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King: Beyond The Pale

A century and a half later, Steve King says she's still not welcome

A century and a half later, Steve King says she’s still not welcome

Once again Iowa’s answer to Louie Gohmert made the news last week. Steve King introduced an amendment into the US House to block the Treasury department from spending any money to change the current $20 bill to put Harriet Tubman in the bill. While the amendment didn’t say specifically that, the meaning was unmistakeable.

King claimed his motive was to save money for the country by stopping this action. With public officials this humorous it is hard to understand how satirists like The Onion and Andy Borowitz are able to stay in business.

Even when trying to be serious King can be outrageously funny. Here from a report on CNN King has a great understatement:

Speaking to CNN at the Capitol on Wednesday, King said Tubman’s accomplishments didn’t measure up to the seventh president.

“As much as she did, she didn’t change the course of history,” King said.

Truly, Mr. King, you are correct when you state that Tubman’s accomplishments were not the the par of Jackson’s. But some who have read history might just might point out that for a black woman at a time when being black and being a woman were neither very safe things to be, Harriet Tubman accomplished a lot. Had she been white, male and president then maybe we could make a real comparison. Considering her circumstances she was truly a giant, unlike some congressmen.

One thing that was surprising was that King didn’t claim Tubman had cantaloupe calves from working on that railroad she worked on. Neither did King mention that Jackson was his favorite member of the Jackson 5.

It was quite unusual to see King stick up for a democrat, especially in an election year. This may cause him some votes among radical right wingers in his district. Those wingers may also note that King’s amendment will also stop the enshrinement of St. Ronnie Reagan on our currency. When his constituents figure this out, they may want a primary rematch to boot his rear out.

Congressman Dave Loebsack commented on King saying

“Steve King, and his history of racist and sexist comments, is an embarrassment to Iowa,” Loebsack said in a statement to The Des Moines Register.

For those who would like to remove this embarrassment from Washington are lucky to have Kim Weaver to vote for this fall.

kim weaver

Let’s hope we can call her Congresswoman soon and send her opponent down to the border to start building that wall no one wants.

Sunday Funday: Stonewall Is A National Monument Edition

new national monument

new national monument

The popping of heads heard across the land was not for Brexit. Nope, that is a simple problem compared to what else happened Friday. The Kenyan, Muslim, fascist, communist dictator made the Stonewall Inn a national monument! CAN YOU IMAGINE THAT??? A MONUMENT FOR THE GAYS!!!

How is any American going to be able to go to heaven when they come from a country that has monuments to homosexuals? God will bring America to its knees!

Or maybe not. Thanks, Obama.

Were you paying attention? Seems like things are just getting busier and busier.

1) The Stonewall Inn became famous when police were attacked by customers as police gays for arrest. What city is the Stonewall Inn in?

2) When did the riot take place (month & year)?

3) The Brexit vote was prompted by a challenge to the Tory Party from the right by what small British Party?

4) Next Friday is the national birthday of what North American country?

5) In Amelia Ohio, what happened to the owner of a gun store when he was teaching a gun safety class last Sunday?

6) Governor Branstad launched his “see something, say something” campaign to target what problem?

7) In a storybook series, what homegrown star carried his team to the NBA title last week?

8) As the Brexit vote took place what US politico was in Scotland on a business trip?

9) John Lewis led a sit-in by Democrats on the House floor this week. Lewis learned this strategy as the head of what civil rights organization in the 60s?

10) Corey Lewandowski, former head of the Donald Trump campaign, landed a plum job with what cable newser?

11) Tuesday Trump promised what group that he would allow them to be involved in politics and still be tax free?

12) Which rogue nation launched a couple of medium range missiles last week?

13) Boeing sold $25 billion worth of aircraft to what former foe’s national airline?

14) How did America do in the Copa America soccer tournament?

15) July 2, 1964 President Lyndon Johnson signed what far reaching legislation spurred by the previous year’s murder go Medgar Evers?

16) The new head of the Trump campaign in Iowa is a scion of what political family?

17) What former presidential contender put his running shoes back on for the senate race in Florida?

18) Steve King tried to pretend he wasn’t playing the racist card when he introduced an amendment that would have effectively blocked who from the $20 bill?

19) The Supreme Court handed down some decisions this week, including a surprise that upheld what for admission to colleges?

20) 30 people burned their feet in a fire walking demonstration during a seminar by what well known motivational speaker?

BONUS: The Brexit vote may be used as a cause for a redo of what vote for independence in 2014?

This has been one historic week. Hope it settles down a bit.


1) New York City

2) June 28, 1969

3) UKIP or the United Kingdom Independence Party

4) It’s Canada Day July 1. Happy 149th birthday ya pup!

5) He was accidentally shot and killed

6) terrorism in Iowa.

7) LeBron James of Cleveland

8) Donald Trump was opening a golf course

9) SNCC or the Student Non-violent Coordinating Committee

10) CNN – so much for objective

11) tax-exempt groups especially churches

12) North Korea

13) Iran

14) they got creamed by Argentina in the semis 4-0

15) The 1964 Civil Rights bill

16) Branstad (Eric)

17) Little Marco Rubio ( sorry I couldn’t resist)

18) Harriet Tubman

19) affirmative action

20) Tony Robbins – if you wonder how its done watch this but don’t do it at home or anywhere else!

Clinton Hits The Right Notes On Brexit

Hillary Clinton in Coralville, Iowa, Nov. 3, 2015

Hillary Clinton in Coralville, Iowa, Nov. 3, 2015

The Brexit vote in Britain Thursday set in motion what may be a rocky journey for the world as a new economic and to some degree political structures are formed. This early on speculation is rampant on what is to come ranging from little changes to doomsday scenarios.

At a time like this we need a hand on the tiller that is experienced and at the same time looking out for every citizen, not just the wealthy.

The Republican Party long ago forsook any pretense that they cared about the common American, the worker and laborer. Their concern has at least since the days of Warren Harding has been the top 1% and creating an environment where they could thrive at the expense of all others.

The current head of the Republican party is a man who is the beneficiary of those policies. His life story is replete with instances of screwing small businessmen and workers and having products made in the lowest dollar country. In short the Republican nominee for president is a man who will not disturb what made him rich.

On the Democratic side the nominee will be someone who has been involved deeply in world shaping events. Hillary Clinton became Secretary of State at a time when the world was teetering on economic collapse. The previous Republican administration had left potentially the worst economic disaster ever. The Obama Administration was in a situation where missteps could bring disaster. A major member of that effort was Hillary Clinton at State.

Now Brexit has the world at least in a nervous situation. The United States as the world’s superpower needs to measure their steps carefully. Recent history tells us that President Obama is up to the situation. Recent history also shows us that Hillary Clinton is up to the task.

The recent presidential campaign plus his personal history shows us that Donald Trump would be about the worst person we could possibly give the reins of the government to at a time like this. The history of the country also tells us that Republican administration after Republican administration have screwed up the economy especially for small business people and workers.

With this as background as the world heads into uncharted waters the choice would seem to be quite clear. Experience, steady leadership and a philosophy that is inclusive with concern for all certainly sounds much better in a situation that could explode. Juxtapose Clinton’s experience and philosophy with Trump’s frequent tantrum like outbursts at other leaders, his philosophy of favoring wealthy folks like himself and no experience in anything resembling a crisis. Given all that, why would anyone choose Trump?

Which leads us to Clinton’s response to Brexit. Measured with concern for all citizens of the US:

“We respect the choice the people of the United Kingdom have made. Our first task has to be to make sure that the economic uncertainty created by these events does not hurt working families here in America. We also have to make clear America’s steadfast commitment to the special relationship with Britain and the transatlantic alliance with Europe. This time of uncertainty only underscores the need for calm, steady, experienced leadership in the White House to protect Americans’ pocketbooks and livelihoods, to support our friends and allies, to stand up to our adversaries, and to defend our interests. It also underscores the need for us to pull together to solve our challenges as a country, not tear each other down.”

Well said.

Donald Trump on the other hand noted that this could be a good business opportunity for himself.

Guns: Nothing Changes

fickle finger of fate #1 Sept. 18, 1968
hat tip to nolabear on democraticunderground

The names were different but the effect was the same. Forty-eight years later and at a rate of 30,000+ gun deaths a year equaling nearly one and a half million deaths nothing has happened. Or rather one thing has happened – the efficiency with which we can kill each other is dramatically improved.

I was at a protest Thursday evening. Police came along to inform us that there were restrictions on the number of protestors and where they could be.

What? Freedom of assembly is in the constitution! Why is it not unrestricted like being able to buy a gun? And the amendment that gives us freedom to assemble doesn’t even have its own restrictive clause saying “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State.” Yet we were being restricted. Where was Congress to right this wrong the way they have for guns?

The fourth amendment was restricted yet again by the Supreme Court this week. Where was Congress? Simple truth is there are no organizations with millions in ready cash “donations” for the first and fourth amendments to buy influence.

Blogforiowa does wish to extend our appreciation to Congressman Dave Loebsack as the only member of the Iowa delegation to stand up for the common Iowan by joining in the sit in protest to demand some action on guns.

photo from

photo from



Iowa’s recent very unpopular and poorly thought out experience with the privatization of the administration of Medicaid in Iowa makes one wonder what are the roots of privatization in this country and how pervasive is privatization. Much like guns or health care, no one else in the industrialized world does privatization (or profitization as many call it) like we do in the United States.

How was the right able to get the country to move from having most of their public services provided by governmental agencies to a point where even some of the most basic of public services are contracted out to a private supplier? For those of us who have had it happen to us but never understood why or what the driving force behind it was, Talking Points Memo has begun a series that will hopefully answer those questions.

So far the introduction and the first part of a four part series have been posted at the site. From the looks of the start this will be an extremely informative series and one well worth your time to read and understand.

Here is a little teaser from part one of The Hidden History Of The Privatization Of Everything:

“Austrian-born economist Friedrich von Hayek was the movement’s intellectual leader. His 1944 book, The Road to Serfdom, is considered to be the intellectual wellspring of anti-government, pro-market ideas and the privatization of public goods. The book was met with surprising success – with excerpts printed in Readers Digest and Look Magazine. It continues to be a significant influence on politicians, journalists, and business leaders. House Speaker Paul Ryan considers Hayek his intellectual guru.

Yet public support for government remained high throughout the postwar years as public services expanded and the economy grew. Hayek and his followers, therefore, were powerless to stem the continued growth of government activities throughout the 1950s. This began to change in 1962 with the publication of Capitalism and Freedom by economist Milton Friedman. Friedman was an effective promoter of two critical ideas: governments were just like markets and government was a public monopoly. Both of these became central arguments of privatization advocates in the 1970s and 1980s.

Friedman’s most important insight was that privatization didn’t necessarily mean cutting popular public services. The public still trusted and valued government programs; Friedman’s argument gave privatization advocates a new approach by making the distinction between government responsibility and government provision of public goods. You could put public services in the hands of private contractors while still maintaining the program. Friedman’s real agenda, though, was clearly about removing public responsibility as well. He called for the elimination of Social Security, the minimum wage, public housing and all national parks.”

A friend told me way back in the 80s that once the privatization started it will be impossible to stop, let alone reverse. This is an easy way for politicians to claim they are saving taxpayer dollars, even though they often are more expensive. Privatization is also an easy way to avoid blame when something goes wrong. This is near and dear to a politician’s heart.

Sunday Funday: Father’s Day Edition

no, no guys it's Fathers Day. You guys are up in a couple of weeks

no, no guys it’s Fathers Day. You guys are up in a couple of weeks

Some quick memories from raising a couple of very strong women:

* Being rescued by the girl scouts when I got lost in the woods at Indian Creek Nature Center when we took s group up to watch maple syrup being made.

* Taking our girls “grazing” – sampling foods in the grocery stores during Saturday morning shopping.

* The youngest trying to teach the dog to say “thank you” when he got a treat.

* Using the stairs as a summer time sledding hill

* Sledding at the golf course in -10 degrees with a howling wind. Followed by hot cocoa and a pleasant murder on “Murder She Wrote.”

* Junior High Girls Basketball. Nothing – and I do mean nothing – like it in the world.

* Having to be on my toes in science and math to stay ahead of them

* Meeting the boyfriends. Having much sympathy for these guys. I was in your shoes once.

Were you paying attention? It was a busy week!

1) Republicans immediately claimed the Orlando massacre was caused by what?

2) Wow – what historical musical cleaned up at the Tonys last Sunday?

3) Due to the Orlando massacre the LGBT community was at the top of the news all week. What does LGBT stand for?

4) Also in Orlando, what other tragedy happened at Disney World?

5) The Rio Olympics face a lot of problems this year. The newest is the banning of what country from the Games for repeated doping?

6) Chuck Grassley took a stand on allowing terror suspects to buy guns. What side of the issue does Chuck fall on?

7) Donald Trump surprised many with his reaction to the Orlando massacre. What was it?

8) A British MP was murdered after meeting constituents in Birstall. The murder appeared to be tied to what emotional issue that comes to a vote next week?

9) At the UEFA soccer tournament in France, what two countries continually clashed even though they were threatened with disqualification?

10) The name of the nightclub in Orlando where the massacre took place is what?

11) A year ago June 16th, you could have picked up a quick $50 by going to what event?

12) Microsoft acquired what social networking company last week for $26 billion?

13) Margaret Vinci Heldt died last weekend. Her claim to fame was what hairstyle ubiquitous in the 60s? (hint: Marge Simpson)

14) Michu Meszaros also died last week. Meszaros was best known as what short, out of this world tv character?

15) June 16, 1963 the first Russian woman in space. June 18, 1983 the first American woman in space. Can you name these pioneering women?

16) A heavily armed man from Indiana was arrested in California on his way to what event?

17) The Supreme Court handed what US commonwealth a major setback in its bankruptcy problems?

18) A Dutch woman had her drink spiked and was raped in Qatar. How was this handled by Qatar authorities?

19) Which senator took over the chamber and held a filibuster until some concessions were made on gun control legislation?

20) David Jolly ended his senate bid in Florida and will run for his current seat in the House. Jolly’s change was in anticipation of what?

BTW – Iowa needs blood. Give your local blood bank a call and set up an appointment. Our hospitals go through a lot of blood in the summer!

1) Islamist terrorists

2) Hamilton – won 11, one short of the record 12 by “The Producers”

3) Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered

4) a toddler was snatched in a lagoon by an alligator – found dead a couple of days later.

5) Russia

6) he’s in favor of letting them buy guns

7) tweet that many had congratulated him on being right. It was about him!

8) the British exit from the EU. The murderer favored exit.

9) Russia and England

10) Pulse

11) Donald Trump’s presidential announcement. He had to pay people to join the audience.

12) linkedin

13) the beehive

14) ALF

15) Valentina Tereshkova and Dr. Sally Ride. Tereshkova is still alive if you are curious

16) the Los Angeles Pride Parade

17) Puerto Rico. Now they must depend on congress for help

18) The woman was arrested and convicted of having sex outside of marriage. She was fined, given a suspended sentence and deported. The rapist received 40 lashes.

19) Chris Murphy of Connecticut

20) Marco Rubio’s entry into the race. Rubio had promised he would not run for his seat previously.

How Could This Happen?

Republicans lost no time in blaming Muslims for the massacre in Orlando last weekend. As the investigation unfolds it becomes more and more clear that the perpetrator was a lone wolf who was really screwed up. Apparently he was really screwed up about his sexuality. His targeting of gays seems to be quite premeditated.

This aspect of the crime is all but ignored by Republicans. The last thing they want to do is to say anything that would promote sympathy for one of their perpetual punching bags.

What they do want to do is to once again is to ignore any evidence and catapult the propaganda that once more we must be in fear and we must turn to the Daddy party for safety. The bogey man du jour is Muslims. In the past it has been Communists, blacks, Latinos or any one of a number of “other” humans. Those folks are still pulled out of the trunk now and then and shaken to remind us to be scared of them, but today we must fear Muslims.

So while the real target was the LGTB community, Republicans once again tilt at the windmill marked “Muslim.”

Not only do they tilt at that windmill, but they insist that we all must talk about their windmill in only a certain way. They insist that their windmill be called “radical Islam” and nothing less. Republicans lecture others on political correctness, that speaking of people and things in a respectful way is somehow evil. Yet within their ranks they practice their own version politically correct speech. In their version anyone or anything marked as an enemy must only be spoken of in a denigrating way. To not do so illustrates your unfitness for office.

So if say a president does not refer to Muslims as “radical Islamists” then that is proof that he is in sympathy with the enemy and must resign. In a similar strain, blacks are referred to as “thugs”; latinos as “drug smugglers or criminals”; anyone who wants strong government as a “communist” or “socialist”; union members are likened to thieves and government workers are portrayed as lazy and worthless. But guns are never bad or a tool of death. Nope guns are good and the more the better.

Republicans want the media and their opponents to only discuss issues using their terms. In other words they want issues spoken of in their politically correct language. Their words are loaded with images they conjure up – my favorite is that Reaganesque term “welfare queen.” The only way we can have substantive discussions is to use words of respect that are not loaded with hate. We can’t make good decisions if our thought process is clouded.

And of course Iowa’s politicians are always ready to join the parade. Here’s Terry Branstad: “My heart goes out to the people that were killed and their families, and I think it underscores why we need to be vigilant, and we need new leadership that’s going to take this threat from Islamic terrorism seriously,”

Steve King once again shows his shallow understanding of any problem that all our ills are caused by terrorists that we don’t talk about in the Republican way:

“King also said that “political correctness” was keeping the United States from responding to and preventing terrorist attacks, a view shared by Trump and Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX).”

A simple google search gives us Mother Jones’ continuing investigation of mass shootings in the US 1993 to 2016. This table shows that most of the mass murders in the US were perpetrated by whites (see pivot table 1 on MJ link). “Islamic Terrorist” doesn’t as yet rate a category.

What we do see in this table is guns, guns, guns. At a glance that is at the core of every mass murder listed. Potential mental illness rates second place. The guns – even weapons of war – are easily obtained in this country thanks in great degree to a lobbying group named the NRA and spineless congress critters like Chuck Grassley and Joni Ernst.

Republicans once again take a serious situation and twist the data to fit their narrative rather than investigate to find the real sources of the problems. If this sounds familiar, let me remind you that 15 years ago airplanes were hijacked and flown into buildings in New York City. Then the Republican administration began the task of fitting an attack by religious extremists from Saudi Arabia to their desire to invade Iraq and steal Iraq’s oil.

Based on statements by various Republican officeholders and candidates we know there is a strong desire to once more have the US get deeply militarily involved in the Middle East. Once again they will need to create a reason for military action. Getting the public to go along with such an adventure again after the last disaster will take a lot of PC – propaganda channeling.

Iowa City Pride Parade Noon Today

iowa city pride symbol

The annual Iowa City Pride Parade is a tradition of fun for the whole family.

Join us as a participant or just watch with friends on a warm June afternoon.

Parade starts at noon and travels through Downtown Iowa City for approximately 30 to 45 minutes.

After the Parade there are many events throughout Downtown including:

Pride on the PedMall, Pride Entertainment on the PedMall, Free Food @ Studio 13, Pride Entertainment @ Studio 13 and more!

Join us as we celebrate acceptance and diversity the third weekend each June.

pride parade route Iowa City 2016

pride parade route Iowa City 2016

Will The Trump Misogyny Play A Role In Iowa’s National Races?

The Judge Grassley Can't Ignore (dailykos photo)

The Judge Grassley Can’t Ignore (dailykos photo)

Over this past week we have seen Chuck Grassley turn into a sniveling fool trying to figure out how to play the game with loose canon Donald Trump heading things up. With Don the Con making flat out racist remarks about a Latino jurist and then doubling down on them lesser Republicans went jumping for hiding places. With none to be found they tried to walk the tightrope of not condoning Trump’s remarks, because that would piss off most sensible Americans while not condemning them and having that condemnation result in their being kicked off Team Republican.

Like most other Republicans, Grassley walked the tightrope and failed miserably. In trying to avoid a trap, Grassley ended up insulting Latina Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomoyor.

Even The Des Moines Register said “invertebrates have more spine than Grassley.”

With that as background, we can imagine what may come to pass this fall when Democrats have a female at the head of their ticket nationally and a female in the top race in Iowa. You can bet your boots that at some point Don the Con will explode and make some incredibly misogynist statement concerning Hillary or women. Trump won’t understand why what he said was offensive and double down. He did so several times in the primary. Why should anything change?

This will leave Republicans in the same dumbstruck pose they found themselves in this past week trying to avoid the slime on one hand and avoiding the wrath of the base on the other. Democrats have three great women candidatesin national races this fall with Patty Judge for senate, Kim weaver in the 4th CD and Monica Vernon in the 1st CD.

Grassley hasn’t been real sharp in unrehearsed moments recently, so his staff may want to prep him for that inevitable Trump misogynist gaffe that will be coming.

In another note just to add to Grassley’s continuing legacy of obstruction he voted with all other Republicans to roll back the new fiduciary rules that were proposed by the department of Labor. You may remember this rule was needed to force financial advisors to act in the best interest of their clients. Very bad vote, Mr. Grassley.

hat tip to dailykos

hat tip to dailykos

Sunday Funday: Summer Is Just Around The Corner Edition

someone needs his catnip tea

someone needs his catnip tea

When summer starts it’s going to really get hot. I looked up some heatwave humor to try to cool off:

It is so hot that:

*The potatoes cook underground, and all you have to do to have lunch is to pull one out and add butter, salt and pepper.
*The birds have to use pot holders to pull worms out of the ground.
*The trees are whistling for the dogs.
*You can make instant sun tea.

Were you paying attention?

1) Iowa State Senator David Johnson of Ocheyedan sent shock waves around the country when he did what?

2) The day before the last of the “super Tuesdays” what news organization claimed Clinton had already won the nomination?

3) June 12, 1963, what civil rights leader is shot in his driveway in Jackson, Miss. leading Pres. Kennedy to propose a comprehensive civil rights bill?

4) Did Swiss citizens accept or reject a proposal for a guaranteed annual income in a vote last Sunday?

5) Judge Alan Persky became social media famous last week following his decision in what case?

6) In a bit of a shock Thursday Iowa House Ways and Means chair Tom Sands announced what?

7) Today is the anniversary of the birth of what world’s best selling author? She never lived to see her diary of hiding from the Holocaust become a book.

8) One year ago next Friday, what heinous racially motivated crime took place?

9) Over in Illinois, Republican Senator Mark Kirk became one of the first Republicans to do what regarding Donald Trump?

10) There is one more primary this week then it’s over. Where is this week’s primary?

11) The Playboy mansion in Los Angeles has been sold. But the sale comes with what unusual stipulation?

12) A nationwide blackout in Kenya was caused by what?

13) June 13th, 1971- the New York Times really tested freedom of the press when it began publication of what top secret documents?

14) The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled Thursday that concealed weapons carry was what?

15) In a major endorsement, what star of the Progressive movement endorsed Hillary Clinton Thursday?

16) In addition to the above endorsement, what two high ranking party officials endorsed Clinton Thursday?

17) June 13, 1966, the Supreme Court handed down the Miranda v. Arizona decision. What practice for police came out of this decision?

18) What supposedly liberal comedienne surprised her public by endorsing Donald Trump?

19) Commercial airline flights can now begin between US cities and what formerly forbidden Caribbean nation?

20) Another sports legend died Friday. What hockey legend mostly known for his association with the Red Wings died at 88?


1) resigned from the republican party because of Donald Trump

2) AP – they recounted super delegates and found enough to put Clinton over the top

3) Medgar Evers

4) rejected by a huge amount

5) the Stanford rapist case. He gave the rapsit a very light sentence which enraged the public

6) That he would retire and not run for reelection.

7) Anne Frank – 1929

8) the shooting of nine black people in a church in Charleston, SC.

9) Pull his support from Trump after Trump’s racist remarks concerning the Latino judge

10) Washington, DC

11) Hefner can continue to live there tip he dies. Hef is 90.

12) A monkey who tripped off a power station which caused others to overload and trip off. The monkey survived.

13) Pentagon Papers

14) not in the constitution. This will probably set up a case to go to there SCOTUS. Vote Clinton.

15) Elizabeth Warren

16) Pres. Obama and VP Biden

17) reciting the Miranda or constitutional rights to an arrestee.

18) Roseanne Barr. She said Trump wasn’t Hillary Clinton

19) Cuba

20) Gordie Howe

Speaking of hockey, stay cool.