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November 2011
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Archive for November 8, 2011


Last minute  robo calls are so yesterday.

It’s a new day and hope is on the rise.

Great job, Iowa Dems!

Thank you, Senator Mathis!

Occupy Des Moines Opposes Shut Down Of Iowa Caucuses

submitted by Ed Fallon

A radical group called Anonymous, who I know little about, are trying to piggy back Occupy Des Moines and have called for shutting down the caucuses on January 3rd. Occupy Des Moines is emphatically against that. Many plan to attend our caucus, and we will continue to speak out against any effort to interfere with people’s right to vote.

Our call is to demand that the presidential candidates take the grievances of the Occupy Wall Street movement seriously. If not, we will go to their headquarters on December 28, 29 and 30, reiterate our demand, and occupy their headquarters until they respond favorably or until we are removed. Granted, the latter is more likely to happen.

Given that much of America’s malaise stems from the confluence of corporate and political power, I feel occupying the offices of those seeking the highest office in the land is a legitimate action. And it’s one thing that Occupy Iowa groups are in a unique position to do to contribute to the national movement. –Ed


SD-18 Vote For Liz Mathis Today

Mathis for Senate

Special Election November 8 Senate District 18Vote for Liz Mathis if you live in these communities: Central City, Coggon, Center Point, Walker, Alburnett, Robins, Marion, Palo, Hiawatha, Prairieburg, Fairfax. 

Click  here  here  here and  here to find out what’s at stake in this election.  Then go vote.   Find out where to vote here.

After you vote,  help with GOTV. 

Elect Liz Mathis in SD 18 – Keep Republicans out of power in the Iowa Senate

It’s GOTV time. Help Liz Mathis help Democrats keep the majority in the Iowa Senate.

Canvassing, phoning, food, money all are areas that YOU can help with. Headquarters: 1375 7th Ave., Marion, IA. Phone # 319-899-0628. Mail contributions to Mathis for Senate, 1725 MacKenzie Dr., Robins, IA 52411.

Find out where to vote here.

Watch this lame ad on KGAN launched at the last minute by a secret group with a secret phone number.  The Golding campaign denies they had a thing to do with it.

More info.

You can contribute to the campaign here