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Good Time To Talk About Money In Politics

pile-of-moneyThe government is shut down as Republicans try to upturn the Constitutional processes for repealing laws. Since many of the Republicans who are fanning the flames of the impasse they created are funded in the most part by a few incredibly rich patrons, this seems like a good time to discuss money in politics and public funding of elections. I have no doubt that without the decision in Citizen’s United that opened up the money spigot many of the current tea bagger crop would never have been elected.

Until private money is removed elections will always be suspect

While We Are At It – We Need Voting Verification.
Another election reform that is needed immediately is paper verification of election machines. Voting machines have been shown to be notoriously bad. They are bad enough that an overhaul of the system should be a top priority. Machines must always be secured, the code running the machine must belong to the state and open to testing, and most of all we need a paper trail that can be audited at any time.

Really Tim Griffin?
Tim Griffin republican from Arkansas and a tea bagger favorite, claims the attack on the White House Thursday was caused by the violent speeches by President Obama and Minority leader Pelosi and Senator Shumer. When you make an insane statement like that you should some be forced to back it up with concrete examples.

Reality, Responsibility, Rationality
Let us face it, Republicans live in a fantasy world with fantasy enemies who have fantasy abilities and are stealing them blind with their fantasy abilities to bilk the government dry. Their fantasy enemies include almost every American that makes less than $150,000/ year, immigrants, children of immigrants, women, teachers, government workers, users of contraceptives and especially women.

Next time I ask that people vote for those who favor reality not fantasies.please vote for those who have shown responsibility over the past decade as those who escape responsibility by blaming all others and their fantasy enemies. And I will vote for those who approach problems with rationality, not some fantasy miracle cure that will magically solve all our problems like arming every man woman and child. As Americans we should ask every candidate for every office to pass a ‘3R’ test.

DO NOT FORGET – This Is A Republican Shutdown
That will be followed by another REPUBLICAN SHUTDOWN that may well be followed by a REPUBLICAN ECONOMIC DISASTER of mythical proportions. Be sure to give credit where credit is due every time you talk about it. We are still working our way though the last REPUBLICAN RECESSION fighting REPUBLICAN OBSTRUCTION all the way.

Be sure to call your senator or representative, especially if they are Republicans and tell them “enough is enough!”

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