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Republicans Vote To Defund Planned Parenthood

planned parentood attack

They Take a Stand Opposed By 75% of Iowa

Iowa House Republicans again this year inserted an amendment to defund Planned Parenthood from any state funding.

This is a truly unpopular issue with Iowans. As Beth Wessel-Kroeschell is quoted in the Mason City Globe-Gazette:

Rep. Beth Wessel-Kroeschell, D-Ames, cited a public opinion poll published by the Des Moines Register that showed 3 out of 4 Iowans support state funding for health care providers like Planned Parenthood.

“We have a mandate. This is simple,” Wessel-Kroeschell said. “Not only do Iowans overwhelmingly support Planned Parenthood funding, family planning dollars, but it’s a program that works. It’s a program that gives people power and choice over their health care.”

It is very hard to grasp why Republicans are pushing so hard for this unpopular amendment, so let’s see if we can understand their impetus for bringing this up and voting for it.

The first reason to vote for such an unpopular measure is that it plays well back home. Even though a measure is unpopular statewide doesn’t mean it is unpopular in individual districts. Measures like this are geared to the religious voter. Supporting anti-abortion measures in any form is a sure way to keep the religious coming out to vote.

A second reason to vote for such an unpopular measure is that it punishes those who violate an unwritten moral code that frowns on sexual acts especially by women. While that may seem odd, men are not punished for sexual acts resulting in a pregnancy, only the women. If a woman becomes pregnant she should therefore accept the result of that sin, the sex act, by carrying the child to term and raising said child to adulthood. To follow this punishment even further, Republicans at all levels make it hard to get state aid to feed, clothe and educate this child.

A third reason to vote for such an unpopular measure is that it most frequently punishes the poor. Planned Parenthood is not used exclusively by poor women, but often for the poor it is often their only choice. We know how Republicans feel about poor people. It is their fault and they should suffer the consequences. If not having access to health care is part of that so be it.

One of the most overarching reasons for voting for any anti-abortion measure at a state level is to be part of the “movement conservative” across the US. The movement realized it could change more policy in the country working at a state level than trying to push a big rock uphill in Washington. Thus every little legislator in the smallest state is but a cog in the bigger movement. Note that in being part of the larger movement the individual legislator often does not represent his or her district.

Finally there is the desire to legislate one’s own moral and religious code into secular law. Such religious code in this country is usually found in some interpretation of one of the many variations of the bible. Stated in another way, Christians have been known to enact their religious code into law to punish those that are seen as morally weak in their eyes. As proof let us just consider all the so-called “religious freedom” bills that are rushing through various state legislatures.

Iowa is but one vote in the senate from being yet another state with a movement conservative legislature and governor all set to enact religious beliefs into law. Elections are extremely important.

This is just one of a number very unpopular measures that Republicans have been responsible for in the past couple of years. Many were solo jobs by the governor. But the governor is the head of the party in this state and not someone apart from the party. Who can forget closing the mental health facilities at Mount Pleasant and Clarinda? How about the line item veto of school funding last July? May pumping multi millions into fertilizer plants with few jibs to show for it got your blood boiling? Of course the big one was the governor’s unilateral privatizing of Iowa’s Medicaid system so the administrative companies could take a big cut of our tax dollars.

Really makes you wonder why anyone would vote for such scoundrels. But they do.

Abortion: Legal But Full Of Punishment

Has no idea what he is doing or saying

Has no idea what he is doing or saying

Chris Matthews stirred a real pot of controversy Wednesday night when he asked Donald Trump what the punishment for having an abortion should be if and when Trump becomes president and abortion is made illegal in the United States. Trump tried to BS his way through. However, little thought is ever given by the forced birth faction to the fallout from banning abortions beyond a woman now having a baby she probably didn’t want.

Matthews premise was that if abortion were illegal then an abortion would be a crime that must be punished. Should the woman be punished? Trump said yes immediately although he didn’t specify a punishment. Trump however said nothing about the abortionist (‘doctor’ was the word used, although we all know the abortionist will probably not be a doctor if abortion is illegal).

When Matthews asked if the father of the child should be punished Trump simply said “No.”

Amazing isn’t it folks? In the situation where an illegal abortion were to take place the woman according to Trump would be the only player. He later amended his statement to say that the ‘doctor’ should also suffer some punishment. Still he did not say the third person involved – the father – should suffer any punishment.

What wasn’t discussed – and hasn’t been discussed anywhere – is that even in today’s time of legalized abortion women are punished severely for not becoming pregnant in the way prescribed by religionist moralists that populate our state and national legislatures.

Depending on where a woman lives, if she becomes pregnant and for whatever reason decides that having a child is not a good idea, getting a legal procedure in the United States has been rendered nearly impossible. Especially across the South and west state legislatures have made access to a legal medical procedure nearly impossible by regulating abortion clinics into oblivion. Where legislatures have not been able to cause clinics to close through regulation they have severely limited access to them.

Beyond the regulatory gauntlet that state legislatures have thrown down to stop abortions, women often have to go through personal harassment just to be able to enter a clinic that could easily be described as terrorism. Despite the obvious threat to the safety of women entering clinics, The Supreme Court two years ago ruled that such protests were legal.

Thus when a pregnant woman takes charge of her own life she has to face a system that punishes her and often her physician or care giver for simply attempting to access a legal medical procedure. This in what is the purported home of freedom and liberty by those who do all they can to stop such access.

Now when groups go to such extremes to force women to have babies that will eventually grow into children, teens and finally full fledged adults you would think that they would work hard to set up programs to help such badly wanted children grow into well rounded adults by affording them good health care, good schools and decent food.

As we all know this is just the opposite of what happens in this country. Once the fetus is born and is a baby, those who worked so hard to keep the fetus from being aborted through legislation and other forms of harassment now abandon that child. A baby born into poverty in this country now joins the millions of citizens who are punished severely for the American sin of being poor.

We don’t need to enumerate what happens to the poor in this country. Since the so-called Reagan revolution, being poor has been treated as a crime. Therefore even in today’s American society where abortion is a legal procedure women are punished for seeking an abortion and punished if they are poor and carry the child to birth. If the family is poor, the child suffers, probably their whole life, for the so-called sins of the mother.

Through legislation and societal norms we are already punishing women who seek abortions. We are also punishing women who are poor and we punish the children of the poor for being born poor. Our Republican brethren are only concerned about forcing women to have their babies, care nothing about their pre-natal care and have set up a system that punishes such families if they are poor.

Best guess is they are trying to curry some form of favor from their god that will be redeemed when they reach their heaven. One would think that any favors earned from forcing someone to give birth would be negated by forcing any child or other citizen to live an impoverished life while others accumulate massive fortunes.

Not really sure what else America could do to level more punishment on women, but I am sure there are right wingers with legislation ready to go to punish women even more should they succeed in making abortion illegal. They won’t stop abortion for sure, but they may someday make it illegal.

Before you look around and think Iowa is a relative island of sanity in a ocean of misogynist hate, let me remind you that that is because Democrats control one house of the legislature by one vote. The state races this fall are every bit as important as the presidential race. If you haven’t noticed – much of the damage in this country in recent years has been done at the state level. Bob Vander Plaats and his ilk are champing at the bit to have Republicans in control of this state.

I’ll Just Leave This Here

For everyone to think about:

Another Judicial Retention Fight Next Year?

Iowa Supreme Court photo 2013

Iowa Supreme Court photo 2013

Wouldn’t you have thought that after 3 judges were replaced by the new Terry Branstad that he and his party would pretty much get their way in the Iowa Supreme Court? Thus after appointing all the members of the Iowa Board of Medicine and having them go after telemedicine abortions it truly looked like there would be no trouble making a ruling against telemedia abortions stick.

It is what we like to call rigging the game. Remember when Bob Vander Plaats (R-Heaven) went after the three judges that were up for retention after the marriage equality decision? They only went after the three because that is all the law allowed to be up for a retention vote at one time. The retention vote was also used to drive up right wing voter numbers in an off year election. After a vicious campaign all three judges were escorted unceremoniously from the chambers and shiny new Governor Terry Branstad took to the task of replacing them.

The nomination and confirmation process was relatively uneventful. With a majority of the Court appointed by Branstad it surely might give one to think that Republicans may have a sympathetic ear in the chamber.

They appeared not to count on the integrity of the judges. Well, much as in the marriage equality case, the justices voted 6-0 that if you allow something for one citizen, then you must allow it for all. Oddly, this is in the Iowa Constitution. That is the guideline used by the justices. Always has been.

Here is an excerpt from the Quad City Times that lays the issue out succinctly:

“When Branstad’s appointees to the Iowa Board of Medicine outlawed the practice, Planned Parenthood of Iowa filed suit, claiming the selective ban was aimed squarely at discriminating against women, the only gender that would seek this prescription.

The Board of Medicine never discussed other applications of telemedicine. Its ban focused only on prescriptions of abortion-inducing drugs.

The Iowa Supreme Court’s unanimous ruling agreed with standards from the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists affirming the practice safe. The court ruled: “In their view, the medically necessary information a physician needs to determine whether to proceed with a medication abortion is contained in the patient’s history, blood work, vital signs, and ultrasound images—which can be accessed by reviewing the patient’s records remotely or in person.”

Further, the court said Branstad’s board, “imposes some burdens that would not otherwise exist,” for women seeking these services.”

For those who heard a clip of Branstad’s reaction Monday morning he sounded like he had just been cheated by a business partner. He was sounded stunned and betrayed. At the end he brought up the possibility of a judicial retention fight by saying he wouldn’t be looking for judicial fight:

“I do respect the fact that the judiciary is a separate branch of government and the ultimate decision is with the people of Iowa as to whether they want to retain the judges or not,” the governor said. “So the position that I have consistently taken is not to advocate for or against the justices that are up for retention.”

Many folks forget that following the loss of their seats Justices Ternus, Baker and Streit were awarded a John F. Kennedy ‘Profiles in Courage’ award. At the ceremony Caroline Kennedy noted:

The three judges are interesting and courageous on many levels, … Like many of the people who get this award, they don’t consider that they are doing anything particularly courageous, they just feel they’re doing what’s right, they’re doing their job.

Have to wonder if we will have a repeat in 2016.

IDP Statement on Iowa Supreme Court Decision Affirming Women’s Right to Healthcare


For Immediate Release

June 19, 2015

Contact: Josh Levitt

IDP Statement on Iowa Supreme Court Decision Affirming Women’s Right to Healthcare

DES MOINES – IDP Chair Dr. Andy McGuire issued the following statement in response to a ruling by the Iowa Supreme Court this morning upholding a woman’s right to healthcare and expanding access to vital care and services for Iowa women:

“I applaud today’s decision by the Iowa Supreme Court in siding with women’s health care over the needless partisanship of Governor Branstad. All Iowa women, regardless of their location or socioeconomic status, should have access to treatments and services that are vital to their well-being. Today’s decision empowers women with the resources and information needed to take charge of their own health care decisions. That’s a major victory for Iowa women, their families and our state.”

Quick comment: The attempted takeover of the Iowa Supreme Court by Bob Vander Plaats and Branstad seems not to have worked the way they planned.

What A Merry-Go-Round

1, 2, 3 BYE!

Well as I sit here on Tuesday a new game is being born. Who Goes First? Herman Cain? Joe Paterno? Sylvio Berlusconi? Any or all could be off the media map before this gets posted Sunday. My bet is that Cain is gone for sure.

Two days later, Paterno is gone, Berlusconi going and Cain getting more solid. Boy am I glad I don’t bet.

Al Gore Returns!

Remember a few years back when Al Gore emerged from a quiet period following the 200 selection? Gore came out with both guns blazing as he took the Bush Administration to task for its foreign policy and other things (“How dare they drag the good name of the United States through Abu Gharib?”).

Recently Mr. Gore has been working hard on the environment and Current TV. But he took some time recently to give what appears to be a humdinger of a speech on Wall Street. If we had good media, this should have at least been reported. I happened to stumble on it at the which linked this article. The article is short and well worth the read. The conclusion is excellent and gives us hope:

“We have a choice to make now,” he told the audience in closing his speech. “You are a key part of the solution. I congratulate you on what you are doing. We have everything we need to succeed, with the possible exception of political will and the will of the executive suite of some businesses, but always remember that the will to act is itself a renewable resource.”

Believe it or not, This is not the Onion

I think most of you are familiar with The Onion. The Onion is of course one of the finest satire magazines ever. Back in the 80s and 90s their off beat look at world and local events would draw huge laughs because their material was often ‘out there.’ But anymore it is becoming hard to tell actual news from something you would find in the Onion. It must be hard in the satire business when the real news is more bizarre that what you can make up, even with some medicinal help.

All that to preface the announcement the other day that the Family Research Council – a purported family centered group – awarded recognition to Joe Walsh as a “True Blue” member of congress. Walsh is the congressman who has become famous for his skipping out on $117,000 worth of child support payments and being named as one of the most corrupt politicians in Washington.

Maybe the Onion will have to go to covering space aliens to keep ahead.

Never truer

Which reminds me of Lily Tomlin’s famous line – “No matter how cynical you become, it’s never enough to keep up.”

Harry Truman still quite relevant

“Republicans approve of the American farmer, but they are willing to help him go broke. They stand four-square for the American home–but not for housing. They are strong for labor–but they are stronger for restricting labor’s rights. They favor minimum wage–the smaller the minimum wage the better. They endorse educational opportunity for all–but they won’t spend money for teachers or for schools. They think modern medical care and hospitals are fine–for people who can afford them. They consider electrical power a great blessing–but only when the private power companies get their rake-off. They think American standard of living is a fine thing–so long as it doesn’t spread to all the people. And they admire of Government of the United States so much that they would like to buy it.    – Harry S Truman

Oh, I wonder, wonder, wonder

What ever would the 95% of the press that is owned by the right wing be saying if Barack Obama was wearing the kinds of hats that Herman Cain wears?

And……rounding the corner it’s Newt?

Willard Romney is still stuck at 77% of the Republican party not wanting him. These folks are so desperate that Newt Gingerich, with more baggage than a wagon train could carry, is getting another look. Seriously?

Maybe a mask so they can’t tell it’s you?

I will offer Willard Romney a small tip. Willard, your party really, really doesn’t like you. But you have changed positions like most people change underwear and it hasn’t helped. So maybe you should start wearing a mask? Maybe a lovable cartoon character like Charlie Brown? Or maybe a real life curmudgeon like Andy Rooney? And you could change that every day just like your policies.

Thank You, Mississippi

A relative is living in Mississippi for a while. She is of child-bearing age, so was quite concerned about the constitutional amendment on personhood being voted on this week. She and her husband were seriously concerned. Come Wednesday she was quite relieved but cautioned me that “these people won’t quit.”

Alan ….. Alan Keyes! Your party needs you!

It is almost time for you to swoop in and save the Republican Party with your amazing skills!

Iowa State Capitol News – Weekend Recap

State Capitol News – Weekend Recap

State Capitol News – Weekend Recap

by Paul Deaton

Note: Following is a weekly recap of stories from Des Moines that
came through the Weekend Editor's in-box in the twelfth week of the
legislative session. Check out the House Democrats page for a
different take on the week here.
Senate Democrats are here.
Watch for this feature every Saturday while the legislature is in

Second Funnel

Friday was the last day for Senate bills to be reported out of House Committees and for House Bills to be reported out of Senate committees. When we consider that the legislature adjourned after 80 days in 2010, and Friday was day 82 of the 2011 session, with only one 2012 budget bill passed, the legislature has a lot to do to adjourn by April 29th when per diem ends. While the rules about the funnel are intended to turn the legislature's attention to budgetary matters in April, the rules can be suspended to consider bills deemed politically important. Since they have to pass a budget before adjourning, here's hoping elected officials will hunker down and get it done.

First Redistricting Maps Published

Although political junkies reacted with fervent intensity to the redistricting maps released by the Temporary Redistricting Advisory Commission, most Iowans interviewed by Blog for Iowa on the subject were not aware that the maps were released, or that it was important to their daily lives. Judging from the comments of elected officials, there were reactions to how the map impacted their personal district, but neither condemnation nor celebration were forthcoming. The open question from our post Thursday has been answered by Representative Loebsack, who indicated he wanted to continue to serve in the US Congress, representing people from the southeast part of Iowa. This means that if the map is approved as is, he would move from Mount Vernon into the new district and avoid a primary with Representative Bruce Braley. To check out the proposed district maps, click here. If you would like to comment on the redistricting maps, the public hearing schedule is here and the on-line comment link is here. The Des Moines Register opined that the first map favored Democrats.

Iowa House Debates HF 657 on Late Term Abortions

The Iowa House passed a bill intended to prevent a specific Nebraska physician from moving his practice to Iowa. The bill had bipartisan support with Democrats Dan Muhlbauer (D-51), Brian Quirk (D-15), Kurt Swaim (D-94) and Roger Thomas (D-24) voting with the Republican majority. During the debate, Representative Kim Pearson (R-42), sent an e-mail to constituents explaining why she decided to vote against the bill with the Democratic minority. It was not because she supports a woman's right to choose, quite the opposite. Pearson stated her objection, “An entire generation has been raised to believe that political pragmatism and incrementalism are the best, and perhaps only, way to achieve our ultimate goals.” She objected to the compromise made by House Republicans to produce a bill that was less extreme and had some chance of gaining consideration in the Iowa Senate. Whether the Senate will take up HF 657 seems unlikely.

Progressives should watch, understand and learn from ideologues like Kim Pearson, as she represents the extreme views of the Republican party. It seems unlikely that many of her constituents would have been surprised by her vote and because of this session's Republican majority, the defection of Pearson,

Tom Shaw (R-08) and Glen Massie (R-74) to vote against the bill did not affect the outcome. This is not the last we have heard from pro-life activists.

Governor Branstad was a Signing Fool

This week, the Governor's office announced signing ceremonies for a number of bills, indicating that some work is being done in the legislature. He signed a transportation budget, pleased that the legislature approved it for two years. It seems unlikely that he will get his requested two year budget for everything as the session shifts gear to budgetary matters (at least we hope that is what they do). While in Cedar Rapids on Thursday, the author drove past the I-Jobs sign with the Culver-Judge name on it. Governor Branstad, the jobs haven't trickled down yet, so where are they? Seriously, show us a sign.

2012 Democratic National Convention Delegate Plan

For the hard core politicos, the Iowa Democratic Party released a delegate plan for the 2012 convention. It can be viewed here.

~Paul Deaton is a native Iowan living in rural Johnson County and weekend editor of Blog for Iowa. E-mail Paul Deaton

Iowa State Capitol News – Weekend Recap

State Capitol News – Weekend Recap

State Capitol News – Weekend Recap

by Paul Deaton

Note: Following is a weekly recap of stories from Des Moines that
came through the Weekend Editor's in-box in the sixth week of the
legislative session. Check out the House Democrats page for a
different take on the week here.
Senate Democrats are here.
Watch for this feature every Saturday while the legislature is in

Tobacco Lobby Hard at Work

When asked what is the difference between the tobacco companies and other multinational corporations on Wednesday, Dr. Christopher Squier, an oral pathologist at the University of Iowa College of Dentistry, answered that there is no difference, except that their product and methods are immoral. Squier, an outspoken advocate for tobacco use cessation, indicated that members of the current House Majority accepted $450,000 in contributions from tobacco interests during the 2010 midterm elections. First you are hearing about it? The money was laundered through third party organizations as the tobacco interests prefer to hide in the shadows. While their money and influence can be expected this session, their physical presence will likely not be found on the capitol grounds. In the target zone this session are programs that benefit Iowans like Just Eliminate Lies (JEL) and Quitline Iowa. In the meanwhile, partly through the efforts of Squier and the coalition he helped build, the percentage of smokers in the state has dropped from 18% to 14% during the last 6 years.

Governor Branstad Announces Preschool Plan, Dems Counter

On Valentine's Day, Governor. Branstad and Lt. Gov. Reynolds joined Education Director Jason Glass to unveil their preschool proposal. House Democrats were prompt to point out that the governor's plan reduces preschool quality, eliminating a requirement that preschool be taught by a certified teacher. Branstad's voucher plan will also serve to restrict access to preschool and end existing partnerships with private, local preschool providers in some communities. House Democrats made an alternative proposal and were voted down in a straight party line vote.

HF 153 to Legislate Culture of Life Percolates in Subcommittee

During his appearance on Iowa Press last week, House Speaker Kraig Paulsen responded to a question from Radio Iowa's Kay Henderson, “…you have some key legislators who are among your fellow House republicans who…want to ban all abortions.  How are you being the moderator of this internal discussion?” Paulsen said, “Right now we're letting it percolate.” What percolated up on YouTube was a video of a subcommittee meeting on HF 153 in which Representative Kim Pearson (R-42) and Representative Beth Wessel-Kroeschell (D-45) engaged in a colloquy over the purpose of the bill. Said Pearson, “The purpose of the bill is to turn our culture away from that of death to life.” Representative Pearson has had this opportunity to assert her position that abortion is murder and according to the legislature web site, the bill remains in the Human Resources subcommittee where Representatives Heaton (R-91) and Pearson are expected to vote for and Wessel-Kroeschell against, referring HF 153 to the full committee. House Democrats are calling for a public hearing on the matter. Read Des Moines Register coverage of the subcommittee here.

Senate Debates HF 45 and Amends

In a debate that stretched out for most of Thursday's session, the Iowa Senate debated about 20 amendments to HF 45, The Taxpayers First Act, and passed the amended legislation 48-1. HF 45 was messaged to the House of Representatives where Speaker Paulsen will get another at-bat to see if he and his caucus are ready to focus on governing, something that has been missing in that body during the first 6 weeks of the session. For the legislative addicts, read more in the Senate Journal for Thursday here.

First Funnel March 4

The Senate and House have two weeks to advance bills out of committee for consideration by the bodies according to Joint Rule 20. For your information, April 29th is scheduled to be the last day legislators are paid per diem, and therefore likely to be the last day of the session. Governor Branstad has discussed calling a special session to work on education issues this summer.

Deaton is a native Iowan living in rural Johnson County and weekend
editor of Blog for Iowa. E-mail
Paul Deaton

Obama Outlines Areas Where He Can Act Quickly

Obama Outlines Areas Where He Can Act Quickly

According to the Washington Post, areas where Obama can quickly reverse Bush's executive orders are coming to light:

1.  stem cell research

Rep. Diana DeGette (D-Colo.) said that during Obama's final swing through her state in October, she reminded him that because the restrictions [on stem cell research] were never included in legislation, Obama “can simply reverse them by executive order.” Obama, she said, “was very receptive to that.”

2.  global gag rule on family planning

The new president is also expected to lift a so-called global gag rule barring international family planning groups that receive U.S. aid from counseling women about the availability of abortion, even in countries where the procedure is legal, said Cecile Richards, spokeswoman for Planned Parenthood Federation of America.

3.  fuel-emission guidelines

California had sought permission from the Environmental Protection Agency to require that greenhouse gas emissions from vehicles be cut by 30 percent between 2009 and 2016, effectively mandating that cars achieve a fuel economy standard of at least 36 miles per gallon within eight years. Seventeen other states had promised to adopt California's rules, representing in total 45 percent of the nation's automobile market.  The Bush Administration had denied California this permission.

Read the full article here.

Here they go again.

Here they go again.

By Planned Parenthood of IA
We should be used to the Bush Administration formula by now: erode civil rights, violate millions of people, and then lie about it.  They have nearly perfected it.
We have seen it in Iraq, where a country was invaded because it “had weapons of mass destruction.”  We have seen in it Guantanamo, where people were detained and water boarding was used, but America “does not engage in torture.”  We have even seen it in our homes, when a phone call with a traveling friend can be recorded by the NSA, but the administration “does not wiretap our phones.”
Now, the administration is doing something new.  They have taken their formula to the doctor’s office.
The Bush Administration has proposed a rule that they claim will protect doctors from having to provide abortions if they morally object.  They claim this rule has nothing to do with contraception or access to health care.

They are lying to you.  Again.
This rule has nothing to do with protecting doctors but is about replacing medicine with ideology – and it is their ideology, not yours.  It is about taking away the right of a patient to seek medically accurate and unbiased medical care, and instead providing only propaganda from those who do not believe a woman can make her own decisions. Consider a donation to help us fight this attack on health care!
Instead, this rule creates a special class for ALL employees of health care organizations based on their personal beliefs.  It allows everyone from the doctor to the receptionist to deny any care they feel is morally objectionable.  If any corrective action is taken, the organization could lose its ability to provide federal assistance programs to its patients.

What do these three things have in common?

·  A waiter who is a vegetarian refuses to serve meat to customers;

· A geography teacher opposed to communism refuses to teach students about China;

· NAACP hires a member of the KKK who opposes everything they stand for?

If this HHS rule were applied to all jobs, none of these people could be fired for not doing their job. It’s ridiculous!
If you think I am angry about all this, you’re right!   The time has come to end this nonsense and support Planned Parenthood’s prevention strategy. Consider a donation to the Freedom Fund PAC, so we can ensure this never happens again!
Please, right now, take action and submit your comments to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. This is the official method of registering complaints against this measure, and the more people who submit, the better our chances of defeating this regulation.
Next, get out and work on the campaigns of those candidates who oppose this rule.  If we defeat the policymakers who support this ideology – from the White House to the State House – then we can end this kind of nonsense. We can get back to a country which TRULY stands for freedom for all, not just freedom for those who agree with George Bush.

Jill June
President and CEO
Planned Parenthood of Greater Iowa