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David Cay Johnston Makes Me Mad

David Cay JohnstonI am listening to an interview on the internet radio (WCPT in Chicago) between Ed Schultz and David Cay Johnston. Johnston makes me mad. He makes me mad because he is the one person who has been chronicling just how our democracy has been so bent in favor of the extremely rich and how much they have profited over the past 33 years since the Reagan Administration.

No, I am not mad at Johnston. What I am mad at is the politicians that have come and gone over the past 33 years and either participated in the destruction of our economic system or who have sat by and watched those others destroy our system. It should be a crime and someone should be paying a price.

But here we sit 5 full years after the great meltdown where those who have had politicians doing their bidding for those 33 years nearly took down the worldwide economy and not a one has been brought to trial, let alone served any punishment. The world economy is still shaky, the wealthy are still buying politicians and nothing has changed. I am mad

And I don’t know what to do. I have signed petitions until the keys on my keyboard are blanked out. I have made calls, knocked doors, written letters, marched proudly for candidates who will buck the current system as have millions of others. And nothing, nothing we do is slowing down the handing over of America’s freedoms and money to the uber wealthy.

And David Cay Johnston is chronicling it all and telling us just how bad the citizens are getting screwed. So it is not like we don’t know. In his last 3 books, Johnston tells us over and over how the law has purposely been bent for the rich by our elected officials. In black and white, on page after page he goes into great detail on how this has happened – how the rich get taxpayers to pay their expenses, how the rich have incomes that have grown thousands of percent while workers incomes have stayed stagnant and so on in what seems to be science fiction tales but aren’t.

David Cay Johnston makes me mad and like many others I want to do something about the conditions he is reporting on. Our democracy is not responding to the majority of the people because of gerrymandering and questionable voting machines. What can we do? Occupy seemed to have some effect, but it seemed that once the rich saw it was working, it was time to send in the police to “maintain order” or surpress the movement if you please.

Let me finish by saying THANK YOU to David Cay Johnston for making me mad. I hope he makes millions mad. And I hope those millions realize we can only change things if we unite.

Note: David Cay Johnston’s last 3 books are:

Free Lunch: How the Wealthiest Americans Enrich Themselves at Government Expense (and Stick You with the Bill)

Perfectly Legal: The Covert Campaign to Rig Our Tax System to Benefit the Super Rich–and Cheat Everybody Else

The Fine Print: How Big Companies Use ‘Plain English’ to Rob You Blind.

I have them, but can’t read them they make me so mad

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