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Hodge-Podge: Branstad For Bishop!

branstad jobs numbersI understand Terry Branstad is a Roman Catholic. I never knew this because I never cared before. As one who truly believes that the separation of Church and State must as wide as a galaxy it really irked me to see him leading the phony-baloney “day of prayer” last Monday. Terry, if you want to be bishop go for it. I think you would make a lousy one after cutting food aid for the poor 2 years in a row and doing all you could to stop Medicaid in Iowa before making the poor pay for it. You may be religious, but you sure as hell are not moral.

Sending The Refugees Home
Would be like telling fire fighters to take the people they just rescued back into the burning house. Really, Branstad? Really Nebraska Governor Dave Heineman? You both claim to be Christian, yet in a true test of your Christianity you turn your backs on those in need.

I do believe in the separation of Church and State. This is not a religious question, it is a question of morality. Here are two governors who proudly fail that test and want your vote. Morality and government should not be separated.

How To Pay For The Lawsuit Against Obama
The whole concept of the House suing President Obama is so ludicrous it is beyond laughter. Boehner and his sycophants think they have outsmarted both Dems and the far right with this one. But one thing Tea Baggers insist on is that the cost be offset. I have a humble suggestion and shall send it to Mr. Boehner.

Mr. Boehner, I recommend that this epitome of frivolous lawsuits be paid for by taking the salary, travel costs, staff salaries and any other perks from any member voting for this suit. If they truly believe this is a legitimate and necessary suit, they will gladly give up a few years of pay and perks. You may also need to ask them for donations. I see no reason why I or any other taxpayer should pay so much as a nickel for this tomfoolery!

Science On The March
Holy Moley is science ever marching forward at breakneck speed. Couple of really interesting developments these past couple of weeks. Too bad the Tea Party hates science, because they are truly missing some fantastic advances. When they come back to earth they will have a lot of catching up to do. Here are a couple that really caught my eye:

1) Researchers may have found a way to stop type 2 diabetes. Very preliminary, but very promising.

2) Future farming in a high-rise? Taking place now in Japan. Takes up less surface space while making it much easier to recycle, control pollution and farm darn near anywhere. My son-in-law and I have been talking of this for years.

Christie Running!
At least as well as he can run for president while carrying around tons of corruption. Hobbled by many major corruption stories in his administration in New Jersey, Chris Christie has time to take a trip to Iowa and New Hampshire. At least in Iowa he will be able to compare corruption notes with another scandal plagued governor, our own Terry Branstad.

Putin, Plane Shot Down and Republicans
When My wife and I heard of the tragedy in the Ukraine with the speculation that Vladimir Putin may be responsible either directly or indirectly we could not help but remember that only a few weeks ago Republicans from the US Senate to the Us House down to the state house were expressing such admiration for Putin. They used Putin as an example of a “man of action” and someone who gets things done. Wonder how they feel about their hero now. My teachers used to tell to be careful when you pick heroes. Most are not anything like what they appear to be.

I also recall how our last President Bush implied he was a good guy:
“I looked the man in the eye. I found him to be very straight forward and trustworthy and we had a very good dialogue. I was able to get a sense of his soul.”

Raise your hand if you are really glad Obama is President and not Bush or any other war hungry Republican.

Branstad Admin Nixes Solar Power Grant
Like a good corporate Tea Party governor the Branstad administration rejected a $1 million grant based on corporate lobbyists objections.

They wanted changes to the grant that the energy office were unwilling to make, since they were making them for no one else and they would gut the purpose of the project.

Terry, you can’t stop progress forever. If Iowa’s voters have a lick of sense it will only be for another few months. Jack Hatch will move Iowa forward!

Keep it up and Iowa Republicans will be irrelephant:


Sunday Funday: County Fair Edition

Come one, come all to the great Muscatine County Fair in historic West Liberty, Iowa. We have exhibits of plants and foods; we have show animals of all varieties and we have a midway with thrilling rides and scrumptious one of a kind fair food – including elephant ears and half-pound tenderloins and delicious fried onions! Mmmmm, Mmmmmm, once a year that is some fine eating.

See your friends, see your neighbors. Enjoy a show in the grove while you eat a delicacy. Stay for the races and cheer on the local favorites! See YOU at the fair.

Got to wonder how much longer the whole Fair circuit will survive. I am sure it is one tradition that will not go away easily. Many, many kids remember the fair with love all their lives – the rides, the animals, the friends. But most fairs are just scraping by these days. We wish them another hundred years of success.

I got some questions for you

1) The two big stories of the week happened within the same hour on Thursday. One was the downing of the plane in Ukraine. What was the other?

2) The Branstad administration nixed a million dollar deal from the feds this week which would have studied what in Iowa?

3) Surprisingly, an overwhelming number (74%) of Republicans who have this like it very much. What is it?

4) Steve King is seeking to end this wage scale on projects paid for with federal funds. What is this wage scale called?

5) A proposed pipeline that would cut across Iowa would move oil from where?

6) Reaching back to a historic events, 25 years ago yesterday was a tragic day in Sioux City. What happened?

7) Another week, another judge declares laws against marriage equality invalid. What state joined the ranks of equality this week?

8) Netroots Nation met in Detroit this week. Along with all its other troubles, Detroit is now cutting what utility from households in arrears in payments?

9) 73 in real years, but still looking all of 17, what character died taking a bullet aimed at his gay friend?

10) You would think after this long this guy could run on his record. Who spent $1M on his re-election in 7 weeks?

11) After becoming a right wing whipping dog, what soldier is out of therapy and assigned to a low pressure desk job?

12) In Arizona, a Congressional candidate staged a big show of stopping a bus of immigrant kids only to be informed the bus was actually what?

13) In California, a measure to split the state up has enough signatures for the 2016 ballot. This measure will split California into how many states?

14) What major tech company announced it would be laying off 18,000 over the next year?

15) If you lived in Los Angeles and wanted to wash your car, how much might it cost you?

Where were you 45 years ago when Armstrong and Aldrin landed on the moon? I was working at a gas station on the interstate. I had a small B&W TV that barely got a picture. Customers came and went, most stopping for a few moments to watch events unfold. It was a magic day.


1) The invasion of the Gaza Strip by Israel

2) Solar Energy

3) Obamacare or the ACA. Please keep fighting it, Republicans.

4) the prevailing wage scale

5) North Dakota (the Bakken Field)

6) United Airline Flight 232 crash landed after losing all flight controls

7) Florida

8) Water. Citizens of Detroit have appealed to the UN.

9) Archie Andrews. Killed off after a long run

10) Branstad. And no, he can’t run on his record

11) Bowe Bergdahl

12) a group of YMCA kids going to camp. He said they looked really scared

13) 6

14) Microsoft

15) $500 for frivolous use of water.

RAGBRAI??? Never heard of it!

Independent Poll Shows Iowans Oppose Gov. Branstad’s Orascom Deal

progress iowa
For Immediate Release: Thursday, July 17th, 2014

Contact: Matt Sinovic, (515) 423-0530

55% oppose granting Orascom another $25 million in tax credits

Des Moines, Iowa — An independent poll released today by Progress Iowa and Citizens for a Healthy Iowa shows strong opposition to the continuation of tax credits for Orascom, an Egyptian fertilizer company. The Public Policy Polling survey found that 55% oppose continuing the $25 million tax break as planned. The Iowa Economic Development Authority (IEDA) is expected to discuss giving Orascom another $25 million in tax breaks at their board meeting tomorrow morning.

“Governor Branstad has been too eager to give away our hard earned tax dollars at the expense of middle class Iowa families,” said Matt Sinovic, executive director of Progress Iowa. “The state has already promised Orascom $82 million, and they are set to receive hundreds of millions in tax breaks for a plant they were going to build anyway. We call on the IEDA to stop this economic madness and restore fiscal sanity to the state of Iowa at their board meeting tomorrow.”

“After Governor Branstad’s vetoes of REAP and other conservation funding passed with bipartisan support in the legislature, his priorities are very clear: no to programs that will preserve and protect the health of Iowa’s natural resources, and yes to expensive and wasteful tax giveaways for foreign corporations,” said Mark Langgin, spokesperson for Citizens for a Healthy Iowa.

From the survey conducted by Public Policy Polling:

Egyptian fertilizer company Orascom has received $82 million in tax breaks from the state, and is scheduled to receive another $25 million from the Iowa Economic Development Authority next week. Supporters say the company will create jobs, while critics say the company would have built in Iowa without the tax breaks. Do you think the Iowa Economic Development Authority should continue the $25 million tax break as planned, or not?

Think it should continue ……………………………. 22%

Think it should not……………………………………. 55%

Not sure …………………………………………………. 22%

A petition opposing the additional $25 million circulated by Progress Iowa has received nearly 2,000 signatures in less than 48 hours, and will be delivered at the IEDA board meeting tomorrow morning.

Public Policy Polling surveyed 860 Iowa voters between July 11-13. The margin of error for the survey is +/- 3.4%. PPP surveys are conducted using automated telephone interviews.

Public Policy Polling Survey: Strong Opposition to Orascom Deal in Iowa

Dems: Middle Class Jumpstart!

Brighter days ahead when we vote for democrats

Brighter days ahead when we vote for democrats

Led by Rep. John Yarmuth of Kentucky, US House Democrats unveiled a plan this week for a 100 day Jumpstart for the Middle Class. Speaking to WFPL radio in Louisville, Yarmuth spelled out parts of the plan:

“This Congress has the reputation justifiably as being a ‘do-nothing’ Congress. We’ve accomplished very little,” he said. “We know the American people want action, and this is our action plan to help boost the middle-class and restore economic growth for the majority of Americans.”

Once again Democrats are responding to the needs of the common American while Republicans continue to do all they can to impoverish more and more Americans while giving the wealthy everything they want.

Specifics of the plan are posted on the website

Here is a list of the plan:


Republicans voted to give tax breaks to companies that ship American jobs overseas.

Democrats will introduce the “21st Century Make It In America Act” to provide tax incentives for creating good-paying jobs here at home.

Republicans blocked legislation to make long-term investments in our nation’s aging highway system and opposed creating clean energy jobs of the future.

House Democrats will pass the “Build America Bonds Act” to boost job growth and modernize America’s infrastructure by building roads, bridges, broadband technology and investing in clean energy initiatives – paid for by closing corporate tax loopholes.

Republicans refused to raise the minimum wage but gave massive tax giveaways to corporate special interests and the ultra-wealthy.

House Democrats will pass the “Fair Minimum Wage Act” and the “CEO/Employee Pay Fairness Act” to deny CEOs the ability to claim tax deductions for pay over $1 million unless they give their employees a raise.


House Republicans refused to ensure equal pay for equal work, and voted to reduce access to child care and against paid sick leave.

House Democrats will pass the “Paycheck Fairness Act” to guarantee both women and men get equal pay for equal work, pass the “Healthy Families Act” to ensure paid sick leave for men and women, and increase access to affordable child care.

House Republicans voted to weaken domestic violence laws that protect women and voted to defund Planned Parenthood.

House Democrats will strengthen the “Violence Against Women Act” and will expand women’s access to comprehensive health care and family planning.


House Republicans voted to pile more debt on the backs of students and families by preventing Americans from refinancing their student loans and by voting to cut Pell Grants.

House Democrats will pass the “Bank on Students Emergency Loan Refinancing Act” to help Americans refinance their college loans to new, lower rates, and will increase access to Pell Grants for higher education.

House Republicans voted to limit access to quality early childhood education.

House Democrats will pass the “Strong Start for America’s Children Act” to increase access to effective early childhood learning.


Democrats are embracing their role as the party of the middle class and poor. They are the party of the worker and the small business person. A vote for Iowa candidates Dave Loebsack, Pat Murphy, Staci Appel and Jim Mowrer is a vote for true American values.

A vote for any Republican is a vote for a bad economy that favors the wealthy and corporations, not small businesses. Democrats will give us all a chance, Republicans will try to take away Social Security, voucherize Medicare and end the ACA.

Think before you vote.

Mid-July Hodge-Podge

Things I love to hear

Things I love to hear

Paula Poundstone tweets:
“CNN headline said Sarah Palin calls for “impeachment,” but it did not say of whom, and there is no evidence that she knows.”

Joni Ernst also favors impeachment and will be willing to waste your time and your money to seek the ideological dream of impeaching the black guy. Someone please ask her specifically what the charges are?

BTW here is a short video that gives a little history of the reactionaries now called conservatives:

Proven in Murietta, Cal.:
Republicans believe a fertilized egg is a child but a refugee child is not. In fact once a baby is born, they no longer care.

Per NPR Report Wednesday:
“Republicans chose Cleveland for its 2016 convention. They hope they can demonstrate their “minority outreach” in Cleveland.” No that was not from the Onion. Can’t wait to see how it turns out!

Just To Drive Home A Point
The Justices(?) who decided the Hobby Lobby case (corporate religious belief) were doing just what their party wanted. Any veneer they ever had of impartiality was smashed by that. Appointed for life, they are driven to represent the Republican party – the Tea Party on the highest Court in the land. Justice is not a consideration.

Can I Have A Refund?
I see that Darryl Issa wants some big bucks for another snipe hunt on Benghazi. This follows his previous waste of money and such other Republican money wasting schemes such as suing the president, voting against the ACA every weekend of course their three major money wasters Iraq, Afghanistan and a deeply flawed Medicare drug bill they forks money over to big Pharma.

Can I have a refund? Or at least relief from taxes until the amount wasted per person on these boondoggles equals what I should have paid. I figure the people who benefited from this crap should be the ones paying – the uber-wealthy who seek to destroy our government from the inside with their puppets and their corrupt money.

Gohmert Calls For Invasion Of Mexico
Just remember that Republicans think Louie is a clear thinking human. To them his views are not extreme.

Once More- Why Elect Republicans?
The Republican Party of today is a party that has been calling to make government useless and impotent. As humans we need government. In the US our forefathers set up a system where all citizens (eventually) have some say in how that government is run. Since Ronald Reagan the Republican Party has made no bones that they want to greatly alter our government and had it over to the oligarchs.

Remember when you vote for a Republican you are voting for someone who wants to take your voice out of government, someone who wants to hand your government over to the rich and well-born. Is that what you really want?

liberal - conservative

Sunday Funday – Sue ‘Em Edition

'tis patriotic to follow the news

’tis patriotic to follow the news

Ever wonder who’s advising the Republican on just what the public wants to see them do? Last year it was shutting down the government. Very popular move among about 10% of eligible voters. Then there is their constant war on women. They claim they love women, yet they do all they can to cut their pay, cut any public assistance and of course their old stand by cutting off birth control. Just to top it off Todd Akin – famous for his “legitimate rape” comment two years ago – has a book out where he says he should not have apologized, that his first statement was true.

Apparently the very rule to be a Republican is never, ever admit a mistake. If something went wrong, it was someone else’s fault. Bet they couldn’t make it through today’s quiz without making a mistake. They would blame it on me, no doubt.

Here we go:

1) The World Cup has been full of drama and heroes. Except for Tuesday when what team absorbed the worst defeat in World Cup semifinals history?

2) This man led the 3rd district Republican convention up to the last ballot. Now he is exploring a run for congress as an independent. Who is this man?

3) The Republicans in Congress are suing President Obama. Where did one tweeter suggest the Republicans get the offset to pay for the cost of the suit?

4) President Obama asked congress for $3.7 billion to address what bubbling up crisis?

5) There is a predicted shortage of what product that went on sale in Washington this week?

6) Former mayor Ray Nagin was sentenced to 10 years for corruption during his stint as mayor of what major American city?

7) The Supreme Court may have to reconvene to ban a potential new type of birth control that is administered how?

8) “She’s looking for a new job to quit” quipped John Fugelsang about what political persona who expressed interest in hosting “the View?”

9) Iowa Republican Party’s leaders are having a hard time picking up where the former leaders left off. What do the old leaders know that the new leaders don’t?

10) Three weeks or so after losing a Republican senate primary bid in Mississippi, who is threatening to sue claiming “irregularities?”

11) Despite his claims to the contrary the state workforce in Iowa under Branstad has actually grown or decreased?

12) This major American city is having a good week. First what city was picked to be the site of the 2016 Republican convention, then had its native all-star NBA player announced he was returning to play there this fall?

13) Caught with her mouth moving and words coming out. A tape of Joni Ernst from last January shows her calling for what?

14) California is looking to come down hard on people who waste what natural resource?

15) A study from Stanford points to dramatically less time spent in what activity as a major reason for the obesity epidemic in America?

Rosie O’Donnell is coming back to the View. Pugnacious is all I can think of. Put on the gloves here come Rosie. It will be fun.


1) Brazil got a butt-kicking.

2) Brad Zaun

3) don’t pay Republican lawmakers.

4) the immigrant children at the borders.

5) marijuana

6) New Orleans

7) by remote control – well in 2018 anyway

8) Sarah Palin

9) the user names and passwords to get into the computers.

10) Chris McDaniel

11) grown

12) Cleveland

13) Obama’s impeachment. She also called him a dictator

14) water

15) exercise time per American is way down.

Don’t Forget! Email, Call Or Write The FCC!

Do It for Tom

Do It for Tom

Time is getting short and the consequences are severe. Your comment may be the one that persuades the former lobbyist for the telecommunications industry, Tom Wheeler, that there is a crucial need for an open, neutral internet as a bedrock of Democracy. The first phase of comments will be taken until July 27th. A second phase for responses to their comments on the original public comments will be open from then until September 10th. Not a lot of time folks.

Write a comment as if it is the only one that Tom Wheelerwill be reading. Make wonderfully persuasive, so that he and at least two other members can’t possibly reject your plea. This is truly the people’s only method to get real news and facts unaltered by corporations. We need neutrality.

As a comparison to what may happen look at cable television. Almost all of the cable and network television stations are owned by one of the four major broadcasting corporations (Disney (ABC etal.) Sony (CBS et al.) Comcast (NBC, Universal, soon Time-Warner) Fox (and Fox News plus part owner in many cable stations). This truly limits our sources of news and opinion. Have you ever wondered why the major corporate broadcasting stations have so many Republicans and so few Democrats on their Sunday talkers? Have you wondered why Dick Cheney, probably the most disgraced public official in American History still has access to all major megaphones? Do you understand why climate change can’t get a fair hearing on public television?

Or we could look at radio where you have the same players plus ClearChannel ( now owned by Romney’s Bain Capital) and Cumulus Radio, who together own nearly half of radio in this country. Not a lot of variation on the radio is there. Nor are there inewspapers where there are only a few independents left. Add Gannet in here. Gannet has ruined many papers across the country. You can decide what they have done to the Des Moines Register.

Do you understand what is at stake? Net Neutrality is akin to the backroom printing press that helped birth this country and was instrumental in ending slavery. The powers that be tried to break up the presses of the day back then, but they failed. But as John Edwards observed in 2008, power doesn’t give up easily. Over the decades and centuries they have always come up with schemes to quite the masses. We didn’t let them do it in 1776, nor 1838 and we won’t let them do it now.

Email your comments soon here:

Give them a call here: 1-888-225-5322 Call early, call often. Put the pressure on.

Thank you, and a big thanks to Congress members Loebsack and Braley and Senator Harkin for supporting net neutrality.

Getting To Not Know The Candidate

soul of the republican party

The Des Moines Register provides a service this election year. They have put together a set of standard questions for those who want to be our leaders and who want our votes. This is one of the great services that a news company can offer citizens, a veritable one stop shop of candidate views.

So I went there Wednesday. The races I am interested in are Governor, Senate and House district 2. The questions are the kind of questions that you or I would really like to ask a candidate if we were to get a chance to sit down and have an hour or so to get to understand what makes this woman or man tick. Questions cover topics from the economy to education, immigration the environment and more. Candidates appear to be given whatever space they want to answer.

I was quite interested to see how Republicans such as Joni Ernst twist answers to things like SS and Medicare both of which she wants to privatize. You can’t say that and expect Iowa’s seniors to mark an ‘X’ next to your name. In another vein it looks like Governor Branstad’s staff simply cut and pasted answers from some “we love Branstad” internet post.

But the biggest surprise was Marrianette Miller-Meeks lack of participation in the survey. “Candidate has not yet provided a response” reads the blurb next to each question.

Makes me speculate why a month and a half after becoming the official candidate in House district 2. Maybe she is tired of answering questions. Maybe she thinks we don’t deserve to know her answers. Maybe she knows her positions on issues like Social Security and Medicare where she is just another Tea Party privatizer will not be taken well so she just won’t answer. Maybe she is afraid she will make the radical right wingers that run the Republican Party these days will get mad at her answers. Maybe she doesn’t have time because she is preparing answers to her role in the Branstad hush money firing scandal.

Stating Republican positions in a Q&A is not that hard. There is only a narrow range of acceptable answers their base will accept and they can easily be cribbed from another Republican. Change a couple of words and Voila! it is now YOUR answer.

Ms. Miller-Meeks owes it to Iowa’s second district voters to answer the questions. And might I add please answer them in a straight forward and honest way.

- If you want give Iowans Social Security to Wall Street big shots to gamble with, say so.

- If you want to voucherize Medicare and let 70 and 80 year olds to take their chances on trying to get private health insurance own it!

- If you want to go back to the previous Republican protected form of health care where it was impossible to get health care or have it paid for by the insurance company say so!

- If you want our kids taught in corporate run charter schools at higher prices and lower results than public schools speak out proudly and own it!

- If you want to bust unions, lower wages and end all job security, speak out proudly and clearly and say so in no uncertain terms.

Please don’t couch what you want to do in Newspeak. Own your positions.

Immigrants In Iowa – From IPP

Once more, the folks over at Iowa Policy Project take an hot button issue, take the emotion out of it and give us a sober fact based report. I certainly wish some of our politicians would take a cue from IPP in their actions. This month they look at the effect of immigrants in Iowa.

As an aside, in today’s parlance “immigrant’ has seemed to become synonomus with “Latino.” IPP in no way designates a specific group of immigrants in their report. This is some interesting reading for the Fourth of July weekend in a land built on immigration.
Immigrants in Iowa
What New Iowans Contribute to the State Economy

Immigrants are important to Iowa and its economy:
- generating income as workers, spending money as consumers, and contributing to state and federal revenues as taxpayers;
- starting businesses that contribute to local economic development and job creation; and
- contributing to the vitality and culture of Iowa communities.
In fact, immigrants make up about 4.3 percent of the Iowa population, account for 4.5 percent of the state’s economic output and represent 1 in 20 Iowa workers.

These contributions would increase further if immigration reform were to make work authorization or a path to citizenship possible for the subset of Iowa immigrants who currently lack such documents. That subset — undocumented immigrants — pays an estimated $64 million in state and local taxes, and another $37 million in federal payroll taxes.

In a new report for the Iowa Policy Project, researchers Heather Gibney and Peter Fisher explore the facts that should be part of an accurate understanding of Iowa’s immigrant population and its relationship to the state’s economy. Read our new report — or the two-page executive summary here.

immigrant contribution chart

Did you know? The Congressional Budget Office estimates that over half of undocumented workers have federal and state income taxes withheld from paychecks, along with payroll taxes for Social Security and Medicare. Yet they are unable to access benefits that they are helping to fund. Learn more in our new paper.

Sunday Funday – Sad Week Edition

let's be honest!

let’s be honest!

“Give us your tired, your poor, your huddled masses” wrote Emma Lazarus. Apparently this no longer applies. What happened in Southern California Wednesday is an incredible disgrace to America. There are some folks who should be deported and not those kids on the bus.

If you are unaware there is a huge influx of refugees from a country that has been in severe economic strife. Why is Steve King, Louie Gohmert and Michelle Bachmann not all over this scandal like a wet blanket. Thousands and thousands of Irish are coming to our shores and taking jobs from Americans and getting free government services! Why are they not meeting them at the dock? What’s that? The Irish are
white, so shut up? Ok, but I warned you!

Hope you have had a good weekend! Now let me ruin it.

1) Iowa’s squabbling Republicans threw out their old chair and replaced him with an eastern Iowan. Can you name the new Iowa Republican chair?

2) The Supreme Court ended another memorable term with some killer decisions. When will they be back to work?

3) Here’s an interesting note from history. What president signed the first income tax bill on July 1st? The year gives it away, but there was a major war going on.

4) An old favorite question. What two Revolutionary heroes died within hours of each other on July 4th of 1826, the 50th anniversary of the Declaration?

5) What modern Tea Party politician suggested last week that the Founders had it right when they limited who could vote?

6) The US lost in the World Cup round of 16 despite a record breaking performance by which of their players?

7) Bob McDonald was tapped to be Obama’s new Veterans Secretary. What major corporation did McDonald once lead?

8) The actual separation from England legally took place on what date in 1776?

9) An Iowa teenager drowned when he was swept away by flood waters Monday in what Iowa city?

10) What other founding father and former president died on July 4th? Hint, he died in 1831.

11) Among new laws that took effect Tuesday included the ban of sales of what product to minors?

12) The five justices voting against contraception coverage in the Hobby Lobby case share what religion?

13) Which justice wrote the opinion in the Hobby Lobby case?

14) The just concluded June averaged 9.6 inches of rain in Iowa. Approximately what percentage of normal is this?

15) What song writer of such famous songs as “O Susanna” and “Swanee River” was born on July 4th of 1826?

16) What former French head of state was brought in for questioning on influence peddling charges?

OK that is enough for this week. Hope you had a great Fourth and can still function on the Seventh.


1) Jeff Kaufmann of Wilton

2) The first Monday in October, so Oct. 6th this year.

3) Abe Lincoln. There was this war to pay for.

4) Thomas Jefferson and John Adams.

5) Rick Santorum

6) Goalie Tim Howard set a record for stopped shots with 16.

7) Procter and Gamble

8) July 2.

9) Cedar Rapids

10) James Madison

11) e-cigarettes

12) catholicism

13) Alito

14) almost twice normal or 200%

15) Stephen Foster

16) Nicolas Sarkozy.

Want a hoot? Check out the tweets of Top Conservative Cat here