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Sunday Funday: Unconventional Convention Edition


Many people warned that the Republican convention would break the mold. They were actually moderate in their prediction. It shattered every prediction on just how bad it would be.

Abandoned by many of the delegates, undermined by pissed off rivals, cribbing from the mortal enemy, celebrities that no one heard of and hate pouring from every pore and at every turn. It was almost literally the Walt Kelly Pogo cartoon strip “We have met the enemy and he is us” come to life.

Yet things are so goofy in this country that a candidate as bad as Donald Trump could win. The strategy is to suppress the Democratic vote by trying to create a caricature of Hillary Clinton that is so bad no one will vote for her. Let us hope Democrats face reality and get out to vote.

Were you paying attention? Even if you were I dare say you missed a lot.

1) What ground breaking news executive was shown the “out” door after sexual harassment charges?

2) Forty years after taking the world by storm the last of what recording devices will roll off the production line next week?

3) A clearly unarmed middle-aged black man was shot by police in Miami as he tried to help who?

4) Meredith McIver is a name that will disappear from the collective mind quickly. Until then what did Meredith McIver do that got her name at the top of the news this week?

5) Donald Trump Jr. allegedly offered “the most powerful vice-presidency ever” to what Trump rival in March?

6) In Maine, Progressive Insurance asked to raise rates on seniors based on what criteria?

7) This man brought us many laughs and launched stars such as Robin Williams, Julia Roberts and Anne Hathaway. What entertainment icon died last week at 81?

8) The NBA followed through on a threat and moved next year’s All-Star game from what city due to transgender issues?

9) A snapshot of Paul Ryan with Republican House interns elicited controversy for what reason last week?

10) Almost missed this in the hubbub about the convention. What out-of-this-world event took place July 20, 1969?

11) After being promised a prime time spot, what Iowa politician ended up speaking to a near empty hall late in the night at the RNC?

12) Have you forgotten him already? Who is Trump’s vice-presidential pick?

13) Which star of the current movie “Ghostbusters” has been harassed unmercifully online since the movie came out?

14) Voter suppression laws were ruled against in court in what 3 states last week?

15) Who wrote an article for the Journal of the American Medical Ass0ciation on the progress of US Health reform?

16) Temperatures for the first 6 months of this year compared to other years in what way?

17) Wright State University in Ohio has already withdrawn as a site for a presidential debate because of what?

18) Both the Republican Senatorial Campaign Committee and the Koch Brothers have already withdrawn support from what sitting senator?

19) Which former Republican presidents or presidential candidates showed up in Cleveland last week?

20) In a candid moment George W. Bush opined that he may have been the last what?

Now – we get to see a party that believes that government is necessary and a force for good in our country.

photo from Us magazine

photo from Us magazine


1) Roger Ailes. Ground breaking in that Fox has sure changed the course of news in this country.

2) VCRs

3) An autistic man he was in charge of who had run away.

4) Supposedly plagiarized Michelle Obama in a speech she wrote for Melania Trump

5) John Kasich

6) Age – the older you are the higher the rate.

7) Garry Marshall

8) Charlotte, North Carolina. HB2 strikes again

9) The Republican interns were nearly 100% white

10) Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin walk on the moon

11) Joanie Ernst

12) Mike Pence

13) Leslie Jones

14) Wisconsin, Texas and Michigan

15) Barack Obama

16) They are the highest ever worldwide

17) They can’t afford the cost of security

18) Ron Johnson – he trails Russ Feingold by a large margin

19) Bob Dole only. He did not speak

20) Republican president

Get your popcorn ready!

Sunday Funday: Get The Popcorn Ready Edition

Cleveland,  here we come!

Cleveland, here we come!

This coming week will most likely go down in the annals of politics for many reason. The question we may all have to ask ourselves is: Do we have the stomach to watch?

We probably won’t. While I could stand the speeches and cheerleading for Trump, what we will not be able to stomach will be the corporate news media fawning over this @#(*&%$ as if he were truly mainstream and a representation of America. No doubt there will be plenty of opportunities for them to run down Hillary Clinton and to mention emails that turned out to be absolutely nothing. That last part will be left out, however.

Another historic week. We’ll try to capture some of the smaller stories and maybe some convention trivia.

1) One woman took the reins of power unelected in a democracy last week Who is she and where did this take place?

2) Tuesday July 12, Portsmouth, New Hampshire – what took place?

3) Monday night which disgruntled former Republican presidential candidate had an interview on MSNBC in which he trashed Donald Trump?

4) The Republican Party nominated who as their first presidential candidate in 1856 in Philadelphia?

5) In a photo that evoked Tianamen Square, a young black woman in a flowing dress stood calmly in front of police in what racially embattled city?

6) What Supreme Court justice stepped into the political arena this week with some comments on Donald Trump?

7) In 1860, Republicans convened in Chicago to nominate their first successful ticket – Abraham Lincoln and who?

8) After 45 years the FBI announced that it was no longer actively investigating what legendary case? (case took place Nov. 24, 1971)

9) In Britain, what brexit supporter and failed leadership candidate was announced as the new foreign secretary Thursday?

10) The 1912 Republican convention saw William Howard Taft nominated despite major primary wins by what challenger?

11) Senator Grassley took to the twitters Monday to post a disparaging remark against what group of people?

12) July 20 of what year did the world hear these words: “That’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind”?

13) The police chief of Dallas challenged protesters to be part of the solution by doing what?

14) Indiana democrats were happily treated to news that what popular former senator would run for his old seat?

15) The Republican convention became a TV event for the first time in what year?

16) Another controversial law in North Carolina where Gov. McCrory signed a bill blocking the release of what recordings into the public record?

17) 1952 Republicans chose the very popular WWII commander Dwight Eisenhower over what son of a former president?

18) As Republicans predicted the economy is in a tailspin. Last week saw huge job numbers, this week what economic indicators hit new records?

19) Molly Ivins said “I liked it better in the original German” as she commented on the convention speech by what Republican pundit in 1992?

20) As congress rushes to adjourn what critical piece of legislation had to pass at the last minute?

Our sympathies to the French who once more appear to have been victimized by terrorists attacks.


1) Theresa May was picked to be PM of Great Britain by the conservative party replacing David Cameron Wednesday

2) Bernie Sanders endorsed Hillary Clinton for president

3) Jeb!

4) John C. Fremont of California

5) Baton Rouge

6) Justice Ginsburg

7) Sen. Hannibal Hamlin of Maine

8) the airplane hijacking and subsequent parachute disappearance of DB Cooper

9) Boris Johnson

10) former president Theodore Roosevelt

11) journalists

12) 1969

13) joining the police force

14) Evan Bayh

15) 1940

16) police body cam era recordings

17) Robert Taft son of William Howard Taft

18) stock market averages – Dow Jones and the S&P 500 – thanks Obama

19) Pat Buchanan

20) stopping GMO labeling on food

The weather will be hot next week. Will it be hotter than Republicans as they nominate Trump?

Sunday Funday: DeCosters Go To Jail Edition


Remember the DeCoster family? The ones whose egg companies pleaded guilty to bribing officials and misbranding eggs to appear fresher. This led to thousands of food borne illnesses throughout the country. Now six years later on appeal they may finally see the inside of a cell. Remember they purposely caused thousands to get sick.

Here is what one of the deciding judges wrote on the decision:

“Because the DeCosters were negligent, their liability is not vicarious,” Judge Raymond Gruender wrote. “Instead, they are responsible for their own failures to exercise reasonable care to prevent the introduction of adulterated food. The law is clear that a defendant can be sentenced to imprisonment based on negligence — or, for that matter, based on strict liability stemming from his own conduct.”

But here is the money quote from Cato:

Pro-business groups, including the Cato Institute and the National Association of Manufacturers, filed briefs in support of the DeCosters, arguing executives shouldn’t serve jail time.

Got this response from a lawyer for a victim:

“Interesting that they seem so concerned about some rich white guys spending a few months in jail for selling bad products,” said Bill Marler, a Seattle-based lawyer who represented a Texas boy sickened in the salmonella outbreak.

If jail isn’t a consequence and fines are not much of a deterrent then what do you have?

Were you paying attention? Another busy, busy week.

1) We started the week with a major holiday with the traditional Nathan’s hotdog eating contest. How many dogs did the winner stuff down in 10 minutes?

2) The black man shot by police in suburban St. Paul, Minnesota was stopped by police for what reason?

3) The Chilcot Report was released in Great Britain. What issue was the Chilcot Report concerned with?

4) President Obama ended the week visiting what country?

5) ISIS bombed the second holiest site in Islam Monday. What is that and where is it?

6) Oops we missed a couple of birthdays last week. What notable young lady turned 18 on July 4th?

7) The other birthday we missed last week was what grand old member of rock and roll royalty on July 7th?

8) After a couple of disappointing months on the jobs front the economy posted how many new jobs in June?

9) Also over in Great Britain, after a Conservative part vote by MPs we know that the next Prime Minister will be a what?

10) What two of the frequently mentioned names as Trump’s VP choice said “thanks, but no thanks” last week?

11) A Des Moines church is suing the Iowa Civil Rights Commission over what hot button issue?

12) After many investigations and millions of dollars the FBI concluded that who did nothing wrong concerning emails?

13) In Iowa a new law took effect that allows those close to a heroine addict to administer what drug to the addict?

14) July 14, 1789 is a landmark day in history. What is significant about July 14th?

15) Donald Trump’s campaign created quite a stir when they tweeted an anti-Clinton picture featuring what antisemitic symbol?

16) Trump compounded that by praising whose handling of terrorists while he was in power?

17) The Georgia Supreme Court said what group would be allowed to ‘adopt a highway?’

18) One more Trump question – Trump went on a peace mission Thursday. Where did he go and who did he visit there?

19) What state allowed bible reading on the grounds of their county courthouses over the July 4th weekend in a clear violation of the separation of church and state?

20) Built with the aid of tax incentives from the state, what Christian attraction opened in Kentucky last week?

Woody Guthrie’s birthday is Thursday. Pick out a few favorite Guthrie tunes to hum during that day. I like “Union Maid.”


1) 70 or about one every 9 seconds.

2) his car had a broken tail light.

3) Britain’s entry into the Iraq war

4) Poland for a NATO conference

5) the prophet’s tomb in Medinah

6) Malia Obama

7) Ringo Starr who turned 76. He was a Beatle in case you’ve forgotten.

8) 287,000 – a good economy bodes well for the party in power.

9) woman. The top two vote getters were women.

10) Bob Corker of Tenn. and Joni Ernst of Iowa.

11) transgendered people using their bathrooms.

12) Hillary Clinton

13) naloxone

14) Bastille day – the beginning of the French Revolution.

15) a star of David (used by Nazi Germany to designate Jews)

16) Saddam Hussein

17) the KKK

18) the US congress to visit Republicans in the House and then in the Senate. There were several skirmishes

19) Iowa

20) a recreation of Noah’s Ark. The tax incentives are very controversial (state supporting a specific religious view.)

Prepare for the conventions!

Sunday Funday: Happy 240th Birthday Edition

We will sign after we finish the quiz

We will sign after we finish the quiz

For a country that is 240 we don’t look too bad. It’s all that exercising of democracy that keeps us young, I tell ya. That staying away from that junk food like the anti-science wants us to eat. No, no, no – we eat a good diet of facts. We experiment so that we learn the truth. We create visions that we put out as a destination to work toward. But we can only reach those destinations if we continue to exercise and eat right.

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

Wow – it just doesn’t slow down anymore. Were you paying attention?

1) The unfolding Brexit story is fascinating. Thursday what likely next leader of the Conservative Party announced he would not seek the leadership?

2) SCOTUS had their usual busy year end this week. A majority ruled that what state had created “undue burdens” on women seeking abortions?

3) Also among SCOTUS decisions the former governor of what state had his bribery conviction set aside pending retrial?

4) Meanwhile, Iowa’s Supreme Court made national headlines when they said that what group did not have the right to vote based on the Iowa constitution?

5) Down in Kansas a group of what former officials formed a group called “Save Kansas” to stop Gov. Brownback’s dangerous agenda?

6) In soccer, what small country defeated one of the favorites in the UEFA championships?

7) Whose diary entry for July 4th, 1776 read “Nothing of importance happened today.”?

8) The closing of the mental health institutes in Clarinda and Mount Pleasant were among the reasons that what department had to shift money around to address shortfalls?

9) Volkswagen settled US lawsuits in the emission scandal for how much (nearest billion)?

10) The winningest coach in NCAA history died last week from dementia at age 64. Can you name this coach?

11) Donald Trump used money from his own charity to but what for himself from another charity’s auction?

12) Trump’s campaign appears to have violated fundraising laws when they solicited for donations where?

13) Violating the separation of church and state, what exercise is being conducted outside of Iowa’s 99 courthouses this weekend?

14) A federal judge in Mississippi ruled that clerks cannot cite what in refusing to issue marriage licenses thus nullifying a law that was about to go into effect?

15) MSNBC reported Thursday that what two people being vetted for the Republican VP spot?

16) Following an address to the Canadian Parliament, President Obama was greeted with shouts saying what?

17) A last minute bill was passed by the senate and rushed to President Obama’s desk to help who avoid bankruptcy?

18) What state had a GMO food labeling bill go into effect July 1, which may force food processors to begin labeling though out the country?

19) Voted by historians as the worst president ever, who celebrates his birthday Wednesday?

20) How many Americans signed the Declaration of Independence?

Most of the signers actually signed the Declaration on August 2, 1776.


1) Boris Johnson shocked Britain with that announcement

2) Texas. This may nullify most of the so-called TRAP laws.

3) Virginia – Bob McDonnell

4) convicted felons

5) governors. Four former governors (2D, 2R) are attempting to convince Brownback to stop the crazy supply side ecumenic experiment

6) Iceland defeated England

7) King George III

8) department of corrections

9) ~ $15 billion

10) Pat Summit, former women’s head coach at Tennessee

11) A football helmet signed by Tim Tebow

12) Great Britain. It is against the law to solicit donations from foreign citizens.

13) reading of the bible. It is expected to continue through most of Sunday

14) religious beliefs – another of the so-called religious liberty laws

15) Chris Christie and Newt Gingrich

16) “Four more years” from Canadian MPs

17) Puerto Rico

18) Vermont

19) George W. Bush

20) 56

Have a safe holiday, all!

what true independence looks like

what true independence looks like

Sunday Funday: Stonewall Is A National Monument Edition

new national monument

new national monument

The popping of heads heard across the land was not for Brexit. Nope, that is a simple problem compared to what else happened Friday. The Kenyan, Muslim, fascist, communist dictator made the Stonewall Inn a national monument! CAN YOU IMAGINE THAT??? A MONUMENT FOR THE GAYS!!!

How is any American going to be able to go to heaven when they come from a country that has monuments to homosexuals? God will bring America to its knees!

Or maybe not. Thanks, Obama.

Were you paying attention? Seems like things are just getting busier and busier.

1) The Stonewall Inn became famous when police were attacked by customers as police gays for arrest. What city is the Stonewall Inn in?

2) When did the riot take place (month & year)?

3) The Brexit vote was prompted by a challenge to the Tory Party from the right by what small British Party?

4) Next Friday is the national birthday of what North American country?

5) In Amelia Ohio, what happened to the owner of a gun store when he was teaching a gun safety class last Sunday?

6) Governor Branstad launched his “see something, say something” campaign to target what problem?

7) In a storybook series, what homegrown star carried his team to the NBA title last week?

8) As the Brexit vote took place what US politico was in Scotland on a business trip?

9) John Lewis led a sit-in by Democrats on the House floor this week. Lewis learned this strategy as the head of what civil rights organization in the 60s?

10) Corey Lewandowski, former head of the Donald Trump campaign, landed a plum job with what cable newser?

11) Tuesday Trump promised what group that he would allow them to be involved in politics and still be tax free?

12) Which rogue nation launched a couple of medium range missiles last week?

13) Boeing sold $25 billion worth of aircraft to what former foe’s national airline?

14) How did America do in the Copa America soccer tournament?

15) July 2, 1964 President Lyndon Johnson signed what far reaching legislation spurred by the previous year’s murder go Medgar Evers?

16) The new head of the Trump campaign in Iowa is a scion of what political family?

17) What former presidential contender put his running shoes back on for the senate race in Florida?

18) Steve King tried to pretend he wasn’t playing the racist card when he introduced an amendment that would have effectively blocked who from the $20 bill?

19) The Supreme Court handed down some decisions this week, including a surprise that upheld what for admission to colleges?

20) 30 people burned their feet in a fire walking demonstration during a seminar by what well known motivational speaker?

BONUS: The Brexit vote may be used as a cause for a redo of what vote for independence in 2014?

This has been one historic week. Hope it settles down a bit.


1) New York City

2) June 28, 1969

3) UKIP or the United Kingdom Independence Party

4) It’s Canada Day July 1. Happy 149th birthday ya pup!

5) He was accidentally shot and killed

6) terrorism in Iowa.

7) LeBron James of Cleveland

8) Donald Trump was opening a golf course

9) SNCC or the Student Non-violent Coordinating Committee

10) CNN – so much for objective

11) tax-exempt groups especially churches

12) North Korea

13) Iran

14) they got creamed by Argentina in the semis 4-0

15) The 1964 Civil Rights bill

16) Branstad (Eric)

17) Little Marco Rubio ( sorry I couldn’t resist)

18) Harriet Tubman

19) affirmative action

20) Tony Robbins – if you wonder how its done watch this but don’t do it at home or anywhere else!

Sunday Funday: Father’s Day Edition

no, no guys it's Fathers Day. You guys are up in a couple of weeks

no, no guys it’s Fathers Day. You guys are up in a couple of weeks

Some quick memories from raising a couple of very strong women:

* Being rescued by the girl scouts when I got lost in the woods at Indian Creek Nature Center when we took s group up to watch maple syrup being made.

* Taking our girls “grazing” – sampling foods in the grocery stores during Saturday morning shopping.

* The youngest trying to teach the dog to say “thank you” when he got a treat.

* Using the stairs as a summer time sledding hill

* Sledding at the golf course in -10 degrees with a howling wind. Followed by hot cocoa and a pleasant murder on “Murder She Wrote.”

* Junior High Girls Basketball. Nothing – and I do mean nothing – like it in the world.

* Having to be on my toes in science and math to stay ahead of them

* Meeting the boyfriends. Having much sympathy for these guys. I was in your shoes once.

Were you paying attention? It was a busy week!

1) Republicans immediately claimed the Orlando massacre was caused by what?

2) Wow – what historical musical cleaned up at the Tonys last Sunday?

3) Due to the Orlando massacre the LGBT community was at the top of the news all week. What does LGBT stand for?

4) Also in Orlando, what other tragedy happened at Disney World?

5) The Rio Olympics face a lot of problems this year. The newest is the banning of what country from the Games for repeated doping?

6) Chuck Grassley took a stand on allowing terror suspects to buy guns. What side of the issue does Chuck fall on?

7) Donald Trump surprised many with his reaction to the Orlando massacre. What was it?

8) A British MP was murdered after meeting constituents in Birstall. The murder appeared to be tied to what emotional issue that comes to a vote next week?

9) At the UEFA soccer tournament in France, what two countries continually clashed even though they were threatened with disqualification?

10) The name of the nightclub in Orlando where the massacre took place is what?

11) A year ago June 16th, you could have picked up a quick $50 by going to what event?

12) Microsoft acquired what social networking company last week for $26 billion?

13) Margaret Vinci Heldt died last weekend. Her claim to fame was what hairstyle ubiquitous in the 60s? (hint: Marge Simpson)

14) Michu Meszaros also died last week. Meszaros was best known as what short, out of this world tv character?

15) June 16, 1963 the first Russian woman in space. June 18, 1983 the first American woman in space. Can you name these pioneering women?

16) A heavily armed man from Indiana was arrested in California on his way to what event?

17) The Supreme Court handed what US commonwealth a major setback in its bankruptcy problems?

18) A Dutch woman had her drink spiked and was raped in Qatar. How was this handled by Qatar authorities?

19) Which senator took over the chamber and held a filibuster until some concessions were made on gun control legislation?

20) David Jolly ended his senate bid in Florida and will run for his current seat in the House. Jolly’s change was in anticipation of what?

BTW – Iowa needs blood. Give your local blood bank a call and set up an appointment. Our hospitals go through a lot of blood in the summer!

1) Islamist terrorists

2) Hamilton – won 11, one short of the record 12 by “The Producers”

3) Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered

4) a toddler was snatched in a lagoon by an alligator – found dead a couple of days later.

5) Russia

6) he’s in favor of letting them buy guns

7) tweet that many had congratulated him on being right. It was about him!

8) the British exit from the EU. The murderer favored exit.

9) Russia and England

10) Pulse

11) Donald Trump’s presidential announcement. He had to pay people to join the audience.

12) linkedin

13) the beehive

14) ALF

15) Valentina Tereshkova and Dr. Sally Ride. Tereshkova is still alive if you are curious

16) the Los Angeles Pride Parade

17) Puerto Rico. Now they must depend on congress for help

18) The woman was arrested and convicted of having sex outside of marriage. She was fined, given a suspended sentence and deported. The rapist received 40 lashes.

19) Chris Murphy of Connecticut

20) Marco Rubio’s entry into the race. Rubio had promised he would not run for his seat previously.

Sunday Funday: Summer Is Just Around The Corner Edition

someone needs his catnip tea

someone needs his catnip tea

When summer starts it’s going to really get hot. I looked up some heatwave humor to try to cool off:

It is so hot that:

*The potatoes cook underground, and all you have to do to have lunch is to pull one out and add butter, salt and pepper.
*The birds have to use pot holders to pull worms out of the ground.
*The trees are whistling for the dogs.
*You can make instant sun tea.

Were you paying attention?

1) Iowa State Senator David Johnson of Ocheyedan sent shock waves around the country when he did what?

2) The day before the last of the “super Tuesdays” what news organization claimed Clinton had already won the nomination?

3) June 12, 1963, what civil rights leader is shot in his driveway in Jackson, Miss. leading Pres. Kennedy to propose a comprehensive civil rights bill?

4) Did Swiss citizens accept or reject a proposal for a guaranteed annual income in a vote last Sunday?

5) Judge Alan Persky became social media famous last week following his decision in what case?

6) In a bit of a shock Thursday Iowa House Ways and Means chair Tom Sands announced what?

7) Today is the anniversary of the birth of what world’s best selling author? She never lived to see her diary of hiding from the Holocaust become a book.

8) One year ago next Friday, what heinous racially motivated crime took place?

9) Over in Illinois, Republican Senator Mark Kirk became one of the first Republicans to do what regarding Donald Trump?

10) There is one more primary this week then it’s over. Where is this week’s primary?

11) The Playboy mansion in Los Angeles has been sold. But the sale comes with what unusual stipulation?

12) A nationwide blackout in Kenya was caused by what?

13) June 13th, 1971- the New York Times really tested freedom of the press when it began publication of what top secret documents?

14) The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled Thursday that concealed weapons carry was what?

15) In a major endorsement, what star of the Progressive movement endorsed Hillary Clinton Thursday?

16) In addition to the above endorsement, what two high ranking party officials endorsed Clinton Thursday?

17) June 13, 1966, the Supreme Court handed down the Miranda v. Arizona decision. What practice for police came out of this decision?

18) What supposedly liberal comedienne surprised her public by endorsing Donald Trump?

19) Commercial airline flights can now begin between US cities and what formerly forbidden Caribbean nation?

20) Another sports legend died Friday. What hockey legend mostly known for his association with the Red Wings died at 88?


1) resigned from the republican party because of Donald Trump

2) AP – they recounted super delegates and found enough to put Clinton over the top

3) Medgar Evers

4) rejected by a huge amount

5) the Stanford rapist case. He gave the rapsit a very light sentence which enraged the public

6) That he would retire and not run for reelection.

7) Anne Frank – 1929

8) the shooting of nine black people in a church in Charleston, SC.

9) Pull his support from Trump after Trump’s racist remarks concerning the Latino judge

10) Washington, DC

11) Hefner can continue to live there tip he dies. Hef is 90.

12) A monkey who tripped off a power station which caused others to overload and trip off. The monkey survived.

13) Pentagon Papers

14) not in the constitution. This will probably set up a case to go to there SCOTUS. Vote Clinton.

15) Elizabeth Warren

16) Pres. Obama and VP Biden

17) reciting the Miranda or constitutional rights to an arrestee.

18) Roseanne Barr. She said Trump wasn’t Hillary Clinton

19) Cuba

20) Gordie Howe

Speaking of hockey, stay cool.

Random Thoughts On A Hot Weekend

Denali Photo Credit - Wikimedia Commons

Denali Photo Credit – Wikimedia Commons

Too hot to work too hard today:

Congratulations to Patty Judge on her nomination to defeat Chuck Grassley this fall. Judge has always outperformed expectations. Let’s hope she can do it one more time. Grassley, you have obstructed your last Judge!

Note to Robb Hogg. Congratulations on running a great race. Now that you have time to think a little, think about a job opening coming up in Des Moines in 2018. The current occupant of Terrace Hill has been there way too long. If it is not Branstad, then Reynolds is way too right wing for Iowa.

– Paul Ryan called Donald Trump on his (Trump’s) racist remark concerning the judge in the Trump University case. Ryan then said he would vote for Trump. Does Paul Ryan have a clue what that last statement meant? After a while one begins to wonder if the Republican Party has a full deck among the lot of them.

Trump’s remarks have Republican office holders at all levels seemingly playing a game of dodge ball trying not to get hit with the slime of Trump statements while trying to look like a party loyalist. For the most part the Republican office holders just can’t seem to say “I quit you, Donald.” Thus they have become oddly pathetic creatures that can’t seem to stand up and are afraid to say anything. Certainly not worth a vote.

Tuesday night we watched Clinton’s speech. She hit all the right notes. For me, suddenly I got it. I thought about my daughters and how great it must be for them to see a woman, just like them, to be preparing to run for the presidency. And a tear crept out of my eyes. This is huge.

– America deserves a presidential campaign that lives up to the historic occasion. Unfortunately on one side we will have a candidate with the mentality of a 5th grade boy who wants lots of attention.

Now that Trump woke the press up by nastily insulting them directly to their faces at his so-called press conference, one has to wonder if if he (Trump) still feels that “I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody, and I wouldn’t lose any voters, OK?” It’s, like, incredible.”

Last week Physicist Stephen Hawking got oodles of press when he answered a question on how to explain Donald Trump , he said ” “I can’t. He is a demagogue, who seems to appeal to the lowest common denominator.” What was little reported was the remainder of the comment where Hawking said, “A more immediate danger is runaway climate change,”

– BTW – do you remember in 2008 when Republicans reported that Britain’s National Health System would abandon people with illnesses like Dr. Hawking?

As we sit here sweltering in yet another record or near record heat, don’t forget that one transcendent issue must be climate change. The earth won’t go way if we don’t address it, just most of the inhabitants.

What is the word that Republicans will be using when they are jumping the sinking ship named Trump? De-endorse? Unendorse? Disendorse? Never heard of the guy?

– Don’t forget that all that billionaire money – especially the Koch brothers money – will probably not be going to Trump. Therefore it will most likely be showing up in state and congressional races. Expect some to show up in all of Iowa’s congressional races, the senate race and certain state races. Mike Gronstal is one of the major targets so I think we could expect Koch money over there.

Sunday Funday: National Cancer Survivor’s Day Edition


Congratulations to all here who have conquered one of man’s most dreaded diseases.

Major thanks to all who have worked tirelessly over the decades to eat away at the power of cancer – researchers, doctors, staff and some credit to you the taxpayer who has helped fund the research.

Were you paying attention?

1) The incredible string of months with job increases didn’t end, but the pace slowed. How many jobs did the economy add in May?

2) Libertarians put forth a presidential ticket featuring what two former governors last weekend?

3) Meanwhile Sunday what former governor ruled out any kind of a run for the presidency this year?

4) Also on the candidate front, dissident Republicans put forth who as an alternative to Donald Trump this week?

5) In Japan, a 7 year old boy was found alive six days after what happened to him?

6) No climate change, but record flooding inundated what southwestern state?

7) More no climate change. Art was moved from what famous museum as France continues to get nailed by flooding?

8) A Trump news conference turned into a media chastisement this week. What was the purpose of the news conference?

9) Iowa’s primary for state and federal races will be held when?

10) A sad anniversary today. June 5th, 1968 what presidential candidate was assassinated following the California primary?

11) A major case in sexual freedom was decided June 5, 1965. What was the issue in Griswold v. Connecticut?

12) SiriusXM suspended what well-known right wing talker after a guest made a veiled threat on Donald Trump’s life?

13) In San Diego, federal Judge Gonzalo Curiel unsealed documents in a lawsuit against what business?

14) Hillary Clinton got a major endorsement from what former foe of her husband’s?

15) The OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development) said what must be done to avoid “low growth traps”?

16) In a well reported story out of Cincinnati, a silver back gorilla was killed after what happened?

17) Kenneth Starr was in the news as he announced he would leave his remaining job at what university?

18) What normally anti-Obama governor was begging the administration for help concerning what crisis?

19) The CFPB (Consumer Financial Protection Bureau) proposed new rules that will directly affect what so-called industry?

20) From the foreign bureau – What international leader endorse Donald Trump saying Trump was a “wise politician”?

As basketball end, football starts.


1) 38,000

2) Gary Johnson (New Mexico) and William Weld (Mass.) – both were once republicans

3) Jesse Ventura

4) David French – don’t know and don’t care

5) his parents abandoned him in a forest as punishment

6) Texas

7) the Louvre

8) To reveal who received money from Trump’s fund raiser for vets

9) June 7th (Tuesday)

10) Robert Kennedy

11) privacy in matters of birth control

12) Glenn Beck

13) Trump University

14) Gov. Jerry Brown of California

15) governments must boost spending

16) a 3 year old boy got into the gorilla’s cage

17) Baylor

18) Rick Scott of Florida. But Obama has no power here. Republicans left town without funding zika programs

19) the Payday Loan Industry

20) Kim Jung Un of North Korea

See you next week!

Sunday Funday: Memorial Day Edition

pretty much says it all from one who knew

pretty much says it all from one who knew

Were you paying attention?

1) Which old foe of the US had a US arms embargo against them lifted last week?

2) One of the most severe food crises in decades appears to be gathering steam on what continent?

3) “Give me liberty, or give me death!” Happy 280th birthday today to what revolutionary figure who spoke those words?

4) It is incredibly hot in India and critters get cranky. A camel did what to his owner after the camel was left out in the heat all day?

5) Sometimes the campaigns get silly, we hope anyway. What businessman was floated as a possible veep for Hillary Clinton?

6) The Chilcot Report in Britain, to be released in July, may lead to calls for investigation of what former Prime Minister for war crimes?

7) The US Supreme Court threw out a Virginia congressional map for what is known as what practice?

8) Schools in 20 states were disrupted Monday by what?

9) At a rally in North Dakota, Donald Trump stated “ You have to be,” what “to be great?”

10) In the ironically ironic file. Who was fired as Baylor’s president this week due to ignoring a sex scandal in the Baylor football program?

11) Federal prosecutors will seek the death penalty for Dylan Roof. What did Roof do?

12) The Center for Disease Control released smoking data for 2015. What percentage of people currently smoke in the US?

13) At the Iowa Republican state convention last week Chair Jeff Kaufmann claimed that Donald Trump was “a heck of a lot better than “ who?

14) Baltimore Police Officer Edward Nero was found not guilty in the highly publicized death of who?

15) President Obama, on his trip to Asia, visited what infamous site Friday?

16) What percentage of Americans smoked fifty years ago?

17) Donald Trump picked up another notorious endorsement when what embattled Pharma CEO endorsed him?

18) In SCOTUS news, a death sentence in Georgia was nullified because the jury was what?

19) According to a GAO report released this week, the computer systems that launch nuclear missiles are run by what outdated technology?

20) The Federal Reserve released a study Wednesday that showed that nearly half of America’s households would struggle if they had an unexpected expense of how much?

21) One question on Memorial Day. When did Memorial Day become an official federal holiday?

It is somewhat surprising that the anyone is still smoking tobacco in this country.


1) Vietnam

2) Africa due to climate change

3) Patrick Henry

4) bit his head off and killed him

5) Mark Cuban

6) Tony Blair

7) gerrymandering

8) robocalled bomb threats

9) wealthy. So Jesus Christ, Mahatma Ghandi was not great

10) Ken Starr – the lawyer who relentlessly pursued Bill Clinton’s sex life.

11) Last June, Roof went into a black church in South Carolina and murdered 9 members in a racially motivated attack

12) 15% – the lowest ever and dropping fast

13) Hillary Clinton – and he said it with a straight face

14) Freddie Gray

15) Hiroshima where the first nuclear bomb used in war was used

16) 42.4%

17) Martin Shkreli the ‘pharma bro’ who jacked the prices of needed drugs through the roof

18) all white with blacks purposely excluded from serving – Thomas dissented

19) the old 8 inch floppy discs that really flopped

20) $400 in unexpected expenses.

21) Memorial Day was not an official federal holiday until 1971.

Smoking costs the US well over $300 billion per year in lost work days and medical expenses.

Have a safe and solemn holiday all.