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Steve King

Steve King: Talk Show Host, Evangelist, Or Representative?

When he’s not talking like a right-wing radio host, he’s giving the taxpayers religious lectures.  Are we paying Steve King to be an evangelist, a media pundit or a representative of the people?

Plus, while the DMReg is willing to make a big effing deal about a former internet activity by King’s Democratic opponent, we’ve not seem them cover this about King.

Dominionism is the theocratic idea that regardless of theological camp, means, or timetable, God has called conservative Christians to exercise dominion over society by taking control of political and cultural institutions. The term describes a broad tendency across a wide swath of American Christianity. People who embrace this idea are referred to as dominionists. … There are untold numbers of dominionist and dominionism-influenced politicians and public officials at all levels of government and who even after leaving office, shape our political discourse. Others at the top of recent American political life have included Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, Rick Perry, Mike Huckabee,16 and Newt Gingrich.17 Other prominent elected officials in the dominionist camp include Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick (R-TX),18 Gov. Sam Brownback (R-KS),19 Sen. James Lankford (R-OK),20 and Rep. Steve King (R-IA).”


List Of Newspapers In Steve King’s District

Here’s King explaining how to construct an electrified livestock fence for the Mexican border.

Time now to start hitting the editorial pages.  Here is a list of newspapers in Steve King’s district.  These are the major papers. For a complete list, including small papers you can go to the bottom of this post and click on the link to the Iowa Newspaper Association.  Watch this space for the other three district lists.

Here is a link to the Iowa Newspaper Association where you can click on a map that shows all of the newspapers in Iowa. Click on a symbol on the map and it will show you the name of the paper and contact information . Pretty cool.

Sunday Funday: Steve King Border Wall Designer Edition

Berlin Wall configuration thanks to

Berlin Wall configuration
thanks to

Funny thing last Thursday. Steve King grabbed that Des Moines Register soapbox at the Iowa State Fair to spread a little bit of his unvarnished hate for people not white. King made this statement Thursday:

“On the immigration issue, I don’t have any qualms with Donald Trump’s position on immigration,” King told the crowd of about 80 people. “The most effective way we can do that is to build a wall on the southern border. I’d add to that: first build a fence near the border, then go up about 100 feet, build a wall, then go another 100 feet, build another fence. Then you have two no-man lands there that you can enforce easily within and patrol and put the sensors on there.”

If I recall that is the basic configuration that the Soviets eventually ended up with for the Berlin Wall, one of the great symbols of hate and fear ever foisted on Mankind. Good job, Congressman, learn from the best. And as a bonus, the Soviets were very white. Oh and by the way, Steve, how about arresting those employers who enticed folks to come to the US with jobs meant to bust unions and lower wages?

Can we keep Trump out of the quiz this week?

1) Thursday the Dow Jones Industrial, Nasdaq and S&P 500 all did what on the same day?

2) Evan McMullin had 15 minutes of fame last Monday. Do you know why?

3) Due to protests and lack of sales Monsanto will tear down a huge GMO seed corn plant in what South American country?

4) A small controversy erupted as the Iowa state fair opened concerning the ability to carry what into the fairgrounds?

5) 71 years ago today, Americans celebrated into the night as what was announced?

6) 81 years ago today, older Americans got some great news as President Roosevelt signed what into law?

7) Hillary Clinton once again reiterated her opposition to what trade pact in a speech in Detroit?

8) 50 Republican security officials signed a letter warning that who would put the country “at risk”?

9) Which highly regarded Republican senator joined the growing list of Republicans who have publicly stated they would not vote for Trump?

10) Salaries and bonuses for what board that controls Iowa’s institutions of higher learning came into question last week because they were so high?

11) What major airline experienced computer problems that resulted in thousands being stranded at airports last week?

12) After cutting state money for mosquito control, what governor is pleading with the federal government for money for mosquito control as the zika virus invades his state?

13) Tim Tebow bombed out in football, but is trying to bring his famous te-bow to what other major league sport?

14) The “scary” statue of what late comedian was replaced with a more normal statue in her hometown of Celoron, NY?

15) August 19 is 70th birthday for what left-handed, former democratic president?

16) What phrase used by Republicans did Trump employ to make a veiled threat on Hillary Clinton Monday?

17) In winning his 13th gold medal Michael Phelps broke the record for the most individual Olympic gold held by what ancient?

18) The DEA refused to reclassify what substance, thus ruling out its use as medicine or allowing its study as a medicine?

19) A 23rd lien has been filed against what Trump golf resort in Florida for non-payment for work done?

20) Who founded ISIS with an assist from who according to Donald Trump?

The Perseid meteor shower continues this week at a slower pace. Best time to catch it is very early morning.


1) closed with record highs. Thanks, Obama!

2) he has been picked to be the establishment Republicans alternative to Donald Trump

3) Argentina

4) guns

5) Victory over Japan (VJ day)

6) the Social Security act

7) the Trans Pacific Partnership

8) Donald Trump

9) Susan Collins of Maine

10) the Iowa Board of Regents

11) Delta

12) Governor Rick Scott of Florida

13) baseball – I can hardly wait to see the te-bow again

14) Lucille Ball

15) Bill Clinton. How many hints do you need?

16) “second amendment solutions”

17) Leonidas of Rhodes who won his last medal in 152 BCE

18) marijuana

19) Doral National Golf Course. Remember the PGA will no longer schedule events there either due to remarks Trump has made

20) Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton assisting. Amazing for a guy who is always on vacation

Back to school draws near, children!

When Did Iowa Join The Confederacy?

King with confederate flag on his desk

Based on Steve King’s prominent display of the confederate flag on his desk and his statements on racial equality, Iowans must wonder if they have been deceived by historians and geographists for decades. Maybe we really are part of the south.

Displaying the confederate flag by a congressman from a Union state? Good gravy, dude, did you forget where you live? Iowa was proudly part of the side that did not commit treason. Iowa stayed with the union and provided 76,000 troops of which 13,000 died and some 8,500 were wounded. What an absolute insult to those brave soldiers. And what an insult to their survivors or living relatives.

The message that King sends out with such a display is that first and foremost he does not honor Iowa’s contributions during the civil war. He also endorses what the south was fighting for – to keep people enslaved based on their color – and the racial divide that has followed. Finally of course is his endorsement of the treasonous actions of the south. These are Steve King’s values.

King claims this is part of the right to free speech in America. We grant him that. However, remember that other parties also have the right to free speech. Americans have many ways to express their speech. Hopefully, this year Americans in his district will make it plain just how disgusting they feel flying the flag of treason is.

But just in case you missed that message, King made it much clearer in an appearance on MSNBC with Chris Hayes a couple of days later. (see video below). The total message from King is simple – there is a superior race and many inferior races. Just in case you think these are flukey examples, let’s not forget King’s comment on ‘cantaloupe calves.’

Sadly, as far as I know, no one from the Iowa Republican congressional delegation nor Iowa’s Republican leadership has spoken out to condemn this behavior and rhetoric. The only reason I can think that they would be silent is that they know it gets votes. Based on Trump’s rise to power based on bullying and dog whistle racial politics this year, King is right in line with the party.

Iowa’s Republican delegation is a sad lot right now. With King and Grassley as the senior members we also have David Young who could not stand up for a vote that allowed LGBT citizens to be treated as regular citizens. No, he caved and changed his vote. Rod Blum is part of the tea party crazy group that rode John Boehner out of town on a rail. Shutting down government would be ok with him. And what can you say about Joni Ernst beyond “owned by the Kochs.”

The concept of ‘Iowa nice’ is sure laid to rest by these folks. They do not really represent Iowa.

There have been many lists generated already that show what a bigoted fool King is on this front. One thing I have yet to see on any of these lists is our form of government itself. King seems to admire our form of government a great deal. Will he give a nod to the Iroquois League for being at least part of the model for our government? When King finds this out it will blow his mind

Every time King appears in public Iowa once again is painted by his words. It is not a picture Iowans can be proud of. Iowans believe they are better than King’s representation of us.

Kim Weaver will return the image of what Iowa truly is to the nation. Help her out with a few bucks.

Where Is The Outrage, Steve King?

Interesting to note last week that Steve King made a big splash with an amendment to stop any funding for the Treasury that would be used to redesign the $20 bill. King claimed his amendment was concerned only with the waste of government money for a project that he deemed not worthwhile.

Most observers noted that King’s motivation was more likely due to the fact that the redesign will put a black woman on the face of US currency for the first time. Such motivation would be in line with King’s career. As noted by Congressman Dave Loebsack when King introduced his amendment:

Although the House Rules Committee isn’t allowing King’s amendment to be considered, Loebsack today issued a one-sentence statement saying, “Steve King and his history of racist and sexist comments is an embarrassment to Iowa.”

This past week King had another chance to show his fiscal concern. The House Select Committee on Benghazi abruptly finished their assignment, issued a biased report that in the bottom line said they found nothing, just as five previous committees investigating the very same thing had fond.

Now this committee spent $7 million. In total Republicans have wasted over $20 million of tax money chasing what they knew was nothing on Benghazi. Add in the valuable time wasted by congressional staff and other bureaucrats who had to spend time and money to produce documents for this committee. Add in money spent trying to tar and feather the Clintons during Bill’s presidency and the total comes to nearly $200 million.

This was congressional money and time that even Republican Party last year admitted was being used on a partisan witch hunt aimed at presidential contender Hillary Clinton:

“Everybody thought Hillary Clinton was unbeatable right? But we put together a Benghazi Special Committee, a select committee. What are her numbers today? Her numbers are dropping,” McCarthy said. “Why? Cause she’s untrustable. But no one would have known any of that had happened had we not fought and made that happen,”

Now, Mr. King it is time to show your true conservative chops. It is time to prove you are what you claim you are. Stand up and show some outrage at this arrogant and many would say illegal waste of money. Show us some outrage, Congressman!

< < crickets >>
< < crickets >>

What a surprise. Steve King is once again shown to be a phony. Congressman Loebsack’s statement is true.

Remember elections have their consequences. One of the consequences of electing Steve King for so many years is that he embarrasses Iowa and gives others a false impression of the good people that live here.

Kim Weaver can change that with your vote.

Kim Weaver, Democratic candidate in House district 4

Kim Weaver, Democratic candidate in House district 4

Weaver Calls Out King For His “Useless” Amendment

kim weaver

Iowa —

Steve King is at it again – putting his ego above his constituents. Yesterday he introduced another useless amendment. Useless, ridiculous, offensive. Who was his target this time? Harriet Tubman.

In fact, the Quad City Times had this to say: “Rep. King has “relied on white anger and a lust for social exclusion to consolidate his base.”

That’s right. While Iowans are concerned about rising tuition costs and oppressive student debt, while we worry about stagnant wages and saving for retirement, Steve King is focused on what’s really important: Keeping Harriet Tubman off the $20 bill.

New York Times:

WASHINGTON — Representative Steve King, Republican of Iowa, moved on Tuesday to block the Treasury Department’s sweeping plan to represent women and civil rights leaders on American currency, including the placement of Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill.

Mr. King filed an amendment to an annual appropriations bill that would prevent any money from being spent to redesign American currency. It is unclear whether it will ultimately get a vote when the full spending bill, which covers financial services and general government appropriations, comes before the House this week.

What will this amendment do for residents of Iowa’s 4th District? Nothing. How will it make the lives of his constituents better? It won’t. And what chance does this meaningless and mean-spirited gesture have of actually passing? Just like most measures introduced by Steve King, none.

Tell Steve King you want a representative in Congress who will focus on the solutions WE deserve instead of useless, ego-driven, do-nothing, go-nowhere legislation. Click here to send a Tubman to our campaign and help us retire Steve King. (Or any amount. But we’re hearing that today a $20 feels especially good in a “Take that!” kind of way.)

One good thing has come out of all this, though. Twitter, never one to suffer fools lightly, started a mini-movement last night.

FollowRetweetSO: Having @SteveKingIA in office is the same as having Donald Trump in office. Send a Tubman to King’s opponent. @KimWeaverIA #NeverTrump

@nerdytraveler: Send @KimWeaverIA a Jackson (soon to be Tubman)! Help her beat @SteveKingIA.

Help us dethrone King in 2016!

If you would like to make a donation to our campaign you may contribute here.

Don’t forget to ‘Like’ and follow Kim Weaver for Congress on Facebook and Twitter!

Getting Serious – Iowa Primary Next Week

June 7th, 2016

June 7th, 2016

One more reminder that the Iowa primary is next Tuesday, June 7th from 7AM to 9PM.

The big draw for democratic primary voters across the state this year is the opportunity to choose an opponent for Chuck Grassley for this falls election.

Even before Grassley’s strange behavior concerning filling the SCOTUS vacancy left by the death of Antonin Scalia four or five months ago, Grassley’s behavior during this term has been that of the ultimate party insider whose first concern is how any move will affect the party. With the death of Scalia Grassley who has been obstructor-in-chief behind the scenes for senate Republicans has deservedly become the national face of Republican obstruction and the face of a do nothing Congress.

As I write this the Republicans are once again on recess while a critical health situation with the zika virus looms. Returning Republicans to power in the senate and Grassley to his role as obstructor-in-chief would seem to be the height of irresponsibility.

But who will Iowans choose to take Grassley’s place? The race seems to be between current state senator from Cedar Rapids, Rob Hogg and former state senator, agricultural secretary and Lieutenant Governor Patty Judge. Judge stirred up some excitement when she entered the race in February as Grassley stumbled and bumbled in his attempts to make his obstruction look acceptable. Grassley’s obstruction is still not acceptable.

Hogg has been in the race for the long haul having entered last fall. While Judge’s entry has stirred much press around the country and some contributions from everywhere, buzz on the ground feels light. I have seen no polls for Tuesday’s vote but my guess is that it will be close. If you want to see Grassley back on the farm as much as most of us do, be sure to vote. Former state senators and good solid democrats Bob Krause and Tom Fiegen are also vying for the nomination.

Besides the senate primary across the state, 3 of our 4 congressional districts will see primaries to choose opponents to face Iowa’s three really bad Republican congress persons.

In the 4th district the Democrats candidate Kim Weaver doesn’t have a challenger. Republican Steve King does, however. In a intra-party fight at the upper levels that seems to have spilled down to this level state senator Rick Bertrand is running against the long time incumbent King. Whatever the results of that race, look for Kim Weaver to give her opponent a tough race. This year I wouldn’t count any district as a “safe Republican” even Iowa’s 4th. King is a known whacko in a party that will be lead by a reality TV personality this year. Maybe his luck has run out.

In the southwest corner of Iowa, three democrats are looking to take on one term incumbent David Young. Young is very vulnerable, especially after his embarrassingly being forced to change his vote to oppose an LGBT amendment last week. Vying to oppose Young are:

– Veteran Jim Mowrer
– Businessman Desmund Adams
Michael Sherzan

In Iowa’s northeast corner incumbent Rod Blum seems very, very vulnerable. Blum is a tea partier and doesn’t seem to quite fit in this more progressive district. The Democrats have a couple of good candidates, either of which should give Mr. Blum a good tussle. The Democrats:

Monica Vernon who ran for Lieutenant Governor with Jack Hatch in 2014
– Former Iowa House Speaker Pat Murphy

Finally those who live in Iowa southeast corner have the pleasure of putting forth Congressmember Dave Loebsack for another couple of years. But just because Loebsack is an incumbent by no means means that this election is to be taken lightly. We need to keep Loebsack’s vote in Washington. This has been a really crazy year, so those in the southeast need to nominate Loebsack for another term and then work like hell to make sure he is re-elected.

We shouldn’t need to remind you that races at the state and county levels will probably have more effect on your day to day life than votes for national representatives, so pay attention and be sure to choose good candidates for state House, state senate and of course for county officials such as auditors, sheriffs and supervisors.

This primary is very important. democrats need to put their best candidates forward. Be sure to set your smart phones to remind you to vote Tuesday.

Steve King Challenger Calls King A “Fox News Celebrity”

weaver flagGotta love a girl who’s out there slamming Faux News and Steve King.  She said, “instead of a Fox News celebrity, we need a representative in Washington.”  Gee, ya think?

Watch her video, then visit her website and contribute if you can.


Republican Brand Has A Bad Week


It almost feels as if the people of Iowa were strung along in a little show of political theater around school funding. Republicans can now go back to their districts and claim that they were all about not spending money based on their sticking to the meager 1.25% rise in school spending. They can also claim they really cared about schools when they agreed to a one time extra funding of $55 million. All the while they knew that Branstad would have their backs and use that tool known as line item veto to give Republicans just what they want.

Now they can smile to themselves knowing that they will look good politically to all sides, Branstad covered their butts and the chances of a special session with an override vote are probably nil. Now onto the business of strangling schools again next year.

So with revenue dwindling from all sides that leaves schools in Iowa to fund quality education with the old standbys of bake sales supplemented by the new revenue producing selling of old beater cars for junk. Always thought Branstad wanted to make Iowa into the Mississippi of the north. Looks like we are on our way.

Thus we have one example of the strange twists and turns the Republican party (aka Tea Party) is taking these days. Their policies are so internally inconsistent that it seems half of their day is spent trying to explain away what they did the other half of the day. At least try to explain them in a way that may be acceptable to their base. Actually their base really doesn’t care about policy. It has been a long accepted tenet of Republicans don’t say what they mean and they never mean what they say. When all is sorted out, their electeds do what they are told by those whose dollars fund the machine and those whose companies grease the talking point machine.

Over in Marion County last Saturday we had the spectacle of a Republican float in a couple of parades displaying the finally disgraced Confederate flag of treason. Even though that flag has always meant treason it was only a couple weeks ago that it became toxic. Sometimes news travels slowly when a person watches Fox. Explanations and negative reactions abounded through the Republican party a day later, but why did no one stop it beforehand?

It is hard to read the news or turn on a TV or radio without hearing the bleatings of Donald Trump. The more he speaks and the uglier his rants get, the bigger his following gets. Iowans are fairly use to this kind of talk. Much of it sounds like a Steve King speech. That may be OK for Northwest Iowa – obviously it gets him reelected every 2 years – but saying the things Trump says about people from other countries on a national stage is verboten. But Trump is the Republican Party’s owner’s worst nightmare. Someone they can’t control with their money. Trump is also someone who actually is saying what he means. Having thoughts like his being expressed publicly can be hard on the Republican Party. To see his popularity grow the uglier his statements becomes even worse.

Jeb Bush says Americans need to work longer hours. He didn’t mention whether they would get paid more or if the revenue produced from working longer would go to the folks at the top, like it has been since Reagan.

Don’t forget that Jeb has never really worked a job in his life. So Jeb must spend his days imagining how workers screw their bosses over at every turn. No doubt he gets the best data available from his billionaire buddies who must lose millions a year to nefarious worker. Too bad the billionaires never mention how they force their workers to work off the clock or get fired, nor how they keep their wages and benefits so low that workers must depend on the government to assist them.

But all these fumbles and stumbles doesn’t make Republicans less popular where it counts: in the hearts of the wealthy and therefore in the campaign wallet. Despite proving that brother George was not really the dumb sibling in the Bush family, Jeb continues to reel in the millions from the billionaires who are thoroughly convinced that money can buy anything. So far this year the wealthy have bet $114 million that they can buy the presidency for another idiot.

The country is moving forward without Republicans. Even their own hand-picked super conservative Supreme Court justices agree it is time for the country to move on. But the Republican Party will continue to work hard in word and deed to drag our democracy backward into a plutocracy run by their wealthy owners. They are using their old tried and true weapons of hate and fear. They continue to pit citizens against each other through making resources scarce for them. But the country is slowly catching on to the game and they are finally demanding that the quality of life be restored to what it was before Reagan.

Debt Ceiling To Be Reached Monday

garrison keeler on republicans

Amazingly, there has been little fanfare on this round of debt ceiling limit. While Republicans claimed we would never go through this again, we are about to go through it again.

There has been little fanfare most likely because the near monopoly that Republican backers have on our media understand that Republican hostage taking in the last iteration of the debt crisis was horribly received by the public. This may be an especially touchy time to force yet another crisis caused by bad governing when we just avoided shutting down the Department of Homeland Security a week or so ago. The public may be getting sensitive, so it is probably best for our media not to even bring it up.

Republicans are so divided at this point that they haven’t even gotten together to talk about just what hostages they plan to take in this crisis. One thing for sure, there is a faction of the current congressional Republicans who will in no way vote to keep the government running. Iowans should be proud, since that faction appears to be headed by our own Neanderthal (apologies to any surviving Neanderthals), Steve King.

Yep, Iowa politicians are making quite the name for themselves these days. King, Grassley, Ernst. They make folks think Iowa is a backwater once more.

Governing from created crisis to created crisis is a horrible way to govern. Why do we elect folks who vocally hate government to run the government?