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Sunday Funday – Smells Like A Lily Edition

The_Thinker,_Auguste_RodinToday is Easter – look outside. If it is raining, legend has it that it will rain for the next seven consecutive Sundays. This is particularly convenient for planning poker tournaments around spring planting. Imagine how guilty you would feel drawing to an inside straight instead of being in the tractor seat seeding the back 40. A rain on Easter Sunday should help salve the soul in regard to poker vs. planting.

If that didn’t fog a Sunday morning mind, let’s try the quiz and see if that doesn’t make you want to crawl back into bed. Here we go:

1) Per Thom Hartmann, it seems like the end of a Monopoly game. What pair’s net worth was pegged at $100 billion this week?

2) Senator Chuck Grassley made a big stink about what last week?

3) The ACA enrolled how many? What is the latest estimate of those insured through the ACA?

4) Many people were amazed when Pulitzer prizes for journalism went to the reporters of what story?

5) In the Kansas City suburb of Overton, Kansas was shocked Sunday with the killings of three people. What was the reason they were killed?

6) According to Americans for Tax Fairness, what corporation got over $7.8 billion in tax payer breaks and subsidies?

7) Governor Branstad continues to be dogged by stories surrounding hush money for fired employees. Now the state may have to pay back what other group, because hush money was commingled with other monies.

8) Math problem: The ACA has been voted on 52 times to be repealed by the US House. At $1.45 million per vote, how much have the Republicans wasted on these votes?

9) An Iowa legislator – Larry Sheets (R-Moulton) spoke in the Iowa House praising Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy for his stand against the federal government. What is Bundy accused of doing?

10) Some 975 former employees fired in the Iowa hush money scandal have been placed on a special list. What is that list called?

11) The CBO released a report that stated that the ACA would actually cost about how much less over 10 years than previously projected?

12) Republicans in what state will be voting on their right to secede from the union at their state convention in early May?

13) Once the Newton track got a handout from the government, it was inevitable that others would line up with their hands out. What other Iowa track put their handout and got a big giveaway from the Iowa House?

14) Hard to believe, but the Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission turned down a license for what city by a vote of 4-1?

15) What high profile couple found out they will be grandparents this fall?

Easter bonus: Which of these were crucified and resurrected after 3 days?
B-Attis of Phrygia

1) Charles and David Koch.

2) The plan of the USDA and EPA to create bio-maps of methane emissions

3) 8 million

4) The NSA spying. AKA the Edward Snowden story.

5) The killer hated Jews and thought they were Jews.

6) Walmart. This included healthcare and food stamps for poorly paid employees.

7) Federal government for some portions of their contributions to some projects

8) $75.4 million that Boehner has wasted.

9) stealing grazing rights from the Bureau of Land Management. He has refused to pay for 20 years.

10) a blacklist of people not to be rehired.

11) approximately $164 billion

12) Wisconsin. Will the Badgers still be in the big 10?

13) Knoxville. Who will be next?

14) Cedar Rapids. Bet this one ain’t done.

15) Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Easter bonus: from what I have read all answers are correct.

You have earned a chocolate Easter bunny. Enjoy!

Weekend Hodgepodge

Congressman Dave Loebsack

Congressman Dave Loebsack

Congratulations to Congressman Dave Loebsack on being named the ranking member on the House Education and Workforce Subcommittee on early Childhood, Elementary and Secondary Education. Maybe not a flashy position, but one where he can have an effect on Iowans lives in a good way. We know there is work that needs to be done due to the way that that education has been treated under the last Republican administration and with the obstruction of the Republicans in the Senate and the House. Good Luck, Congressman.

Branstad Doesn’t Seem To Know Much
Our Governor just doesn’t seem to quite have a handle on what is going on around him these days. His drivers driving too fast, not knowing he just can’t shut down a state facility, not knowing what is going on with personnel within his administration. I think Terry is suffering from burnout from being too long in the job. I know I am suffering burnout from him being in the job too long.

Civil Rights Act 50 Years Old.
Last Thursday the Civil Rights Act turned 50 years old. Probably one of the most reviled laws in our history. Probably directly responsible for the Republican Patry’s infamous Southern Strategy and all the consequence of that including today’s Tea Party. This is one Act that has tried to reconcile the gap between the promise of America (“all men created equal”) and its reality of racism and vast inequality of resource distribution. It has worked well at times, but is now under direct attack from the Roberts Court. May it re-emerge to be a guiding light to the good that is in men and women, rather than a magnet for the hate.

Paul Ryan Visits Iowa
No report here, but we know what he stands for:
(from democraticunderground)
paul ryans budget

Succession Matters
This fall before you vote, remember that succession is a factor to consider. Before voting for Terry Branstad, remember that Kim Reynolds is his chosen successor. Ms. Reynolds is very right wing.

Before voting for a republican for the US House, remember that is a vote for Boehner (or worse) as the second in line to succeed the President. That is a scary thought. Think about the consequences of your votes.

Bernie Sanders:
Reminding us what counts in elections, people.

bernie sanders on money in politics

Limbaugh Upset About Colbert
Apparently no one has told Limbaugh there are buttons that turn the TV off and that also change the channel.

Sunday Funday – Happy Birthday, Part Deux

just not sure

just not sure

I think we all had a bit of fun bouncing all over in the time machine last week. The bruises on my head have recovered and I am ready to go again. And no, I will not wear a helmet nor ask directions for I am a man.

Buckle up and let’s hop in the old time machine once again.

1) Just this week we had one noted person quit a job and a replacement hired. Who will replace David Letterman on CBS’ late night show?

2) On April 10, 2004 a Presidential Daily Briefing from August 2001 is declassified. What is the headline for the Briefing?

3) One day you are nobody, next day you are in the news. This week Mike Carroll became well known to Iowans. Why?

4) In April of 2004, fighting continued in this city that had started when a convoy of American contractors was ambushed coming into the city. What city had this siege?

5) The Party Is Over! What came to a crashing end Wednesday night up in Ames?

6) On April 14, 2004 then Atty. Gen. John Ashcroft put the blame on who for the 9/11 attacks? (before the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks)

7) 2004. The US is still using a color coded advisory system of terrorist activity. Can you name the colors in order from least to worst terrorist potential?

8) What European nation pulled its troops from Iraq in April 2004 following the election of a leftist government?

9) Back to Iowa this week. During an interview on IPR Governor Branstad said he might consider signing a bill making limited used of what legal?

10) Making a bid to be the first man to lose to two different women in two different states (in two years might I add), who threw his hat into the New Hampshire Senate race Thursday?

11) Celebrating the 40th anniversary of Home Run no. 715, what baseball great compared Obama’s critics to the KKK that threatened him in 1974?

12) In sports this week the starting guard for what division I school came out as gay?

13) In another step backwards for the women’s vote this fall, Republicans blocked what legislation this week?

14) Kiss and Tell. A Republican representative from Louisiana was caught on tape kissing an aid. What happened to the Aid?

15) Ten years later they did it again. What school won both the Men’s and Women’s college basketball tournaments?

16) Authenticated as ancient papyrus, this document indicates who was married?

17) You can’t go back to Kansas, Toto. What did Kathleen Sebelius do before she became the secretary of HHS?

18) Worldwide carbon dioxide levels average 400 PPM last week. This is the highest levels in how many years?

19) April 29th of 2004 what car company made its final car, ending over a century in business?

20) April 1st of 2004 what email service is launched?

Whew – It was a busy week. Well how about some answers?

1) David Letterman announced he would retire and CBS picked Stephen Colbert to replace him

2) “Bin Laden Determined to Strike in US”

3) He was the head of the Department of Administrative Services in Iowa and was fired by Branstad over the secret payoff scandal.

4) Fallujah

5) Veishea

6) President Clinton and Jamie Gorelick

7) Blue, least concern then green, yellow, orange and red.

8) Spain

9) medical marijuana

10) Scott Brown

11) Hank Aaron

12) University of Massachusetts

13) Equal pay for equal worth

14) She was fired by the representative

15) Connecticut

16) Jesus

17) Governor of Kansas

18) 800,000

19) Oldsmobile

20) gmail

See you next week!

Sunday Funday Happy Birthday Edition

just not sure

just not sure

Turn around and you are ten! Happy Birthday Blog For Iowa! As has been noted here before BFIA is one of the blogs that came from the start of the DFA or Democracy For America movement. DFA continues to go strong. Dr. Dean and brother Jim continue to go on strong being among the clearest beacons for where our country should be going. Let us wish all mentioned above many more years of activism in helping bring this great country back to its glory and moral leadership.

So today we will have a quiz for last week and ten years back.Crank up the brain cells on a Sunday morning. They need the exercise.

1) Let us start with something simple. What was the split on the McCutcheon decision announced by the Supreme Court this week?

2) Ten years ago on April 8th this then National Security Advisor was grilled by the 9/11 Commission. Who hemmed and hawed their way through this testimony?

3) Over in Iraq, the bumbling Coalition Provisional Authority has a big headache with what non-elected cleric who is head of a group known as the Mahdi Militia that threatens stability?

4) Last week, tsunami waves emanated from an earthquake with an epicenter in what country?

5) Earlier this week in Iowa, parents of epileptic children met with Gov. Branstad to seek his support for what?

6) March 15, 2004, Presidential election takes place in Russia. Who wins the Russian presidency by a large margin?

7) In March of 2004 John Allen Muhammad is sentenced to death in Virginia for his role in what scary D.C. series of events?

8) This week some information about activities that were going on during the Iraq war are beginning to be released. What activities and who was doing it?

9) March 11, 2004. This event in Spain during morning rush hour killed or wounded nearly 2000. What happened?

10) This week it came out that the fix for a faulty ignition switch that is linked to 13 deaths in GM cars would have cost how much?

11) In the NCAA basketball tournaments in 2004, we had one school winning both the Men’s and Women’s titles. What school was that?

12) Who was the head of the Coalition Provisional Authority in Iraq in April 2004?

13) This week Mozilla’s new CEO stepped down after less than 2 weeks due to controversy over his past political donations. What donation in particular were users upset with?

14) March 18,2004: Justice Antonin Scalia refuses to recuse himself from a case even though one of the parties in the suit is a close friend of his. Who is this close friend?

15) March 21,2004: The War in Iraq is vehemently denounced by what former US President?

Kind of fun bouncing down memory lane, wasn’t it. It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.

Well, here are some answers:

1) 5 to 4. 5 Republican appointees, 4 Dem appointees.

2) Condoleeza of course

3) Muqtada Al Sadr

4) Chile

5) medical cannibis.

6) Putin. You know that bare chested man the Republicans love.

7) The Beltway sniper attacks in D.C.

8) The CIA was the perp and torture was their game.

9) coordinated bombs set off in the Madrid subway system

10) 57 cents

11) Connecticut.

12) L. Paul Bremer

13) a $1,000 for prop 8(hate) in california in 2008.

14) former VP Dick Cheney

15) Jimmy Carter.

More next week? I think so

Sunday Funday – March Sadness Edition

just not sure

just not sure

Once again the quest for an Iowa basketball team to bring home the NCAA title has crashed and burned. Iowa State was truly a fun team to watch this year. They could score and then they could score. At least until Friday night, that is. I am not sure how Fred Hoiberg has done it so far. He seems to take a bunch of unknowns and somehow makes a really good team out of them. The Cyclones will really miss Melvin Ejim and DeAndre Kane next year. But somehow, Fred Hoiberg will once more work that Hoiberg / Hilton magic and they will once more be in the mix.

Nothing like sports to bring out the cliches in all of us. Speaking of cliches, were you paying attention last week?

1) She must have made most of the male electorate when she spoke proudly of castrating pigs in her ad for the Republican bid for the nomination as their Senate candidate. Who made this commercial?

2) In Oklahoma, Katie Francis sold 18,107 of what?

3) Two major search operations are going on in the world at present. One is to find the missing Malaysian airline and the other is what?

4) With a couple days to go it looks like what will come close to its goal of 7 million registrants by March 31?

5) Meanwhile in Chicago, a commuter train had a major wreck. The cause cited was operator error because the operator was what?

6) There seems to be a scandal heating up in Des Moines over “Hush money” paid to who?

7) The US Attorney General said the federal government said it would honor same sex marriages performed during the short window what state allowed such marriages before they were stopped by a federal judge?

8) Chris Christie was found to have nothing to do with the George Washington Bridge scandal. This investigation was launched by who?

9) College sports prepared to be turned on its head after an NLRB regional head declared that players at what school were school employees and thus could unionize?

10) Despite many other needs in this state, the Iowa legislature was able to come up with a big tax break for which major sport, but none for college students repaying loans?

11) Rush Limbaugh said Obama only went to this place because he read it as “vacation.” Among other stops what major religious figure did President Obama visit this week?

12) In a consumer survey this week it was found that over 1/3rd of Americans had less than how much saved for retirement?

13) In Muscatine, what major polluter announced an agreement with the attorney general and the Iowa DNR on cutbacks in their pollution?

14) One of the more controversial cases SCOTUS will hear this year took place Tuesday when what company’s case against the ACA was heard?

15) Which Car manufacturer has been beset with a series of recalls early in the leadership of its first female CEO?

“Wait til next year!” As a Cub fan I have learned that since I was a baby. I can only say I would like to see more frequent championships with previous winners not allowed to compete. The Cubs would then have a chance.


1) Joni Ernst – I have many comments, none I can print

2) Girl Scout cookies

3) Searching for victims of a mudslide

4) The ACA

5) Sleeping

6) state workers fired by the Branstad admin.

7) Michigan

8) Chris Christie

9) Northwestern


11) The Vatican where Obama met with Pope Francis

12) $1,000

13) Grain Processors

14) Hobby Lobby

15) GM – of course the problems happened long before Mary Barra was appointed CEO.

The Hobby Lobby case makes me want to make a short comment on Clarence Thomas. I saw this article by Jeffrey Toobin about a month ago. He describes Thomas thus:
” These days, Thomas only reclines; his leather chair is pitched so that he can stare at the ceiling, which he does at length. He strokes his chin. His eyelids look heavy. Every schoolteacher knows this look. It’s called “not paying attention.”

Thomas is 65. He may well have another 25 years on the court. America deserves so much better.

Sunday Hodgepodge

Should this be The Permanent Democratic Platform?

from January 11,1944 but still fresh and still not fulfilled. When the next war ends…..

Seeing The Light
republican no longer supports them
note to Matt Schultz: It is just as true here as in Wisconsin!

In Memory Of Maggie Thatcher

The anniversary of Margaret Thatcher’s death is about two weeks away. Last year I marked her death with about 50 playings of this song.

Here it is one more time for old time’s sake:

Fifth Anniversary Coming
Believe it or not it is nearly five years since the Varnum v. Brien decision. On April 3, 2009 the Iowa Supreme Court ruled in a unanimous decision that gay people had as much right to marry who they love just as much as heterosexuals did under the equal protection clause of the Iowa constitution. Since then some of the justices lost their jobs by being voted out.

Those judges were then awarded (deservedly so, I believe) the John F. Kennedy Profiles in Courage Award. Iowa was the beginning for what has become yet another round of civil rights. Many other states have followed suit to the point where nearly half of the US states accepts same sex marriage. The Attorney General of Kentucky said the other day that there was no sense in him spending state money to defend the Kentucky anti-gay marriage amendment because it would lose in court.

Look What Scott Brown Ran Into Last Week

a big hat tip to EarlG at democraticunderground!

Note To My Democratic Friends:
RUN ON THE ACA. It is the largest advance in social legislation since Medicare and the civil rights legislation. It is not done, but it has

at long last started!

Sunday Funday: Billion Dollar Bust Edition

just not sure

just not sure

Who could have predicted that after one day of college tournament basketball most of America’s would be billionaires would be seeking their fortunes elsewhere? Well, Warren Buffet for one. Guess that is why he is a billionaire and the rest of us are not. After two days almost every bracket was busted and thousands are ready for next year. The odds were only 9.2 quintillion to 1. Those are the kinds of odds I used to give on the playground in first grade.

In case you had forgotten, it is the High Holy Days of basketball. Services are being held at various temples around the country and beamed to shut ins via television and online. Hope you are able to attend or observe a service. I shall be observing many in a room built for the purpose.

So what happened last week?

1) The NCAA men’s games got off to a bracket beating start. After the first game of the day, what school ruined over 80% of brackets by beating Ohio State?

2) Allegations have been made that the Branstad administration fired some department managers simply because of what?

3) A law went into effect over in Michigan that a woman would need to get special insurance if she thought she might ever need what procedure?

4) Which all news cable network has gone bonkers with crazy stories concerning the disappearance of the missing Malaysian airplane?

5) Once more, who reigns as the Iowa state boys 4A basketball champion?

6) Down in Louisiana, what policy group is being sued by the state for putting up billboards criticizing Gov. Bobby Jindal?

7) In talk reminiscent of the cold war, a Russian TV anchor said Russia was capable of turning the US into what?

8) Which most Irish of Iowa cities once again had a huge St. Partrick’s Day parade with some 125 entries?

9) Senator Bill Dotzler asked the US labor department to investigate Iowa Workforce Development head Theresa Wahlert claiming she has asked lawyers who judge labor cases were asked to create what?

10) What well known anti-gay crusader and church leader whose family would make highly controversial unwanted protests at funerals and other venues died Thursday?

11) Many large northeastern cities had their St. Patrick’s Day Parade boycotted by their mayors because of exclusion of what group from the parade?

12) Observers at the South Pole observed a pattern of waves that they said was evidence of what?

13) In Orange county California researchers have discovered that recent grass fires at golf clubs have been caused by what common golf practice?

14) I am a week late on this, but what major corporation has been sued in many states, including Iowa, for wage theft from its own employees?

15) Looks like Russian leader is making moves on another former Soviet state. What Baltic state are Russian troops being sent near?

16) One extra. The Attorney General in what state said he would not defend his states anti-gay marriage law?

One of the great things about the NCAA tournament – it keeps me indoors until the snow melts.


1) the Dayton Flyers

2) they were democrats

3) an abortion – even if for rape.

4) CNN – they are broadcasting crazy possibilities.

5) Iowa City West

6) – free speech, not so much

7) a pile of radioactive ash

8) Emmetsburg

9) tip sheets that favor businesses

10) Fred Phelps

11) gays

12) the big bang

13) hitting ball in long, dry out of bounds grass with titanium clubs

14) McDonald’s

15) Estonia

16) Kentucky – said it was a waste of money and he wanted to be on the right side of history (Jack Conway)

And now, back to the games!

Randomly Thought Thoughts

just curious

just curious

Paul Ryan is a top notch tea partier, nothing less. This past week he shamefully trotted out the coded racial language that Republicans have always used and that Tea Partiers work hard to hone. Understand that the Tea Party is the grandchild of the Dixiecrats of the 1940s and 1950s through the Southern Strategy of the 1960s and 1970s. Ryan is as in tune with America as Steve King is, only Ryan has a much better haircut. “In tune” to them means Looney Tune.

Never Forget
“There are forces within the Democratic Party who want us to sound like kinder, gentler Republicans.
I want a party that will STAND UP for Working Americans.”
—Paul Wellstone

Paul Wellstone

Paul Wellstone

Poll I Liked From Cheers and Jeers (DailyKos):
Which of these Koch brothers-related activities is most disgusting to you?

- Using astroturfing tactics to make the tea party seem like a grassroots movement
- Funding ALEC activities, including passage of corporation-coddling and ‘Stand Your Ground’ laws
- Their empire’s record on pollution
- Paying colleges to create curricula that need to follow a Koch-approved, Ayn Randian blueprint
- Bankrolling anti-Affordable Care Act ads that manipulate real people’s stories and spin them into flat-out lies
- Funneling cash through an elaborate web of shell organizations to hide the reach of their far-right ideological tentacles
- Colluding with GOP governors to break unions

If You Don’t Use It, You Lose It
“Compassion is a skill that we get better at with practice,” writes theologian Karen Armstrong. One could easily note that the Tea Party practices this virtue very little.

Mr. Free Market
Governor Chris Christie has ordered the sales of Teslas to stop in his state.  Seems the powers that be fear competition much more than they favor free market. Especially when they sell a fading technology.

Lest We Ever Forget
This Wednesday – MARCH 19 – we remember Bush’s invasion of Iraq.

Benghazi is no doubt much worse than the unprovoked attack that killed hundreds of thousands of Iraqis, thousands of Americans and cost trillions in treasure. Was it all just for oil in servitude to the oil companies? {sarcasm for the humor impaired}

Remember this guy? Here is his take on Iraq 8 years ago.

A Fond Farewell
Tony Benn died Friday. One of the great voices of the people from Britain.

Why Are They Called Conservatives?


Sunday Funday – It’s All Green Today

st. patrick drives the snakes

Father Murphy walks into a pub in Donegal, and says to the first man he meets, “Do you want to go to heaven?”
The man said, “I do Father.”
The priest said, “Then stand over there against the wall.” Then the priest asked the second man, “Do you want to go to heaven?”
“Certainly, Father,” was the man’s reply.
“Then stand over there against the wall,” said the priest. Then Father Murphy walked up to O’Toole and said, “Do you want to go to heaven?”
O’Toole said, “No, I don’t Father.
The priest said, “I don’t believe this. You mean to tell me that when you die you don’t want to go to heaven?”
O’Toole said, “Oh, when I die, yes. I thought you were getting a group together to go on a trip right now.”

And now for the weekly quiz. Warning, there may be a few Irish questions in here:

1) Let’s just say I was going to show you my shillelagh. What am I going to show you?

2) An East Harlem (NYC) neighborhood was awakened by what on Thursday morning?

3) Sbarro’s, that ubiquitous mall pizza store, did what Monday in New York City?

4) Warning there may be “too many unintended consequences,” Governor Branstad came out totally against what on Monday?

5) The State of Iowa has been in this business since March 8th, 1934, or 80 years. We are making loads of money from it. What business is it?

6) President Obama ordered the Labor Dep’t to change rules on what group of workers so they may be paid overtime beyond 40 hours per week?

7) Quite a mystery surrounds an airliner that disappeared somewhere around Asia after the plane took off from what airport?

8) He wins again! Who, once again, was the darling of the CPAC conference winning their presidential straw poll with 31%?

9) March 17th is St. Patrick’s Day. What happened on that day that connects it to St. Patrick?

10) The Iowa state senate voted to make what a primary offense for adults (a reason to stop your car and give you a ticket)?

11) What the heck? What senator got pretty bent out of shape when she found out that senators were being spied on along with millions of other Americans?

12) Well we had a something that sort of resembled a filibuster Tuesday night. Who was talking and what were they talking about?

13) President Obama went to visit his Irish ancestors in what small town in Ireland a few years back?

14) The New York Times reported last week that what politician handed out pieces of steel from the WTC towers to politicians he wanted endorsements from?

15) March 19th next week is the anniversary of what?

“May yas be a half an hour in heaven before the devil knows yer dead”
An old Irish saying (used to hear it every week on the Irish Rover show)


1) a big wooden (usually oak) club

2) an explosion caused by a gas leak.

3) filed for bankruptcy

4) medical marijuana

5) the Liquor business.

6) salaried employees

7) Kuala Lumpur

8) Randy Paul

9) He (St. Patrick) died.

10) texting while driving.

11) Diane Feinstein

12) Democrats were talking about climate change

13) Moneygall

14) Chris Christie

15) Our invasion of Iraq in 2003.

Thoughts Just Laying Around

just curious

just curious

- It is a shame that Arizona governor Jan Brewer vetoed the gay-discrimination bill. I was waiting to see if she would get a “welcome aboard” tweet from Russian president and noted gay hater Vladimir Putin.

- Per John Fugelsang
“There is hate in Arizona, but it is a dry hate.”

- If your state does not have the full Medicaid program, you probably have a Republican governor.

- CPAC Throws Out Atheists – big surprise. Sadly, the atheists can’t tell them to go to hell.

- To hear the right praise Putin so admiringly, one almost wonders if any would encourage him to run for President of the US. The right only worries about that “born in the United States” clause for Democrats.

This Picture Reminds Me Of That Pres. Kennedy Remark
During his administration, Kennedy had brought in top scientists from around the country to the White House for a conference. He began the meeting with the remark:
“I think this is the most extraordinary collection of talent, of human knowledge, that has ever been gathered at the White House – with the possible exception of when Thomas Jefferson dined alone.

nye obama tyson

Bartcop Has Passed On
Terrence Coppage was well known for his left wing website. He was out there before anyone else. Bartcop was a stopping place for many on the left daily.

The last installment of has his own words on the subject.

Per Charles Pierce:

WASHINGTON, D.C. — By now, and by god, it should have settled permanently in the consciousness of the nation what a huge and untoward gamble with the country John McCain and his campaign took in 2008 when they elevated Sarah Palin from her rightful place on the tundra to the political celebrity she currently enjoys. McCain should pay a heavy price for unleashing this ignorant, two-wheeled bilewagon on the country’s politics. If you think she’s a legitimate political leader, you’re an idiot and a sucker and I feel sorry for you.

I often wonder what makes a Palin or a Limbaugh or a Cruz click. They can’t believe themselves what they are saying because they so often contradict themselves.

It doesn’t take long to get to an answer: Money, money, money. Just like the old time patent medicine wagons, Palin and her ilk have found a bunch of really rich rubes who will pay top dollar for her bullshit and that of the others.

Just say what they want to hear over and over and make them feel very comfortable with their anti-human stances on issues. The Palins of the world also serve to get enough people to vote against their own interests which keep the 1% in power.

Finally -
Are all the new diseases being “discovered” (manufactured) by big Pharma these days? Seems like every time I turn around some drug company is hawking a new “cure” for something that wasn’t a problem yesterday. Be sure to tell your doctor!