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Campaign Ad Collage: Why Vote Democratic

While Patty Judge emphasizes her experience and leadership, Rick Smith at Iowa Starting Line wonders why “Grassley Works” hasn’t seemed to work on Iowa’s flood problems.

“Fast forward six years later to September, 2016 and massive flooding once again hit eastern Iowa. Just last month the Cedar River crested 8 feet over flood stage but the quickly erected temporary barriers held. This flood will cost Cedar Rapids and north eastern Iowans millions of dollars. Cedar Rapids and many river towns have pleaded for federal help to build permanent flood protection, yet Grassley has totally ignored their critical flood requests. Cedar Rapids asked for $73 million following the 2008 flood to complete their levee system. Grassley’s answer: he’s writing letters to the Corps of Engineers. Don’t Iowans need more than a Senator that punches the clock everyday but can only write letters?”

In these two ads, the Clinton campaign provides the contrast between the outlooks of her and Trump’s campaigns:

Monica Vernon draws a real contrast between her policies and actions to those of her opponent. Social Security and Medicare are extremely important to Iowans:

Jim Mowrer in the 3rd district takes the positive approach. Allow me to say that his opponent has been pretty much a rubber stamp for awful Republican policies:

The monumental task of defeating Steve King in the 4th district belongs to Kim Weaver. In a year when Donald Trump is toxic, it could happen. Here Weaver contrasts her philosophy and King’s:

Dave Loebsack once again connects with Iowans at all levels, which explains his enduring popularity:

Finally, once more from the Clinton campaign. This ad may well be an enduring standard for positive advertising:

You won’t see the likes of this from the Republican side.

Sunday Funday: Fall Color Edition

My apologies for being gone the past couple of weeks. Some family business came up.

Well, that and my personal project concerning the Trump effect on tree coloring in the northern US. It seems that trees are sharing a collective fear that they will be criticized bigly by Trump if their coloring does not reach the Trump coloring expectations. We can see these effects in Iowa by noting that the leaves are turning late in response to their fear of Trump criticism. Some may blame climate change. Not true. Trump’s bullying now even affects nature.

Also this week we have some Trump staffers who will be assisting with the puzzle to make sure that their candidate is given a fair shake. They have arrived and are settling in:

Were you paying attention?

1) Prior to the debate Wednesday the Trump hotel in Las Vegas was ringed by what group of vendors a Trump surrogate had once disdained?

2) Trump and Clinton appeared at the Al Smith Dinner together Thursday evening. Al Smith was the first Catholic to run for president. Which party did he represent?

3) Smith was defeated in his bid for the presidency by whom?

4) October 22, 1962. President Kennedy addressed the nation concerning what pending crisis?

5) Which party’s headquarters were damaged in vandalism attacks in Orange County, North Carolina?

6) Last weekend what prominent person suggested that the two presidential candidates be drug tested before their final debate?

7) What prominent Iowa politician agreed with Trump’s contention that there is voter fraud in Iowa, citing college students voting at home and in their college town as an example?

8) Patty Judge and Chuck Grassley met for a little seen debate in what Iowa city Wednesday?

9) Sixty years ago today an uprising took place against Soviet rule in what Soviet bloc country? It was quickly put down, BTW.

10) Delta Airlines made some unwanted news as cabin crews refused help from what type of person during medical emergencies on two separate flights?

11) Running for re-election in Arizona, John McCain said Republicans would stop what nominees from a Clinton administration?

12) Wikileaks founder Julian Assange had his internet connection cut off by whom?

13) The city of Oryol, Russia made news when it unveiled a statue of what highly controversial historical figure?

14) Marine Gen. James Cartwright pled guilty to leaking information on what top secret government hacking program?

15) Roll Over Beethoven! What rock ’n’ roll legend turned 90 last Tuesday?

16) Oelwein police officer Jay Perkins made the news last week by posting a photo on Facebook in which he appears to be doing what?

17) One hundred and fifty five years ago tomorrow (Oct.24, 1861) President Lincoln received the first transcontinental what?

18) Guests at the last debate that Trump invited to upset Clinton included what relation of President Obama?

19) What baseball star made it clear last week that he would run against Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren?

20) Who is a “nasty woman” according to Donald Trump?

Hey, Trump staffers. You guys ready yet?


1) taco trucks

2) the Democratic Party

3) Iowa’s own Herbert Hoover

4) the Cuban missile crisis

5) both the Republican and Democratic HQs were damaged. Pretty much only the Republican attack has been reported.

6) Donald Trump

7) Branstad. Maybe he missed Matt Schultz’s boondoggle taxpayer funded bogus investigation a few years ago?

8) Sioux City

9) Hungary

10) Black women doctors. In both cases the cabin crew indicated they did not believe the women were doctors.

11) nominees to the Supreme Court. Since his statement McCain has been avoiding interviews

12) Ecuador in whose embassy he is in asylum

13) Ivan the Terrible. This is the first statue os Ivan. Oryol is @ 200 miles south of Moscow

14) stuxnet

15) Chuck Berry!

16) peeing on a Clinton/Kaine sign while pointing a gun at the sign. He was not in uniform nor on duty.

17) telegram from the Chief Justice of California.

18) Obama’s half brother who had a falling out with the president.

19) Curt Schilling. *hint: he’s less popular in Mass. than Trump*

20) Hillary Clinton

Uh – Trump staffers – we’re done.

What The Iowa Republican Party Supports

There you have it. Iowa’s Republican Party has over and over reiterated their support for Trump.

The fact that the Iowa Republican Party supports Donald Trump should not be a real surprise. We have a governor who wants to act like a king. Working within the system to do things like privatize Medicaid is a bridge too far for Branstad. He just rules by fiat and then declares everything is fine. This seems like a preview of a possible Trump administration. The philosophy is not “Let’s work together” but “Try and stop me.”

In the US Senate, Iowa’s Chuck Grassley has become a one man obstruction crew. His disdain for Obama and all Democrats is legendary, but this year he has made it into historic and constitutional status. From here on Grassley will be the gold standard of obstruction. He has personally brought the federal judiciary – an extremely important co-equal branch of government – to a judicial crisis of historic proportions. Take a bow, Chuck.

Joni Ernst has distinguished herself as the epitome of the for sale politician. The Koch brothers are buying.

These are the top examples of what Iowa’s Republican Party has become. So backing Trump as he continues to thumb his nose at laws and conventions should hardly be a surprise. It is merely an extension of the Iowa Republicans’ standard practices.

Party before country or anything else.

“There Were No Witnesses”

The face of the Republican Party

The face of the Republican Party

That is a quote from Donald Trump denying that he committed the dozen or so episodes of sexual assault on women that he is accused of.

Of course there weren’t, you dolt. Sexual assault is not usually something that you want to do in front of an audience. It is a crime and therefore something that is done in secrecy. It is also frequently done by someone who has some form of power to another person that the first person has that power over.

This pattern should be familiar to anyone who followed the stories of the boys and some girls who were abused by priests. As a victim of priestly abuse myself, when the stories started coming out I recognized the pattern as if it were taken from a textbook. Powerful person corners a victim in a situation where the powerful person can force their attention on the victim. Often the assaulter has created the situation to make sure that there is little chance of discovery yet looks to be a spur of the moment thing.

When the assault is done the victim is often warned that any attempt to report on this incident will be denied by the assaulter. Who do you think authorities will believe, a liar like you or someone with a pristine reputation like me? If you do anything I will destroy your life in some way. Thus the victim is silenced.

My incident occurred at the ripe old age of 12. The scenario was that I was asked to come to the rectory to help move some things on a Saturday morning in spring. Unbeknownst to me, all other members of the rectory were scheduled to be out of town that day. When I get to the rectory my assaulter quickly moved us to his bedroom. Then the assault began – hands all over me, unzipping me. It almost seems as if it were scripted. Luckily for me he let go of me to take his pants off. I was out the door like a rocket, never stopping until I reached a small woods where I would often go for quiet.

I tried to tell my parents but they shrieked in horror – accusing a priest of such things – I would burn in hell! So while I didn’t stick around to get the story on who had the power in my situation. My parents let me know how things stood very quickly however. I never brought it up again to my parents, nor would I ever say anything to anyone else. The priest spent the rest of that summer trying to get us alone again, literally stalking me He would stop by our home to ask my parents to send me down to the rectory for talks etc. It was, to use the term that is being used so much now – very creepy.

Much like Trump’s victims I said nothing for years – decades in my instance. As the stories of abuse trickled out of Boston at the start of the new century, my suppressed memories came flooding back. One night I could not sleep it bothered me so much. So I hand wrote a letter to the diocese explaining what happened. My abuser was long dead, but I explained that I felt the Catholic Church owed me an apology. That was all i wanted. An acknowledgment that I had been assaulted and there was some remorse on the part of the group that had provided the circumstances.

Instead of any apology, I received a formal letter that my name had been added to a lawsuit. I was livid!

That is about the point we are at in the story of Trump’s assault stories. The parallels between what I went through decades ago and what Trump’s accusers endured is almost like a repeat story. When Donald Trump looked at the camera during that Sunday debate and denied that he had ever accosted any women, I relived getting that formal letter.

Trump supporters claim it is suspicious that accusers seemed to come out of the woodwork all at once. But most humans do not want confrontation. When something very ugly has happened in their life, most of us just want to let it lie and forget about it. That is unless someone calls us liars and defies us. Then we get fighting mad. That is the response Trump has triggered. A dozen or so so far have come forward. They are courageous. Especially courageous is the the young woman who has sued Trump for rape. Also extra courageous is Jill Harth who came forward against Trump in 1997.

So of course there were no witnesses, Donald Trump. You set up the scenarios to be alone with your victims even if for only a few moments so you could exert your power over them. The very fact that there are so many from such diverse areas and backgrounds who have essentially the very same story lends credence to their accusations. The stories also seem to be textbook cases of sexual abuse.

Trump’s assaults are among the major issues of this election. His disregard for others – especially women – in conjunction with his disregard for our laws as shown by his business practices show us that putting ultimate power in his abusing hands would be a huge, huge mistake.

I have a very good idea how this will turn out. Look back at the priest abuse stories for guidance. America owes David Farenthold a big thanks for releasing the tape of Trump bragging about his assaults on that bus among his many contributions to journalism this election season.

What is sickening is that the Iowa Republican Party continues to support Trump and his behavior. There comes a time when leaders must stand up for what is right. In this case that time was several weeks back. The Iowa Republican Party from Grassley to King, Blum, Peters and Young and down to the statehouse and the courthouse deserve a rebuke for their support of Trump.

As I was told so many times as a youth, you make your bed, you lie in it.

Oxymoron Of The Year

Grassley Works

Biding his time, doing nothing waiting for President Trump

Biding his time, doing nothing waiting for President Trump

Every time I drive by a political sign for Grassley that says “ Grassley Works” I have to laugh my butt off.

He works doing what exactly?

All he has done for the past 8 years is stop any progress that could be made.

Who can forget his crazy stand on the stimulus package as our country and the world stood at the bring of major depression.

How about his nutty blocking of any solution of to the health care crisis? Who can forget his “pull the plug on grandma” line during his last re-election.

Right now his work is to block any nominees to the federal bench just waiting for the glorious nominees of President Trump. Does anyone really think he won’t just move his obstruction game to vex another opponent if he is still in charge of the Judiary Committee.

Seriously, Grassley Works. What a joke.

He works about as well as the Corvair I had in college. I had to push it, then hop in and pop the clutch to get it started. I guess the analogy stops there. While my Corvair needed some special attention to get it running, there seems to be nothing that can get Grassley to do his job.

That would probably make a great Twitter meme “Grassley Works like” a broken watch; a Samsung Galaxy 7 phone; a sloth; a bat in the daytime.

Have fun, make up your own.

Remember he has a debate Wednesday night against Patty Judge. Even in running for re-election he has done little. This has been a non-run run.

taking some time off from doing nothng in the senate

taking some time off from doing nothng in the senate

Democrats Continue To Run On Issues



As Republicans across the country and across Iowa run on fear and hate, Democrats continue to run on actual issues. This is often overlooked by the corporate media.

Donald Trump himself has so confused things that he has decided to run against Bill Clinton instead of Hillary. His strategy is somewhat odd also. Trump says don’t vote for Bill because he had consensual sex outside his marriage. Apparently Trump seems to think it is much more acceptable to assault women like he does.

While Trump’s magical mystery tour has taken up most of the oxygen in the room, Democrats from Hillary Clinton – our real presidential candidate – on down to the state house and county courthouse continue to run solid campaigns based on traditional Democratic values.

Since the corporate media has forgotten, Democrats are running on a platform that recognizes humans have been the catalyst in the changing climate and will continue and improve on policies begun in the Obama Administration. Time is running out to address this issue as serious signs of change are beginning to actually affect people in their daily life. For instance storms continue to be fiercer and wetter, dumping huge amounts of rain in areas that have seldom had such problems.

On a national level, Democrats are ready to make some fixes to Obamacare. Like most programs, the first iteration needs adjusting to fix problems and address changes in society. This is normal and needs to be done. Proposals include a public option that would provide competition to private insurance. Also included is the ability to negotiate drug prices for the Medicare Drug program.

Once again Democrats at all levels leave others in the dust when it comes to what are referred to as the “kitchen table issues.” These are the things that families, especially mom and dad, talk about around the kitchen table. Often such issues include the family pocketbook and whether their incomes can meet their aspirations. All families have aspirations, especially for their children.

Under Republicans, America and the world stood at the very brink of a major depression. Despite great leadership under Barack Obama, there are still many problems with the regulations of financial institutions. Regulations must be tightened and competition restored so that the health of a couple of banks doesn’t determine the country’s economic health.

But more to the kitchen table issues. Will there be jobs and will they pay enough so that families can survive and thrive. During the recovery Republicans fought and killed nearly every proposal that Democrats and the Obama Administration proposed. Despite this the economy did recover and jobs were restored, albeit at lower wages. If Democrats are able to regain both house of congress and tyne presidency you can expect to see programs implemented that are both needed to restore the infrastructure and to prepare us for the future while paying good middle class wages. This is the hallmark of Democratic politics.

Another hallmark of Democratic policy is inclusion and equality. This has been a long slog especially with with Republicans doing all they can drag society backwards. With a Democratic congress working with President Hillary Clinton we can expect economic progress that will be shared among all members of society.

One of the best vehicles to the middle class and beyond is college. Due to interest rates, borrowing policies and tuition rises college in recent years has become more of a burden to middle class families and in many cases beyond the reach of the many without taking on massive debt at a young age. While this has a major impact on individuals and families it also has a major impact on America’s future in so many ways.

With huge college loan burdens, future citizens will have their purchasing power stinted which will affect their ability to buy so many things including houses and cars. This in turn will affect jobs. Don’t forget that we are competing in a global marketplace for jobs and a well educated work force is a major factor. Democrats have proposed college be available for free (at a state level) for families making under $125,000 a year.

What about Grandma and Grandpa? Once again, only Democrats will truly address the problem of shrinking Social Security against inflation. While Republican proposals include raising the eligible age to 70 or more and cutting benefits, Democrats are looking to raise benefits. Social Security has allowed dignity in old age since the FDR era. there is no reason for this to be pared back. Don’t forget Medicare. Republicans would love to see it privatized and thus pretty useless to seniors as the premiums would be out of reach for all but the very wealthy.

These is a sample of national level proposals. A President Clinton will get nothing done without a Democratic congress. Before you vote, stop and think of the issues that truly affect you. Will the Republican fear mongering about Muslim terrorists and illegal aliens and voter fraud be note likely to happen (trust me it won’t) or is it more likely that under Republicans you will continue to see your purchasing power diminished, your children’s prospects clouded and your parents’ ending days lived in fear?

Democrats once again face the same reality that actual citizens face and offer solutions that will work for all of us as a nation working together.

On a state level once more we have a real choice. democrats that offer solutions that we actually face on a day to day basis such as education from pre-k through college for our kids. You may have noticed that as the governor and Republicans in the state legislature have refused to address kitchen table issues such as minimum wages. Therefore it has been forced down to the county level. Education has been another issue that affects your daily life and your kids future. We have seen Republicans balk at even small increases for education and then seen the governor slice even those paltry amounts.

Do I need to remind you of the Medicaid mess? It never should have happened. When Branstad unilaterally privatized it, Republicans in the legislature blocked any attempts at stopping or even regulating it except for only minimally. Now senate Democrats continue to hold investigations to make sure that Iowa citizens are not being screwed over. What they have found ism a system in near complete disarray. What the governor claims is that all is fine.

These are but a few reasons to mark that Democratic oval this fall. Simply stated – do you want government to work for you and the common citizen, or do you want more of government for the rich and screw the rest of us.

Yes, She Can!

Yes, She Can!

(note: the puzzle will return next week)

Michelle Obama Responds To Trump’s Misogyny

In case you missed this, Michelle Obama gives a great speech in Manchester, New Hampshire Thursday. While Trump’s name is not mentioned, it is fairly clear who she is speaking of.

Be warned this is a powerful speech that had a couple of people in our household in tears.

The speech is about 27 minutes long:

Aghast As Iowa Republicans Double Down On Trump

one thing women's bodies can shut down

Most people have a mother, sister, daughter, aunt or grandmother. Most of those same people would not want those relatives to be molested by any man no matter what that man’s stature was. Whether the victim is a relative or any woman it shouldn’t make any difference. Sexual assault should never be condoned.

What Donald Trump engaged in was not “locker room talk.” It was sexual assault as CNN newsman Cooper Anderson pointed out at the October 8th debate. It is sad to see our media take the sting out of Donald Trump’s words by using his euphemism of “locker room talk.” Like many men, I have spent time in locker rooms after a workout or game and the talk does not turn to violent sexual fantasies. Maybe in Donald Trump’s world it does

Yet the Iowa Republican Party from the top down including the governor, both of our senators and the three Republican congressmen are all more than happy to turn a blind eye when the sexual assaulter is their party’s standard bearer for the presidency.

As a nation we should not hire a man who admittedly committed sexual assault in a nationally released tape. Nor should we rehire those who defend him even after he admitted during the debate that he committed such acts.

To stand idly by or worse to condone such practices by continuing to endorse this man, Donald Trump, should be condemned by every Iowan with a lick of morality or a female relative. Yet the leaders in the Iowa Republican Party had their chance and refused to do so.

According to, Senator Grassley will continue to endorse Donald Trump because of the Supreme Court. It is amazing that a sitting senator can condone sexual assault so his party can win, but there it is in black and white.

Senator Ernst’s stand in continuing to endorse Trump is particularly puzzling since she has made sexual assault in our armed forces one of her signature issues. Does she think sexual assault is OK outside the armed forces? Or is it OK of done by prominent individuals?

It is not too surprising Iowa’s three Republican representatives turned a blind eye. They are from the extreme wing of the party and as such believe one of their own can do no wrong.

In a survey of the Iowa legislature done by Progress Iowa a few weeks back, all Republican legislators refused to say one way or another whether they stood with Trump. What cowardice.

Branstad has also long ago gone to the extreme wing of the party, but also has a vested interest since his son is Trump’s campaign manager in Iowa.

Not only does this say a lot about the leadership of the Republican Party in Iowa, it will also say a lot about Iowans if they choose Trump.

The leaders of the Iowa Republican Party failing to stand up for the women of Iowa and of our country is also cowardice.

Donald Trump says this is not a big issue. Yes it is. It affects half the country (the women) and every family in this country. Your admission made the safety and civil rights of women a huge issue.

Grassley also shows a decided lack of knowledge of recent American history. Trump has already announced economic policies that most economists say will throw the world into a huge depression. Perhaps Mr. Grassley forgets the end of the Bush 43 administration as the country bled jobs at nearly 800,000 a month and common Americans lost their homes and their life savings.

When Republicans, especially Grassley, blame the Obama administration with poor economic policy they ignore the fact that unemployment stands at a fairly low 5%. They also ignore a stock market that has tripled since Obama has been president. They also ignore the fact that the economy could be much better had the Republicans not stopped every economic program from the day Obama became president.

Iowa Republicans toss away their integrity as if it means nothing out of an irrational fear of Hillary Clinton. Republicans in congress have spent well over $100M investigating Hillary Clinton, over $20M this past year and have found nothing wrong. Talk about abuse of power!

Wasting tax dollars, bad economics and party first politics is what Republicans are offering this year. It is a bad buy.

Trump’s problem with women is hardly news, though. The corporate media has failed in its duty to report on similar incidents that have come to light over the past year and a half. Included among those is the rape of a minor from the 1990s and another assault in the late 90s.

When the Trump defenders claim Bill Clinton did the same, it is a moot statement. Bill Clinton is not running for president.

Corporate media’s failure on reporting on Donald Trump is nearly matched by their continued false reporting on Hillary Clinton. As noted above Republicans in congress spent over $100M dollars investigating Clinton. Who knows how many hours have been wasted? Yet for their pursuance of Hillary Clinton like an animal, they have come up empty and been absolved of any accusations. The only people who still believe that Clinton did something illegal are the Fox News and Breitbart fans. Even Russian hackers have had to resort to faking emails to try to create controversy.

As Hillary Clinton did amazing things over her lifetime the American press has seldom reported them. Instead they have focused on the false accusations as if Clinton was a convicted criminal. The caricature that their reporting has created over 30+ years of has been a huge disservice to our country.

Will you vote for cowardly Republicans or the party that has stood up to the bullies and for minorities, women, the disabled and our armed forces? Remember a vote for Trump will say a lot about Iowa to the world. I would not want to tell my daughters that I voted for Trump in this election.

Iowa Needs State Senators Brase And Courtney Returned

Don’t Forget Those State Races When You Vote!

Senator Chris Brase

Senator Chris Brase

You can vote early now, so let’s get it done!

State Senator Tom Courtney

State Senator Tom Courtney

Don’t forget that much of the impetus for the downgrading of American lifestyles has come from politicians not at the national level, but at the state level. While Republicans have tied our national government into an ineffective knot, statehouse across the country have enacted laws to stifle voting, quash unions and privatize schools, prisons, and as in Iowa privatize the access to Medicaid.

In Iowa this is a critical election. Terry Branstad shows signs of wanting to complete a power grab by his administration that would put Iowa in league with states following the tea bag formula to disastrous government. A one seat swing plus the expected return of David Johnson of Ocheydon to the Republican fold would give Branstad the opportunity to pursue legislation similar to states like Wisconsin and Kansas.

If you have missed it both Kansas and Wisconsin have been the epitome of poorly run states. In Kansas, Governor Sam Brownback stopped the publication of an in house report that was supposed to extol the glory of his tea bag revolution. The results have been disastrous and all he can do is try to pretend they never happened.

In Wisconsin a copy of the federal John Doe investigation revealed that the Scott Walker regime up there has been a cauldron of corruption while unions have been destroyed, judicial chairs auctioned and voting rights taken away.

Given both houses of the state legislature, Terry Branstad would no doubt like to repeat what Republicans see as good policy. Not having both houses hasn’t really slowed him down a whole lot. However he has had to do it with some headwind from the Democratic controlled senate.

To keep any repeats of recent Branstad power grabs from happening Iowans really need to return the legislature to Democratic hands. A major gift that Democrats have been given this year is the candidacy of Donald Trump and his exposing of the Republican Party as a party that favors the wealthy and that has little time for those who are not male and white. With Republican leadership in Iowa backing Trump to the hilt it isn’t much of a stretch to say that Iowa’s Republican Party endorses Trumpian policies.

One race that could be one of the closest in the senate is the race between Chris Brase and Mark Lofgren in senate district 46 which includes western Scott and Eastern Muscatine county.

Just completing his first senate term, Senator Brase has been an absolute bulldog in standing up for Democratic values in the legislature. When it comes to standing up for working people, Brase is one of the go to people in the Iowa legislature. Brase has been a loud and constant critic of the Governor in the whole privatization of Medicaid fiasco. His opponent on the other hand during his tenure in the Iowa house was a tool for the wealthy.

If you want to help Chris Brase retain his seat in the senate you can contribute here.

Another important seat in the Iowa senate is that of Burlington senator Tom Courtney. You have seen many of Senator Courtney’s newsletters on these pages throughout the last several legislative sessions. Senator Courtney was once on the shop floor like many of us. He has not forgotten what it was like to be a working person. As his campaign slogan says “He’s got our backs in the state senate.” That is not just a slogan, but a statement of fact.

Courtney was there to stand up to Matt Schultz when the then Secretary of State tried to single handedly impose voter restrictions on Iowans. Courtney stopped it. Senator Courtney, like Senator Brase was one of the early and loud critics of Branstad’s Medicaid privatization scheme.

In short Senators Courtney and Brase are two of of the best voices for the common Iowan whether they be a farmer, laborer, office worker or small business owner.

More than ever, in this time when Trump has bent policy to the detriment of the vast majority of the citizenry, we recommend voting a straight party ticket. And in Iowa the sooner the better!

Do not forget that you can vote absentee by mail in Iowa. You can check your registration here. If you are not registered you can do so here. Then you can request an absentee ballot here and return this form to the county auditor’s office.

Since requesting an absentee ballot requires a trip to your county auditor’s off why not do what we did Friday and just stop in there and vote. You can vote at your county auditor’s office during regular business hours until election day. It is easy and that way you are sure you voted.

Sunday Funday: You Can Vote Now! Edition

Youngster addresses Charlotte city council (2 minutes)

I saw that video online and was overwhelmed by it. The only thing it has to do with voting is to remind you of some of the unspoken issues in every district in the country. Equality for all despite race, gender or creed. You may have noticed that one side is decidedly short in this area this year.

Here is a take on last weeks debate from Andy Borowitz that seems to be right on the money:

HEMPSTEAD, N.Y. (The Borowitz Report)—Plunging the future of the 2016 Presidential debates into doubt, Donald J. Trump said on Tuesday morning that he would not participate in the remaining two debates if Hillary Clinton is there.

Trump blasted the format of Monday night’s debate by claiming that the presence of Clinton was “specifically designed” to distract him from delivering his message to the American people.

“Every time I said something, she would say something back,” he said. “It was rigged.”

He also lambasted the “underhanded tactics” his opponent used during the debate. “She kept on bringing up things I said or did,” he added. “She is a very nasty person.”

Were you paying attention?

1) Tweet storm! Donald Trump spent the early morning hours of Friday (3AM) tweeting nasty about who?

2) Last week Kentucky became the 6th state to report what usually lovable characters lurking in dark places to scare people at night?

3) 108 years ago yesterday, what major leap in technology went on sale? This item would dramatically alter America’s landscape and air quality.

4) Seattle Mariners suspended Steve Clevenger for the remainder of the season for doing what?

5) Donald Trump declared himself “smart” for not doing what in Monday’s debate?

6) “Arnie’s Army” lost its leader last week. Who was that?

7) Social media giant Twitter is rumored to be for sale. What media giant is said to be very interested in acquiring Twitter?

8) Once again testimony in the New Jersey Bridgegate scandal claimed that what major politician knew of the closures when it happened and did nothing?

9) When is a charity not a charity? When it hasn’t received proper what from the state?

10) We learned Monday that what 10 year old loves to cyber?

11) After telling probate court justices in Alabama to defy federal gay marriage rules, what Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice has been suspended for the rest of the term?

12) Polk County became the 4th county in Iowa to raise what?

13) Making an appearance on Hardball with Chris Matthews what Libertarian presidential candidate had another “Aleppo” moment?

14) The Americas were declared to be the first global region free of what endemic disease?

15) What cartoon character has been designated a hate symbol by the Anti-Defamation League alongside the Nazi swastika and the Confederate flag?

16) Revelations by news week’s Kurt Eichenwald show that candidate Donald Trump illegally did business with what country?

17) Fifty-nine years ago next Tuesday Americans were jolted by the news that the USSR had done what while they slept?

18) Congress adjourned for the elections after a budget extension that included money for repairing the water system in what beleaguered city?

19) CEO John Stumpf of what “too big to fail” bank has been forced to forgo stock options and bonuses worth $41 million due to claw back provisions imposed by his board of directors?

20) After overriding the President’s veto on the 9/11 Saudi Arabian lawsuit bill, Republican leaders had second thoughts and claimed the President had “not done enough” to do what?

Tuesday Trump claimed he was declared winner of a post debate poll by CBS. No such poll was ever conducted


1) Former Miss Universe Alicia Machado. Among other things, Trump claimed she made porn videos she never made.

2) clowns

3) Ford’s Model T

4) racist tweets

5) paying taxes.

6) Golfer Arnold Palmer

7) Disney

8) Chris Christie

9) Certification. Specifically the Trump Foundation was never certified to receive contributions. Very illegal (David Farenthold of the Washington Post reporting)

10) Baron Trump

11) Roy Moore

12) minimum wage

13) Gary Johnson

14) measles

15) Pepe the frog

16) Cuba

17) launched the Sputnik satellite

18) Flint

19) Wells Fargo – a big thanks to Elizabeth Warren for that BTW.

20) stop them from overriding their veto. After the override Republicans are having second thoughts about the consequences.

In case you missed this. Hillary Clinton “Between Two Ferns” (6 minutes)