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Archive for April 7, 2011

2010 Iowa Impaired Waters Map

2010 Iowa Impaired Waters Map

Another Map That Matters – Iowa Water Quality At Risk: Impaired Waters In All 99 Iowa Counties

Iowa's Water & Land Legacy will be holding a PRESS CONFERENCE at the State Capitol THURSDAY morning (9:15 am) before the Legislative Leaders pressers start at 10:30.  We will be highlighting the state's “impaired waters list” that was submitted to the EPA by Iowa DNR this winter.

There will be a large map (visual) detailing the number of impairments in all 99 Iowa counties.  High resolution copies of the map will be made available.  Release is below, but logistics first:


Thursday, April 7th
State Capitol Building, Room 15 (Legislative Dining Room)
9:15 A.M.

Confirmed Attendees/Speakers Available For Comment:

Mark Langgin – Director, Iowa’s Water & Land Legacy
Ray Meylor – Farmer (Ankeny/Dickinson County, Des Moines Izaak Walton League)
Roz Lehman – Director, Iowa Rivers Revival
Marian Gelb – Director, Iowa Environmental Council

While last week the Iowa Legislature began the process of considering new Congressional and Legislative District maps, there is another set of maps that Iowa’s Water & Land Legacy is asking Iowans to comment on.  The map is the “2010 Iowa Impaired Waters” map released by the Iowa Department of Natural Resources (sample below, high resolution version available).

Each lake and stretch of stream or river in Iowa is designated for a specific use, for contact recreation such as swimming or fishing; for drinking water; or for maintaining a healthy population of fish and other aquatic life. If the water quality in the stream or lake does not allow it to meet its designated use, it does not meet Iowa's water quality standards and is considered “impaired.”

The Iowa DNR submits this report to the federal Environmental Protection Agency every two (2) years.

Iowa’s Water and Land Legacy coalition members are announcing a new website and tool to solicit public comments related to the Iowa DNR’s impaired waters listing.  Comment will be taken through May 1st, 2011.  Iowans can visit: to see the map of Iowa impaired waters and learn more about how these waters impact safe drinking water supplies, recreation, and fish/wildlife habitat.  This effort follows  a series of statewide public forums to highlight the results of last November’s 63% vote in favor of creating Iowa’s “Natural Resources & Outdoor Recreation Trust Fund” and the need for continued funding for water quality, agricultural soil conservation, and outdoor recreation programs.

The FY 2012 budget for natural resources & agricultural programs in Iowa represents less than 1% of the state budget.  Funding for the Iowa Department of Natural Resources and the Iowa Department of Agriculture has declined dramatically in recent years.  The proposed FY 2012 budget would cut water & soil conservation programs under Iowa’s REAP (Resource Enhancement and Protection) program by 24%.