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Opening Day: Peace + Justice = Love

iowa capitolToday is the opening day of the 2014 Iowa legislative session. By most reports, our electeds on both sides of the aisle are already planning to be “efficient,” that is, cut out early or on time in order to hit the dusty campaign trail.  Maybe it’s just as well.

Rep. Ako Abdul-Samad wins the prize for keeping clear priorities and for best overall perspective on why we have legislative sessions and why we have democratically elected representatives.

“Peace be upon all, the legislative session starts tomorrow.  “No matter who is in the majority, if we don’t work together then Iowans get hurt and children suffer. Let’s work for the people of Iowa, we can make it a better place.” Peace+Justice=Love.”  Follow on FB


Caucus Time!

~ Fair warning, the Iowa caucuses are virtually upon us.  January 21.  Get ready, plan to be there. If you don’t participate, the rest of us have to do more work. Do your civic duty and get yourself to your precinct caucus.  All the info. you need is right here, see the links below.  And we will be reminding you.

Why caucus?

On January 21, 2014, Iowa Democrats will gather all across the state to celebrate the unity and strength of the Democratic Party, and start planning for an exceptional general election season.

Caucusing is the best way to be an active participant in the Iowa Democratic Party’s platform and agenda, and will be critical to victories up and down the ticket in 2014. Involving Democrats now will help build a strong grassroots organization for the midterms, and will ensure we have volunteers and supporters in every part of the state.

Click here to find your caucus location @

In 2014, Democrats have much to accomplish: expanding the majority in the Iowa Senate, retaking the Iowa House, electing Democrats to Congress, unseating Terry Branstad once and for all, and making sure that Bruce Braley is elected to the United States Senate.

To accomplish these goals, Democrats need to get involved early and participate in the January 21 caucuses. Attendees will have the opportunity to contribute to the Iowa Democratic Party’s 2014 platform and agenda, and will meet with fellow Democratic friends and neighbors to start building a grassroots organization that will lead us to victory in November.

Click here to find your caucus location

Having a strong and successful caucus in 2014 will show that Iowans stand behind Democrats’ progressive fight for Iowa’s future.

We look forward to seeing you at the 2014 Iowa Democratic Caucuses!

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