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Archive for April 21, 2011

No Fracking Way!

No Fracking Way!

by Molly Regan

Update:   Fracking Blowout Causes Massive Spill in Pennsylania 

Fracking is a chemical pressure method of extracting natural gas from rock deep underground.

Fracking is done by gas and oil companies in over 40 states in the United States.
Fracking uses over 450 different chemicals, many of which are carcinogenics.
Fracking is not regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency because there was a loophole created by Dick Cheney to favor his Halliburton friends so they could extract natural gas with no regulations.
Fracking makes people sick, lose their hair, pass out, and get cancer.
Fracking does this to children.
Fracking does this to adults.
Fracking does this to animals.
Fracking causes toxic chemicals to invade watersheds and aquafers resulting in water from faucets
that can catch on fire.
Fracking in its current unregulated state is immoral.
Fracking exists only for the financial gain of gas and oil company owners.
Fracking is occurring in IOWA and Illinois…in Pennsylvania…in Missouri…in West Virginia and so on…
Please rent “GASLAND” by Josh Fox.  This movie which won a special documentary award by the Sundance Film Festival, shows the devastation caused by fracking.
In 1966 people were dying in New York City because of air pollution. This was before the Clean Air Act.
Regulations are good.  Regulations are necessary.  Regulations are life saving.
Does your water catch on fire? Please help make sure it doesn't.
Go to and to learn more
Go to to sign the petition asking Congressional members to approve the FRAC Act which will repeal the loophole that currently lets Halliburton not disclose the chemicals it uses in fracking.
Thank you.

Molly Regan, activist extraordinaire, environmental facilitator, elected official,  is a member of Progressive Action for the Common Good in the Quad Cities. Don't forget to CPR – Conserve/Participate/Recycle

Blog for Iowa Salutes Christie Vilsack

Blog for Iowa Salutes Christie Vilsack

Hats off to former first lady of Iowa Christie Vilsack for boldly stepping up and challenging Republican Steve King of the former 5th District, most of which is now Iowa's 4th District.

We could not be more excited to join her campaign. We have no doubt that history will be made when the former first lady becomes the first woman from Iowa to be elected to Congress.  We are delighted for the opportunity to take back our state from King, otherwise known as Mr. Tea Partier extraordinaire, darling of the right-wing wackos.  Yes, the same Steve King who thinks people should be treated like livestock and wants a return to McCarthyism. The same Steve King who in the middle of a severe economic recession with thousands of Iowans out of work, said, “Congress shouldn’t focus on the economy, but rather culture.”  Seriously.  He said it. He believes it.  Look it up. 

Then run as fast as you can to the nearest Vilsack for Iowa office and volunteer to help this campaign.  Or go to her campaign website right now at, make a contribution and give them your e-mail address.

Most believe and we agree that Vilsack will be a formidable opponent for King. As we have said
previously on Blog for Iowa, when Christie Vilsack sets her mind to do something, she gets results.

We hope that progressives across the state of Iowa and nationally will join the fight to help Christie
Vilsack defeat an extremist congressman who is out of touch with average Iowans. King enjoyed having the former 5th district GOP fiefdom all to himself for too long with  no accountability. Now that he has to compete in the real world, we predict that his mean-spirited right wing ways will be exposed and will prove to be unsustainable.  We can all help the new District 4 send a sane, rational person to represent Iowa in congress.

Please stay tuned and check out our “He said what?” widget currently under construction on the right sidebar for easy access to King quotes you can use in your letters to the editor. 

Thank you, Christie Vilsack!