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Crazy Talk from Ames #FLS2013

Ted Cruz Boots Photo Credit Mike Wiser

Ted Cruz Boots Photo Credit Mike Wiser

Conservatives met in Ames this weekend at the Family Leader Summit 2013, making the case for detractors of Iowa’s first in the nation caucuses with their extreme views and media circus.

While views expressed at the event are in the minority among Iowans, who gave Barack Obama their seven electoral votes in 2012, Iowa conservatives garner broad bandwidth in the news media. President Obama and the congress are on vacation, so it was a slow news day.

Family Leader spokesperson Bob Vander Plaats indicated a number of news media outlets were credentialed. Iowa City’s Adam B. Sullivan posted,
Media CountC-SPAN has partial coverage archived, including speeches by Rick Santorum and Donald Trump, the latter appearing to be the media darling of the event.

Tumpmentum …although some disagreed, Not Going to work With his usual style, Trump named the impossible dream for Republicans,
Trump Quote

The event hit some of the current conservative memes, including the tug of war over who is the most conservative freak to occupy airspace about the 2016 Republican presidential nomination,
Blown Away Speakers touched on immigration,
Larry the Cable Guy … abortion,
Koslow … abolishing the IRS,
IRS … a call to break the law, King Defy IRS … and more votes to repeal Obamacare,Obamacare There were also bits of advice rendered,
Weird …and, Gay Agenda There was analysis, Analysis Gay… and,Analysis Ron Paul

Seems like a bunch of crazy talk to me, but what would a progressive blogger know? Oh, that’s right, I’ve read Sun Tzu, “pretend inferiority and encourage his arrogance.” There’s more on twitter at the hashtag #FLS2013 if readers can stomach it.

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