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July 2012
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Archive for July 28, 2012

Everyday I Think Of This

Hug your kids. Every day, hug your kids. Be sure to let them know that you love them. Let them know that you are trying to do your best for them. Sometimes you make mistakes, but you are trying. And when them must be corrected, correct them with love as if it may be the last time you see them. If your children are grown and moved away, be sure that you speak with them often, and when you do be sure they know they are loved. If you still have living parents make sure they know that they you care deeply for them. And always give an extra squeeze to those grandchildren.

The shootings in Aurora woke up these feelings in me. It seems like death can be but a moment away in America these days. A gun can be an easy solution to whatever is giving a troubled person troubles. Sometimes egged on by an unrelenting talk radio that makes enemies of fellow citizens, some lash out in the twisted idea that they will be revered as heroes. In other cases, a person carries the burdens of unfulfilled potential and seeks out those they somehow feel have caused their problems. Sometimes the victim has been marked as an inferior human being because of their skin color or their sexuality or their language when some horribly perverted decides that some higher power has picked them to be the avenger.

Whatever the reason, you will never know when the kids walk out the door that day whether or not they will be coming back. You will never know when you make that Skype call to your long since grown children if that may be the last you see of them. When you see your aging parent going out for a walk, you never know if that is the last time you will see them. Each of these may be just around the corner from the next person with an arsenal and a score to settle.

Guns are an efficient and impersonal way to kill. Witha a knife or with your hands or even with a baseball bat, a person must get up close and personal with the victim. With a gun you don’t have to ever look in the victim’s eyes or even see the victim. So impersonal. Eighty-four Americans lose their lives to a gun every day. Some by their own hand, many by accident, but many by someone who has access to easily obtained weapons with a score to settle and sometimes spurred on by some drug such as alcohol. And within a few seconds a life is snuffed out and families are left devastated.

When asked by Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday if mass killings were going to be a way of life in America, Senator Ron Johnson from Wisconsin simply said “Yes.”

Really?? Really Senator?? You are in a position of responsibility and you say that Americans shooting each other should be our way of life? That is not the America I want for my kids, grandkids, parents or any of my loved ones. I have never believed that there is an absolute right to own a gun. The right to free speech has been interpretted that it can’t be used to cause panic or incite riots. Few disagree with that. Yet for some reason there is an outcry when anyone suggests that any curb on owning guns should be imposed. The second amendment contains the qualifying phrase “A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state …”

Arming every person in America seems like an insane solution to the problem. Much like doing away with traffic laws to stop traffic deaths. If Senator Ron Johnson has a desire to have his loved ones be target practice for people with mental health issues who have access to guns, then more power to him. I have not poured all the love and sweat and tears and worry into my loved ones to let that happen.

The mark of a civilized nation is not that each and every citizen can kill another at a second’s notice over some trifle. The mark of a civilized nation is that those who have a disagreement can sit together and work out a solution. And that we all share in the fruits of what our nation and our form of government has bestowed on us.

I will continue to hug my kids, I will continue to show my loved ones that I care. One way I will do this is by working to change the laws that make our citizens targets. Are you going to sit back and take it, America?