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20 Funniest Signs From The March For Science

Unfortunately we were unable to attend any of the Marches for Science last Saturday. There are only so many weekends in our lives and sometimes the family insists we get together.

Like many of our generation we fancy ourselves armchair scientists. My introduction to the wonders of science was having the local community pools shut down for fear that they were one of the possible places to be stricken with polio. Little struck fear into the hearts of parents like the word polio did in the late 40s and early 50s.

Then in 1952, Dr. Jonas Salk proved the viability of his inactivated polio virus and the country rejoiced. Somewhere in the next year or so, I and several million like me got a series of three shots. That stick in the arm was my introduction to science. Now we could swim and drink from water fountains and share a bottle of pop with a friend.

Science marched forward from there both for good and for bad. As we have explored more and more deeply into space, so has science come up with more and more efficient ways for man to kill his fellow man.

We look at the bright side of science, however. We still believe that there is enough time for us to save our species and others from the cataclysmic climate changes coming. Sadly our current batch of leaders seem much more concerned about making a buck than worrying about humanity and life in general.

So the huge turnout around the country was heartening. It at least helps to focus attention on the problem. I hope there will be many more Marches For Science. This should happen every couple of months.

Humor is one of the best ways to highlight problems. In that vein, I direct you to this website for a slideshow of some of the more humorous signs from last Saturday.

And here are a few more for good measure. Scientists do have a very understated sense of humor:

Sunday Funday: Happy Beltane Edition

In honor of the Marches for Climate yesterday

May 1st holds some significance in nearly every culture in the northern hemisphere. Most likely this is because spring is getting warmer. Crops are being planted and even in ancient times there was a reasonable expectation that those crops would have weather that would allow them to grow and prosper.

May 1 is the celebration of Beltane in ancient pagan cultures. This was a time for pasturing the cattle and gathering flowers. Celebrations were held in hopes of good crops.

Now May 1st is a celebration of workers around the world, except in the US. Therefore we will sprinkle in a few labor questions. In the US the weekend around May 1 is often workers Memorial day.

One could note here that Republicans in the Iowa legislature open hate for workers appears to be among the forerunners in trying to return labor relations to the 1880s.

Were you paying attention?

1) First daughter Ivanka Trump was booed in Berlin, Germany for claiming her father was what?

2) When the going gets tough, the tough get going. As the noose seems to be tightening around Michael Flynn, what congressman took a leave of absence to repair surgery from 12 years back on his foot?

3) California farmers are facing a major shortage of what due to admin distortion policies?

4) May 4th, 1886 what incident occurred in Chicago that was one of the most momentous in labor history?

5) The administration named Charmaine Yoest to the top communication post at HHS Friday. Yoest is best known as an opponent of what?

6) Questions are arising concerning money raised for what administration event earlier this year?

7) Road trip! US senators were bussed to what location for a meeting concerning North Korea?

8) What senator skipped the event saying “I did not want to be part of a photo-op.”?

9) The administration delivered their tax plan. The plan was how many pages long?

10) Under the administration tax plan, corporate taxes would be reduced from the nominal 35% to what percentage?

11) May 1 is the birthday of what 19th and early 20th century labor leader? Hint: her name is the namesake for a current liberal monthly magazine.

12) Robert Pirsig died this week. He was the author of what widely read philosophical work in the 1970s?

13) France had its first pass at electing their president last Sunday. Can you name the two survivors?

14) In Iowa, the governor called Democratic criticism of a $150,000 transition budget to a Reynolds administration what?

15) What US city began removal of four monument dedicated to the “Lost Cause of the Confederacy”?

16) A gubernatorial candidate in what state took exception to the aforementioned statue removal claiming “It looks like ISIS has won!”?

17) Getting tough with our enemies, the administration imposed a 20% duty on lumber from what country?

18) What company is suing talk radio hater Alex Jones for claiming it supports “migrant rapists”?

19) In Sussex County, England a extremely rare copy of what important document was found in their records office?

20) In their latest proposal to end the ACA, Republicans in congress wanted to exempt what group from losing the pre-existing condition exemption in the current law?

21) Bonus – who did the administration blame their failure to vet Gen. Michael Flynn on?

BTW – it seems the GDP for the first quarter is down a bit. May be time to attack North Korea.


1) “a champion of women’s rights”

2) Jason Chaffetz of Utah. Rumor is he took money from Russians also.

3) farm workers

4) The Haymarket incident aka the Haymarket riot

5) abortion.

6) the inauguration. Many questions about donors and spending following the filing of reports the other day

7) the White House

8) Bernie Sanders

9) less than one

10) 15% and would still include loopholes. Thus the effective rate would probably be near 0.

11) Mary Harris “Mother” Jones.

12) “Zen and The Art Of Motorcycle Maintenance”

13) Extreme right winger Marine Le Pen and Emmanuel Macron

14) “sexist” – really grasping there, Terry

15) New Orleans

16) Virginia (Corey Stewart is the candidate)

17) Canada – what?

18) Chobani

19) the Declaration of Independence

20) members of congress

21) Obama – cause everything is Obama’s fault

Democrats are holding fundraisers around the state. Join in and help return sanity to Iowa.

Signs Of Economic Cutbacks Due To Uncertainty?

A short discussion on the radio the other day caught my ear. Like so many we have our antennae up looking for signs that the great house of cards that Republicans claim are good economic policies will start coming apart at the seams.

The discussion was concerning what was the cause of the current slowdown in retail activity. While the discussion was focused on the current state of brick-and-mortor retail establishments with former giants such as Kmart and Sears nearing their death knell and others such as JC Penny’s, Macy’s, Abercrombie and Fitch and The Limited closing numbers of stores.

The panel blamed the internet or overbuilding as the cause, but no one even approached the elephant in the room until the last minute or so of the discussion. That elephant is the uncertainty being faced by the vast majority of Americans at this moment.

When Trump and Ryan talk about gutting Obamacare they are threatening not only those who are enrolled in the ACA, but also every household that is covered through private health insurance. As the radical Republicans reshape health care every household in the country will be affected, even Medicare households. People will either lose insurance or the price will rise dramatically and cover much less. Better start saving now.

What is most cynical about this is that the drive for gutting health care for millions is to free that money up to give huge tax cuts to the wealthy.

In the face of such uncertainty, many folks are cutting back on spending. Folks are no longer dreaming of buying that boat or camper. Heck, a new bed may even be out of the question. Just a year ago folks were finally putting dreams back on track after many shaky years following the great Republican Recession of 2008.

Few remember that the nation turned its collective eyes to a skinny black man from Illinois to pull the country and the world from the brink of a possible depression that could have been the worst ever. Few remember that Republicans obstructed programs that would shorten the recession at every turn.

Yet Obama was able to slowly pull the country and the world back from the brink to the point where the economy was at least healthy enough for people to dream again.

However as soon as the new president was installed in Washington and the new legislature was installed in Des Moines these folks went about their work of turning the country’s and the state’s wealth over to the rich, those in the middle class started getting those queasy feelings of uncertainty again:

Will my job still be there?

Will my pay be cut?

Will I lose my savings – for the kids college, for retirement?

Will we lose our health care or will it still cover me if I do get sick?

Will I have to deal with pre-existing conditions again?

Will the cost of college be so expensive that we will have to remortgage the house so the kids can go to college?

Why can’t the damn Republicans just let us have healthcare and be able to get decent wages and send our kids to college?

As Republicans in the Iowa legislature passed bills that took away bargaining rights from a large swath of Iowa workers, cut wages for another large swath, cut workman’s compensation and cut support for education at all levels the uncertainty started rearing its ugly head in many Iowa households.

At the same time, Republicans in Washington moved quickly to take healthcare guarantees away from Americans and return to the bad old days of pre-existing condition clauses. They are also loudly threatening to cut both Social Security and Medicare drastically.

Americans try to plan their lives for tomorrow, next week, next year and five and ten years or more out. In order to make plans they must have some baseline certainties to work from. For decades Social Security and Medicare were baseline certainties, not only for the elderly but also for their families who would otherwise have to support them.

For many decades decent jobs with good pay were certainties, but that has eroded. While productivity and wealth have both dramatically increased, the workers share stagnated. Increases in share of the wealth now goes to the top.

Access to affordable college was once a certainty in America. It still is in most other major economies. Sadly in America the cost of education has skyrocketed while the the aforementioned wages have stagnated making college a huge burden.

Healthcare was slowly coming to be something that Americans could plan on also. With the ascendancy of the Republican Party healthcare is no longer seen a a certainty and the costs will most certainly be less controlled than they are now.

Most recessions and depressions are considered to be caused by a lack of faith in the economy. By undermining the very baseline programs that keep faith in the economy strong, Republicans have gone a long way in undermining the economy. When consumers feel uncertain they cut back on purchases beyond the necessary food, housing and clothing. When consumers cut back on spending, workers lose jobs which in turn prompts a new round of consumer spending cutbacks.

One of the first signs of coming problems is a slowdown in retail sales. Reports for the first quarter reflect a slowdown. Many of the closings mentioned above were due to overbuilding and competition from the cyber stores, but the uncertainty has been a factor since the campaign. The ascension of Republicans has only accelerated the uncertainty. Fearful consumers will hang on to their money rather than spend it.

I hope I am wrong, but as congress once again threatens major cutbacks in the ACA with Social Security and Medicare in its sights, expect consumers to react.

Another War Based On Bogus Info?

“War” by Edwin Starr with scenes from Viet Nam

Like so many we took the story of Bashar al-Assad using sarin gas on Syrians at face value. American media reported it almost in single voice with nearly nary a dissent to be heard. Based on such reporting and the reaction of the current president’s daughter our military launched a rather lame attack on a Syrian airbase manned with Russian personnel.

As with previous stories of American presidents standing up to the EVIL in the Middle East our news media was sickenly fawning in their praise of the president capped with Fareed Zakaria’s “I think Donald Trump became president of the United States” statement the morning following almost set piece bombing of the Syrian airbase.

Al-Assad has been portrayed by American media as such an amoral and power driven individual that it was easy to believe Assad capable of such an attack. So we were quite surprised to hear an MIT professor dispute the overwhelmingly prevailing discourse on the earlier this week.

In an interview bradblog’s Brad Friedman talks to MIT rocket scientist Theodore Postol. Postol discusses the blatant inconsistencies in the White House story that led to the the strike on the Syrian airbase.

Citing the total lack of media scrutiny of the president Postol states:

“It is very disturbing to see how uncritical the mainstream press has been of this matter,” Postol tells me today. “From my point of view, this may be the most serious event — with regard to American democracy — from this whole incident. Because the only way American democracy can function is if the press performs the role of providing accurate information, and also raising questions if those questions deserve to be looked at. And there’s no question here that the questions deserved to be looked at.”

Writing over the weekend, in his 4th report [PDF] on the matter, Postol charged: “Without an independent media providing accurate and unbiased information to the nation’s citizens, the government can do what it chooses without being concerned about the reactions of citizens who elected it. The critical function of the mainstream media in the current situation should be to investigate and report the facts that clearly and unambiguously contradict the government’s claims on this matter.”

The interview is riveting. The lead in includes an interview from the BBC of former British Ambassador to Syria Peter Ford. Ford stated that he doubts Assad would have done such an attack stating “he may be cruel and brutal, but he is not mad.”

Friedman follows that with an interview with Consortium news founder Robert Parry an independent journalist who is also deeply skeptical of the chain of events offered by the White House. (interview starts @ 23:00)

In the interview Parry states:

“We’ve seen now a recurring situation,” says Parry. “We had the case of the Iraq War, where you might’ve thought ‘well, after that, the New York Times and the Washington Post and others will be more skeptical and more self-critical about the need to show skepticism’. But that hasn’t happened. In fact, it’s gone increasingly in the other direction.”

“For the first two months or so of his Presidency, everything he said was put under a microscope and often laughed at, often rightly so,” he tells me. “So there’s been this attitude that this guy is not to be trusted on anything he says. Yet, he immediately jumps to a conclusion, way before there could’ve been any serious intelligence analysis of it, that Assad was responsible for this incident, and the mainstream media completely flipped around and just rallied to his position and then refused to listen to any alternative points of view on this.”

For the record, Professor Postol was the man who proved that the US could not possibly have shot down Iraq’s Scud missiles in the first Gulf War. Robert Parry was the journalist who broke the Iran-Contra scandal in the 1980s among others. That is to say that both men come with unvarnished credentials.

The Nation magazine is one of the few American news sources that covers this story and the non-coverage of this story by our media here.

 In addition to highlighting the embarrassing degree to which the American media is seduced by displays of American military might, its rush to embrace President Trump’s decision to launch a military attack against Syria on April 6 has also crowded out dissenting voices from the administration’s claim that it was the government of Bashar al-Assad that was responsible for the chemical-weapons attack in Khan Sheikhun, which killed over 80 people and injured hundreds.

By firing 59 Tomahawk missiles at the Shayrat air base in Syria, and killing five Syrian soldiers and nine civilians in the process, President Trump was able to transform himself in the eyes of the media from an object of derision into, in the words of erstwhile Trump critic Elliot Abrams, “Leader of the Free World.”

Why is this important to Iowans? How many Iowans were lost in Vietnam following the bogus story of the attack in the Gulf of Tonkin? How many Iowans fought in the first Gulf War following the made up stories that led us into the conflict? And of course, how many Iowans have died for the misleads and lies that took us into Iraq and Afghanistan?

War is a great way for even lousy presidents to take on the mantle of leadership, no matter what got us into the war. A war economy is also a way to produce jobs despite underlying weaknesses. Following 80 days of lies and misleads and a hugely slumping approval rating, Trump becomes a leader because he unilaterally bombed a foreign country based on at best hearsay.

American history tells us that we re-elect wartime presidents, provided the war itself has not soured. predicted the re-election of George W. Bush in 2002 before he had even invaded Iraq.

A cynic like me could look at this and say that our current president, needing a boost in popularity and a way to create jobs could have us scheduled for a conflict somewhere in 2019. That year would be long enough to have shown his leadership with a still fawning media while not being long enough for the war to sour before the election. At the same time jobs would be bumped by a wartime economy.

What the administration is doing right now is shopping for the best enemy for the conflict. Syria? North Korea? Someone else?

Trump Rewarding Companies That Ship Jobs Overseas


Hogg: We Need A Renewed Spirit of Citizenship In Iowa

Rob Hogg

A word from Senate Democrats Leader Rob Hogg

With the conclusion of the awful 2017 legislative session, my attention is turning toward raising money, recruiting candidates, and helping Iowans get organized for the biggest political comeback in Iowa’s history in 2018 and a better future for all Iowans.

A Renewed Spirit of Citizenship in Iowa

As I said in my official Closing Day speech, “the Republican majority dedicated this session to addressing fake problems, with an anti-worker, anti-women, anti-family agenda that hurts Iowans.”

I explained in more detail what the problems were, but I also added a hopeful note. “Because of the attacks on workers, women, families, students, minorities, and all voters, we are already seeing the greatest re-awakening of democracy that Iowa has ever seen.”

I called on Iowans to “join together with a renewed sense of citizenship, to sit at our table of democracy, to participate, to reach out, to listen, to speak up, and to serve, so that together we can build a safer and healthier future, with broad prosperity and more opportunity, for all Iowans.”

To read the full speech, visit this link

You are an essential part of this brighter future. Please let me know if you are interested in running for office or if you want to help a campaign or the party so we can take back the majority in 2018, un-do the damage caused by the Republican majority, and build a better future for all Iowans.

Contribute Generously – Iowa Senate Democrats’ Fundraiser May 2

I do need to raise money for my own re-election and to help Iowa Senate Democrats across our state. The Republican leader in the Iowa Senate raised over $2 million in the 2015-16 cycle ($2,016,268 to be exact), so I need to do as well to help Iowa Senate Democrats re-take the majority.

The Iowa Senate Democratic Majority Fund is holding a fundraiser on Tuesday, May 2, from 4:00 to 6:00 p.m. at the Star Bar, 2811 Ingersoll Avenue, in Des Moines. Please attend if you are available and in the area, and share our event page on social media:

If you cannot attend, you can still contribute by check made payable to “Senate Majority Fund,” Iowa Senate Democrats, 5661 Fleur Drive, Des Moines, IA 50321, or contribute  online

You can also contribute directly to my campaign committee by sending a check made payable to “Citizens for Rob Hogg,” P.O. Box 1361, Cedar Rapids, IA 52406, or by contributing online here.

Thanks in advance for your ongoing financial support, and please let me know if you would like to help organize or host a fundraising event in your community.

Upcoming Events

Please mark your calendars and plan to attend one or more of these upcoming events:

Hiawatha, Linn County Democratic Central Committee, Wednesday, April 26, 7:00 p.m. – I will be speaking to the Linn County Democrats about the 2017 legislative session as part of our regular monthly meeting this Wednesday at the Hiawatha Community Center, 101 Emmons Street, in Hiawatha.

Clinton, Pints and Politics with Senator Rita Hart, Thursday, April 27, 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. – I will be attending Senator Rita Hart’s “pints and politics” event at the Mezcal 2 , 1841 Lincoln Highway, in Clinton, this Thursday. For more details, or to invite friends, visit:

Iowa City, “Take Back Iowa Senate” Fundraiser for Joe Bolkcom, Friday, April 28, 5:00 to 6:30 p.m. – Senator Joe Bolkcom is hosting a fundraiser this Friday at the Sanctuary, 405 S. Gilbert, in Iowa City, with his special guest, Senator Nate Boulton, possible candidate for Governor. (I cannot attend this because of a prior commitment to speak to the Workers Memorial Day in Cedar Rapids.) For more details, or to invite friends, visit:

Des Moines, Peoples Climate March-Justice, Jobs, Clean Energy, Saturday, April 29, 1:00 p.m. – Join me at the Peoples Climate March-Iowa for justice, jobs, and clean energy at the State Capitol this Saturday. To find other nearby climate marches, including Maquoketa, Cedar Rapids, Davenport, Iowa City, Omaha, and Lacrosse, visit:

Fairfield, Jefferson County Dems’ Spaghetti Dinner & Climate Trivia, Saturday, April 29, 7:00 p.m. –
I will be speaking at the Jefferson County Democrats’ annual spaghetti dinner at the Fairfield Arts & Convention Center, 200 N. Main St., in Fairfield, featuring climate change trivia and a pie auction. For more details, or to invite friends, visit:

Davenport Eastside & Bettendorf Democrats Meetup, Sunday, April 30, 6:00 to 7:30 p.m. – I will be attending this meeting at the Baked Beer & Bread Company, 1113 Mound St., in Davenport, with citizens who want to elect a Democrat in Senate District 47 in 2018. For more details, or to invite friends, visit:

Des Moines West Side Democrats, Monday, May 1, 6:30 p.m. – I plan to attend the West Side Democrats’ regular meeting at Zimm’s Food and Spirits, 3124 Ingersoll Ave., in Des Moines. For more details, or to invite friends, visit:

Des Moines, Iowa Senate Democrats Majority Fund Fundraiser, Tuesday, May 2, 4:00 to 6:00 p.m. – Please join me and other Iowa Senate Democrats for our post-session fundraiser at the Star Bar, 2811 Ingersoll Avenue, in Des Moines. Suggested minimum contribution is $26. For more details, or to invite friends, visit:

Johnson County Democrats’ Hall of Fame Dinner, Saturday, May 7, 7:00 p.m. – Join me for the Johnson County Democrats’ Hall of Fame at the Brown Deer Golf Club, 1900 Country Club Drive, in Coralville. Tickets are $25 per person. For more details, or to invite friends, visit:

Polk County Dems Spring Dinner with Amy Klobuchar, Sunday, May 7, 5:30 to 8:00 p.m. – Please join me, State Representative Mark Smith, and U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota for the Polk County Democrats’ annual spring dinner at Forte, 615 3rd St., in Des Moines. Tickets are $50 per person. For more details, or to invite friends, visit:

Boone County Democrats “Picnic for the People,” Saturday, June 3, noon to 3:00 p.m. – Please join me for the “Picnic for the People” at the McHose Park Shelter House in Boone for this event. (This is the same day that Senator Ernst is holding her Republican “Roast and Ride” in Boone.) Let’s build a big crowd for this picnic. Suggested contribution is $10 per person. For more details, or to invite friends, visit:

Moravia, Seven County Rally, Saturday, June 3, 5:00 p.m. – I am planning to attend this event as Democrats from across southern Iowa come together for a seven-county rally at Grace United Methodist Church, 101 E. North St., in Moravia in Appanoose County. For more details, or to invite friends, visit:

Senator Rob Hogg
Senate Democratic Leader
Cedar Rapids

Rob Hogg is a state senator from Cedar Rapids and the new Democratic leader in the Iowa Senate. He is serving his third term after two terms in the Iowa House. He believes the answer to all our problems in Des Moines and Washington is a renewed spirit of citizenship that uplifts our democracy and makes life better for our citizens. Don’t quit and we won’t quit. Get involved and stay involved.
Iowa Senate Democrats’ Majority Fund

For additional events, visit

Book Review: No Surrender by Jack Hatch

by Paul Deaton

If interested in Iowa Democratic politics, read No Surrender: Building a Progressive Agenda for Iowa with the Five Securities by former state senator Jack Hatch. Read it now.

There are few long, contemporary narratives about the state of the Iowa Democratic Party. Hatch’s 2016 book recounts where we are, where we have been and where we could go.

The importance of the book is twofold.

It serves as a great way for political newcomers to get up to speed on Democratic politics. The results of the 2016 general election activated people around the state to become more involved in politics. No Surrender serves as a briefing book of major policy issues and how Democrats addressed them. Our approach stands in sharp contrast to Republicans, according to Hatch.

The author has standing to address flaws in Democratic approaches to elections and governance. A 22-year state legislator, chair of the White House Task Force of State Legislators for Health Care Reform, and 2014 gubernatorial candidate, Hatch tells the story of the rise of Democrats in 2006 and what we did while occupying the governor’s mansion and holding majorities in both chambers of the legislature. He also recounts how we fell. To be effective going forward, politically active Democrats need the sense of history No Surrender provides.

As with most contemporary political writing, there is a short shelf life to this book. Nonetheless, Hatch asserts Democratic values are more enduring: a progressive tax system, better jobs and livable wages, soil and water protection, life-long education, and health care for all.

Hatch lays out how a focus on policy could contribute to Democratic electoral wins and effective policy-making going forward. No Surrender provides a framework for policy-making much needed in these turbulent political times.

~ First posted on

Voter ID: Because Republicans Can Only Win By Using Voter Suppression

In light of the vote suppression law (aka voter ID), pushed by Republicans in the Iowa legislature, this is important.  Republicans do not want you to vote. They want low turnout. They know Democrats win when there is high turnout. Democrats and progressives failed to vote in 2010 and 2016, handing over absolute power to Republicans  in DC, and leaving Iowa only one Democratic representative in Congress out of six, Dave Loebsack. 

Watch Thom Hartmann, the nation’s #1 progressive talker, every week day here.


Legislative Forums Monday-Friday April 24-28

April 2017

04/24/2017 8:00 AM – 10:30 AM Marti’s Monday Morning Coffee – Des Moines
04/27/2017 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM Pints & Politics – Clinton
04/28/2017 9:30 AM – 11:30 AM Legislative Forum – Davenport
04/28/2017 12:00 PM – 1:30 PM Legislative Forum – Keokuk
04/28/2017 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM Legislative Forum – Iowa City
04/29/2017 8:00 AM – 9:30 AM Legislative Forum – Mount Pleasant
04/29/2017 9:00 AM – 11:30 AM Legislative Coffee – Iowa City
04/29/2017 9:00 AM – 10:00 AM Legislative Forum – Winterset

The Damage Of Radical Right Media

each video ~ 5 minutes

Trailer for Jen Senko’s documentary “The Brainwashing Of My Dad”

Bill O’Reilly lost his job at Fox News Wednesday. Numerous people took to social media to express words ranging from joy to relief at the news. It was one of the few times those not in the radical right lined up in favor of Fox News.

It would be wonderful to say that Fox had some moral epiphany and decided to make up for decades of O’Reilly’s lies, distortion, omissions and misleads and finally decided to do the right thing. That of course never happened nor can we expect it ever will.

It would also be nice to say that Fox had some moral epiphany and decided that it had had enough of O’Reilly sexually harassing the women at Fox News from major on air talent to lowly interns and had decided to take a stand. That didn’t happen, nor should you ever expect it to in the future.

Nope, Bill O’Reilly got fired because he committed what appears to be a moral failure in right wing world: he became a liability in the pursuit of profit. He lost his job when advertisers saw their sales and image fall due to their association with O’Reilly.

This was what those on the right see as market forces at work. The use of a news show as propaganda and the rampant sexual harassment were not reason enough for Fox to rid themselves of O’Reilly. Nope, the deciding factor was money.

The so-called “market forces” eventually did in Fox’s major star, but in the meantime O’Reilly was able to inflict a lot of damage on the American body politic through the above mentioned lies, distortions, misleads and omissions. A couple of years ago, acclaimed filmmaker Jen Senko showed how the constant barrage of radical right wing propaganda changed her father dramatically. This is a story repeated over and over across the country and in Iowa.

Below is an interview of Jen Senko by Thom Hartmann. Most likely this will hit home with many reading this. At about 3:40, Thom Hartmann asks Senko just how people become addicted to right wing news. The answer is very interesting.

Expect the beat to go on at Fox. The menu of lies, distortions misleads and omissions will simply be served up by a new waiter who will hopefully not be carrying the baggage that an O’Reilly had. And the advertisers will be back as quickly as they can.

Beyond that expect the daily beat of the same menu of BS to continue to be carried into cars and homes by radical right wing radio in the same way that Jen Senko’s father became addicted to their lies.

A couple of months ago Trish Nelson posted a short article listing the purveyors of right wing hate radio in Iowa on blogforiowa. I will republish her list to keep it fresh in the public mind:

KCPS Burlington – 12 hrs/day,

KBUR Burlington – 6 hrs,

KXEL Waterloo-CF – 12 hrs,

WOC Quad Cities – 11 1/2 hrs,

WHO Des Moines 11 1/2 hrs,

KSJC Sioux City – 13 hrs,

WMT Cedar Rapids 8 hrs,

WDBQ Dubuque, 6 hrs,

KILR Estherville – 15 hrs,

KGLO Mason City – 9 hrs,

KFJB Marshalltown, 3 hrs,

KASI Ames, 6 hrs, and

KICD Spencer, 5-6 hrs.