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Bobby Kaufmann – GOP House Candidate On Probation

On Friday April 6, 2012, the West Branch Times reported

“Robert F. ‘Bobby’ Kaufmann, Republican candidate for state representative, in District 73, pleaded guilty in late February to public intoxication but has not been convicted on the simple misdemeanor charge. Instead he has received a ‘deferred judgment.’

The deferred judgment means that the 26-year-old will serve a year on probation and, if he breaks no further laws, the case will be removed from his record.

Kaufmann said that he initially pleaded guilty to the charge ‘not knowing his legal rights,’ but his attorney helped him see that he could plead guilty yet avoid conviction under a deferred judgment.

Kaufmann had to pay a civil penalty and court costs of $195 and undergo a substance abuse evaluation.”

So this candidate will be on probation while he is trying to get elected to public office.  Has that ever happened?

BFIA went to the online court records at and found that Kaufmann has received 17 convictions over the span of 10 years.  We’ve reposted the information below but anyone can go and look it up.  It’s public information.

While it is understood that a mishap here and there can happen to anyone, and we all have gotten the occasional speeding ticket,  this is quite an impressive list of legal run-ins by any standard.   Except for the public intoxication incident,  running the stop/yield sign, and speeding 16-20 miles over the limit a couple of times, most of these are minor traffic violations.  But still.  It seems to us that a person would really have to be trying to have this many citations.

The point is, is this the track record of someone who is prepared to handle the pressures and responsibilities of holding public office?  Just sayin’.

Date Offense Case
2/4/2012 Consumption/Public Intoxication 06521 SMSM088584
10/20/2011 Operation without Registration 07161 STA0017648
5/31/2011 Failure to Maintain Safety Belts 07701 STA0030844
4/24/2011 Registration Violation 08791 STA0014571
6/7/2009 Operation without Registration 07701 STA0030844
12/20/2008 Failure to Carry Registration Card 06521 STA0028354
10/3/2008 DNU Expired Registration 06521 COSTA0024149
10/3/2008 DNU Excessive Speed 55 MPH (16-20 over) 06521 COSTA0024150
8/28/2008 Failure to Carry Registration Card 06061 STA0002777
5/19/2008 Failure to Maintain Safety Belts 07161 CLSTA0002754
4/30/2008 Failure to Maintain Safety Belts 07161 STA 0002292
8/30/2007 Speeding over 55 Zone (16-20 Over) 06521 STIC178051
3/13/2005 Failure to Display Registration Plate 04151 STP357617A
11/4/2004 Operation without Registration 07161 ST122WF52
2/5/2004 Auto Speeding 55 (6-10 over) 07701 WIST335823
2/22/2003 Auto Speeding 55 (11-15 over) 07701 WIST335426
12/20/2002 Failure to Obey Stop or Yield Sign 07701 ST335320





One Response to “Bobby Kaufmann – GOP House Candidate On Probation”

  • Mel Andringa:

    Maybe he wants to get elected, under the presumption he’ll get special plates or special treatment as a representative. Not an unlikely assumption I’d guess.

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