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February 2010
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Archive for February 4, 2010

Research 2000 Poll: What Republicans Believe/Iowa

Research 2000 Poll: What Republicans Believe

“Today's poll about Republicans was like a Margaret Mead study; except she studied more advanced tribes.”  [found on OTOOLEFAN's Twitter feed]

This week, a Research 2000 poll commissioned by Dailykos, revealed that the GOP of today, the party of “no,” is scarily stuck in the past.  2,003 self-identified Republicans (actually, quite a large sample size for a political poll), were randomly selected by the last four phone digits, and interviewed over the phone. 

here to read the entire poll and methodology.

Here is some of what the polling found:

A full sixty-eight percent of Republicans polled said 'yes' or were 'not sure' to the question, “Should Barack Obama be impeached or not?”  (39% 'yes'/29% 'not sure').  

Fifty-eight percent (more than half!) said 'no' (36%) or 'not sure' (22%) to the question, “Do you
believe Barack Obama was born in the United States or not?

Almost a quarter of respondents said they believe Barack Obama wants the terrorists to win (24%).  Thirty-three percent were not sure (God bless this subset of independent-minded Republicans…).

Only fourteen percent of Republicans, according to this poll, believe that Barack Obama is more qualified to be President than Sarah Palin (!)  In a way, this seems the most preposterous of all the results.  GOP, as long as we've got your attention, here are the facts:

Sarah Palin's resume: a Bachelor's degree earned via five different schools (not that there's anything wrong with that); mayor of Wasilla, Alaska, (a town about the size of Marshalltown); and an incomplete, ethics-violation-riddled term as Governor of Alaska.  Oh yes, a book with five (long) chapters that her own PAC spent $60,000 buying copies of, and that are being handed back out to donors in exchange for more PAC contributions.
President Obama's resume:  U.S. Senator 2005-2008 (resigned to take job as President); served three terms in the Illinois senate; graduate of Columbia University and Harvard Law School (magna cum laude), and was editor and first black president of Harvard Law Review; a Constitutional Law professor at the University of Chicago Law School for twelve years; a civil rights attorney; community organizer; also authored two books, that actually take time to read and are interesting.
To give the GOP some credit, more than a third, thirty-six percent, answered 'no' to the question, “Do you believe Barack Obama is a racist who hates white people?”   But of course that leaves sixty-four percent who answered 'yes' (31%) or 'not sure' (33%).  

And we'll give credit where credit is due, fifty-eight percent of Republicans do NOT want their state to secede from the union, leaving forty-two percent who either do want to secede (23%) or are not sure (19%).

Republicans apparently are very solid in their belief that Congress should not make it easier for workers to form and join labor unions.  Check out this number: sixty-eight percent said 'no.'  Another twenty-five percent 'not sure.'  
The GOP respondents overwhelmingly believe same sex couples should NOT be allowed to marry (77% no/7% yes/16% not sure).

They (coincidence?) equally believe public school students should be taught that the book of Genesis in the Bible explains how God created the world.  (77% yes/15% no/8% not sure)

Thirty-one percent of the respondents said contraceptives should be outlawed.

Thirty-four percent believe the birth control pill is abortion.

Seventy-six percent believe abortion to be murder (statistically speaking, even if these last two groups did not overlap at all, which would be highly unlikely, that leaves at least 10% who believe that taking birth control pills is murder).

Now that we know what Republicans believe, one naturally moves to the next head-scratching quandary.

Q:  Where do they get these ideas?

This one's easy.

A:  (1) Fox News; and (2) Talk Radio 

We should not be surprised by the results of this poll.  How could it be otherwise?  Fox News has been propagandizing for – we don't know, but it seems like a really, really long time, at least since the Clinton years.  And Limbaugh goes back at least that far.  When Ronald Reagan got rid of the Fairness Doctrine, it allowed right-wing media to flourish, well financed, and unrestrained by the guidelines of journalistic balance and public interest.

Fact:  Ninety-one percent of talk radio today is conservative – not because the public wants it this way, but because of the orchestrated effort and infusion of money by the conservative right.  BFIA has posted on this issue until we are blue in the face.  Please check out our posts on this topic, then consider making a commitment to doing something locally about media reform.  We promise you there is an AM station in your listening area that airs exclusively conservative talk with no progressive programming for balance.  See BFIA ACTION ALERT below the links.

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…and on and on


If you live in any of these ten broadcast areas, please consider calling or e-mailing your local station. Or stop by the station and tell them you would like to examine their public inspection file.  Tell them you want BALANCED programming that serves the whole community, NOT exclusively right wing talk.  Remind them the broadcast airwaves are publicly owned.  If they do not listen, click here to file a complaint with the FCC.

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