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December 2012
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Archive for December 11, 2012

How We Can Fight Branstad’s Bad Budget Plan

Taking on Branstad’s Bad Budget Plan: The Truth about Iowa’s Budget and Tax Policy

https://Taking on Branstad’s Budget

There is an important role for our government to play and it needs to be funded (and allocated) fairly.

Join us  Tuesday, Dec 11, 2012 7:00 – 8:00 pm  for this webinar opportunity with special guests David Osterberg & Peter Fisher from the Iowa Policy Project   

Learn how progressives in Iowa – from labor and teachers to factory farm fighters and environmentalists – can flip the narrative and go on offense to ensure we have a state budget that fully supports our vision of a “People First” Iowa. And, a state budget that ensures giant corporations and the super wealthy pay their fair share.

During this webinar you’ll learn:

• What’s at stake when elected officials talk “budget” “government” and “spending”.

• Our state’s fiscal situation and how to debunk the myths of “out of control government” and “high taxes” in Iowa.

• How we can unify around a “People First” narrative that supports all of our issues.

Iowa CCI Action staff will also share the biggest challenges we’ll be up against at the statehouse and the exciting opportunities we have to work together to get action on our big vision this year.

Ready to help take on Branstad’s bad budget plan and corporate agenda?

Click here to register now



Limited Government (Under God)

When our nation’s founders wrote their remarkable (in theory and in actual words chosen) document, they worked on many versions, arguing with each other over many points.  They knew it was not dictated by God, not perfect, not a miraculous final word for all the ages.  For the first democracy of its kind, at that time in history, they did the best they knew how, compromising  with each other on various points.

And so it is now,  in a very different setting of social complexity, technical knowledge, and faster pace of change,  we need to redefine our expectations of our government.

We are no longer an agrarian nation.  We never will be again.   Our farms are now businesses.  Having no food assistance for poor people in cities is completely different from having no food assistance for people with the time and place to grow their own food.

When our government began,  medical care was very basic for everyone.  Doctors couldn’t do much better than dedicated nursing care from the family in most cases.

Where else do we want to limit government?  Education?  In those days, rich children were educated at home, privately.  Poor children left their families at very early ages, if they were lucky enough to find an apprenticeship somewhere.

Should we limit our national imagination and progress to only the already wealthy?

Courts and the justice system

Should we throw out all of our laws and start over from scratch?

At the time of our country’s beginning, all other governments were strictly and entirely about keeping the currently powerful people in power.  They were not about capitalism.  Laws made in every corner of the earth benefitted those in power, not businesses.  Justice was rarely an issue.

If we limit laws and the justice system, people without honor will soon abuse others.

Laura Twing lives in Cedar county, with her husband, and various animal companions.