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November 2011
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Archive for November 26, 2011

Post-Thanksgiving Hash

Like many folks, we are taking some time away to visit family for this holiday. We have one child at one end of the Mississippi and another at the other end. So we will be heading south with one set to visit the other. More than likely there will be lots of politics discussed on the trip.

VanderPlaats picks the winners

After the interviews for the Republican bishop’s — er uh — presidential candidate’s job last weekend, it looks like the VanderPlaats group had to disappoint some potential crown wannabes. So if your last name isn’t Gingrich, Perry, Bachmann or Santorum, you are not the stuff that Christian presidents are made of.

Which name doesn’t fit there?

In the previous list, does anyone notice that one peron seems to be a bit out of the stream that the others swim in? Maybe when it comes to being holy and religious and pious and humble, Newt is not only in another stream, but on another continent. Shows what a true joke Bob VanderPlaats and his puppets are playing on Iowans. VanderPlaats wants to be a king maker, and wants to be on the inside. For that purpose he is more than willing to make a laughing stock out of all that his organization, “The Family Leader” supposedly stands for. Who knows? Maybe he can be the next Mrs. Newt.

Iowa Independent closes

I was listening to the noon show on IPR Tuesday to hear the discussion of current journalism and the new media. (BTW, I do not pretend to be a journalist.) The second half-hour included an interview with Lynda Waddington of the Iowa Independent, an online news source. Lynda shocked us with the news that as of last Friday, they were no longer in business. So sad to hear that yet another independent source for news has gone. Thanks to Iowa Independent for its years of service.


A couple of weeks ago in an opening paragraph to a story I wrote on my corn stove, I mentioned LIHEAP or Low Income Heating and Energy Assistance Program. When the budget battles began in earnest last year one of the very first casualties was LIHEAP.  I intend to do a full story on my conversations with LIHEAP’s Iowa director, Jerry McKim next week when I have time.  But as the weather inevitably cools after Thanksgiving, I just wanted to put the thought of LIHEAP in people’s minds. The budget for LIHEAP was cut drastically while prices for energy have not fallen. Awards for help will most likely be smaller this year which will no doubt result in more disconnections next spring. More next week.

Iowa College Football

OK, I can’t help myself here. I am one who cheers for all three of Iowa’s public universities in athletic endeavors. So Friday and Saturday made for a really sweet weekend last week. We got home from a charity affair late Friday night. I had forgotten ISU was playing Oklahoma State that night. When I turned it on and saw the score (24 – 10 at the time) I thought – well, maybe it could happen. I fought sleep to see Woody go in for the score to win. What a sweet way to end the day.
Next day Iowa takes it to Purdue. And Northern Iowa wins another exciting game to move into the football championship playoffs for division 1AA.  I think the Hawkeyes can beat Nebraska. Can the Cylones become the champion of Oklahoma?  That would be great. And as always, the Panthers are tough come tournament time……