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The Oboist

John Shumaker

John Shumaker

The Oboist

in an octave of eight
August is month eight
nothing august
about eight nine forty five
August ninth nineteen forty five
on that day the United States
incinerated a totally civilian population
of Nagasaki
roasted them alive
as Truman “true man?” was wont to boast
school children
just think of it
that’s genocide folks
a war crime
punishable under Nuremberg Tribunals
UN Declaration of Human Rights
the sonorous overtones
of the oboist plays this day
in an octave of dolorous tone
a dirge rung
in all the Bells
around this planet
Tibetan Bells
the oboist plays
Cistercian Bells
the Oboist plays
Hindu Bells
the Oboist plays
Hebrew Bells
the Oboist Plays
Sikh Bells
the Oboist Plays
Jain bells
the Oboist Plays
Never Again Bells
the Oboist Plays
Not In Our Name Bells
the Oboist Plays
Not Forgotten Bells
the Oboist Plays
Forgiveness Bells
the Oboist Plays
Reconciliation Bells
the Oboist Plays
Compassion Bells
the Oboist Plays
Planetary Sentience Bells
the Oboist Plays
Cessation of Suffering
of ALL Sentient Beings Bells
the Oboist Plays
Until the Octave is heard
this planet
Let Us Begin an Octave the Oboist wants to play
an octave Millenium of Peace
Without Beginning
Without End
No More Nagasaki
No More Hiroshima
No More Hibakusha
No more nuclear forever
Eternal Peace Flame Sings
May Peace Prevail Upon Earth
Sadako’s Thousand Cranes of Peace
May Peace Prevail Upon Earth
Let It Begin With Me

John Shumaker
Nagasaki Day
August Ninth
Two Thousand
and Thirteen
Om Na Myo Ho Renge Kyo
Pacem in Aeternam
Pacem in Aqua Terra

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