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September 2011
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Liz Mathis for Senate District 18

Liz Mathis

[Update: To volunteer go to].

It has been heard from a number of sources, and she made it official. Liz Mathis, former local television news anchor for KWWL and KCRG is a Democratic candidate to replace Swati Dandekar in the Iowa Senate.

Following is the text of an announcement received by Blog for Iowa at 11:47 PM yesterday from a group called Faith in Iowa:

Hello Faith in Iowa Folks,

Last Friday, the news was not good.

Democrat Swati Dandekar resigned from the Iowa Senate to accept an appointment by Governor Branstad to the Iowa Utilities Board.

Her resignation forces a November 8 special election for that Senate district which has more Republican registrations than Democrat.

And the Republicans were giddy, knowing if they picked up just one more seat in the Iowa Senate, the body would be equally divided 50/50. With a Republican controlled House and Republican Governor, the uber conservatives were salivating at the thought of pushing their anti-gay marriage agenda and actually winning.


But today is a new day and the Democrats can hold on to that Senate seat.


Because Liz Mathis the Democratic candidate for Iowa Senate District 18!

As the former news anchor on KWWL and KCRG, she is the familiar face and voice who delivered news to thousands of Eastern Iowans for years.

Liz Mathis is a household name!

And all of us must do everything we can to help her get elected.

First item of business is a campaign organization. She needs a campaign manager and a campaign treasurer. If that’s something you’d be interested in doing, please respond to this e-mail.

If you’d like to volunteer for the campaign — think door-knocking, putting up yard signs, or phone calling — respond to this e-mail. (or go to

If you live in Swati’s current Senate District 18 — respond to this email. You are very valuable to Liz’s campaign.

When the campaign has a mailing address, that’s where you can mail a campaign contribution.

We’ll send further updates when we know them.


–Charles and Libby

2 Responses to “Liz Mathis for Senate District 18”

  • Paul Deaton:

    Jan: Thanks for seeking to volunteer. Check in with the campaign on the web site here and I think you will find all of your answers. Regards, Paul

  • Jan Boland:

    I’d like to volunteer — but am busy until after October 9th (concerts til then).
    I live in Swati’s Senate District 18. But not available for the bit jobs as campaign organizer or treasurer (sorry).

    Let me know when you have a mailing address.

    I’d like to hear Liz speak. Let me know when I’ll have the opportunity to visit with her.

    Jan Dockendorff Boland

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