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April 2017
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Archive for April 7, 2017

Weekend Action Alert From Rob Hogg


Here are ten issues you can raise this weekend with state legislators or Governor Branstad by call, email, or in person. Below is the Iowa Federation of Labor’s list of forums:

1. Budget proposals coming up that would cut overall budget $37.9 million below revised recommendations from Branstad and Reynolds which already contained deep cuts – speak up to stop cuts to education, health and human services, and public safety including corrections and survivors programs

2. New Government Barriers to Voting (HF516) – passed Iowa House, amended by Iowa Senate to shorten the window for absentee voting from 40 to 29 days, on calendar in Iowa House

3. Planned Parenthood Ineligible for Medicaid Reimbursement (SF2) – passed Iowa Senate, still pending in Iowa House – may be part of Republican budget bill in both House & Senate

4. Abortion Restrictions (SF471) – Passed Iowa Senate with fetal anomoly exception, passed Iowa House with amendment to strike fetal anomaly and impose minimum 72-hour waiting period before all abortions, now pending again in Iowa Senate

5. Create Religious Exemptions for Boarding School Regulations (SF443/HF602) – passed the Iowa House, companion bill is pending in Iowa Senate

6. Unfunded Mandate on Local Officials to Enforce Immigration Laws (SF481) – still pending in Iowa Senate, Iowa House version was sent back to committee

7. Dismantle Des Moines Water Works (HF484/SF456) – still pending in both Iowa House and Iowa Senate

8. Caps on Damages for Medical Malpractice Injuries (SF465) – Passed Iowa Senate, still pending in Iowa House

9. End Bottle and Can Deposit Law (HF575/SSB1186) – pending in the Ways & Means Committee in both the Iowa House and Iowa Senate

10. Firearms Bill (HF517) – Passed both Iowa House and Iowa Senate – contact Governor Branstad (515-281-5211) to urge him to veto law, like the South Dakota Governor, because of Capitol carry and other provisions to allow more use of deadly force.


AMES – 8:30 am, Ames City Council Chambers, 515 Clark Ave, 2nd Floor.

ALTOONA – 10:00 am, Altoona Hy Vee Upper Level Meeting Room, 108 8th St SW

ANKENY – 9:00 am, Nevelin Building, Lunch Room, 406 SW School St.

BURLINGTON – 9:00 am, West Burlington City Hall, 122 Broadway

CARROLL – 10:00 am, Legislative Forum with Senator Mark Segebart & Representative Brian Best, Carroll Dental Associates, 1406 N Hwy 71, Carroll

COUNCIL BLUFFS – 9:00 am, Legislative Coffee with Council Bluffs Area Legislators at Wilson Middle School, in the Auditorium, 715 N 21st Street.

DENISON – 10:00 am, Cronks Cafe 812 4th Ave South

DES MOINES – 10:00 am, Northwest Community Center, 5110 Franklin Avenue.

ESSEX – 11:00 am, Essex City Hall Community Room, 412 Iowa Avenue.

INDIANOLA – 8:00 am, Indianola High School, West Cafe 1304 E 1st Avenue.

MASON CITY – 10:00 am, Mason City Public Library 225 2nd St. SE

NORWALK – 9:00 am, Norwalk CIty Hall, 705 North Avenue.

PRESCOTT – 3:00 pm, Prescott Public Library, 607 2nd Street

SPENCER – 10:30 am, Eggs & Issues at Spencer City Hall in the Council Chamber, 418 2nd Ave West.

WAUKEE – 9:30 am, Waukee City Hall, 230 West Hickman