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July 2016
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Charles Grassley

Upcoming Grassley Town Halls

taking some time off from doing nothng in the senate

taking some time off from doing nothing in the senate

Here is the link to Grassley’s calendar:

This Friday and next Thursday and Friday:

Palo Alto County
Friday, July 22, 2016
4:30 p.m.-5:30 p.m.
The Election Center
Front Room
1302 Broadway Street

Washington County
Thursday, July 28, 2016
3:30 p.m.-4:30 p.m.
Washington County Courthouse
Board Room
224 West Main Street

Louisa County
Friday, July 29, 2016
3:15 p.m.-4:15 pm.
City Hall
119 Walnut Street
Columbus Junction

And now a word from ProgressIowa:

Everyone has heard of Chuck Grassley’s 99 County Tour, right? It’s hard not to, as much as he talks about it.

But there’s a funny thing about that claim: most of his county events are private and not open to public audiences. Progress Iowa’s recent research shows Grassley hasn’t held a public event in 8 of Iowa’s 10 largest counties in 6 years! The counties he’s avoided hearing from the general public in make up 45% of the state’s population.

That’s why we’re renaming Grassley’s annual tour the Fake Grassley. He has established a pattern of hiding from Iowa’s most-populated areas where constituents might be more likely to disagree with him.

This Friday Grassley is coming back to Iowa after seeing Donald Trump nominated in Cleveland. We’re guessing for most of you, his one public town meeting on a Friday evening isn’t anywhere near you.

Check on our new website to see just how far and share it: How Far Away Are You From Senator Grassley’s Town Hall?

And then afterward read our full report on the Fake Grassley to see how few times he’s held a public event in your county.

To give you an idea of how much Grassley avoids Iowa’s largest counties, here’s his record for the top 10:

  • Polk: 0

  • Linn: 0

  • Scott: 2 (none since May 2012)

  • Johnson: 0

  • Black Hawk: 0

  • Woodbury: 0

  • Dubuque: 0

  • Story: 0

  • Pottawattamie: 1 (none since August 2011)

  • Dallas: 0

If Grassley’s town hall on Friday is near you, head on over to tell him how you feel about his historic Supreme Court obstruction!

Matt Sinovic
Progress Iowa

Grassley #Doyourjob Rallies At Six Locations In Iowa

Grassley do your job
Action Alert from Iowa Federation of Labor AFL-CIO: 

Rallies on Tuesday, July 19 – the 125th day of obstruction for Merrick Garland, longer than any Supreme Court nominee in U.S. history. 6 locations, some details still to be confirmed:

WHERE: 210 Walnut St, Des Moines, Iowa
WHEN: Tues, July 19 at 5:30 PM
CONTACT: Matt Sinovic, (515) 423-0530

WHERE: 531 Commercial St, Waterloo, Iowa
WHEN: Tues, July 19 at 5:30 PM
CONTACT: Chris Schwartz, (319) 429-0133

WHERE: 131 E 4th St, Davenport, Iowa
WHEN: Tues, July 19 at 5:00 PM
CONTACT: Sheri Carnahan or Tracy Leone

WHERE: 111 7th Ave SE, Cedar Rapids, Iowa
WHEN: Tues, July 19 at 5:30 PM
CONTACT: Christian Noyce

WHERE: 320 6th St, Sioux City, Iowa
WHEN: Tues, July 19 at 5:30 PM
CONTACT: Jeremy Dumkrieger

WHERE: 8 South 6th St, Council Bluffs, Iowa
WHEN: Tues, July 19 at 6:00 PM
CONTACT: Bill Biede, (402) 250-0943,

Grassley Swings At Journalists And Hits Himself

another sour note from the old crooner hat tip to dailykos

another sour note from the old crooner
hat tip to dailykos

Chuck Grassley once seemed to have a golden political touch but these days all he touches turns to lead. When he tries to show how hip he is by using the twitter machine, it often turns around to bite him in the butt. Maybe he would be better expressing his thoughts in a full text on Facebook or some other such platform.

Monday Grassley took to twitter to spank journalists. Journalists have been the target of the Republican party for decades. Who can forget Spiro Agnew’s infamous line “nattering nabobs of negativism” as the Nixon administration waged a public battle with journalists.

When a Republican politician’s fortune starts to fade it seems the first line of offense is to blame the reporters. This has always been an iffy strategy at best but in this day and age when so much of what is reported is also accompanied by a visual recording, attacking the messenger can lead to some real embarrassments.

Not sure what triggered Grassley’s tweet Monday morning. Perhaps Grassley is not enjoying life in the hot seat for the first time in his career. Since deciding to be the point person in defying the constitution, Grassley’s statements are no longer treated as statements from a being from above. More and more the Iowa press is treating him as if he is human.

The descent from the throne must be hard. Grassley still doesn’t quite seem to understand that his little outbursts of temper are no longer going to get all praise but are now going to be scrutinized. So when he tweeted this little outburst Monday morning Grassley was probably surprised that he stirred up a bit of a hornet’s nest.

ChuckGrassley ✔@ChuckGrassley
Do u think 2day’s journalists r too elite for ‘ordinary Americans’?

10:02 AM – 11 Jul 2016

Grassley appears to be trying to rile up some backlash against those nasty reporters who have dared question him, especially about his stand on defying the constitution. He seems to be trying to appear as the folksy ordinary man against some group of snobs. He should have realized that 1) most journalists can read and 2) many of them monitor twitter since breaking stories of get first mention on twitter 3) journalism for most reporters is not an avenue to wealth.

So the group of people who write for a living wrote responses.

Many noted in a variety of ways that most journalists are not wealthy. Some noted that by Iowa standards Grassley is very well off.

Evan Lobell @e_lobell
@mattdpearce Chuck Grassley’s net worth is estimated to be about $3.76 million. What are “2day’s journalists” worth?

A tweet such as this one from Grassley will do little to tarnish journalists, but sure will be used to highlight just who is out of touch with ordinary Americans. For a senator from the party that bows to the wishes of the wealthy and the corporations turning on this light will surely have it shined back on him. Grassley continues with his very unpopular stand defying the constitution. Grassley also continues to refuse to answer sincere questions about this stand. Grassley also supports the TPP which is becoming more and more unpopular especially among ordinary Iowans who may once more see their jobs shipped overseas.

It is hard to claim to understand ordinary Americans when you have a very high paid job, get lots of time off and yet you refuse to do it and you constantly support those who cut workers pay or send your jobs overseas.

In short, by trying to punch journalists with his ‘out of touch’ charge, Grassley is seeing it rebound to hit him. Stumbley-bumbley.

Patty Judge No Stranger To Defying Odds


With the conventions beginning next week the campaigns will be getting into full swing soon thereafter. One here in Iowa that the nation will be watching is the race for the senate seat currently occupied by Chuck Grassley.

Grassley goes into the contest with two big pluses – incumbency which is hard to beat anymore and money, money, money. As chair of the Judiciary Committee, and member of the Senate Finance Committee and the Senate Budget Committee coupled with his high seniority makes Grassley the kind of guy that lobbyists beg to shower with money. A quick trip to Open Secrets shows that Grassley has money and certain industries will keep him in the chips.

His opponent doesn’t have Grassley’s money, but Patty Judge does have a some big pluses on her side. First there is her reputation as a politician with integrity. Second is her opponents own stumbles especially over the judiciary nominations that are the kind of self inflicted wounds that most politicians only dream of. But maybe most important is Judge’s bulldog character. Expect her to fight and fight hard to the end.

From the Hill Tuesday we get a portrait of Patty Judge the fighter:

Grassley, 82, has consistently won more than 60 percent of the vote in each of his reelection contests. But this year, he faces his first real competition and a very unpredictable election cycle, with polls showing him as little as 1 point ahead of Judge.

“I think she’s trusted. I think people respect her and like her, but I think she’s got to run a great campaign in order to convince people to make the change,” said David Andersen, assistant political science professor at Iowa State University. “If you’re going to unseat Chuck Grassley, you have to convince people there’s a reason to do it.

Those who have worked closely with Judge also describe her as capable of taking on the Senate legend.

“She is a pretty aggressive campaigner in getting out and meeting people across the state, which I think particularly going against Chuck Grassley … is really going to be a strong quality in a candidate,” said Norm Sterzenbach, former deputy campaign manager for the Culver-Judge gubernatorial campaign.

Judge has condemned Grassley’s support of presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump, who came in second in the state’s caucuses. She has endorsed presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, who eked out a win there in February and is eager to campaign with Clinton when she next visits Iowa.

“I think that she’s a strong woman, and I think I’m a strong woman, but I think we both are very, very qualified to take on the jobs that we’re seeking, despite our gender,” Judge said.

Add to this that Chuck Grassley has been pretty much hiding from most Iowans during this term. Thanks to research by a new website called fakegrassley we see that while Grassley claims to make his 99 county tour yearly in the most populous counties he avoids people. This has been very evident since he signed on to Sen. Cotton’s treasonous letter last year and even more conspicuous since his unconstitutional stand on judicial appointments.

DES MOINES – Progress Iowa today released in-depth research detailing Senator Chuck Grassley’s public town hall meetings since 2011. What was discovered is that Senator Grassley has not held an open public meeting as part of his annual 99 county tour in nearly all of the state’s major population centers, including no public meetings in 11 counties overall, 8 of which are among Iowa’s most populous 10 counties.

“The findings from our research into Senator Grassley’s public meetings are shocking – he has intentionally avoided hearing from the open public in most of Iowa’s largest counties,” said Matt Sinovic, executive director of Progress Iowa. “This is not just a one-year anomaly. Our research shows Senator Grassley repeatedly and consistently holding zero public events in nearly all of our most populated counties. Senator Grassley is essentially hiding from the public input of nearly half of his constituents. Senator Grassley reminds us regularly that he visits 99 counties each year, but with far too many private events and no public events in Iowa’s biggest counties, his so-called ‘full Grassley’ tour should be called the ‘fake Grassley.’”

Key findings from the report, which can be found at, include:

Since 2011, Senator Grassley held just 3 public town hall meetings in Iowa’s 10 most populated counties, and held no public meetings in 8 of the 10 most populated counties:
Polk: 0
Linn: 0
Scott: 2 (none since May 2012)
Johnson: 0
Black Hawk: 0
Woodbury: 0
Dubuque: 0
Story: 0
Pottawattamie: 1 (none since August 2011)
Dallas: 0

Senator Grassley has not held a public meeting in Polk, Linn, Johnson, Black Hawk, Woodbury, Dubuque, Story, Dallas, Jasper, Buena Vista, or Fayette counties, which comprise just over 45% of Iowa’s total population.

Less than half of his 99 county tour meetings are open to the public; in 2016, Senator Grassley has stated he has visited 72 counties, but just 25 of those have been public town meetings

Progress Iowa is hosting the full findings of the report on the new website, which includes additional information and statistics about Senator Grassley’s travel schedules.

I can vouch that that in my neck of the woods that a Grassley sighting is a very rare occurrence. His last foray out our way was shortly after he refused to do his job. The meeting was very tense with most people there to ask why he wouldn’t do his job and Grassley refusing to answer.

No wonder he is hiding.

In Iowa, Is The Debt To Society Ever Paid?

Iowa Supreme Court photo 2013 No seats have been replaced since then

Iowa Supreme Court photo 2013 No seats have been replaced since then

Iowa Supreme Court Says No.

The Iowa Supreme Court Thursday offered a fine example of the consequences that elections have over the long haul when they handed down their decision on convicted felons losing their voting rights.. Consider this a mini example of what could happen decades into the future if Donald Trump were elected as president of the United States at a time when there will be one SCOTUS seat open for sure with a good possibility of three more opening soon.

The Iowa Supreme Court carved out a special niche in the hearts of a majority of the country in 2009 when they ruled that not allowing gay people to get married was unconstitutional. The decision was unanimous. However, the religious right was storming mad. Led by Bob Vander Plaats, the religious right vowed to oust those justices who were up for retention in the 2010 election.

In what has become a really bad pattern, Republicans dominated the 2010 midterm elections. As they vowed, the religious right removed three of the justices who made gay marriage legal in Iowa. Those seats would be filled through the normal process of nomination by the governor and confirmation by the senate.

The election of 2010 also returned Terry Branstad to the governor’s mansion after years. This was a quite different Terry Branstad than had governed before. Much more in the tea bag wing of the Republican party. With the justices turned out, one of Branstad’s first tasks was to replace the justices ousted by voters in that election.

Here we are five years after Branstad was able to remake the court. Thursday in the case deciding whether any convicted felon should ever get their vote back once they have paid their debt to society or whether once a person is convicted of a felony they lose their voting rights forever except upon appeal to the governor.

By what appears to be essentially a party line vote Justices Cady, Zager, Mansfield and Waterman – all appointed by Branstad – voted to keep a convicted felon from getting their vote back except on appeal to the Governor. Justices Wiggins, Hecht and Appel – appointed by Governor Vilsack – dissented.

Remember that old saw that a convicts rights were restored when they had “paid there debt to society?” Tain’t true in Iowa which along with Florida and Kentucky as the only states with such restrictive policies. This decision affects some 56,000 Iowans.

So Iowans get a reminder that elections of executives have long range consequences far beyond the term of that executive. At the national level the Supreme Court this week delivered a couple of surprising rulings dealing with Women’s health. The first was the highly publicized ruling that TRAP (targeted regulations on abortion providers) laws were unconstitutional as they fail the “undue burden” rule established in Planned Parenthood v. Casey (1992).

As surprising as that was, the next day they quietly equaled that surprise by not granting a hearing to a case from Washington state in which pharmacists refused to fill prescriptions for contraceptives because of their (the pharmacists) religious beliefs. In doing so they let stand the appeals court ruling that said they simply must do their job. Had Scalia still been alive, the case most likely would have been heard.

It is easy to look into the future and see that if a Donald Trump becomes president pretty much any advancement in women’s health and freedom since before Roe v. Wade will be on the chopping block at every turn. We believe that justices that would be nominated by President Hillary Clinton would less concerned about religion and much more concerned about what is actually in the Constitution and court precedent.

Don’t forget that Chuck Grassley stated in early May that “Trump would nominate the right kind of people to the court.” That is a statement that is easy to understand. Trump would nominate reactionary types and Grassley would be right with him.

Elections have consequences. Think carefully this fall before you vote.

Judge, Grassley Virtually Tied? Wow.


Email posted to us from the Patty Judge campaign Thursday afternoon carried some great news:


Earlier this month: A PPP poll showed us just 7 points behind Chuck Grassley — a popular incumbent. And another PPP poll showed Grassley’s popularity has plummeted since he blocked hearings for Judge Garland.

Today: A brand new poll was released showing that this race is virtually tied:

Patty Judge: 45% | Chuck Grassley: 46%
Loras College, 0‌6/3‌0/20‌16

Well, isn’t that exciting? Independence Day and maybe Iowa will be looking at relieving itself of one of its ruling elite of nearly 4 decades in Washington. Indeed this is exciting.

Don’t sit back and rest, though. Grassley will not go down without a huge and expensive fight. Judge will need your money and your time. Get in touch with her campaign or with your county Democratic Party.

Also do not forget that Monica Vernon, Jim Mowrer and Kim Weaver have excellent opportunities to defeat their opponents this fall. Dave Loebsack needs your help retaining his seat.

Just as important is Democrats being elected to the state house and senate. Terry Branstad wants to turn Iowa into another Kansas or Wisconsin. Two seats in the senate and no change in the house and Branstad gets his wish. Kansas may not even be able to open their schools this fall because the Republican controlled legislature plus Governor Brownback have made such a mess of the state finances.

Voting is the minimum commitment needed this year. Join in. It will be fun.

How Could This Happen?

Republicans lost no time in blaming Muslims for the massacre in Orlando last weekend. As the investigation unfolds it becomes more and more clear that the perpetrator was a lone wolf who was really screwed up. Apparently he was really screwed up about his sexuality. His targeting of gays seems to be quite premeditated.

This aspect of the crime is all but ignored by Republicans. The last thing they want to do is to say anything that would promote sympathy for one of their perpetual punching bags.

What they do want to do is to once again is to ignore any evidence and catapult the propaganda that once more we must be in fear and we must turn to the Daddy party for safety. The bogey man du jour is Muslims. In the past it has been Communists, blacks, Latinos or any one of a number of “other” humans. Those folks are still pulled out of the trunk now and then and shaken to remind us to be scared of them, but today we must fear Muslims.

So while the real target was the LGTB community, Republicans once again tilt at the windmill marked “Muslim.”

Not only do they tilt at that windmill, but they insist that we all must talk about their windmill in only a certain way. They insist that their windmill be called “radical Islam” and nothing less. Republicans lecture others on political correctness, that speaking of people and things in a respectful way is somehow evil. Yet within their ranks they practice their own version politically correct speech. In their version anyone or anything marked as an enemy must only be spoken of in a denigrating way. To not do so illustrates your unfitness for office.

So if say a president does not refer to Muslims as “radical Islamists” then that is proof that he is in sympathy with the enemy and must resign. In a similar strain, blacks are referred to as “thugs”; latinos as “drug smugglers or criminals”; anyone who wants strong government as a “communist” or “socialist”; union members are likened to thieves and government workers are portrayed as lazy and worthless. But guns are never bad or a tool of death. Nope guns are good and the more the better.

Republicans want the media and their opponents to only discuss issues using their terms. In other words they want issues spoken of in their politically correct language. Their words are loaded with images they conjure up – my favorite is that Reaganesque term “welfare queen.” The only way we can have substantive discussions is to use words of respect that are not loaded with hate. We can’t make good decisions if our thought process is clouded.

And of course Iowa’s politicians are always ready to join the parade. Here’s Terry Branstad: “My heart goes out to the people that were killed and their families, and I think it underscores why we need to be vigilant, and we need new leadership that’s going to take this threat from Islamic terrorism seriously,”

Steve King once again shows his shallow understanding of any problem that all our ills are caused by terrorists that we don’t talk about in the Republican way:

“King also said that “political correctness” was keeping the United States from responding to and preventing terrorist attacks, a view shared by Trump and Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX).”

A simple google search gives us Mother Jones’ continuing investigation of mass shootings in the US 1993 to 2016. This table shows that most of the mass murders in the US were perpetrated by whites (see pivot table 1 on MJ link). “Islamic Terrorist” doesn’t as yet rate a category.

What we do see in this table is guns, guns, guns. At a glance that is at the core of every mass murder listed. Potential mental illness rates second place. The guns – even weapons of war – are easily obtained in this country thanks in great degree to a lobbying group named the NRA and spineless congress critters like Chuck Grassley and Joni Ernst.

Republicans once again take a serious situation and twist the data to fit their narrative rather than investigate to find the real sources of the problems. If this sounds familiar, let me remind you that 15 years ago airplanes were hijacked and flown into buildings in New York City. Then the Republican administration began the task of fitting an attack by religious extremists from Saudi Arabia to their desire to invade Iraq and steal Iraq’s oil.

Based on statements by various Republican officeholders and candidates we know there is a strong desire to once more have the US get deeply militarily involved in the Middle East. Once again they will need to create a reason for military action. Getting the public to go along with such an adventure again after the last disaster will take a lot of PC – propaganda channeling.

Will The Trump Misogyny Play A Role In Iowa’s National Races?

The Judge Grassley Can't Ignore (dailykos photo)

The Judge Grassley Can’t Ignore (dailykos photo)

Over this past week we have seen Chuck Grassley turn into a sniveling fool trying to figure out how to play the game with loose canon Donald Trump heading things up. With Don the Con making flat out racist remarks about a Latino jurist and then doubling down on them lesser Republicans went jumping for hiding places. With none to be found they tried to walk the tightrope of not condoning Trump’s remarks, because that would piss off most sensible Americans while not condemning them and having that condemnation result in their being kicked off Team Republican.

Like most other Republicans, Grassley walked the tightrope and failed miserably. In trying to avoid a trap, Grassley ended up insulting Latina Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomoyor.

Even The Des Moines Register said “invertebrates have more spine than Grassley.”

With that as background, we can imagine what may come to pass this fall when Democrats have a female at the head of their ticket nationally and a female in the top race in Iowa. You can bet your boots that at some point Don the Con will explode and make some incredibly misogynist statement concerning Hillary or women. Trump won’t understand why what he said was offensive and double down. He did so several times in the primary. Why should anything change?

This will leave Republicans in the same dumbstruck pose they found themselves in this past week trying to avoid the slime on one hand and avoiding the wrath of the base on the other. Democrats have three great women candidatesin national races this fall with Patty Judge for senate, Kim weaver in the 4th CD and Monica Vernon in the 1st CD.

Grassley hasn’t been real sharp in unrehearsed moments recently, so his staff may want to prep him for that inevitable Trump misogynist gaffe that will be coming.

In another note just to add to Grassley’s continuing legacy of obstruction he voted with all other Republicans to roll back the new fiduciary rules that were proposed by the department of Labor. You may remember this rule was needed to force financial advisors to act in the best interest of their clients. Very bad vote, Mr. Grassley.

hat tip to dailykos

hat tip to dailykos

Random Thoughts On A Hot Weekend

Denali Photo Credit - Wikimedia Commons

Denali Photo Credit – Wikimedia Commons

Too hot to work too hard today:

Congratulations to Patty Judge on her nomination to defeat Chuck Grassley this fall. Judge has always outperformed expectations. Let’s hope she can do it one more time. Grassley, you have obstructed your last Judge!

Note to Robb Hogg. Congratulations on running a great race. Now that you have time to think a little, think about a job opening coming up in Des Moines in 2018. The current occupant of Terrace Hill has been there way too long. If it is not Branstad, then Reynolds is way too right wing for Iowa.

– Paul Ryan called Donald Trump on his (Trump’s) racist remark concerning the judge in the Trump University case. Ryan then said he would vote for Trump. Does Paul Ryan have a clue what that last statement meant? After a while one begins to wonder if the Republican Party has a full deck among the lot of them.

Trump’s remarks have Republican office holders at all levels seemingly playing a game of dodge ball trying not to get hit with the slime of Trump statements while trying to look like a party loyalist. For the most part the Republican office holders just can’t seem to say “I quit you, Donald.” Thus they have become oddly pathetic creatures that can’t seem to stand up and are afraid to say anything. Certainly not worth a vote.

Tuesday night we watched Clinton’s speech. She hit all the right notes. For me, suddenly I got it. I thought about my daughters and how great it must be for them to see a woman, just like them, to be preparing to run for the presidency. And a tear crept out of my eyes. This is huge.

– America deserves a presidential campaign that lives up to the historic occasion. Unfortunately on one side we will have a candidate with the mentality of a 5th grade boy who wants lots of attention.

Now that Trump woke the press up by nastily insulting them directly to their faces at his so-called press conference, one has to wonder if if he (Trump) still feels that “I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody, and I wouldn’t lose any voters, OK?” It’s, like, incredible.”

Last week Physicist Stephen Hawking got oodles of press when he answered a question on how to explain Donald Trump , he said ” “I can’t. He is a demagogue, who seems to appeal to the lowest common denominator.” What was little reported was the remainder of the comment where Hawking said, “A more immediate danger is runaway climate change,”

– BTW – do you remember in 2008 when Republicans reported that Britain’s National Health System would abandon people with illnesses like Dr. Hawking?

As we sit here sweltering in yet another record or near record heat, don’t forget that one transcendent issue must be climate change. The earth won’t go way if we don’t address it, just most of the inhabitants.

What is the word that Republicans will be using when they are jumping the sinking ship named Trump? De-endorse? Unendorse? Disendorse? Never heard of the guy?

– Don’t forget that all that billionaire money – especially the Koch brothers money – will probably not be going to Trump. Therefore it will most likely be showing up in state and congressional races. Expect some to show up in all of Iowa’s congressional races, the senate race and certain state races. Mike Gronstal is one of the major targets so I think we could expect Koch money over there.

Trump, Grassley, And The Courts

Donald Trump and Chuck Grassley have at least one thing in common – they hate judges. Grassley hates judges that are nominated to fill vacancies by persons who are not Republican.

Trump hates judges for many reasons, many not good reasons. Trump’s tirade the other day claiming a judge hated him because of what he (Trump) has said during the campaign. Based on that criteria there is a very narrow set of people who could be nominated by Trump. Take away women, hispanics, people of color, liberals, college graduates and the poor.

Chuck Grassley for his part says Obama just doesn’t nominate the right kind of people. Grassley is not just blocking Merrick Garland’s appointment to the Supreme Court, but pretty much every nominee Obama has put forth since Republicans took over the senate in 2015.

Both men have considerable experience in judging judges. Grassley once upon a time (this is not a fairy tale folks) would vote IN FAVOR of judicial nominees. So there is something he does like in justices sometimes.

Trump for his part has been involved 3500 lawsuits or about as many as Iowa has in a decade. A person sees a lot of judging with action like that. One can form opinions on what makes the best judges when your suing at the rate of a hundred or so a year. So we must think Trump’s remarks are based on a life of study of the judiciary as a client not the intemperate rant of someone caught in an uncomfortable situation where his attempt to sell a bad product is revealed.

Maybe they should get together for a “Don and Chuck: Courts ‘r’ Us Campaign.” Truth be told, Grassley and Trump probably have much they agree on. But if they don’t we may only have this last dance to remember them by:

Doing the screw the people polka

Doing the screw the people polka

If both lose this fall, maybe Chuck can pick up a “Trump Steaks” franchise and maybe Don the Con can learn some grass cutting tips from Grassley and start a lawn care business.