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Is #SocialMedia Ruining Our Culture?

Thom Hartmann is the #1 progressive radio talk show host in the US and NYT best-selling author.  Check out Thom’s website for showtimes.


Progressive Radio Hosts Expose Republican Trolls

Will the Democratic convention be messy?  Of course.  “Democracy is messy. Families are messy. Primaries are the family fight.”  Top progressive radio hosts #StephanieMiller and #ThomHartmann talk progressive unity and GOP trolls.


Democrat Kim Weaver For Congress IA-04

kim weaverKim Weaver is challenging Steve King for Congress in District 4. BFIA posted previously about her candidacy when she said, “Iowa doesn’t need a Fox News celebrity. We need a representative.”  So true.

A Bold Voice for Iowans

Kim believes that the people of Iowa’s 4th District need and deserve a voice in Congress. Issues that are important to our livelihood as well as our quality of life have been ignored and replaced with partisan grandstanding. It is time to send someone to Congress who believes it is better to get things done for the people than it is to make political statement. Kim is exactly that person.

Check out Kim Weaver’s website and contribute if you can.

Follow Kim Weaver on Facebook and Twitter

iowa congressional districts 4

What do President Obama, Howard Dean, and Bernie Sanders have in Common?

Watch and find out.  Obama to young people:   “If you participate you’ll change the country…. the system doesn’t work if people opt out. The easiest, simplest cure for getting our democracy to work is everybody voting.”


Action Alert: DNR Factory Farm Rules Review

Factory farms poisoning IowaAction Alert from Iowa Citizens for Commuinity Improvement (CCI)

The Iowa Department of Natural Resources (DNR) reviews factory farm rules once every five years. This is our chance to strengthen the rules and hold factory farms accountable!

We need YOU at the DNR hearing in Ainsworth to stand up for a Clean Water Iowa. Our strength is in numbers—in people power.

Register to join us here! 

Here is what you need to know:

When: Tuesday, May 31 at 10 am | Please join us for a prep session at 9:30 am at the location below!

Where: Washington County Conservation Board, Education Center, Marr Park, 2943 Highway 92,  Ainsworth

We would love for you to share your story about why we have to stop factory farms.

We’re fighting for rules that include:

  • Tough regulations to protect our water, air, and communities
  • Accountability by closing corporate factory farm loopholes
  • Transparency of manure application records and from factory farm stakeholders
  • A moratorium on new and expanding factory farms!

We’re in a water crisis because of factory farm manure pollution. Voluntary compliance isn’t working. It’s time to close factory farm loopholes in order to protect People and Planet!

I hope you can join us: register here!

They DUMP it, you DRINK it, we won’t stop ’til they clean it up!

Executive Director

P.S. Can’t join us in-person? Submit your comment online demanding stronger rules to hold factory farms accountable here. We need 1,000 comments by June: help us get there!

We’re currently at 4,72 Facebook followers. Help us get to 5,000 fans!

Kaufmann To Iowa Republicans: Fall In Line And Get Used To The Donald

Republican House aids shutting down Democracy in 2000.

Republican House aids shutting down Democracy in 2000.

Unable to help themselves, the Iowa GOP doubles down on support for the Donald at an event in Hiwawatha and KCRG lends a helping hand with this report.  Video below.

Why is it whenever there is something positive about Democrats the media seems to feel obligated to counter it with some sort of GOP “response” but they don’t feel so inclined when it’s the GOP they are covering? One possibility is they don’t want Jeff Kaufmann breathing down their necks. I have been told by a newspaper opinion page editor in Iowa that they didn’t want the headache of  publishing something Jeff Kaufmann didn’t like.

Bottom line is KCRG gave the Trump campaign FREE MEDIA. If this is upsetting to you, contact them.  Ask for FREE MEDIA for Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton.  How about a nice advertisement and call for volunteers for the Hillary and Bernie campaigns?  Here is KCRG’s  toll-free number: 1-800-332-5443  and email address:

Mike Sherzan For Congress IA-03

Sherzan for Iowa  

“I was raised on the east side of Des Moines where my mother stayed at home to raise my two older brothers, sister and me while my father worked in sales for Sears Roebuck & Co. Our family had just enough to make ends meet, I remember growing up our vacations were mostly road trips we’d take in our station wagon, stopping to sleep at rest stops or in makeshift tents in parks along the way. My parents loved us kids more than anything and raised us to believe in the American Dream.”

Follow the campaign on Facebook and Twitter


The Trump Effect vs.The Flint Effect

Flint protestby Becky Clayton

In a conversation a few days ago, I made the suggestion that some people supporting Donald Trump feel (perhaps unconsciously) that because he is rich, he must be good at everything, and is therefore qualified to be president. People tend to confer desirable attributes upon the wealthy, at times perceiving them as smarter, more capable…worthier. This implicit positive regard can be very helpful in providing opportunities, resources, and increased support for success. I call it the Trump Effect.

Today, I am thinking about Flint, Michigan and the poisoned water and how could this ever happen here? I’ve decided that the opposite of the Trump Effect is the Flint Effect.

There are people who feel (perhaps unconsciously) that people who are poor are easier to put something over on (a.k.a. dumb) and that their health, their well-being, their very lives are not as worthy. Clearly, the people who knew about the lead levels in the water didn’t think the residents of Flint were worth the expense of fixing the problem. Some people knew for at least a year before saying anything. Actually, worse than not saying anything, the data was manipulated to make the water appear safe. All of those precious kids with lead poisoning (some who still can’t drink their own water or brush their teeth with water from their home tap) now have any challenges they already faced in life undeniably multiplied.

It breaks my heart that this is happening in our country–and that a significant factor in determining whether one is smart and valuable or dumb and expendable is whether one is rich or poor.

Dave Loebsack Doing His Job

Rep. Dave Loebsack talks about Iowa’s water quality problem, superdelegates, and more..  Watch the entire half-hour interview with Iowa’s only Democrat in Congress here on IPTV.


Focus On Iowa: Desmund Adams For Congress

It is imperative that Iowa sends more Democrats to DC in 2016.  The ratio right now is 5-1.  Five Republicans and only one Democrat, Dave Loebsack, representing Iowa in Congress.  Prior to the last mid-term election the ratio was 4-2, four Democrats and two Republicans.  Tea partiers David Young, Joni Ernst, and Rod Blum all slipped in in 2014 because Democrats did not turn out to vote in the mid-terms. So this election year we need to change that.  Find out about the candidates running in the primary in your district, then pick your favorite awesome Democrat and go vote. The primary is June 7 but early voting is available now.

Desmund is not a lifetime politician. In fact, he is not a politician at all. Desmund is an individual who has overcome adversity and utilized his real life experience to serve others. If elected, he will take a fresh perspective as well as his passion and commitment to influencing real and lasting change to Washington.

Here is a link to his website.  Follow the campaign on Facebook and Twitter.