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Corridor Home To 6 Of Past 11 Domestic Homocides In Iowa


 A message from DVIP following the recent shooting at Coral Ridge mall:

Eastern Iowa – we love our communities and the quality of life we enjoy here. But we are becoming more aware of the rising rate of violence related to domestic violence, dating violence, stalking and child abduction. Out of respect for the ongoing investigation and limited information about the relationship between Andrea Farrington and the alleged assailant, this is not a commentary on that case, but a response to the escalation of violence against women in the Eastern Iowa Corridor.

Small town Iowa has always been synonymous with safe homes, but 6 of the past 11 domestic homicides in Iowa have been in the Eastern Iowa 380 Corridor or Iowa City, Coralville, North Liberty, Marion and Cedar Rapids [bolding BFIA’s]. The Domestic Violence Intervention Program provides the only emergency safe shelter in our eight county service area (Johnson, Cedar, Des Moines, Henry, Iowa, Lee, Van Buren and Washington Counties).

The Domestic Violence Intervention Program not only helps victims of domestic violence, but also victims of dating violence, child abductions related to domestic violence and stalking. Stalking is defined as “a course of conduct directed at a specific person that would cause a reasonable person to feel fear”. Over 85% of victims are stalked by someone they know—in domestic violence or dating violence, a victim is stalked by their intimate partner for an average of 21 months AFTER they leave their abusive partner. Of the 7.5 million people stalked each year in the United States, 15% of women and 6% of men have experienced stalking to the point where they felt very fearful or believed that they, or someone close to them, would be harmed or killed.

How a community responds to victims of violent crime is critical and requires an investment on everyone’s part to reduce crimes like stalking and domestic/dating violence. Our communities are strong and practice a national model Coordinated Community Response, which is a series of cross agency protocols and safety measures put in place by the community— advocates, health/mental health care workers, law enforcement, courts, child welfare workers—to collectively support victims and hold perpetrators accountable. But these systems often address the back end of the problem – after the crime has been committed. Our current Coordinated Community Response models lack one key element, a Bystander Network of family, friends, neighbors and co-workers looking out for and supporting victims. Bystander support networks have the capacity to intervene and prevent these crimes through thoughtful, caring support of victims and challenges to the attitudes and behaviors that perpetuate violence against women.

To have effective community change, you need to know the facts about stalking or domestic/dating violence and how to really help someone in fear.

First, call our 24-hour crisis line (1-800-373-1043) to get real information on how you can help.

Second, with guidance from our trained staff and volunteers, talk to your friend/family/colleague about the situation in a way that is respectful to their safety and needs—they know the situation better than anyone else, and how to best keep themselves safe or the resources they need.

Third, ask what they really need; learn as much as you can from them about what they fear, what they hope for and what will change their situation for the better. And then most important – help them get what they need. Too many times we look in from the outside and make assumptions about what should happen – too many times those assumptions are wrong.

The Domestic Violence Intervention Program’s mission statement is to provide comprehensive support and advocacy services. To that end, we offer training to businesses and corporations to evaluate policies surrounding workplace stalking and domestic/dating violence, what to do to help prevent an incident at the workplace and how to safety plan with your employees when violence comes into the workplace.

Please contact for a workplace environment safety assessment and more information on policy and training addressing stalking and domestic/dating violence in the workplace.

Situations like Andrea Farrington’s are becoming much too commonplace in Eastern Iowa. We need to keep the conversation going about how we can keep victims of stalking, dating violence, and domestic violence safe.

Branstad Throws $21 Million At Egyptian Fertilizer Company While Telling Iowa Schools to F*** Off

Branstad Funds Orascom Instead of Schools

DES MOINES — The Iowa Economic Development Authority (IEDA) today approved an additional $21.5 million in tax incentives for the Iowa Fertilizer Company, a wholly owned subsidiary of Orascom Construction Industries. The total granted to Orascom by IEDA is now nearly $110 million, and today’s decision comes just days after the Iowa legislature adjourned a contentious session where revenue shortfalls played a role in every budgetary decision.

In July of 2014, Public Policy Polling released a survey showing widespread opposition to granting another set of tax incentives for Orascom. 55% of registered voters in Iowa were opposed, and just 22% were in favor.

In response to today’s decision by IEDA, Progress Iowa executive director Matt Sinovic issued the following statement:

“Today’s decision by the Branstad administration to grant Orascom another $21.5 million is shameful. How can the Governor tell teachers or state employees that we have the money for an Egyptian fertilizer company, but not for our schools or other programs we value? The Governor’s priorities are misguided and out of step with everyday Iowans.”

“Orascom has taken advantage of every giveaway from the Branstad administration, fired more than 1,100 workers, and then had the audacity to come back and ask for more. Unfortunately, IEDA never knows when to stand up for Iowa values and say enough is enough.”

“Every budget decision shows what our state values. Our legislature and Governor chose not to adequately fund education this year. The Governor ignored the legislature and chose to shut down half of our state’s mental health facilities. But somehow, some way, this Egyptian fertilizer company keeps receiving millions of dollars from a state that supposedly can’t afford much of anything else.”

“Today’s decision demonstrates that our Governor and legislature don’t value our schools, state workers, or those in need of mental health care as much as they value a foreign corporation with a poor track record.”

Progress Iowa is a multi-issue progressive advocacy organization with a network of more than 60,000 progressives. Year-round, Progress Iowa advocates for a stronger middle class, first-class public education, and fairness for all Iowans under the law.

Contact: Matt Sinovic, (515) 423-0530



Public Policy Polling Survey: Strong Opposition to Orascom Deal in Iowa

Iowa Fertilizer Company gets another tax incentive award

Iowa fertilizer plant seeks additional $21.5 million

Raise Hell: The Life And Times Of Molly Ivins

Molly Ivins 2Molly Ivins was one of the last great columnists. You can help make sure this documentary about her life gets made by donating on  Kickstarter or go to

Obviously, no billionaires are stepping up.


Thom Hartmann Warns Progressives

thom hartmann

Watch this Thom Hartmann video.  Host of America’s #1 progressive radio show, Thom is a lefty progressive who agrees with Bernie Sanders more than he agrees with Hillary Clinton, but has something to say that progressives should probably heed.  You can listen to Thom Hartmann’s radio program here.

“It’s unimaginable the damage a Republican presidency could do…I’m very concerned that a lot of progressives are beating up on Hillary Clinton…but wounding a cadidate with the base is a very dangerous business.”


How Iowa Pays For Big Money In Politics

AlecBillionaires are drowning out the voices of Iowans.   Iowa Pays the Price supports increasing transparency in campaign finance and accountability for those who break the rules.  Check out


“That Family Doesn’t Matter” – Life Next to A Hog Confinement

Factory farms poisoning Iowa“I didn’t even put in my garden this year.”

You will need ear buds or headphones to listen to this video but it is incredible what you will hear.

This woman describes stink so bad they can’t go outside, but also large clusters of flies on her window sills and being covered with welts from fly bites, a dumpster in one of the driveways piled with dead animals…”you can see carcasses coming out the top.”

Iowa allows this.


Iowa Republicans Attempt To Dismantle Public Schools; Democrats Try To Stop Them


On the Iowa Senate Democrats website: 

The Legislature closed out the 2015 session with Senate Democrats opting to end five months of gridlock on school funding. The goal of the compromise is to maintain educational opportunities and boost student achievement.

The final agreement provides an additional $156 million for the 2015-16 school year. The compromise includes a 1.25 percent increase in basic aid for our local schools as well as an extra $56 million in one-time funding for Iowa schools this fall.

The attention now turns to Governor Terry Branstad, who must sign this funding or veto the compromise. A veto would result in larger class sizes, fewer course offerings and extracurricular activities, and higher property taxes. Please contact the Governor, and ask him to sign into law the school funding approved by the Legislature in Senate File 510 and House File 666. You can e-mail him by going to or call his office at 515-281-5211.

After several lean years, Iowa’s improving economy makes it possible to do more for our students and schools. The state has nearly $1 billion in savings, but as support for our public schools has become divided along party lines, Iowa’s investment has dropped to $1,600 less per student than the national average.

In addition to ensuring our K-12 schools can make ends meet this fall, we also voted this year for:

• Continuing a teacher leadership effort that is bringing the best techniques to more classrooms.

• Affordable tuition, job training and skilled workforce initiatives at our community colleges.

• An increase for our state universities that should allow them to continue their tuition freeze.

• Need-based financial aid to help Iowans attend our private colleges.

As we set our sights on funding for the 2016-17 school year, Senate Democrats will continue to work with parents, teachers, community leaders and students to make the case for investing more in educational opportunities that help Iowans of all ages build a successful future.

Why The GOP Is Losing Voters

Upcoming Bernie Sanders Events

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Friday, June 12 at 7:00 p.m.
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Sunday, June 14 at 4:00 p.m. (Bernie speaks at 5:30 p.m.)
Warren County Democrats 12th Annual Summer Picnic
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Corner of G Street and West Euclid Avenue
Free will offering requested

To RSVP for an event go go

The Hillary We Hope To See On The Campaign Trail

Hillary the riveterThis video illuminates the reasons why conservatives do not like the idea of a Hillary Clinton presidency. She is strong and tough and not afraid to stand up for women. She’s not going to be just sitting around baking cookies (not that there’s anything wrong with that). is a “strategic research and rapid response team designed to defend Hillary Clinton from right-wing, baseless attacks” of which there have been and will continue to be many.   I believe that the regular and liberal media go out of their way to be fair to conservative women who support the status quo, so Hillary Clinton should be given no less consideration.