelled their show last week?

16) July 15th came and went in Texas without incident despite fear that what was going to happen?

17) Iowa’s DOT is reminding motorists to check for what before they leave their cars during this hot summer?

18) While Greece’s financial difficulties grab headlines, what major governmental bankruptcy is looming in the US?

19) German Chancellor Angela Merkl got really bad press last week when she responded negatively on national TV to a young girl’s plea to do what?

20) At 94 years old Oscar Groening has been sentenced to 4 years in prison for his role as an accountant at what prison in WWII?

BTW normal disinfectants only make the Donald virus begin to shout how great it is.


1) January 15, 2006

2) Steve ‘cantaloupe calves’ King

3) women’s rights

4) profit sharing plans

5) Tax fraud. The threat to kill a reporter wasn’t tried.

6) Natural gas

7) American Psychiatric Association

8) El Reno prison in Oklahoma. Just visiting, though.

9) Donald Trump

10) closing of mental health institutes in Clarinda and Mount Pleasant

11) Donald Kaul and John Karras

12) Pluto

13) an El Nino – winter may be warmer.

14) None that I have heard of.

15) the Duggars

16) military Operation Jade Helm would be a cover for a takeover of Texas by the Obama administration. (quit laughing)

17) Check to make sure you didn’t leave your baby in the hot car.

18) Puerto Rico

19) The girl was a Palestinian refugee and she wanted to stay in Germany to attend college.

20) Auschwitz.

Sunday Funday: Countdown To The Hall Of Fame Dinner

could these folks pass the quiz?

could these folks pass the quiz?

Well, hey – the Iowa Democratic Party’s Hall of Fame dinner is this coming Friday night in Cedar Rapids. This should be quite a memorable event. The Democratic presidential candidates will each be speaking. Get ready for some barn burner speeches that cover real Democratic values like health care for all, climate change, inequality of income and wealth, clean environment, regulating Wall Street and the banking system and making education available and affordable for all to name just a few.

Looks like tickets have already been sold out, but you can put your name on a waiting list here

Seems to me CSPAN carried the proceedings the last couple of events before the caucuses. Check it out if you do not have a ticket.

Were you paying attention?

1) New York wasn’t the only state with an escaped prisoner problem. Iowa had a prisoner escape from which of their prisons?

2) Well, this may present some unique security problems. Thursday the administration announced that Pres. Obama will be the first sitting president to visit a what?

3) Hillary Clinton may have taken on a huge fight when she announced in Iowa City she would take on what industry’s lobby group?

4) The Donald (Donald Trump of course) stated in an interview that if he is the Republican nominee he will win the votes of what minority group?

5) Israel announced last week that it will build a wall between themselves and what other country, thus totally fencing themselves in?

6) US female soccer star Megan Rappinoe used what single word to describe herself when asked to do so in an interview on ESPN?

7) Maybe the word is getting out. Nearly two million Americans have ceased using what out of fear of skin cancer?

8) Eric Holder returned to his old law firm of Covington and Burling. At Covington and Burling what type of clients did Holder represent?

9) The old Log Ride at Adventureland Park is going away. Do you know what will be built in its place?

10) FEMA denied a request from Iowa Governor Terry Branstad for a disaster declaration for losses caused by what?

11) One hundred people are killed by guns in the US on average every day. But the news media and the GOP has us focused on one murder that took place in one city because of the immigration status of the perpetrator?

12) The award winning actor who played Dr. Zhivago and Sherif Ali in Lawrence of Arabia died Friday in his native Egypt. He was also a a world class player in what game that he wrote about in a daily newspaper column?

13) Pope Francis is touring South America. He used what venue to change into his vestments for Mass in Santa Cruz, Bolivia?

14) The New Horizon spacecraft had a close encounter with Pluto last week. How far is Pluto from earth?

15) How long does it take a message to be transmitted to the New Horizon spacecraft from earth?

16) Drought in California leads people to do some storage things. What well known actor has been accused of stealing water for his avocados?

17) What major Iowa Republican activist has been invited to a conference on spiritual revival at the Vatican by Pope Francis?

18) Tuesday is July 14th. What major celebration of freedom takes place on July 14th – especially in France?

19) South Carolina’s Republican Rep. Jenny Horne became instantly famous for her impassioned speech to remove the Confederate flag. What Confederate biggy does Rep. Horne count among her ancestry?

20) Finally, a judge in Virginia said what US sports team could have its trademark registration cancelled due to the offensive nature of the trademark?

Here comes sumer – @#$)*^^$#.


1) the maximum security one in Fort Madison

2) prison. Specifically a federal prison in Oklahoma.

3) the gun lobby

4) the Latinos (“I love them and they love me” – guess that is why he is now a piñata)

5) Jordan

6) “Gaaaaay” (see it here)

7) tanning beds

8) big banks. Maybe that is why they were never prosecuted?

9) the Monster Roller Coaster

10) avian flu. Republicans tried like hell to kill FEMA a few years back, nolsw hey complain when they get no help.

11) San Francisco

12) Omar Sharif was a world class bridge player and columnist on bridge.

13) a Burger King

14) varies from 2.7 to 4.7 billion miles. Right now it is 3 bn. miles

15) 4.5 hours at its current distance. That is one way

16) Tom Selleck

17) Bob Vander Plaats

18) Bastille Day

19) Jefferson Davis

20) The Washington Redskins. An appeal is pending.

Stay cool and eat some of that delicious sweet corn that is coming on.

#AskBobby: An Internet Adventure In Hilarity

Jindal is probably in there someplace

Jindal is probably in there someplace

Hey, it’s a holiday weekend. Not just a holiday weekend, but one of the big holidays of the year. If there is one legacy in America that I love is the irreverence with which Americans have always viewed their politicians. When some politician tries to puff themselves up like an overblown balloon it seems there have always been Americans nearby with a pin to let the air out.

Puffing about accomplishments that don’t exist and blaming others for problems they caused has been typical fair especially for those on the Republican side. Wednesday the staff of one of those self-aggrandizing Republicans who will be spending a lot of time in Iowa because he thinks so much of himself that he is running for president, came up with a brilliant idea. Let’s put up a twitter thread to let our man take questions from the people.

The candidate is Piyush (Bobby) Jindal currently governor of Louisiana and new part time citizen of Iowa. The Twitter thread is here. The American people were up to the challenge of deflating the overblown balloon that has characterized Jindal’s view of himself and his accomplishments. So with sharpened wits they had at the puffery with great success. Here are a few. Enjoy in the grand American tradition of bringing overblown heads back down to size.

Warning: excessive laughing may result in sore ribs and crying.

Chris Murphy ‏@NotOnMurphsTurf 2h2 hours ago
#AskBobby Why would anyone vote for you nationally when you have been completely disinterested and ineffectual at the state level?

Gothwave ‏@GothwaveLtd 3h3 hours ago
#AskBobby When Jesus delivered the constitution did He want to be President?

Vance Nickelson ‏@vnick72 21h21 hours ago
#AskBobby Who do you hate more: teachers, state workers, women, gays, or poor people? Does it help if someone is a member of more than 1 ?

Bryan Behar ‏@bryanbehar 23h23 hours ago
#AskBobby So you say state employees can deny same-sex marriage licenses? Are we free to choose which laws to obey? (Tweeted while driving)

Mrs. Betty Bowers ‏@BettyBowers Jun 30
#askbobby Are you peeved with Jeb for using a fake name that panders to the redneck Republican base even better than your fake name?

EqualityRising! ‏@EqualityRising_ Jun 30
#AskBobby Will your religious objection directive allow Clerks to withhold divorcees & non-virgins Marriage licenses?

NonProphetess ‏@nonprophetess Jun 30
#AskBobby – @BobbyJindal If gays get married and no conservatives are around to throw a fit, does it still violate their religious freedom?

Larry ‏@LarryLarmeu Jun 30
If you’re going to spend 5 days a week in Iowa can we put the gov mansion on AirBnB & make up some of the deficit you’ve created? #AskBobby

NonProphetess ‏@nonprophetess Jun 30
#AskBobby – @BobbyJindal Is the cognitive dissonance of having a biology degree and being viciously anti-science overwhelming?

Zack Kopplin ‏@ZackKopplin Jun 30
.@BobbyJindal if I sail too far will I fall off the edge of the Earth? #AskBobby

Bearded Stoner ‏@beardedstoner Jun 30
Many have responded to the news of your candidacy with laughter. Thoughts? #AskBobby

Note: This is also a reminder of how important a neutral internet is. With corporations owning all other media (radio, TV, newspapers magazines) it is vital for democracy to survive to keep the internet out of corporate hands.

Sunday Funday: 15 Minutes Of Fame Edition

Happy 4th of July

IT IS A MAJOR HOLIDAY WEEKEND. You guys really don’t expect the old quizmaster to work too hard do you? So let’s relax with a little quiz to remind you how much you have forgotten over the years.

Today we will bring up some names or places related to politics in some ways, some may be new some may be dated a bit. But at one time these names were in our memories due to at least some interest from our mainstream media. Don’t think too hard, it is a holiday:

1) The Southern Avenger

2) Dan Cathy

3) Christine O’Donnell

4) Maureen McDonnell

5) Robert Bork

6) Dave Brat

7) Anita Hill

8) Kaci Hickox

9) Heather Poe

10) Scott Phillip Roeder

11) Piyush

12) Matt Schultz

13) Kent Snyder

14) Harriet Miers

15) Monica Goodling

16) Rob Ford

17) Boris Nemtsov

18) Alexis Tsipras

19) Sandra Fluke

20) Paula Broadwell

Some of those neurons tingling toward the back of the head? Quite a sensation isn’t it. If you have Obamacare you can have it checked tomorrow.

1) advisor to Rand Paul and radio DJ who had to leave the campaign because of racist statements. In news recently for saying confederate flag must go.

2) CEO of Chik-fil-a who made statements opposing gay marriage thus involving his company in the political spotlight.

3) “I am not a witch” tea partier O’Donnell ran for senate in Delaware in 2012

4) Wife of former Virginia governor Bob McDonnell convicted of accepting bribes while first lady of VA.

5) Nominated for SCOTUS in 1987, his defeat led to Anthony Kennedy being on the court today

6) Extreme right winger who defeated the unbeatable Eric Cantor in Republican primary last year for congress seat.

7) Former staffer of Clarence Thomas testified to his sexual harassment at confirmation hearings.

8) Nurse who was ordered confined by NJ governor Christie when she returned from West Africa on concerns of ebola contamination

9) Wife of Mary Cheney. Opposition to gay marriage became a major issue to budding politician Liz Cheney

10) Murderer of women’s health doctor Robert Tiller

11) Bobby Jindal’s real first name

12) Iowa’s previous secretary of state. Most noted for trying to purge voters from Iowa rolls

13) Campaign manager for Ron Paul in 2012. Paul hated the ACA. Snyder died of pneumonia because he could not get insurance (previous conditions) and waited too long to see a doctor. Left half a million in medical bills.

14) Nominee to replace Sandra Day O’Connor on SCOTUS by GWB. Considered a joke by everyone.

15) Justice department lawyer involved in firing US attorneys based on political views.

16) Former right wing mayor of Toronto Ontario. Noted for drug incidents and outrageous statements while mayor

17) Political opponent of Vladimir Putin shot to death in broad daylight in Moscow last year

18) current premier of Greece whose name you may hear daily but didn’t know how to spell

19) Georgetown law student whose testimony to a congressional committee on birth control pills led to attacks on air by Rush Limbaugh. These attacks have led to Limbaugh losing many outlets.

20) biographer and lover of Gen. David Petraeus. His revelation of military secrets to her led to his disgrace

Enjoy the FIFA women’s championship tonight. Should be a good match.