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June 2017
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Archive for June 14, 2017

Trump “Cabinet Meeting” Was Fake To The Nth Degree

Here’s what the media said about Trump’s “cabinet meeting” where they went around the room making up huge lies about how awesome Trump is, etc.

“weird” CNN

“pathetic, shameful, unAmerican”  Twitter

“awkward” CNBC

“embarassing” Axelrod

“strokefest” Colbert

“sick” Morning Joe

“really weird” Newsweek

The sole purpose of  this display was not as everyone in the media claims, to make Donald feel more secure because he is a narcissist, which he is, but that’s not why they did this.  Watch the clip again.  The comments seem scripted and rehearsed and contain effective but fake messages to voters like how much Trump cares about workers. This was an info-mercial designed to reassure the brainwashed Trump voters that might be waivering in their loyalty, that there is no need to waiver in their support of Trump, despite the Russia investigation closing in because hey, just look at all these rich important powerful white guys sitting in the White House, agreeing with you and praising King Trump! The liberal media is lying! Only listen to Trump because he is the only one telling you the truth. 

This was tax-payer funded FAKE NEWS.  And as usual, the media fell for it.