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Are Iowa’s Twelve Rush Limbaugh Radio Stations Polluting Our Political Discourse?

On Tuesday’s show, Rush Limbaugh acknowledged that the “sniveling jerks” of the StopRush movement have driven his advertising possibilities into the ground:

As usual, Limbaugh has some of his facts confused.  The “little sniveling jerks” he refers to would be the StopRush movement, groups like the Flush Rush Facebook community.

But these groups aren’t “trying to scare advertisers,” they’re simply contacting advertisers and quoting Rush Limbaugh verbatim to be sure the sponsor is aware of what they’re being associated with [italics BFIA’s].

Many of them aren’t aware, and they often choose to pull their ads off the show.

2638 have requested their ads not air on the Rush Limbaugh Show as of today.

But the reason these organizations pull their ads off the show isn’t because of StopRush volunteers, it’s because of the offensive content that comes out of Limbaugh’s mouth–including regular homophobic rants, racial stereotypes, poor bashing, and even last week’s incredibly insensitive jokes about exploding pressure cookers, just one day after 3 people were brutally murdered in Boston.  Respectable organizations want nothing to do with that kind of thing.

Limbaugh alone is responsible for his advertiser exodus–nobody else.

As Limbaugh’s large, well known advertisers have headed for the door, ad rates that Limbaugh used to call “confiscatory” have dropped to all time lows.

Advertisers like Sony, Hallmark, Cadillac, and Office Depot have been replaced by a ragtag bunch including a suspected pyramid scheme, shady identity protection software, and even a church led by a murdering pastor.  Oh, and the “penile enhancements.”  ~

And just how many Limbaugh stations does one state actually need?  Iowa seems to have more than enough at 12.  Enough to saturate the publicly owned airwaves with rightwing blather.  180 hours per week of rightwing sludge polluting the political discourse. Please join the flushrush movement on FB.  And while you’re at it, please go sign the petition to Clear Channel that is nearing 500,000  signatures.  Let’s get to work.

Anamosa     KWMG-FM 95.7     MoFr 11a2p
Burlington     KCPS-AM 1150     MoFr 11a2p
Cedar Rapids     WMT-AM 600     M-F 1p-4p
Davenport     WOC-AM 1420     M-F 11a-2p
Des Moines     WHO-AM 1040     M-F 1p-4p
Dubuque     WDBQ-AM  1490     M-F 11a-2p
Estherville     KILR-AM 1070     MoFr 11a2p
Fort Dodge     KVFD-AM 1400     MoFr 11a2p
Mason City     KGLO-AM 1300     MoFr 11a2p
Sheldon     KIWA-AM 1550     M-F 11a-2p
Sioux City     KSCJ-AM 1360     MoFr 11a2p
Waterloo/CF     KXEL-AM 1540     M-F 11a-2p

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