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Thankfully, Dave Loebsack Won

Dave Loebsack IA02

Dave Loebsack IA02

If there is one silver lining in Iowa it is that Dave Loebsack survived the the tsunami. Dave has been a real voice of reason throughout his congressional stint.

Loebsack’s leadership and reason will be extremely important as the next presidency unfolds.


progress iowa

Here is a message from Matt Sinovic, Director of Progress Iowa:

Elections aren’t the end. They are just the beginning.

Yesterday President Obama told the country that “no matter what happens, the sun will rise in the morning.” Our state, and our country, will begin again.

The President was right. Last night’s election was disappointing for so many of us, but this morning we have the opportunity to begin again, and today we know that the work of Progress Iowa is more important than ever.

While the election has ended, Progress Iowa is just getting started. We will be here to stand up to Donald Trump’s divisive agenda, and to fight the drastic changes coming from Terry Branstad and the Iowa legislature. We will be ready. But we can’t do it without you.

If watching the election results made you want to do something, but you’re not sure just what, you can start with us.

Pledge to speak out. Share your story. There will be many opportunities to take action, but we want to start by hearing from you.

And chip in to let us know we’re in this together. We don’t have the deep pockets of conservative billionaires. We rely on your support to keep us going.

Thanks to all we’ve done together, Progress Iowa is a permanent voice for change in our state. We will continue to hold elected officials accountable and advocate for working families, strong public schools, and equality for all. We know that our community works best when it works for all of our friends and neighbors, not just those at the top. And we will be here, every day, fighting for what we believe in.

Will you join us?

Remember, elections aren’t they end. They are just the beginning. So let’s begin.

Thanks for all you have done and will do,
Matt Sinovic
Progress Iowa

Sunday Funday: Wha’ Happen? Edition

The quiz master is is not in much of a festive mood. It took nearly 48 hours to start functioning again. One thing is for sure: I apologize for any extra publicity I may have given a certain party and will attempt as best is possible to avoid use of the name in the future. For one thing my stomach gets tied in a knot at even hearing the name.

Stay strong folks and hopefully we come out alive and ready to do battle in two years and four years also.

Here goes:

1) The 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month what was signed?

2) Despite a now cloudy future, what insurance program had its best enrollment day ever Wednesday?

3) The most violent storms in decades hit what southern hemisphere capital killing six and injuring scores more?

4) Kamala Harris of California became the second black woman ever to be elected to the senate. Who was the first?

5) In Nevada, Catherine Cortez Masto became the first what elected to the senate?

6) What percentage of eligible voters did not vote in Tuesday’s election?

7) Who will most likely replace Harry Reid as minority leader of the senate?

8) How many states legalized the use of recreational marijuana Tuesday?

9) How many states legalized the use of marijuana for medical purposes Tuesday?

10) Nov.11, 1992 the Church of England allowed women to do what?

11) On Nov. 13, 1942 the five Sullivan brothers die in combat when their ship sinks. What is their hometown?

12) What once stable state suffered a 5.0 earthquake near a major oil storage facility?

13) Daniel Ortega was reelected to a third term in what central American country?

14) Voters in what NFL city rejected a referendum to fund a new stadium?

15) The value of what country’s currency dropped to a new low in response to our election?

16) What first female US Attorney General died this week in Florida?

17) Protests against Tuesday’s election broke out in cities across the US including what city in Iowa?

18) Nov. 18, 1993 what ended in South Africa?

19) Among names floated to run the DNC what former chair has been mentioned?

20) The largest online shopping day in the world happened Friday. What was it?

That’s all I got folks.

1) the armistice to end WWI

2) Obamacare or the ACA

3) Johannesburg, South Africa.

4) Carol Mosely Braun of Illinois

5) Latina

6) 46.9%

7) Chuck Schumer of New York

8) 4 – Cal, Mass, Nev, Maine

9) 4 – Arkansas, Florida, Montana, and North Dakota

10) become priests

11) Waterloo, Iowa

12) Oklahoma (Cushing, Ok)

13) Nicaragua

14) San Diego

15) Mexico

16) Janet Reno

17) Des Moines

18) white rule

19) Howard Dean

20) Singles Day. Mostly in China, Alibaba promoted it as an anti-valentines day for singles. Sales will top $20B much larger than black Friday and cyber Monday put together.


Chris Ball, a fim producer from Calgary, was attacked by men shouting homophobic slurs in Santa Monica on the night of the US election (Valerie Siu/Twitter)

Chris Ball, a fim producer from Calgary, was attacked by men shouting homophobic slurs in Santa Monica on the night of the US election (Valerie Siu/Twitter)

What happened Tuesday is much worse by far than what Brexit in the UK. That was a referendum on one issue. Tuesday’s election will bring about massive changes in most every aspect of our lives.

Unlike they Democratic Party, the Republican Party maintains control over their members. Those who march to a different drummer will be primaried by a someone who will take orders and money will pour into their race.

Now the Republicans will soon have control of all three branches of government. The Supreme Court will soon be 5-4 right wing heading for a potential 6-3 or 7-2 (probably leaving us Sotomoyer and Kagan) that will stand for decades. So we will have a congress that will pass some of the most repugnant social legislation ever while reversing any progressive programs that have passed since FDR.

Whatever the Republican congress will pass expect their president to sign. The court system will be pretty much a rubber stamp for whatever the congress enacts. The three independent branches will be aligned. The glue that will keep them all together will be the money from the rich who will expect a high return on their investments.

So in Britain they will what now seems to be a tough economic change, but the fundamentals will remain the same. Here, the very foundations of our way of life will be messed with if not change wholly. The only firewall we will have will be the US senate and the filibuster rule that so often seems archaic. Now it may be our only hope. Remember that the majority can change that rule. If McConnell opts to change it we may be royally screwed.

Almost as expected, a rash of hate has broken out across the country as hate based on race, gender, religion or sexual orientation has been given a green light by this election. Here are a few examples from an article in the Independent: l

“There have also been numerous reports of black people being verbally and physically abused by people expressing support for the President-elect.

A woman in Delaware described overhearing four white men near her at a petrol station discussing Mr Trump’s victory and “how they’re glad they won’t have to deal with n*****s much longer”.

“One walked over to me and said ‘how scared are you, you black b****? I should just kill you right now, you’re a waste of air’,” she wrote.

“Then another guy steps forward and shows me his firearm. He says: ‘You’re lucky there’s witnesses or else I’d shoot you right here.’ I have called the police.”

We are entering a very scary period in this country. There is terrorism afoot in this country and the election Tuesday has given impetus to those who will terrorize fellow citizens based on their differences. This is against all that this country stands for.

Now more than ever we must stand up for each other.

Those who voted for this change will get change that will increasingly hurt them. They will be told to blame the “others” for their plight. They will then take their frustrations out on the “others.”

As Ben Franklin said in another time of drastic change “We must, indeed, all hang together or, most assuredly, we shall all hang separately.”

Remember the old motto of the US is till the ideal we strive to achieve “E Pluribus Unum (“from many one”). Remember also the phrasing in the Declaration of Independence “All men are created equal.” We must continue to strive to achieve these ideals.


Well I feel like someone has simply come up and kicked me in the stomach. Like so many right now my feelings are a mix of depression, fear and flat out confusion.

For the life of me I can not understand why working class people would vote for a billionaire to save them from the problems they have, but that seems to be what happened. Much like the chickens going to Colonel Sanders for help.

This devastating election was not something that happened overnight. The pieces have been put together little bit by little bit over decades. Not that there was a master building plan, but there was a master goal. That goal has been as clear as a sunny day – destroy ant bit of legislation or regulation that gives power to people who are not the wealthy ruling class.

Through whatever the media of the day is the rulers are able to manipulate the working class into fighting against their own self interest by pitting them against some perceived enemy. It may be a real enemy, but most often it is a scapegoat created by the rulers to lead the working class into believing that the scapegoat is responsible for their plight and the rulers are their allies in defeating the hated scapegoat. This round they were many scapegoats including Mexicans, blacks, women, terrorists and others.

Creating fear and animosity among these groups creates alliances with the rulers to vanquish the evil. The rulers can then reshape society to their liking while telling the working class that only they (the rulers) can be trusted and their opposition are fighting to keep them down.

This has been a technique used by rulers with varying degrees of success over the millennia. Our country guaranteed the right of a free press as the first guarantee in the bill of rights so that those in the ruling class would have open opposition. While they guaranteed that the government would not interfere in the workings of the press, there was no way to guarantee that the press itself wouldn’t somehow become a form of a monopolistic grouping.

Thus we have had a press that has become a few major voices singing one song. That song has been in praise of business and in condemnation of the government that you and I have some voice in. Our education system has been dumbed down in such a way that few of us have real critical thinking skills anymore. So as we accept our meager pay we accept as gospel what we hear from a media that appears competitive but in reality is owned by a few companies with very similar goals.

So once again workers have been fooled into giving the ruling class permission to take away programs and protections that have taken decades to set up.

We can expect assaults on any form of government backed health care, including the ACA, Medicare and Medicaid. Expect attacks on any and all social safety net programs such as Social Security, supplemental food programs and worker’s compensation programs. Also expect an all out assault on business regulations, especially those that help consumers such as the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

The list of programs that a Trump Administration will undo stretches back 80 years. Will our currently compliant media which acts more as a stenographer to the Republican Party even bother to report it? Most likely their reports will be such that they will simply report administration statements without comment.

Republicans turned full force on attacking the Obama administration blaming them for every ill in the country while they themselves caused most of the problem through their obstruction. Republicans exacerbated every divide in this country while blaming democrats for it. When Democrats created programs that were good for the working people Republicans trashed them all over the media. The media played a major role in all this by giving the airwaves over to Republicans with little time for rebuttal from Democrats.

The conquering of the media did not happen overnight. There was a long steady takeover beginning from the days of the infamous Lewis Powell Memo through Ronald Reagan ending the Fairness Doctrine through the Telecommunications Act of 1996.

In a similar vein, Republicans established so-called think tanks where policies were formulated. Conservatives paid people to develop policy statements and refine them for best acceptance. They employed people to study the effects of words and messages. One of their greatest successes in this area is the major cutbacks in inheritance taxes that they dubbed “death taxes.”

What happened Tuesday has its roots back in the attempted coup against Franklin Roosevelt some 83 years ago. One could almost call Donald Trump the anti-Roosevelt, the culmination of some four score and three years of effort.

Today is a dark time for America. It is also a very dark time for Iowa. The overwhelming numbers in the legislature coupled with a governor who acts as a king means that Iowa will be in for some rough times ahead. I believe we can expect education to be one of the major victims as the Republican philosophy of starve the beast comes full cycle to Iowa. Expect major cuts to public schools as Republicans push for publicly funded charter schools.

There have been dark times before. Giving up now would be letting them win.

Paul Ryan Says Medicare Privatization Is On

Medicare for all

Medicare for all

And they are off to the races per the New York Daily Intelligencer:

During the campaign, coverage of the issues was blotted out by coverage of Hillary Clinton’s emails and Donald Trump’s broad suite of sociopathic tendencies. And of the issues that did receive any attention, a conspicuously missing one was Paul Ryan’s plan to push Medicare beneficiaries into private health insurance. Reporters just assumed that, since Trump never talked about it, it won’t happen. But Paul Ryan still wants it to happen. And in a Fox News interview with Bret Baier, Ryan said Medicare privatization is on.

“Your solution has always been to put things together, including entitlement reform,” says Baier, using Republican code for privatizing Medicare. Ryan replies, “If you’re going to repeal and replace Obamacare, you have to address those issues as well. … Medicare has got some serious issues because of Obamacare. So those things are part of our plan to replace Obamacare.”

Ryan tells Baier, “Because of Obamacare, Medicare is going broke.” This is false. In fact, it’s the complete opposite of the truth. The Medicare trust fund has been extended 11 years as a result of the passage of Obamacare, whose cost reforms have helped bring health care inflation to historic lows. It is also untrue that repealing Obamacare requires changing traditional Medicare. But Ryan clearly believes he needs to make this claim in order to sell his plan, or probably even to convince fellow Republicans to support it.

Get ready for the fight FOR your lives folks. This will kill us.

Cubs Win Is Big In Many Lives In Iowa

The late Steve Goodman with his tune about being a Cubs fan for the past century or so.

Goodman was best known for writing “City of New Orleans.” Arlo Guthrie turned that into a major hit in the early 70s. Goodman was from Chicago and loved his Cubs. When he wrote this song he had the leukemia that would eventually end his life at 36. Goodman also wrote the now iconic theme song for the Cubs “Go, Cubs, Go.”

When I heard the Cubs had won I thought of all my friends and relatives who have suffered through some of the worst baseball ever seen since the Cubs last championship. I thought of our family’s trips to Wrigley Field to see the Cubs lose. One of the biggest thrills in my late father’s life was to see Ken Holtzman no hit the Atlanta Braves (including a man named Henry Aaron) one August afternoon.

Sitting in blistering heat, sitting in wind swept cold, sitting behind one of the ancient poles in the old ballpark. We pretty much ran the gamut of Cub fan experiences. But no championships.

Most of my memories of the Cubs come from the pre-Harry Carey days. Before the Cubs were bought by the Tribune Company and they started putting real money and effort into the team. Before the Tribune the Cubs were owned by the Wrigley family. This was the chewing gum Wrigleys. While they made pretty good gum, they seemed inept in running a baseball team.

Who can forget one of the strangest experiments ever conducted in baseball – the “College Of Coaches.” In looking this little episode up I was surprised to find that the college of coaches lasted 4 years, not the one year that stuck in my mind. If you are not familiar with this experiment, owner P.K. Wrigley had no manager for the Cubs. Instead a group of coaches rotated in and out of the job. This lead to chaos. Wikipedia has a good explanation of what happened here.

The Cubs victory and the stirring series that they played with Cleveland was a nice respite from what has been an election season that will go down in history. Here is hoping for another Chicago area product to win. That Chicago area product was a classmate of Steve Goodman’s – Hillary Rodham Clinton. – May she score the first victory for the female team.

Hey, Ernie! (Banks) Let’s win 2 this week!

Sunday Funday: Election Eve Eve Edition

The FBI In Action

Victor Laszlo @Impolitics
This will always be remembered as the presidential election in which the KKK, the KGB and the FBI all supported the same candidate.

I am expecting a call from the FBI soon. I contributed to the Hillary Clinton campaign and I am just sure that the FBI will soon be combing through my emails to find all those requests for more money from her campaign. I understand from Russian hackers that if those emails are printed out and arranged in a certain way they reveal that Hillary Clinton has been known to be the lover of the former leader of a certain major western country.

Were you paying attention to hopefully this last week of craziness?

1) Bill Baroni and Bridget Kelly were found guilty in what New Jersey scandal that may also involve Gov. Christie?

2) The accused murderer of two Des Moines police officers had recently been removed from an Urbandale football game for doing what?

3) November 3, 1948. What newspaper carried the premature headline “Dewey Defeats Truman”?

4) Elected Nov. 6, 1860 – what man also made an address at Gettysburg? This man’s address did not begin by denying sexual assaults.

5) Mexican pesos are sliding in trading as the possibility of who being elected president increases?

6) In Lebanon, Ohio Democrats came to their headquarters last Sunday they found what had been dumped on their doorstep?

7) OOPS! The Branstad administration is giving the privatized Medicaid management companies how much more money?

8) After announcing last week that the FBI were investigating more Clinton emails, the FBI admitted this week that they hadn’t done what?

9) Alabama experienced a second explosion of what in a month Monday?

10) The last time the Chicago Cubs were in the World Series what major world event had just ended two months previous?

11) Donald Trump got a ringing front page endorsement from what group’s newspaper?

12) In a surprising poll Florida Republicans voting early selected Hillary Clinton on what percent of their ballots?

13) A historically black church was burned Tuesday night in what state?

14) Mitt Romney claimed he would get unemployment down to 6% after his first term. What was the unemployment rate as of Friday morning?

15) Donald Trump singled out what reporter as an example of why he gets poor press in Miami Tuesday?

16) A news conference by the woman who is suing Donald Trump for rape was cancelled in LA when what group hacked her lawyer’s emails?

17) As if in solidarity a herd of what showed up to the Dakota Access Pipe Line protest last week?

18) Friday, who confirmed that FBI agents had leaked information on Clinton emails to the Trump campaign?

19) Paul Ryan wouldn’t use the name of what presidential candidate when asked who he had voted for?

20) The Rowan County Kentucky clerk who made big news last year by refusing to issue marriage licenses to gay couples is now being requested to pay what?

GET OUT AND VOTE as if your life depended on it


1) Bridgegate – Christie still claims he didn’t know despite testimony to the contrary

2) Bringing and waving a confederate flag at the game.

3) The Chicago Tribune

4) Abraham Lincoln. Some difference in Republican candidates then to now

5) Trump – markets are sliding out of fear Trump may win

6) a truck load of manure. The perfusion was caught on the security cam and has been arrested.

7) $33 million. talk about a scam.

8) read the emails or even obtained a search warrant

9) a gas pipeline.

10) WWII

11) the KKK

12) 28%

13) Mississippi

14) 4.9% – good thing Mitt didn’t win.

15) Katy Tur of NBC. She was then subject to very hostile taunts by the crowd.

16) Anonymous (guess who’s working for Trump these days)

17) buffalo

18) Rudy Giulliani

19) Donald Trump. ryan would only say he voted for his party’s nominee.

20) the lawyer fees and court costs for the couples that had to sue her. The total is @ $233,000. Kim Davis was the name if you forgot.

here is hoping next week’s quiz will be a happy one.

Castro Brothers GOTV In Muscatine

Joaquin and Julian Castro Get Out The Vote in Muscatine

Joaquin and Julian Castro Get Out The Vote in Muscatine

Brothers Joaquin and Julian Castro stopped at the Guadalajara Restaurant in Muscatine to rally supporters to Get Out The Vote. Joaquin is a US Representative from San Antonio and twin brother Julian is the current Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.

Both brothers spoke for a short time emphasizing the importance of this year’s election. The brothers are doing stops across the US. They have already been in Nevada and Colorado and are on their way to Ohio.

State Senator Chris Brase also spoke following a long day of door knocking. He expressed his thanks to all those who have volunteered for this year in his behalf and for all Democrats.

Senator Chris Brase

Senator Chris Brase

Grassley Demands Justice Department Investigation Of Justice Department, And Clinton Blockade Begins

Biding his time, doing nothing waiting for President Trump

Biding his time, doing nothing waiting for President Trump

Sometimes something pops up online that says just what you want to say. So here is a post from Thursday’s Dailykos by Joan McCarter that does a good job of what Iowans can expect if Grassley is re-elected.

Since Chuck Grassley isn’t going to use his Judiciary Committee for anything like Supreme Court hearings, he’s going to use it to kickstart the investigations into Hillary Clinton and whether President Obama’s administration had anything to do with the not-scandal of Clinton’s emails. No, really.

Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) called on Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz to “explore potential conflicts” around the investigation of Clinton’s use of a private email, noting that “multiple officials had previous ties to [the] Clintons.”

“The American people deserve to know whether political considerations have improperly affected the handling of this inquiry and understand why key officials failed to recuse themselves to protect the public’s confidence in a fair and impartial inquiry based on merits and the evidence rather than on politics,” Grassley said in the Wednesday letter to Horowitz.

Topping Grassley’s list is a request that Horowitz look into whether Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s “involvement in the investigation creates the appearance of a conflict given that she was appointed to the role of U.S. Attorney by President Bill Clinton and she was a partner at a law firm that represented both President and Secretary Clinton.” The letter also specifically cites Lynch’s tarmac meeting with Bill Clinton just days before the FBI announced it would not recommend charges against the Democratic nominee.

So I think it’s safe to surmise that if Grassley retains control of the Judiciary Committee, he’s going to be encouraging those House maniacs in their investigation and impeachment plans.

Furthermore, that will give him the perfect excuse to blockade her nominees—and not just Supreme Court. If the president is “under investigation,” surely then the Senate can’t allow her to sully the courts with her nominees. Republicans are making this up as they go along, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have a plan if they keep the majority. Let’s not allow that.