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October 2014
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Facing A Problem With Humor

happy children back to school

happy children back to school

No doubt you have heard of various efforts to push extreme policies only to be ridiculed to death by the intended victims and their sympathizers on facebook or twitter or other social media. This week we had an absolutely hilarious response to the right wing school board of Jefferson County (Denver area), Colorado being ridiculed for their attempt to remove all that nasty stuff from American History classes, like civil rights and how bad slaves were treated and how the labor movement was crushed at every turn.

I am not sure if the tweeters on this thread are students or not, but they definitely have enough knowledge of the subject to make the school board look like the utter fools they must be.

Alan Franklin ‏@alanfranklin Sep 24
The back of the bus is where the air conditioning is, so no one ever really complained. #JeffCoSchoolBoardHistory #copolitics

matt meister ‏@akronwobbly 2h
Remember the Alamo, but forget that they were fighting to expand slavery in other countries.

Gideon Hodge ‏@gideonhodge 3h
Crossing the Delaware was actually the first IceBucketChallenge. George Washington still owes ALS $100 #JeffCoSchoolBoardHistory

Jack Wylie ‏@twylier Sep 23
The First Amendment was crafted to protect our right to do as we’re told. #JeffCoSchoolBoardHistory #copolitics

Brendan Smith ‏@blacksab67 Sep 23
Jesus wrote the Declaration of Independence on the back of one of Ben Franklin’s kites. #JeffcoSchoolBoardHistory

Crutnacker ‏@Crutnacker Sep 23
Joseph McCarthy was a kindly patriot who was driven to ruin by a witchhunt by communists in the liberal media. #JeffcoSchoolBoardHistory

Kathryn Poindexter ‏@klpoindexter Sep 23
Dust Bowl was a football event sponsored by Lemon Pledge #JeffcoSchoolBoardHistory #copolitics

Many, many more here. But I warn you, be prepared for some of the funniest, most original stuff you have seen in a long time. Then let it sink in how these folks attacked a ludicrous, unnecessary problem with a really potent weapon.

In the end I am reminded of Mark Twain’s take on school boards:
In the first place, God made idiots. That was for practice. Then he made school boards.

Sunday Funday – And It Is Autumn

fall trees 1
There isn’t much that can top autumn. The warm days, the cool evenings, the harvest going on all over. Color bursting everywhere as the trees and other plants get ready for a winter’s slumber by giving us a glorious show. For the sports fans there isn’t a much busier time. For those who love the delicacies of dining there are scrumptious flavors all over, especially from the ripening fruits.

The only problem is that autumn seems to speed by like a race car and then leaves us with the realities of winter. But before that happens we do have the wonderful holidays of Halloween, Thanksgiving and the Christmas season. Then we must wait another year for the exhilaration of another autumn.

As for us, one of the real highlights of autumn is that first pot of chile. No two pots of chili are ever the same around here. We often don’t know what will go in a pot until we start making it. Happy autumn all!

Were you paying attention ?

1) At the current time, which party has requested the most absentee ballots in Iowa?

2) September 26th, 1960. Can you remember the major event that took place that night?

3) Eric Holder announced his resignation as Attorney General this week. Who was his predecessor as AG?

4) Citing climate change as their motivator, which family that grew rich on oil began divesting themselves of oil ties?

5) Left over from last week – what major American owned beer label was sold to a Russian company?

6) Just a week ago a march for what reason drew a half a million people and went nearly unreported by the main stream media?

7) Monday the US began airstrikes in what ME nation?

8) Google, Facebook and Yahoo were among internet companies that ended ties with what ultra right wing group this week?

9) High school students in the Denver, Colorado area walked out this week over the altering of what course content?

10) A grand jury in Columbus Ohio refused to indict police officers for what incident in a Walmart in August?

11) In Kansas, Sam Brownback’s right wing utopia has been forced to do what to fill in the huge holes in the state budget?

12) The ACA or Obamacare is expected to save American hospitals about how much caring for uninsured patients this year?

13) Flights in and out of Chicago airports were halted Friday when what happened at the air traffic control tower in Aurora?

14) Thursday marked the beginning of what in Iowa?

15) An American workplace had a major incident when an “out of control” employee did what physical harm to another employee?

Well – let’s get this over so we can enjoy the day.


1) Democrats with over 50%

2) The first Kennedy – Nixon debate took place. It was broadcast on all TV networks

3) Michael Mukasey (bet a lot said it was Gonzalez)

4) The Rockefellers

5) Pabst.

6) Climate Change

7) Syria – targetting ISIS among others.

8) ALEC – about time!

9) History – the right wing Jefferson county school board tried to downplay civil disobedience and related subjects.

10) The shooting of an unarmed black customer reported to have a gun

11) Sex toys. Read the story here

12) About $5.7bn.

13) A disgruntled employee started a fire in the basement of the facility

14) Early voting!

15) beheaded one woman and stabbed another man.

Sunday Funday – The Divorce Didn’t Happen Edition

dinna cheatAnglophiles everywhere can sleep better tonight. The rumored breakup with their rascally little partner, Scotland, did not come to pass. That doesn’t mean all is bliss. England made lots of promises to keep the marriage together. We will see how well those promises are kept in the near future. But for now we can visit their home without having to duck flying dishes and nasty name calling. Peace – isn’t it wonderful?

Were you paying attention last week?

1) President Obama committed troops and money to combat what potential major threat in Africa?

2) What independent senator made his very first appearance on Meet The Press, saying issues are pushing him to run for president?

3) Claiming he was “too busy” what official was able to get his scheduled deposition delayed until after the election?

4) A vintage Kent State sweatshirt with what looked like bullet holes and blood was marketed last week by what company?

5) What Chinese company attracted major publicity for its initial public offering Friday on the New York Stock Exchange?

6) Is this a sign that things are getting better? The number of gamblers in Iowa increased by what percent in 2013?

7) Let no man out asunder. England and Scotland are still together. When were they put together under one parliament?

8) Who was the leader of the of the “YES” position in the vote to split Scotland from England?

9) The No Child Left Behind law has listed more or less than half of Iowa’s schools in need of help?

10) September 24 1957. President Eisenhower sends federal troops to Arkansas for what purpose?

11) While many major corporations have threatened to uncouple from the NFL over the domestic abuse issue, what corporation has actually pulled its campaign against breast cancer from the NFL?

12) In the run up to the independence vote in Scotland, what major financial company threatened to move its headquarters out of Scotland?

13) What politician joined the Nuns on the Bus as they kicked off another national tour this time promoting voter registration?

14) In a horrific crime Thursday in Belle Florida, a man killed who?

15) In Florida, a bill that gives students “sole discretion in determining whether an inspirational message is to be delivered” at a student assembly has been embraced by what religious sect?

Well I guess I won’t have to get my kilts out and press them. Never did look good in them anyway.


1) Ebola

2) Bernie Sanders

3) Gov. Branstad. – Hey,guv, we all get busy.

4) Urban Outfitters

5) Ali Baba – already worth more than Amazon

6) 9%

7) 1707

8) Alex Salmond

9) more than half – 54.4%

10) to desegregate Little Rock’s Central HS

11) P&G

12) RBS or Royal Bank of Scotland

13) VP Joe Biden

14) his daughter and his six grandchildren before killing himself

15) The Satanic Temple which in turn is rallying for Florida governor Rick Scott.

Sunday Funday – Oops About That Harkin Steak Fry

harkin_braleyIf I am not wrong I wrote last week’s quiz as if the last Harkin Steak Fry was last week. I am a total Bozo, but I am not telling you anything you already didn’t know. If you did go to the event last week you no doubt secured an excellent seat. Hopefully you get squatter’s rights for this week.

Thirty-seven years is a long time. I think phones were still connected to the wall 37 years ago. Thank you Senator and a long life to you. By the way, I certainly hope we don’t see you as a lobbyist for any corporation.

And now: the quiz!

1) In recent years Harkin has invited 3 folks who have made noises about running for the Democratic nomination in 2016 besides Hillary. Can you name them (hint: 2008,2011, 2012)

2) Which state has had its bond rating downgraded for the seventh time and second this year under their governor who wants to be president?

3) The eyes of the world will be on what want-to-be nation next week as it votes for its independence?

4) At a Board of Supervisor’s meeting in Maquoketa, a gunman died while apparently trying to kill what county official?

5) Experimental vaccines have kept a group of macaque monkeys free from what disease for 10 months?

6) Two Minnesota senators have addressed the crowd at the Harkin steak fries over the years. Can you name them?

7) Multitudes of female Ravens fans attended Thursday night’s game wearing the jersey of what Ravens player?

8) The National Organization for Women (NOW) called for the resignation of what business leader this week?

9) On Wednesday, President Obama announced what strategy for the Middle East?

10) The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that for the first time ever fewer than half of American adults were what?

11) DNA tests revealed Aaron Kosminski as one of history’s most sought after mystery men. Who was Aaron Kominsky revealed to be?

12) Yet another major retailer announced that its credit customers may have been compromised. What retailer announced it was hacked this time?

13) What major world economy contracted at an annual rate of 7.1% in the second (April – June) quarter?

14) The Apple watch was introduced this week. The screen of the Apple watch will be made of what ultra-hard substance?

15) The sheriff of Rock Island County, Illinois resigned this week when he pled guilty to official misconduct for what actions?

It was a busy week. Bet Senator Harkin won’t miss the foofahrah all that much.


1) 2008 – Brian Schweitzer, 2011 – Bernie Sanders and 2012 – Martin O’Malley

2) New Jersey

3) Scotland

4) the county assessor – he had a tax complaint.

5) Ebola

6) Paul Wellstone and Al Franken

7) the suspended for domestic violence Ray Rice

8) NFL commissioner Roger Goodell over his handling of the Rice affair.

9) air strikes on ISIL

10) married – maybe we need more marriage equality.

11) Jack the Ripper

12) Home Depot

13) Japan

14) sapphire glass

15) cyber stalking a woman.

Sunday Funday: The Last Harkin Steak Fry

Senator Tom Harkin

Senator Tom Harkin

In case you forgot today is the last annual Harkin Steak Fry. This is an annual fundraiser that helps pay a lot of bills for the Iowa Democratic Party. We can’t go this year due to previous commitments, but we do encourage all others. In case you hadn’t heard (do you live in a cave?) the headliners this year are that family from Arkansas, the Clintons.

We have been to a couple of these events. Always ran into friends from across the state. This was the main attraction for us. We did see an up and comer from Chicago name of Obama one year. I think that odd name may have held him back from going anywhere in politics.

Were you paying attention last week?

1) First the bad news. Oktoberfests in Germany are being threatened by a strike by the makers of what?

2) Jack Hatch claimed Branstad “can’t buy back his integrity.” What was Hatch referring to?

3) Eric Cantor couldn’t wait to leave his old job to get to his new job. How much will Cantor make in his first year as a Wall Street lobbyist?

4) Mitch McConnell’s campaign manager quit. This man is the central figure in the bribery conviction of what former Iowa state senator?

5) Amid crises in the Ukraine, Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq what group met in Wales last week?

6) A federal judge in New Orleans ruled Thursday that what company was guilty of “gross negligence” in the 2010 Gulf oil spill?

7) What would be football pioneer was released by the Rams and is now a free agent?

8) What scion of a notable American political family left her job as an NBC reporter, raising speculation one of her parents would run for president?

9) Thursday marked a major job action by workers in what industry?

10) Spontaneous combustion was blamed for a fire near Sioux Center that burned a large amount of what?

11) From the governor’s mansion to the jail house. The last governor of what state is now facing decades in jail after being convicted of corruption?

12) In a major breach of privacy what were leaked and posted on the internet?

13) President Obama pledged to defend what states against a threat from Russia?

14) A judge in Chicago had a two-fer Thursday when he overturned gay marriage bans in what two states at one time?

15) What company announced the siting of its giant battery factory in Nevada after a huge multi-state competition?

As most know, Joan Rivers died last week. She was truly a unique personality.

Now for some answers:

1) Pretzels. Pretzel bakers are threatening a strike just before Oktoberfest.

2) The hush money scandal that continues to swirl around the Branstad administration.

3) $3.4 million. That is about $10,000 a day.

4) Kent Sorenson


6) BP. finally someone is standing up to them.

7) Michael Sam

8) Chelsea Clinton.

9) Fast food industry protesting low wages.

10) Corn, about 2.7 million bushels.

11) Virginia. Governor Bob McDonnell

12) private celebrity nude photos, apparently hacked from a cloud storage site.

13) the Baltic states (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia)

14) Indiana and Wisconsin

15) Tesla. The plant is expected to employ 6,500.

Should be good fall weather for the Harkin event. I hope everyone enjoys it.

Sunday Funday: Labor Day Edition

Happy Labor DayTraditionally this was the start of political campaigns and the end of summer vacation for school age kids. Now politics goes all year long and nearly every aspect of our lives has been politicized by the right, including how we choose to use our own bodies and what we believe or don’t believe spiritually. Kids have been in school for weeks now. No doubt the 12 month school year is probably on the horizon.

Labor is having somewhat of a resurgence, but is far from recovering from the blow delivered by the Gipper, one of America’s worst presidents ever.

Many of today’s questions will focus on labor, to remind us that labor has never had an easy row to hoe.

1) In a meeting that just came to light this week, Tea Party senate candidate Joni Ernst paid homage to who for making her campaign viable?

2) 1842 is crucial to labor history in the US. In the case Commonwealth v. Hunt settled the legality of what entity?

3) An American was killed last weekend fighting for ISIS in Syria. He had what patriotic sounding name?

4) Samuel Gompers is one of the most recognized names in Labor history. What Labor organization did Gompers head?

5) A reclassification by the Drug Enforcement Administration will make it much harder for patients to get what popular and addicting pain killer?

6) What Iowa born Labor leader was head of the mine workers union from 1920 to 1960 and helped form and the lead the CIO?

7) The largest university in Iowa welcomed over 34,000 students last week. Which university is Iowa’s largest?

8) Governor Branstad, in an odd linkage, blamed layoffs at Deere on who?

9) In 1955, a merger of major Labor unions brought together what two unions?

10) In what may become known as the “Branstad Tax” the governor proposed what to replace the gas tax?

11) A poll commissioned by two Republican groups found what demographic thought Republicans to be “stuck in the past”,”intolerant” and “lacking compassion?”

12) A proposed merger will join what Canadian fast fooder with what American fast fooder?

13) Of all the silly things to cover this week, ESPN had a segment on the after work showering habits of what person?

14) Can you name the 3 largest unions in the US based on number of members?

15) Using government powers to make sure an organization does what it says it will. What Iowa elected official wants the government to monitor the ALS foundation to verify it uses money raised by the ice bucket challenge for research?

My project for this weekend is to get all available immigration documentation about my grandparents in case Republicans win both houses. I am only 3rd generation American and I am not sure if that will be enough under their auspices. If they cut the date off at 1900, I may have a problem.

1) Charles and David Koch and the group of funders they put together.

2) unions

3) Douglas MacArthur McCain

4) American Federation of Labor (AFL).

5) Vicodin

6) John L. Lewis

7) Iowa State

8) the EPA. Odd for many reasons. Remember Joni Ernst has signed on to oppose renewable energy with Exxon.

9) AFL and the CIO

10) a sales tax on gas.

11) Women

12) Tim Horton’s (Canada) and Burger King (US). This is so Burger King can avoid US taxes. So I avoid Burger King.

13) Michael Sam, the rookie pro footballer who came out as gay.

14) The NEA, the SEIU and AFSCME

15) Charles Grassley. Look out for the Tea Party with attitudes like that, Chuck!

Sunday Funday – Back To School

happy children back to school

happy children back to school

The kids across the street got a new above ground pool 2 weeks ago. From morning until sundown the neighborhood was filled with shrieks and giggles and all other sorts of joyful noises. It sounded wonderful. Then Wednesday it was painfully quiet in the neighborhood. The Grinch that stole summer (aka school) reappeared after a 3 month absence and made his presence known.

As sure as day follows night, school follows summer. We hope most kids had as cheerful of a summer as the neighbor kids did. This summer will never happen again, but let us hope they can replay the joy in their minds years from now. Tempus fugit.

And speaking of tempus fugiting, were you paying attention before last week fugited? Let’s see:

1) The official tornado season has ended in Iowa. This year Iowa counted 52 tornadoes. Is this more or less than normal?

2) Kent Brantly and Nancy Writebol did something few humans have done. What did they do?

3) Mo’ne Davis had quite a week. What did she do?

4) The annual Harkin steak fry announced its headline guests for its last event. Who are the headliners for the last Harkin steak fry?

5) The Catholic Archdiocese of Cincinnati came out against the ice bucket challenge. Why?

6) James Foley was captured and executed while covering Islamist unrest in what country?

7) A third baby was turned over to the Iowa state DHS under the safe haven law this year. The law has been in effect since 2001. How many babies have been turned over in that time?

8) Climate change is blamed for an increase in insects in Iowa. This increase in insects has led to a dramatic increase in what two insect-borne diseases in Iowa?

9) Wikileaks founder Julian Asange said he would be leaving his embassy asylum “soon.” What country has offered Asange asylum for the past two years?

10) Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon drew ire when he announced he would not replace who in the Michael Brown case?

11) Ferguson, Missouri was visited by what high ranking official Wednesday?

12) The rich get richer. In a surprise move the NFL asked potential Super Bowl halftime acts for what?

13) I had Chris Christie in the ‘next governor to be indicted by a grand jury pool”, but this guy beat him out. What governor got indicted last week?

14) Remember the trip that John McCain took to Syria last year to support the rebels? Those rebels have turned out to be what now well known group?

15) Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea Virus, or PEDV, a killer of millions of piglets in the past year has been discovered to travel through what?

Sarah Palin seems to want to take some credit for Tina Fey’s success. Seriously Palin? Like a tick taking credit for the deer.


1) a bit more. Normal is 46.

2) survived ebola. Both released from an Atlanta hospital this week.

3) First girl to throw a shutout in the Little League World Series, Mo’ne became the first little leaguer on the cover of Sports Illustrated.

4) The Clintons, Bill and Hillary

5) Because it benefits ALS. ALS researchers use embryonic stem cells in research.

6) Syria

7) 20

8) Lyme disease and West Nile virus

9) Ecuador

10) St. Louis county prosecutor Robert McCulloch

11) US AG Eric Holder.

12) Money. The NFL wants a cut of post-Super Bowl tour money made by acts.

13) Rick Perry of Texas

14) ISIS or ISIL

15) livestock feed.

Sunday Funday – Wha’ Happened To August?

last day for the state fair!

last day for the state fair!

August. A quiet time before school starts. Usually filled with vacations and last minute fun before it is back to the books and studying.

Time for some last minute time at the pool or down at the the old fishing pond. August, a lazy, hazy quiet time — wait – what? The world seems to be exploding! Somebody spike the water with something really nasty? Settle down, people! It is August.

Well, at least John Boehner has it right. No work for congress in August and little more all year. That way you can’t blame Boehner, he has done nothing. Not one damn thing.

Can you keep up with it all?

1) Which Republican presidential candidate missed the Family Leader hate fest in Ames last week thus raising the ire of Bob Vander Plaats?

2) The police chief of Ferguson, Missouri said victim Michael Brown may have done what before he was gunned down by police?

3) Well-known star Robin Williams died early this week. What show did Williams make his TV debut on?

4) Lauren Bacall, another major Hollywood star from an earlier era also died last week. Bacall once said she was the dreaded ‘L’ word. What did she mean?

5) Bacall was half of a famous Hollywood marriage. Who was her long time husband?

6) The mayor of what Iowa city has been charged with 5 counts of sexual abuse of a minor?

7) Haider al-Ibadi is a name we will be hearing in the news a lot in coming months. Who is Haider al-Ibadi?

8) Iowa gubernatorial candidates debated Thursday on IPTV with what venue as the background?

9) A woman was charged with second-degree theft in Waterloo when she left a Hy-Vee with what item?

10) In Britain, medical trials are beginning on an injection of a gene into what part of the body to spur protein production that will allow this part to recover.

11) Pope Francis is visiting South Korea. North Korea says that they did not do what in response to the Pope’s visit to the South?

12) Ninety-four years ago Monday, what large group was granted the right to vote?

13) Aloha! Fifty-five years ago on August 21st, what President signed a proclamation bring Hawaii into the union?

14) President Obama accepted a hug from what recent critic of his at a private party Wednesday night?

15) The dumbest man in politics Thursday claimed that “undocumented Democrats” were bringing Ebola into the US from Central America. Can you identify this dumbest man in politics?

There was so much more that happened last week that it may take me a week to recover. May be time for a movie or something. I hear “Boyhood” is quite the movie.

Here are the answers:

1) Rand Paul.

2) stolen cigars from a convenience store. Paid quite a price if he did.

3) revival of Laugh-in in 1977

4) she was a Liberal!

5) Humphrey Bogart

6) Oelwein

7) the new prime minister of Iraq

8) The state fair

9) one of their motorized shopping carts. She claimed an employee said she could take it home as she had no ride.

10) into the heart.

11) Shoot three missiles from their coast just before the Pope’s arrival.

12) Women! August 18th, 1920

13) Eisenhower

14) Hillary Clinton

15) no, it is not Steve King. There is one even dumber, Louie Gohmert

Sounds like just in time for school to start, it will get plenty warm. Of course it will.

Sunday Funday – State Fair Edition

countyfair01-bigWith all the new gadgets and widgets and ways we can connect with the world almost instantaneously, going to the state fair has lost a bit of its luster. Growing up, per my father, we could not afford to go to the fair. So when I grew up I tended to look at the fair as a too expensive luxury. However, when we had kids we made it a point to go to the fair, so they would have the experience.

What experiences we had. Who can forget the time a super muggy day turned into a downpour while my kids were stuck in the air on the gondola ride that broke down? I felt sorry for laughing my rear off at them, especially after the two little drowned rats caught me laughing at them. Then there was the hottest day I have ever lived through. 107 degrees, and we spent it at the fair! At least we went through an hour of it at the fair before surrendering.

On your way, have some fun with these questions

1) Speaking at the state fair soapbox Thursday, Marianette Meeks sang an oldie but goody,accusing her opponent Dave Loebsack of being a puppet of who?

2) An old tradition died Thursday at Iowa State. The university’s president announced the end of what spring celebration at Iowa State?

3) Unwilling to wait too long to cash in on his tenure in congress, what former Republican leader announced he would leave congress on August 18?

4) Republicans had a good week spreading lies. Congressman Todd Rokita of Indiana claimed that immigrant children from Latin America carried what scary disease into the US?

5) Trying to outscare and out lie his colleague Rokita, Mo Brooks of Alabama claimed Democrats were waging a war on what racial group?

6) After taking a bullet in an assassination attempt on his boss, Ronald Reagan, what man fought for gun control until his death last week?

7) In a video confrontation between Steve King and 2 Dreamers, what potential presidential candidate can be seen running away like he’d seen a ghost?

8) This week in August has many major events, including the dropping of the atomic bombs on the two Japanese cities. Can you remember the two Japanese cities?

9) August 6, 1965. What historic legislation is signed into law on that date and has been gutted by the Supreme Court recently?

10) The Democratic candidate for Montana senator dropped out due to a scandal concerning what?

11) Thursday evening President Obama announced humanitarian aid for what group in Iraq?

12) Forty and fifty years ago last week were very historic. Forty years ago (Aug. 8), what President made an extremely historic speech?

13) Fifty years ago, the US Senate passed what resolution that was based on false information?

14) Bank of America agreed to pay about how much for their part in starting the economic meltdown in 2008?

15) President Obama espoused what position on the internet neutrality issue?

The twists and turns of history are somewhat strange at times. John McCain recommended that the US allow arms sales to Viet Nam. My guess is that the arms industry needs some sales. Really strange McCain!


1) Pelosi and Obama. Talk about repeating a theme.

2) Veishea

3) Eric Cantor. Guess he can smell the money

4) Ebola. Guess old Todd is no doctor, nor very smart.

5) Whites. yep that is what he said.

6) Reagan Press Secretary James Brady

7) Rand Paul, damn near choked on his hamburger.

8) Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Nagasaki was hit because the original target, Kokura had cloud cover.

9) the Voting Rights Act

10) plagiarism. Never bothered Rand Paul…..

11) Yazidis

12) Richard Nixon announced his resignation.

13) Gulf of Tonkin Resolution which gave Johnson the power to retaliate in Viet Nam

14) About $17 billion. Note that they “agreed” to pay. What ever happened to fines?

15) Obama came out in favor of net neutrality and against proposed “fast lanes.”

Today is Herbert Hoover’s 140th birthday. What ever you think of him he is Iowa’s only native President.

Sunday Funday – Cool Summer Edition

Don't cheat or you will get the heat

Don’t cheat or you will get the heat

It has been a cool and comfortable summer. Please do not do anything that may disturb the gods. Thank you.

Were you paying attention?

1) In the tradition of potential presidential candidates coming into help Iowa candidates, what Democrat has been working across the state for Democratic candidates?

2) The death toll from Operation Protective Edge is over 1300. What country is Operation Protective Edge being used in?

3) Due to his total commitment to right wing economic philosophies, what midwestern governor has bungled his states economy thus making it possible that a Democrat will win?

4) US House Republicans finally passed something quite historical before going on an extended break. They will sue the President! Why?

5) The Government Accounting Office released a report highly critical of the EPA’s oversight of what aspect of natural gas practices?

6) July 28th was the 100th anniversary of the official start of WWI when who invaded who?

7) Until WWII started WWI was known as what other name? (I have two)

8) According to John Boehner, who is starting all this ugly impeachment talk?

9) What reporter’s signature voice of over 30 years on NPR was silenced this week by cancer?

10) Down in Virginia, the trial for what former governor started with a focus on the couple’s marital problems?

11) As if California didn’t have enough water problems, aging water pipes burst sending millions of gallons to flood what campus in Los Angeles?

12) Joni Ernst was severely criticized for having a fundraiser held by what major corporation?

13) Iowa’s largest solar farm opened Thursday. It is located between what two eastern Iowa cities?

14) In a surprising ruling, labor regulators said what major corporation was a “joint employer” along with its franchisees and thus liable for working conditions in those stores?

15) Pro football player Ray Rice was suspended for how many games, causing an uproar among many folks who thought that it was way too soft of a penalty?

I hear Japan is sweltering this year with temperatures in the upper 90s and 100s. We are one lucky pocket of cool. Do not do anything to

disturb the force.


1) Martin O’Malley of Maryland

2) Gaza by Israel

3) Sam Brownback of Kansas

4) Because they didn’t like the way he implemented the ACA, which they tried to kill ove 50 times.

5) for failure to monitor injection wells of toxic waste from drilling.

6) Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia.

7) The Great War or The War To End All Wars

8) Democrats of course. They are doing it to raise money and make Republicans look bad.

9) Margot Adler

10) Bob McDonnell

11) UCLA

12) Exxon.

13) Iowa City and Kalona

14) McDonald’s

15) 2 games

Stay cool! See you next week!